Donald  J. Trump            Vladimir Lenin

1946 - His Plan                              1870 - 1924

Lenin was one of the leading political figures and revolutionary thinkers of the twentieth century, who with followers masterminded the Bolshevik take-over of power in Russia in 1917, and was the architect and first head of the USSR.  

Trumps fixation and narcissism show a definite relationship with Leninism since he is such a twisted individual, they share common psychological problems.

With banished Steve Bannon’s influence and adoration with chaos, and with the help of Steve Miller, a really sick neurotic person on a par with TRUMP,  the rebuild appears to have worked on the weak minds of the GOP party base.  

Known for their poor choices, great slogans, and  a love of ball caps which will kill them in the end.  They are known for small thinking, a baseball cap could hold most of their spilled brains... and that will be when all the promises of the GOP party and TRUMPS lies surface they,  the base will suffer the most. 


  • Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov was born in Simbirsk on the Volga River on 22 April 1870 into a well-educated family.  School was a central part of Lenin’s childhood. 
  • His parents, both educated and highly cultured, invoked a passion for learning in their children, especially Vladimir. A voracious reader, Lenin went on to finish first in his high school class, showing a particular gift for Latin and Greek. 
  • Not all of life was easy for Lenin and his family. Two situations in particular shaped his life. The first came when Lenin was a boy and his father, an inspector of schools, was threatened with early retirement by a suspicious government nervous about the influence public school had on Russian. 
  • The second was Lenin’s older brother, Aleksandr, a university student at the time, was arrested and executed for being a part of a group planning to assassinate Emperor Alexander III. With his father already dead, Lenin now became the man of the family.
  • In time, Lenin focused more of his energy on revolutionary politics. He left Samara in the mid-1890s for a new life in St. Petersburg, the Russian capital at the time. There, Lenin connected with other like-minded Marxists and began to take an increasingly active role in their activities.
  • The work did not go unnoticed, and in December 1895 Lenin and several other Marxist leaders were arrested. Lenin was exiled to Siberia for three years. His fiancée and future wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya, joined him.  Following his release from exile and then a stint in Munich, where Lenin and others co-founded a newspaper, ISKRA, to unify Russian and European Marxists, he returned to St. Petersburg and stepped up his leadership role in the revolutionary movement.
  • At the Second Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party in 1903, a forceful Lenin argued for a streamlined party leadership community, one that would lead a network of lower party organizations and their workers. “Give us an organization of revolutionaries,” Lenin said, “and we will overturn Russia!”  
  • He moved to St Petersburg and became a professional revolutionary. Like many of his contemporaries, he was arrested and exiled to Siberia, where he married Nadezhda Krupskaya.  She too was a revolutionary.
  • Eventually, Lenin received his law degree, finishing his schoolwork in 1892. He moved to the city of Samara, where his client base was largely composed of Russian peasants. Their struggles against what Lenin saw as a class-biased legal system only reinforced his Marxist beliefs.   He left Samara in the mid-1890s for a new life in St. Petersburg, the Russian capital at the time


  •  His side...  In 1917, exhausted by World War One, Russia was ripe for change.  Assisted by the Germans, who hoped that he would undermine the Russian war effort, Lenin returned home and started working against the provisional government that had overthrown the tsarist (czarist) regime. 
  • He eventually led what was soon to be known as the October Revolution, but was effectively a coup d’etat. Almost three years of civil war followed. The Bolsheviks were victorious and assumed total control of the country. 
  • During this period of revolution, war and famine, Lenin demonstrated a chilling disregard for the sufferings of his fellow countrymen and mercilessly crushed any opposition.
  • Although Lenin was ruthless he was also pragmatic. When his efforts to transform the Russian economy to a socialist model stalled, he introduced the New Economic Policy, where a measure of private enterprise was again permitted, a policy that continued for several years after his death. 
  • In 1918, Lenin narrowly survived an assassination attempt, too bad since it would have been quicker as he was severely wounded. His long term health was affected, and in 1922 he suffered a stroke from which he never fully recovered.   Thats why his death in 1922 is sometimes reported but he actually died in 1924.  
  • In his declining years, he worried about the direction of  the bureaucracy of the regime and also expressed concern over the increasing power of his eventual successor Joseph Stalin. He was right and in the birth of their nation thirty-million died.
  • Vladimir Lenin was a Russian Marxist.   He had his own set of political ideas based on Marxism. Lenin’s development of Marxism has become known as Leninism.  And the Democratic Centralism these days are also known as the idea of the Vanguard Party.
  • In the political and economic theories of Lenin which provided the guiding doctrine of the Soviet Union; the modification of Marxism by Lenin stressed that imperialism is the highest form of capitalism  (which shifts the struggle from developed to underdeveloped countries)
  • Marxism–Leninism supports the creation of a one-party state, elimination of the social class system, led by a Marxist–Leninist communist party as a means to develop socialism and then communism...   Through the policy of democratic centralism, the communist party is the supreme political institution of the Marxist–Leninist State.  It is through the stems from the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. 
  • This system revolutionized Russia in the early nineteen hundreds making the country a world power in years to come. The policies Lenin created would have most likely carried the Soviet Union into the twentieth century.
  • If not for Stalin's exile of Leon Trotsky, Lenin's understudy and obvious choice of successor. However due to Stalin’s shift from communism to a totalitarian regime, the country collapsed in the early nineteen-nineties due to economic, social, and political pressure.


  • Donald John T-RUMP was born  in the New York City borough of Queens, June 14, 1946, and was the 45th President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017.

  • He attended a Military School because his parents thought he needed some discipline in his life.  Opinions vary, he says he was liked at the school, which differs from others who did not speak highly of him.  He was given several nicknames. And recently several of the other cadet came forth who thought of him as a rich dork…

  • He earned an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and followed his grandmother Elizabeth and father Fred in running the family real estate company.  And the fortune left to him by daddy and his grandfather who owned several whorehouses in the Canadian side of the border near California.

  • He named it The Trump Organization, and ran it from 1971 until his 2016 inauguration.  He ran it well accruing over 3500 lawsuits from vendors and partners, three major bankruptcies which destroyed some of his partners and a decision by most of the banks in the US to not lend him money, thus the overseas  connections. 

  • I know some of those who dealt with him and never got paid.  His attorneys and he has several just kept postponing trials till the suites were dropped since the folks suing him ran out of time and money. He hurt a lot of people.

  • Deutsche Bank welcomed him when US Banks refused to lend him, several suffered severely from his bankruptcies, forcing him to play with the Russians and Deutsche Bank — since no one in NY would touch any of his deals.  They are an Investment banking company.  Putin might have something to do with this.

  • Trump had expressed interest in politics as early as 1987. He entered the 2016 presidential race as a Republican and defeated sixteen opponents in the primaries. Commentators described his political positions as populist, protectionist, and nationalist.

  • His campaign received extensive free media coverage; many of his public statements were controversial or false.   About 86 percent false, he gained a reputation as a liar, and was described by a prominent journalist as a “bullshitter”.  In the prestigious Hall of Bullshitters, he stands alongside Dr. Joseph Goebbels of the Nazi party and Heinrich Himmler in compassion.

  • Trump’s real estate career focused on building or renovating skyscrapers, hotels, casinos, and golf courses. He has also started multiple side ventures, branded and licensed his name for real estate and various products, mens clothing, wine and steaks etc. many of which went under and folded, causing financial loss for his partners.  Three major bankruptcies protected him, but not his partners.  In his business dealings and practices, he is a true scumbag.

  • He  claims he also co-authored several books.   ( BULLSH*T ON TWO POINTS)    It is subjective as to how much T-RUMP wrote and how much the co-author wrote.  Based on legitimate numbers as to T-RUMPS honesty, (82.9% false) using their formulas, we think T-RUMP wrote the forward and little else.  And only one book recently disclosed was really written by Tony Schwartz wrote the whole thing and T-RUMP nodded.

  • Additionally, he produced and hosted The Apprentice, a “fake” reality television game show about business, from 2003 to 2015.  According to Forbes, he was the world’s 544th richest person as of May 2017, with an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion.

  • Through his rantings and ravings on twitter, TRUMP has turned his populist thinking to a small segment of loyalist incompetents known as the GOP base.  Mostly they are whites, many rural citizens with little college.  Good people but fooled by chants and free hats and they love being on TV standing behind the man himself.  They love rallies they can attend because no one invites then anywhere else. 

  • Investigations by no less than three federal departments and a grand jury led by the FBI with concerns of the entire TRUMP organization bending to and accepting Russian influence in our elections, including his sons, son in law and several officials who have pled guilty and plea bargained.  So far two have pled guilty to lieing to the FBI, and two are under indictment and house arrest.

  • This is why he was trying to disgrace the prosecutor, Mr. Mueller, a highly decorated true hero of the country to get the investigation to fail.  What exactly is the Liar-in-Chief hiding?  More than he wants us to know. His son and son-in-law might be next on the list.

  • He has shown his disdain for Muslim Immigrants;  Many women; a disgusting propensity for calling people names, like Pocahontas and Crooked Hillary,  or Rocket man; 

  • He is the only one so far who admits to grabbing women’s genitals, encouraging the act caught on a TV interview and kissing them and has not been indicted;   He insulted a Gold Family;  

  • He has called the Justice department, the FBI, the DOJ, names and personally attacked many employees of the aforementioned service agencies.  Well, just about everybody except his wife and son. 

  • He has polluted the White House with incompetent family and friends, not suitable for the positions they hold, and a cabinet that Stalin would have shot the first day. He drained the swamp of many good people and put a rich bunch of ass-kissers in the White House.  Most of whom were his contributors and those cabinet positions are in dire shape now.  

  • He has forced good people to leave public service.  The good people that understood foreign policy, economics and were career workers who performed well.  Now we have a drained swamp and TRUMP thinks he’ll find coal there.  As someone said, he got rid of the Corn Snakes, Black Racers and other rat eaters and replaced them with Crocodiles and the dreaded Fer-de-lance.

So What Is He After —  

  • Lenin wrote:  The key to a successful insurrection, Vladimir Lenin wrote three days before the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, was the seizure of the telephone and telegraph.   Trump is a man who, in alliance with most radical elements of the Republican Party, has flooded the country’s media channels with fake news and conspiracy theories. If Trump hasn’t yet seized the modern-day equivalents of the telephone and the telegraph, he has certainly managed to scramble their signals.

  • The disturbing parallels between Lenin and Trump include the role that foreign interference appears to have played in their rise to power. Although never definitively proven, Lenin’s rapid assent to power has long been credited to the complicity of Germany, which had a vital interest in destabilizing Russia, their key adversary in World War I. 

  • One hundred years later in the US, American intelligence agencies and bipartisan members of Congress have come to a consensus that the revanchist and anti-democratic government of Russia meddled in the 2016 US election, using cyber warfare to tip the scales toward the pro-Putin candidate.  Brilliant use of social media and conspiracy thinking enlightened by FAUX news.

  • Now, despite losing the popular vote by nearly three million people, the new US president is forcing a radical agenda upon his country that is contrary to the beliefs of at least half of the 2016 electorate. If his victory is viewed as a kind of government takeover, aided by a hostile foreign power, the shock and unprecedented grief experienced by the 62 million Americans who voted for Clinton is very apparent.

  • It is something akin to what the Russians experienced 100 years ago when they woke up to the news that the legitimate provisional government had been disbanded by the Bolsheviks, whose stated agenda was the destruction of the Russian state and building a completely different—Soviet—entity in its stead. 

Enter Bannon The Leninist  —  And Another Truly Sick Individual — 

  • The president’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has himself cited Lenin as an influence and that Bannon approvingly told him in 2013, “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

  • But if Bannon can model his strategy after Lenin’s, so too can Trump’s opponents heed the lessons of the Russian Revolution. The Bolsheviks succeeded by activating fringe groups, including radicalized proletariats and soldiers deserting the war, and by demagoguery summed up in the slogans “Peace to the Peoples,” “Land to the Peasants,” and “All Power to the Soviets.”  and now  T-Rump used “Make America great” 

  • In the months leading up to the October coup, the Leninists  spread false rumors about the provisional government.  History repeats itself and TRUMPS team used the eMails,  the personal life of the government’s leader and husband, Hillary Clinton and generally equated the government with “exploiters,” “charity  profiteers,” and “traitors to the people.”

  • In 2016, Trump’s campaign adopted a strategy by mobilizing the economically disadvantaged—as well as racist, nativist, and other right-wing groups—against the so-called “coastal elites.” 

  • This is not to deny the real economic struggles faced by many Americans—only to note that, in the reality shaped by mainstream and social media, Trump’s virtual “American Carnage” proved as persuasive as a real war.

  • Trump’s decision to appoint billionaires, bankers, and oil tycoons to his cabinet signifies that his administration does not plan to even pay lip service to a democratic government. The fact that many of the new cabinet members lack relevant expertise doesn’t matter;  Lenin famously maintained that “any cook can run the state.”  “ In Donald’s case any Crook can run the state”.

  • Trump is no revolutionary, at least not in the Lenin’s sense of the word. He doesn’t seem to care about ideology, and he’s no ascetic. But fundamentally, their goals are not that different.

  • Lenin viewed the world as a space in which he could build the dictatorship of the proletariat with himself at the helm.Trump, sees the world is a collection of structures upon which he can stamp his own name.  Both gave little credence to the expertise or knowledge of others; both had no problem pandering to the basest instincts of the human race.  On many occasions TRUMP has said he knows more than the Generals, the Congress and half of Hollywood.

  • The Democrats cannot afford to mull this over. The effort needs to happen quickly. What’s at stake—democracy in the US and around the world—is too important to “wait and see.” We all know who came after Lenin.

The Donald Characterizer — Trump seeks the same thing Lenin wanted, complete domination, being the most important and powerful person in the world.

  • Getting even with anyone and anybody who has ever challenged him. He is the most vindictive person in power the world has seen.  
  • He is extremely dangerous.  Thats why he gets along with Putin, the difference Putin just has his enemies killed, yes he has them killed.  Trump destroys their persona with tweets. 
  • Yes, you can compare him to Hitler, Stalin and Lenin. He has made a name for himself, which I cannot use here.
  • Trump deserves credit for his victory too. He mobilized the Americans who want to blow up the system they feel has betrayed them and, with boosts from the Russians and the funky calculus of the Electoral College, led them to the promised land. 
  • Boy, will they be in for a surprise when Father Trump doesn’t deliver the promised land and the bubble breaks.The irony is those who voted for him will be the biggest victims in this scenario.  Or as my companion always tells me, “ Honey she says, You get what you pay for”.  
  • When the mandate goes down and money into Obamacare lessens, the payers will get a 10% increase in their contributions and about thirteen million folks will lose their coverage.  Many of those are the ones that voted for him.  Stupid people thinking he was for them...
  • Simple plan, pure Lenin.  Our government has three branches, the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial.  
    • If Trump has the total control of the executive all he has to do is:
    • Disgrace the judicial, thus that explains the  attacks on the Judges, the courts, and the attacks on the DOJ, the FBI, 
    • Disgrace the Legislative which he will control.  By getting rid of the two that are the checks and balances of our great nation, at least in his simple mind,  he has achieved Leninist Valhalla. 
    • Create mistrust by the people, those not well informed nor brilliant surrogates with red caps and “Make America Great Ball Caps , AKA nice folks but not too brilliant, buying what he tells them, from the best snake oil salesman, rural folks, still believing in tooth fairies and government support, one day hopefully will wake up and go after Trump for a good old fashioned hanging.
  • The meager cut in tax reform for the lower and middle classes was more of a bribe. Keep people happy in the lower ranks.   The cuts for new business was a good idea. The corporate tax will result in greater profits which will result in the shareholders and the CEO’s getting even better dividends, and the corporate elite getting bigger bonuses, and few if any new business and new jobs.  The winners, those elite with the 120 foot crew of five burger yachts will undoubtably be trading theirs in for the new 138 footer.
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