Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., also known as Popeyes and formerly named Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits, is an American multinational chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants that was formed in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana and headquartered in Miami, Florida. 

I was working across the street doing some design and engineer work and timed my lunch with the folks I was interviewing so we would not loose time.  I asked where did they suggest, well if you want fast food theres a Popeyes across the street. Ok taking my life in my hand, I crossed the road and ordered one of their five dollar lunches.

They could easily give KFC a run for the money, problem it was downhill and bad. I have no idea what those tenders or nuggets were, since they were cleverly hidden in a pound of heavily seasoned some kind of breading and cement. ( The cement was similar to - Type I Portland Cement; ASTM C150.

Finding the meat in all that breading was a waste… the red beans were spicy, the cole slaw “wet”. The Coke was OK.  Upon returning I asked the help if that place is that bad all the time? The answer I got was most of us won’t eat there. So why did you tell me to go there?  Because you wanted fast…food…!

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Popeyes —  ✮☆☆☆☆  —  

LOCATION SPECIFIC  —  8700 Ulmerton Rd, Largo FL, 33771   727-599-2048
3071597  —  Dec. 9, 2020  —  Inspection Completed - No Further Action - 7 Violations 

  • Board Code: 200  District: 3  Region: 05   
  • License Type: Permanent Food Service
  • Rank Code: Seating 
  • Licensee: FLORIDA POP LLC
  • Business: POPEYES  — 8700 Ulmerton Road, Largo (Pinellas county), FL, 33771. 
  • License Number: SEA6217070
  • Primary Status: Current
  • Secondary Status: Active
  • License Expiry Date: Feb. 1, 2022
  • Number of Seats : 54

My quest for a good chicken sandwich.  Chicken sandwiches are a hot topic now as all the players want to cash in on Popeyes pushing the envelope with ads and looking for additional revenue with a new gimmick.  The double over breaded chicken sandwich.   Something to increase their business with concoctions from normally sold shrimp and chicken baskets with biscuits and fries.  

Health:  A cardiologists delight… designed by Russian Food Experts at the Gorky Food and Espionage Emporium whose Socialist Manifesto motto is “ Once a day till they take you away”.

Problem: The closest Popeyes was not recommended to me by several folks who worked nearby and shunned it as being a dirty location, poor food quality and bad service.  Few people know what I do.   Nevertheless,  I wanted to do a drive by and scope out the location for myself.  

They were right, the building looks and is in need of some upgrading. 
 I did not want to go inside.  It looks dirty, not inviting.  
They were average when checked and listed by the Kitchen Police. 
When it rains you can swim in the sunken drive-thru —

The greeting over the speaker was unintelligible, there was a puddle almost a lake next to the drive in from poor drainage so it holds water and mosquitos.  I placed an order for two of the sandwiches, one regular and the other hot and spicy which after two bites the hot was too hot.

I love hot, I can cook in many ways, using Franks Red Hot the American Southern Hot Wings Sauce,  Crystal,  Huy Fong’s Gastric Zone Killer,  from countries like LAO, and Vietnam, Red Chilis,  Mexico, Jalopena and Habanero,  India, some of the hottest and most foods with chili flavoring even Fong’s California Sriracha, but this was a new level and required a sixteen oz bottle of water from my cooler to flush and put the fire out. Must be Ghost peppers which they promote or the Grim Reaper     See Peppers

The regular version was OK, I liked it and dumped the hot one.  That was the first visit…  What you see in the picture is not what you get. That was the last good one…

The second visit was not so good, I went through the drive in and ordered a regular and pulled over just far enough away and lo and behold I had received something that looked like a lunch leftover from the previous day.  Mushy and in bad shape. Wrapped so tightly in covering, it shrunk… they got me… bad management…

When I check a location I don’t complain till I write them up and I generally give the store three chances. This was total failure and I exited the location via the gas station next door and dumped the sandwich in their garbage can as I filled my car up.   I’m not willing to go for the third lucky charm at this location.  I’ll try another. I expected a complaint that I started a fire in their garbage can.

Corporate Statement:  (Corpo-Guano) At Popeyes, we don’t take shortcuts on quality. Our chicken is freshly and expertly cooked. So crunchy. So juicy. So full of flavor. It’s pure joy!  

We’re working hard towards removing all colors, flavors, and preservatives from artificial sources from our fried chicken menu items in the US by the end of 2022, and it’s our goal that by that time, our chicken in the US will also have no added MSG.     ( ED: You gotta be kidding me, still using MSG? )


11 —  This sandwich is 700 calories  —  Look, if you're grabbing fast food you know you're getting into a high-calorie situation, but the famous Spicy Chicken Sandwich clocks in at a gut-busting 700 calories and has 1,473 milligrams of sodium. The FDA recommends you eat no more than 2,300 American food of sodium a day.

10  —  The last Popeyes buffet closed in 2021  —  Apparently, at one time, many Popeyes locations were actually all-you-can-eat buffets. Over the years they have been sadly phased out. The last one standing in, Lafayette, LA, was made famous by Anthony Bourdain, who ate at the location for three days straight, enjoying the $8.99 price tag. Sadly according to Eater, the location is still there but the buffet did not survive the pandemic.

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9  —  This secret spice blend will upgrade your grilled chicken    —  Skipping fried foods but missing all the flavor? Ask for the chain's Cajun Sparkle spice, which is used on tots and some fried chicken, and is kept behind the counter, Cajun Sparkle, which includes garlic powder, onion powder, and red and black pepper, tastes savory and spicy and really elevates the chain's grilled options—it's also great on anything fried too!

8  —  You can make their fried chicken at home, Courtesy of Popeyes, "One of the hallmarks of Popeyes chicken is the amount of flavor we get from marination, whether it's a sandwich fillet, a piece of fried chicken, or a tender," Amy Alarcon, head of culinary innovation for Popeyes, told Forbes. Just follow her recipe for roasted chicken, then fry it up in a very hot oil with a high smoke point, such as vegetable shortening or peanut oil.

7  —  The chain isn't named for the spinach loving sailor, You might think Popeyes was named for the cartoon character, but founder Al Copeland was a fan of the classic film The French Connection, and Popeye Doyle was a character played by Gene Hackman. 

6  —  There's an actual reason the name has no apostrophe Though the restaurant name reads as possessive, there's never been an apostrophe in there anywhere. Copeland joked that he was "too poor" to afford one, reports Thrillist, when he started out, and later, even after the restaurant's huge growth, he kept the branding. consistent.

5  —  The restaurant had to buy their own recipe back.  A few years back, Popeyes made news nationwide for spending a whopping $43 million to buy their secret recipe for fried chicken, according to Thrillist. Even though Copeland relinquished control of the company in 1992, he had been charging the chain an annual royalties fee of $3.1 million to use the recipes. Now, Popeyes still has to pay the Copeland estate for spices, but they did get their hands on the recipes.

4  —Not every location has the full menu --Popeyes bright orange sign dots many rest-stops across the US, but when you see that sign on a late night, don't get your hopes up for a chicken sandwich. We're not sure why, but most rest area Popeyes offer an abbreviated menu, as people have noted on Reddit and Tripadvisor, and for some states, like Maine, those are the only locations.

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3  —  You can menu hack gravy fries While most fast food places don't offer gravy, Popeyes offers gravy over their mashed potatoes. Just order whatever size fries you want, and ask nicely for a side of gravy. Pour over your spicy Cajun fries (or dip, you do you) and there you have it, disco fries!

2  —  They once served chicken wings tossed in Champagne and 24-carat gold  —  Yes, Popeyes is always a little extra, and they went over-the-top for the opening of their 3,000th store, Eater reports. In 2018, at just four locations, they breaded their boneless chicken wings in champagne before tossing them in 24 karat gold flakes–for the low price of $5!

1  —  Beyoncé eats free for life  — This is maybe the best perk ever, Beyoncé apparently has access to an endless supply of Popeyes. "Everywhere I went, people would buy me Popeyes, like the fans, and Popeyes heard, so they gave me a lifetime membership," the singer told Oprah in 2003. The singer confessed at the time she's too embarrassed to use the card though.


But while we know much about Popeyes the brand, we know comparatively little about how the place actually operates across its 2,633 domestic locations and counting. Fortunately, Popeyes employees (past and present) have been sounding off on the company's secrets on Reddit for years. Here are some of the most intriguing little-known facts they've shared—from secret ingredients to their pet peeves. And for more, don't miss 20 McDonald's Secrets Employees Don't Want You to Know.

1— There's a special seasoning they keep secret  —  This Cajun-inspired powder flavoring is always in good supply at Popeyes—but the chain seems to be keeping it a secret. The ingredient is rarely advertised and isn't on the chain's menu, so the only way to get some of it is to know to ask, says one short-term Popeyes employee. Although the exact recipe for the seasoning is unknown, main ingredients likely include MSG, cayenne pepper, and paprika (via Edamam). Next time you're getting Popeyes, try this sprinkling some over whatever you've ordered—it's bound to taste better.

2—  Drive-thru employees are timed  —  When asked what key information they would like drive-thru customers to know, one Popeyes employee revealed that drive-thru workers are timed, and their performance is rated for efficiency. According to the same employee, Popeyes' standard for optimal drive-thru order time is under one minute. Little customer inefficiencies such as speaking quietly when placing orders, not having your payment ready, or—worst of all, apparently—checking the contents of your order at the delivery window, drive the staff (understandably) bonkers.

3—  A fan-favorite side contains . . . green gravy?!  —  One veteran of the franchise delivered some bad news to a diehard fan of Popeyes' Cajun Rice. Conceding that the dish is popular among customers, the employee revealed that "Cajun Rice" is "quite literally just white rice with a meat gravy mixed in." But she didn't stop there: the gravy, apparently—before being prepared and mixed with the rice—is "bright green and very unnatural." Yikes! Maybe its recent removal from the menu was for the best.

4— The five-second rule isn't real  —  Popeyes fans, rest assured, the five-second rule is not practiced at your go-to chicken spot: If it hits the floor, it goes in the trash. So says an employee who worked at a Southeast Virginia Popeyes for a year and a half. He did mention, however, that exceptions are sometimes made for chicken tenders that fall on the counter, which are considered to be "normally clean." Those are returned to the heat lamp.

5—  There's a secret ingredient in Red Beans and Rice  —  When asked what makes the popular rice and beans side dish taste so good, one former Popeyes employee said that the secret ingredient was lard and possibly meat flavoring. If true, the dish is not, as you might have assumed, vegetarian.

6  — The biscuits have a ton of margarine —  Public opinion seems to be divided on the quality of Popeyes biscuits, with some customers swearing by them, and others wondering why "they are so damn dry."The consensus among employees, however, seems to be that the biscuits are prepared with proprietary margarine, which is applied not only before they go in the oven, but during baking, and immediately afterward. A Popeyes veteranfrom the '80s even claimed that the biscuits are so buttery, they clock in at around 900 calories.

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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen complaints contacts:

  • Call Customer Care on 1 (877) 767-3937.
  • Email Customer Care on popeyescommunications@popeyes.com.
  • Visit Customer Care Contact Form.


Horrible Customer Interaction -  The staff members were quite rude when interacting with their customers. I am an easy going person so I can generally tolerate some attitude. However, these two female employees were nothing but rude to the point my demeanor was about to change and not for...More

Food for thought! -Was disappointed in the service from the cashier. She was not helpful or knowledgeable. She just wanted to take the order and be done. This was the first time for my parents as they wanted to go to KFC. My husband and I prefer Popeye's Chicken. Was also disappointed in spending $2 "for literally a 1/4 cup of gravy", KFC doesn't charge for their gravy when purchasing a family meal. So we were a bit imbarressed to say the least.

I did some research; In comparison to KFC your prices were about 20% more; We spent $35 at Popeye's Chicken, KFC it would have been $27. As they are THE Other Chicken place just FYI.   

Terrible food and very poor value! Never again...I wanted to get Popeye's for dinner yesterday. So my wife made the trip to Largo to pick up our food. She spent over $30- on dinner. The wings, and legs were very small. Some of the wings looked like they were from chicken raised...

Loud, rude supervisor - My husband and I dropped in to this location during a lunch hour this week. There were a few customers but most were waiting for their orders. Two people were ahead of us. The supervisor, I’m assuming she was because her uniform was different and...

No service available ... Too busy to take your order. Be with you in 10 min

Horrible. There were 3 large containers of chicken sitting under the warming trays and yet, there was no one available to take our order and then it took 25 Min to receive the order. My friend came late and waited in line for about 10…

Worst place to go - I have tried this location twice and I'm here to tell you never again. The first time the guy behind the counter put our order in wrong and I had to get my money back. The lady behind the counter was rude as hell. 

Stay away - This is the chicken place that never has chicken ready ,never had condiments, never has sides ready to order. Customer service is extremely poor. Don’t dare make a sound or a face that you aren’t happy with your service because everyone in the behind the counter are useless…