White Nationalist Supremacists Have to be Removed And Declared As Traitors 

Or Terrorists and The Media, That Permits Any Kind Of Hatred Has To Be Dissolved— 

The 31 People Arrested In Idaho Have Ties To A White Nationalist Group And Planned To Riot At A Pride Event, Police Say —  story by By Elizabeth Wolfe, CNN

  • (CNN)After receiving an alarmed 911 call, law enforcement in the city of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, arrested 31 men believed to be affiliated with the White nationalist group Patriot Front who allegedly had plans to riot at a local Pride event Saturday, authorities said. 

  • The large group was seen piling into a U-Haul at a hotel with riot gear and were later pulled over and arrested, Coeur d'Alene Police Chief Lee White said during a news conference.

  • The group was headed to a "Pride in the Park" event, police said. The event was held at the Coeur d'Alene City Park Saturday and included a Pride walk and performances by local musicians, dancers and drag artists.
  • Coeur d'Alene Mayor Jim Hammond said in a statement that "hate and violence has no place" in the city. All 31 individuals were from outside of the local area, Hammond said. At least one of those arrested is from Idaho, investigators said.

  • The North Idaho Pride Alliance, which organized the event, released a statement Sunday, saying, "As a small community nonprofit, North Idaho Pride Alliance is taking a much-needed day of rest after successfully organizing a momentous, joyful, and SAFE Pride in the Park community celebration under the most challenging of circumstances.

  • "We are deeply grateful to law enforcement agencies who were present and professionally responded throughout the day to keep our community safe," the organization said, In addition to the clothing associated with Patriot Front, the majority of the men arrested had logos on their hats "consistent with the Patriot Front group" and some were wearing arm patches associated with the organization, according to White. 

  • Members of Patriot Front believe their White ancestors conquered America and "bequeathed it to them," according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL says Patriot Front members espouse fascist and anti-Semitic beliefs, which they spread through online and real-world propaganda campaigns. 
  • The Texas-based group was formed following the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, when members of the existing White supremacist group Vanguard America split off to form their own organization, the ADL says. 

  • Among those arrested Saturday was Patriot Front leader Thomas Ryan Rousseau, according to Kootenai County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Shane Moline.  He’s the scumbag pr*ck on the right. According to the ADL, Rousseau led several dozen members of Vanguard America Texas during the "Unite the Right" rally and would soon after lead the splintering of a contingent of VA members to create Patriot Front.   ‘

  • Our Resident Archeologist,  Dr  Hiram Intoyu did indicate studying the picture of Ryan, he still bares basic ID pointers Indicative of generational Neanderthal characteristics, not as developed as Cro-Magnon. 

JANUARY 6th, 2022

Proud Boys - Oath Keepers - Scumbags - Jerkoffs  — Wannabes

  — Dumbasses —Traitors — Rednecks— Cowards— Deserters — Thieves —  

The Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers arrived at 10:30 an hour and a half earlier than the T-Rump supposed rally  —  it wasn't that they wanted good seats for the concert  — they wanted front row for the insurrection and storming of the Capitol Building  — It was their fight — They picked it !

They were there to cause trouble and stop an election proceeding by Mike Pence,  His job was to certify the electoral votes — T-Rump wanted the election tossed — VP Pence refused, saying it’s not my call, legally I am not allowed to do that and will proceed as by the Constitution. 

The next thing we hear later is chanting “ Hang Mike Pence" on the gallows constructed outside the building,   T-Rump caught on tape, thought it was a great idea” —  The Secret Service escorted Pence and others away — 


Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 4.10.12 PM

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers Leader, Is Denied Bail on Sedition Charge

A federal judge said Mr. Rhodes, who was charged in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, was a flight risk partly because of “elaborate escape tunnels” in his backyard.  The charges against Stewart Rhodes are part of the most serious criminal case the Justice Department has brought in connection with the Capitol attack.

Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the Oath Keepers militia charged with seditious conspiracy in connection with the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6 last year, was denied bail on Wednesday by a federal judge in Texas who said he was a flight risk partly because of the “elaborate escape tunnels” he had installed in his backyard.

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 4.47.42 PM

Mr. Rhodes, 56, lived in fear of being “picked up by the feds” and bought hundreds of thousands of dollars of razor wire intended for the perimeter of his property in Montana, Judge Kimberly C. Priest Johnson wrote in a 17-page order. Mr. Rhodes, Judge Johnson said, also stashed “unregistered cars in the woods” near his home.

The charges against Mr. Rhodes, who was accused of sedition this month with 10 other members of his group, are part of the most serious criminal case the Justice Department has brought in connection with the Capitol attack. This week, a federal judge in Washington who will oversee the case set a tentative trial for July.

Prosecutors have accused about 275 people of obstructing Congress’s duty to certify the 2020 presidential vote. But they had not previously used a sedition charge, with the legal weight and political overtones it carries in a highly polarized country.

Beginning only days after the 2020 election, prosecutors say, Mr. Rhodes oversaw a complex plot “to oppose the lawful transfer of presidential power by force.”

Some members of the Oath Keepers — a group made up largely of current and former law enforcement officers and members of the military — broke into the Capitol in a military-style formation on Jan. 6, 2021, and went in search of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the indictment said. Others, it said, were stationed in a hotel in Arlington, Va., as an armed “quick reaction force,” ready to rush into Washington if needed.

Some of the quick reaction force’s weapons came from Mr. Rhodes himself, who bought nearly $40,000 of firearms, ammunition and related accessories in the days leading up to the attack,   Judge Johnson wrote.  In private communication obtained by the government through search warrants, Mr. Rhodes spoke often about “inciting a revolution or civil war” that “had the potential to be massively bloody,” she added.

Mr. Rhodes’s lawyer said he planned to appeal the judge’s decision.  More than 20 members of the Oath Keepers have been charged in connection with the Capitol attack, including at least four who are known to be cooperating with federal prosecutors. Through their lawyers, the Oath Keepers who are facing charges have said they had converged on Washington just before Jan. 6 not to attack the Capitol, but as part of a security detail hired to protect conservative celebrities like Roger J. Stone Jr., a longtime ally of former President Donald J. Trump.

In an unusual turn of events, Mr. Rhodes’s estranged former wife, Tasha Adams, reached out to Judge Johnson after his bail hearing on Monday, asking for her permission to offer information about their marriage. After noting that she had filed for divorce in 2018, Ms. Adams told the judge that Mr. Rhodes often brandished weapons in their home “to control her behavior” and that he physically abused their six children “under the guise of participating in martial arts practice”.

“Ms. Adams testified that defendant’s violence toward the family became more frequent in 2016 and that her greatest fear was that defendant would murder Ms. Adams and the children before committing suicide,” Judge Johnson wrote  


🤬  The Justice Department on Monday announced a new indictment charging Enrique Tarrio, the chairman of the extremist far-right group the Proud Boys, and four other members with seditious conspiracy -- marking the second such indictment alleging coordination leading up to the Jan. 6 riot by individuals allegedly pledging to use violence to disrupt the peaceful transition of power.

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 5.24.42 PM

🤬  All the individuals named in the 32-page indictment, including Tarrio, had previously faced conspiracy charges related to their involvement in planning to disrupt Congress' certification of Joe Biden's victory.

🤬  Proud Boys leader Henry "Enrique" Tarrio wears a hat that says The War Boys during a rally in Portland, Ore., Sept. 26, 2020.

🤬  The other members charged include Ethan Nordean, who assumed leadership of the Proud Boys on Jan. 6 as Tarrio was ordered to stay out of Washington,  Joseph Biggs, Zachary Rehl and Dominic Pezzola -- whois accused of initiating the first breach of the Capitol by smashing windows with a stolen police riot shield.

🤬  The indictment follows news from last April that another senior member of the Proud Boys, Charles Donohoe, reached a plea agreement and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors against the group.

🤬  The Justice Department previously charged 11 members of the Oath Keepers militia group with seditious conspiracy in January, including the group's founder Stewart Rhodes.   Three senior members of the group have pleaded guilty in the case since the indictment was returned and agreed to cooperate with DOJ's investigation -- the remaining members have all pleaded not guilty.

🤬  The Proud Boys’ actions belie their disavowals of bigotry:  Rank-and-file Proud Boys and leaders regularly spout white nationalist memes and maintain affiliations with known extremists. They are known for anti-Muslim and misogynistic rhetoric. 

🤬  Proud Boys have appeared alongside other hate groups at extremist gatherings such as the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Former Proud Boys member Jason Kessler helped organize that event, which brought together a broad coalition of extremists including Neo-Nazis, antisemites and militias. Kessler was expelled from the group after the violence and near-universal condemnation of Charlottesville rally-goers.

🤬  Other members of the alt-right have argued that the “Western Chauvinist” label is just a “PR-Cuck-term” McInnes crafted to gain mainstream acceptance. “Let’s not bullshit,” Brian Brathovd, aka Caerulus Rex, told his co-hosts on “The Daily Shoah,” an antisemitic podcast popular with the alt-right. 

🤬  If the Proud Boys “were pressed on the issue, I guarantee you that like 90% of them would tell you something along the lines of  ‘ Hitler was right. Gas the Jews.’”  

DEROGATORY •   “CUCK"  a weak or servile man (often used as a contemptuous term for a man with moderate or progressive political views).

🤬  White nationalists and neo-Nazis themselves have cited McInnes as a gateway to the alt-right. On “The Southern AF Podcast,” one former Proud Boy who went on to embrace white nationalism said he was originally drawn to the group because of its “pro-white sentiment.” “All his jokes, all his content when I first started listening to him,” he said of McInnes, “was all freakin’ alt-right stuff and racial issues and funny, comedic ways to like try to point out that white civilization has been superior.” Many Proud Boys like him have moved on to more extreme groups and ideologies.

🤬  McInnes plays a duplicitous rhetorical game: claiming to reject white nationalism while espousing a laundered version of popular white nationalist tropes. He has ties to the racist right and has contributed to such hate sites as VDare.com and American Renaissance, which publish the work of white supremacists and so-called race realists. McInnes has himself said it is fair to call him Islamophobic. He announced the founding of the Proud Boys in the far-right Taki’s Magazine.

🤬  The Proud Boys stage frequent rallies around the country. Many have descended into violent street riots where members openly brawl with counterprotesters. Indeed, as early as summer 2018, a document circulated by Washington state law enforcement described the group’s involvement in a series of violent incidents in Oregon and Washington, as well as its involvement in Unite the Right. This report came to light a mere two months before 10 members were charged with assault after an attack on antifascist activists in New York City in October 2018.

🤬  Through 2019 and 2020, the Proud Boys were one of a handful of far-right groups instrumental in instigating violence and civil unrest in the Pacific Northwest. Likewise, a series of leaked chats showed Proud Boys and extremists associated with other far-right groups discussing how and when to use violence against leftist activists while planning rallies in the northeast in early-to-mid 2019.

🤬  The group became a household name after a mention at the Sept. 29, 2020, presidential debate.  In early February 2021, the Canadian government designated the Proud Boys as a terrorist entity, citing the role the group played in the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol in Washington, DC.


🤬  Here are some of the Lies and mis-direct truths from the scumbags and degenerates of the Proud Boys and Oath Takers — This is what they believe in their sick minds and when you have an infestation of ants or roaches you have to destroy the nest and it’s occupants.  

🤬 They have to be stopped or destroyed in some manner as they are against the core values of this country.  This is their mantra, we simply call it News from F*ked up minds.  I do not see one legitimate reason for these people to exist. And they will never change but extremely dangerous.

🤬 “All the heroes of BLM and Antifa are degenerate criminal lowlifes or pedophile rapists. I don’t lose any sleep when they are justly removed from society.” – A Telegram channel associated with the Proud Boys, Sept. 22, 2020

🤬 “The true minority in this world ARE whites.  White children are less than 3% of the worlds [sic] population. I think since white majority countries are on a pathway to extinction we should correctly refer to non whites by their true names. Worldwide majority.” – A Telegram channel associated with the Proud Boys, Sept. 7, 2020

🤬 “All I want to do is smash commies too.  Actually I’m lying I’m way past just hitting them. When the time comes I will stop at nothing to fully eradicate them all.” – Anthony Mastrostefano, in a private chat associated with the Proud Boys, spring 2019

🤬 “I promise you this, Ted Wheeler: I’m coming for you, you little punk. And all your antifa bastards. I’m coming for you f-----s, too.” – Proud Boy and Patriot Prayer collaborator Reggie Axtell, in a video posted on his Facebook, January 2019

🤬 “The time is now. We’re gonna have to get some swollen fists. We’re gonna have to get some swollen fists. We’re gonna have to fight, alright?” – Gabe Silva, in a Facebook video, June 2018

🤬 “I just realized something. Cory Booker is kind of like Sambo. He’s kind of shucking and jiving for the white man. Cory Booker grew up rich in an all-white suburb. He’s basically a white guy. His parents were very wealthy executives at IBM. … But he wants to be a Black dude, so he pretends that he’s down with the brothers and he acts outraged about racism all the time – for white people. That gets him votes from whites.” –
Gavin McInnes, “Get Off My Lawn,” 
Jan. 17, 2018

🤬 “I’m not a fan of Islam. I think it’s fair to call me Islamophobic.” – Gavin McInnes, NBC interview,Nov. 2, 2017

🤬 “I am not afraid to speak out about the atrocities that whites and people of European descent face not only here in this country but in Western nations across the world. The war against whites, and Europeans and Western society is very real and it’s time we all started talking about it and stopped worrying about political correctness and optics.” – Kyle Chapman, who formed the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, a paramilitary wing of the Proud Boys, Unite America First Peace Rally, Sacramento, California, July 8, 2017

🤬 “Maybe the reason I’m sexist is because women are dumb. No, I’m just kidding, ladies. But you do tend to not thrive in certain areas – like writing.” – Gavin McInnes, “The Gavin McInnes Show,” June 28, 2017

🤬 “Put something on the table! Give us a reason to accept you, because you know what? Sharia law ain’t it. Raping women ain’t it. Cutting off clits ain’t it. Throwing gay people off roofs ain’t it. You are a disgrace.” – Pawl Bazile, an editor at Proud Boy Magazine, on Muslims and why he is a “Western chauvinist,” March Against Sharia rally, New York City, June 10, 2017

🤬 “Why don’t we take back Bethlehem? Why don’t we take back Northern Iraq? Why don’t we start our own Crusades? That’s what the Crusades were. They weren’t just someone picking on Muslims for no reason – they were a reaction to Muslim tyranny. We finally fought back.” – Gavin McInnes, “The Gavin McInnes Show,” March 8, 2017

🤬 Palestinians are stupid. Muslims are stupid. And the only thing they really respect is violence and being tough.” – Gavin McInnes, “The Gavin McInnes Show,” March 8, 2017


The Complicity Act Adhered To in Hate Crimes — Complicity is the participation in a completed criminal act of an accomplice, a partner in the crime who aids or encourages other perpetrators of that crime, and who shared with them an intent to act to complete the crime.   Thus if the Proud Boys or Oath Takers did hang  Mike Pence or kill Nancy Pelosi they all would be charged with murder and the death penalty invoked immediately —  

You want solutions, the courts and the frickin lawyers who defend these bastards need to smarten up, where there is no immediate and severe penalty these morons exist.  Public hangings di work in the old west, maybe we have to bring back the sheriffs and vigilantes. 


  • A person is guilty of a crime if it is committed by the conduct of another person for which he or she is legally accountable. Including Murder or Negligent Homocide. Seven died at the Capitol.

  • A person is legally accountable for the conduct of another person when:  
    • Acting with the kind of culpability that is sufficient for the commission of the crime, he or she causes an innocent or irresponsible person to engage in such conduct; or
    • He or she is made accountable for the conduct of such other person by this title or by the law defining the crime; or
    • He or she is an accomplice of such other person in the commission of the crime.

  • A person is an accomplice of another person in the commission of a crime if:
    • With knowledge that it will promote or facilitate the commission of the crime, he or she:
    • (i) Solicits, commands, encourages, or requests such other person to commit it; or
    • (ii) Aids or agrees to aid such other person in planning or committing it; or
    • (iii) His or her conduct is expressly declared by law to establish his or her complicity.

  • Unless otherwise provided by this title or by the law defining the crime, a person is not an accomplice in a crime committed by another person if:
    • (a) He or she is a victim of that crime; or
    • (b) He or she terminates his or her complicity prior to the commission of the crime, and either gives timely warning to the law enforcement authorities or otherwise makes a good faith effort to prevent the commission of the crime.


🤬  A former President  and Part Time Hitler Copycat  tried a coupe on the lawful transition of power through violence, lies, pressure, fear, false claims of voter fraud to subvert a honest election — 
A massive attack on the Capitol Building resulting in seven deaths, a hundred and fifty police attacked by upwards of two thousand rioters, death to some, all were injured, some with life changing injuries,  and millions of dollars damage to the sacred halls and offices of the Capitol building — 
Why was T-RUMP not hanged, he ordered it, pushed it and sanctified it. He should not be alive.  His supporters 877 are under indictment fifty states judicial systems but the ringleader runs free —  If you hang him, I’ll pay for the rope. 

🤬  The House select committee on the Capitol insurrection has a duty far beyond investigating one of the most traumatic days in US history. Its wider mission is to expose and catalog an assault on democracy that is still going on.  The panel held its first prime-time televised hearing Thursday 6/2  in a bid to imprint the implications of this national nightmare -- when a mob incited by then-President Donald Trump tried to prevent the certification of 2020 election results -- on the minds of citizens.

🤬  It plans to show previously unseen video of testimony by former aides to Trump, campaign officials and members of Trump's family.  Committee aides said they will also roll video of the horrific scenes when pro-Trump rioters smashed their way into the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, beating up police officers and sending lawmakers running for safety.  "We'll bring the American people back to the reality of that violence and remind them of just how horrific it was," one aide said.

🤬  The House committee set out to expose the truth about Trump's broad plot to tarnish the 2020 election with false claims of voter fraud. House Republicans are so determined to prevent the American people from learning that truth that they are working to discredit the committee with a public relations assault.

🤬  On Thursday and in weeks of subsequent hearings the panel is under fierce pressure to establish the depth of Trump's apparent conspiracy. Its work so far suggests it plans to prove that the attack on the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob was not simply a rally that got out of hand but was the culmination of weeks of chicanery to subvert a free election by a President who called a crowd to Washington and incited an uprising against the American experiment itself. 

🤬  But in weeks of behind-the-scenes interviews that have reached deep into Trump's West Wing, the committee has sought to establish, for example, The level of planning of the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, and whether there were direct links between the ex-President's circle and partisan groups like the Proud Boys. 

🤬  Some leaders of the far-right extremist organization were this week charged by the Justice Department with seditious conspiracy in a bid to fracture the democratic transfer of power. Thursday's hearing will feature testimony of two people who interacted with the group in early 2021.

🤬  The hearings are also expected to stress the extraordinary breadth of the attempt to subvert the election, from Trump's efforts to "find" votes to overturn his loss in Georgia to the extraordinary, and often hair-brained, schemes being pushed by Trump legal associates revealed in hundreds of text messages to then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows that have been obtained by CNN. 

🤬  While the committee has no powers to lay criminal charges, it could recommend prosecutions of Trump or acolytes in a move that would place the Justice Department in the eye of a political storm in election year.   But the ex-President is still spreading his lies about a stolen election. Many of those who are defending him, including GOP leaders in the House, want to stay in his good graces as they seek a return to power. 
And Trump is considering another White House campaign that might use the very same anti-democratic methods to claim a new term in office that would likely be more autocratic than the first.

🤬  "We are in fact in a situation where he continues to use even more extreme language, frankly, than the language that caused the attack," committee member Rep. Liz Cheney, the Wyoming Republican and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, told CBS News in an interview this week.   
"And so, people must pay attention. People must watch, and they must understand how easily our democratic system can unravel if we don't defend it. 

The Committee Faces A Big Challenge  — 

🤬  While the committee has spent months conducting hundreds of interviews with witnesses, fighting legal battles with Trump acolytes who defied subpoenas and plowing through troves of documents, the circumstances of January 6, 2021, are intimately familiar to most Americans. 
That represents a challenge to the panel in creating a new understanding of the outrage since almost every potential viewer saw Trump trash the election for weeks and watched on television as his supporters marauded through Congress when it was certifying Biden's 2020 win.

🤬  Many Americans are now more preoccupied with current crises, including record gasoline prices, a soaring cost of living and a pandemic that never seems to end, so the chances of the hearings stirring a new political awakening seem low. And many voters long ago made up their minds about Trump, an extremely polarizing figure who draws revulsion but also great partisan loyalty. 

🤬  The potential political impact of the hearings could be further diluted by the fact that they will be largely ignored by the powerful conservative news machine. Fox doesn't plan to preempt its regular opinion programming to carry Thursday's hearing live in its entirety, deferring to hosts who frequently distorted the events of January 6.

🤬  In 2020, a president lost a free and fair election but refused to accept defeat, mounted a prolonged attempt to discredit the result with lies about electoral fraud and then called a crowd to Washington and incited it, ahead of the first attack on the Capitol -- the citadel of American representative government -- in generations. 

🤬  For the first time in American history, a democratically defeated president tried to thwart the will of voters and disrupted the peaceful transfer of power, a golden thread that separates the United States from totalitarian states around the world.  Given the earth-shaking implications, there was a strong push for the kind of independent commission held after previous national traumas, like the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 or the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Bitch McConnell Senior Liar For The Goose Steppers Reptilian Party — 

🤬  The House passed a bipartisan bill setting up such a panel, but Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell effectively killed it off, in implicit recognition of Trump's strength among Republican voters.
House GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who -- like McConnell -- had originally condemned Trump's role on January 6, then undermined a bipartisan House investigation by naming members like Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, who participated in Trump's effort to undermine the election. 

🤬  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi then named two Republicans to the Democratic-led panel, Cheney and Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who have paid for their willingness to tell the truth about the insurrection by being ostracized by their party. 
🤬  Broadly, the committee has been investigating the attempt by Trump to discredit the result of the election, why he didn't quickly intervene to call off the insurrection and a wider attempt by pro-Trump conservative lawyers to subvert the Electoral College and to steal the presidency from Biden in Congress -- a plan that then-Vice President Mike Pence, who had the constitutional duty of presiding over the certification of the votes, refused to go along with. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 8.49.26 AM

🤬  Americans who want to know what happened, potential voters in 2022 and 2024 concerned about Trump's autocratic instincts and posterity.   They want truth 30,000 lies documented by the Wall Street Journal and politico  just don’t cut it unless you are as gullible as a Lemming and follow the leader off the cliff.  Bears eat Lemmings and think they taste like chicken.  

🤬  Jennifer Rodgers, a former federal prosecutor, said the committee needs to drive a simple message concentrating on Trump's role but also encompassing the totality of the broader plot.
She said the hearings should focus on “ Not just January 6, but the misinformation campaign, the frivolous lawsuits, the fake electors scheme, the pressure on Mike Pence, the pressure on state legislators and state election officials, the planning of the January 6 rally, the involvement of congressional members ... all leading to the insurrection.”
"They need to repeat, repeat, repeat: 'This was the Trump coup.’ against the United States.

The World would Be A Better Place If T-RUMP Was Gone

🤬  The culmination of the committee's work is lent extra relevance by Trump's continuing role as the de-facto leader of the Republican Party and his apparent intent to launch a new White House campaign. 

🤬  Therefore, the hearings have contemporary political as well as legal and historical implications. McCarthy, for instance, needs Trump's help to become speaker if Republicans win the House in November. The proximity of the midterm vote also adds an extra political dimension, not least because Trump has tainted yet another election cycle with his claims of fraud in 2020 and is making adherence to his lies about a stolen election the price of entry for GOP candidates who want his endorsement. 

🤬  A strong statement from the committee debunking Trump's false claims would weaken the claims of Republicans he is seeking to leverage into positions of power in the states and in state legislatures to influence the administration of the 2024 election. Around the country, Republican leaders have meanwhile sought to use Trump's lies as the foundation of efforts to suppress voting and to rein in options like mail-in balloting popular with Democratic voters.

🤬  The deeply politicized mood in the country about Trump probably means the committee's eventual findings will also be viewed through a partisan lens. A poll in April from the Washington Post and ABC News found that 40% of Americans believed the committee was conducting a fair and impartial investigation while 40% disagreed. In a CBS/YouGov poll in May, 89% of Democrats said it was at least somewhat important to find out what happened on January 6, 2021, while only 48% of Republicans believed so.

🤬  Yet, for the broader fate of American democracy, the hearings might be even more important. In the conversation with Nixon that Dean referenced, caught on the taping system that ultimately led to the ex-President's downfall, the ex-White House counsel said this: "There is a cancer within -- close to the presidency, that's growing. It's growing daily. It's compounding.”

🤬  Swap the word presidency for "democracy" and you have a fair summation of the dark political environment awaiting the House committee's finding in 2022 and the critical importance of its mission.



🤬  Bennie Thompson: "Our democracy remains in danger”

🤬  Rep. Bennie Thompson, the chair of the committee, and GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, the vice chair of the committee, laid out their case against former President Donald Trump and his involvement in events that led up to the Jan. 6 riot. 

🤬    Cheney: “ Trump summoned the mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack": "There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain”

🤬  Cheney described testimony from a witness who said Trump was aware of chants to "Hang Mike Pence" and seemed to approve of them. "Aware of the rioters' chants to 'hang Mike Pence,' the President responded with this sentiment:  'Maybe our supporters have the right idea.' Mike Pence  'deserves' it," she said.

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 5.18.46 AM

🤬   Cheney has previously characterized Trump's inaction on Jan. 6 during those 187 minutes as a "dereliction of duty.

🤬  Thompson: “ It's hard to watch"

🤬  Officer: “ Literal blood, sweat and tears were shed that day defending the building"

🤬  Documentarian: "For anyone who didn't understand how violent that event was — I saw it, I documented it, and I experienced it”— 
🤬   Ivanka Trump: "I respect Attorney General Barr so I accepted what he was saying”  

🤬  Barr: "I made it clear that I did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out this stuff, which I told the President was bullsh*t"

🤬  House Select Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson confirmed to CNN Thursday that the panel plans to release the transcripts from the closed-door depositions that it conducted in its sweeping investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection and former President Donald Trump’s efforts to try to overturn the election.

🤬  Thompson also said that the committee planned to cooperate, if requested, with the Justice Department’s investigation into Jan. 6, 2021, while saying the committee’s job wasn’t to determine whether crimes had been committed. The Justice Department last month had asked for transcripts from the committee, but the panel resisted ahead of this month’s hearing.

🤬  On Thursday, the committee played video of staffers fleeing House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy’s office. Asked about the video from the office of McCarthy — who has repeatedly criticized the committee — Thompson said that he tried to negotiate with McCarthy to create an independent commission, but McCarthy opposed it because of his association with T-RUMP.   “We have to set the record straight,” he said of McCarthy.

🤬  "We have a number of witnesses who have come forward that people have not talked to before, that will document a lot was going on in the Trump orbit while all of this was occurring," Thompson said.  

🤬  "Everything that the public heard tonight is factual. We can prove it. Because as you know, the fact checkers will look at everything that was presented, and we made a conscious effort to only put on what we could prove. 

🤬   So, we put the tweets from the President. We put video from the President. We put everything on, but we put in and order that the public could now see that even when the President was told by the chief law enforcement officer, that he appointed, attorney general, that there was no fault in election. 

🤬  Obviously, the people he was listening to were not reputable in terms of looking at the evidence. And so, the President blew him off and started listening to people who had no real ground on the issue," he said. 

🤬  Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, who attended tonight's hearing, said videos of rioters breaching the Capitol were "rough to watch.”   “They warned us that they were going to play some footage,” Dunn said. The committee showed footage of how the violence unfolded during the hearing.  

🤬  “I look over and I see them losing and that was rough to watch. It was really tough,” Dunn said, describing what it was like seeing the wives of fallen officers crying next to him.

🤬   After the hearing concluded for the night, committee members shook hands with witnesses, thanked officers who attended tonight’s hearing and greeted wives and partners of the fallen US Capitol Police.

🤬  Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards gave a long hug to Sandra Garza, the partner of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who suffered two strokes and died one day after he confronted rioters at the Capitol on Jan. 6.  During her testimony, Edwards mentioned seeing Sicknick and how he looked white and unwell as the riot unfolded.


🤬In the coming days, you will see common refrain from former T-RUMP scumbags who have tried to maintain their connections to him: that their testimony was "taken out of context.”  That's the defense several acolytes who testified are planning to use if they come under fire by the former President or his acolytes, they told CNN, given this was often a tried and true strategy when Trump's Cabinet secretaries would testify on Capitol Hill.  Old tactic might not work when they get charged by a grand jury for seditious reasons.

🤬  But several of former President Trump's former aides knew they were being recorded while testifying before the Jan. 6 committee, multiple people told CNN.  One official said they were not explicitly told but assumed their testimony was being recorded. Others who testified in person said it was clear there were cameras set up in the room. 

The taken out-of-context defense is one that could come in handy for staying in his good graces. In the first prime-time hearing, Trump's allies, former staffers and even his daughter noted in recorded testimony that he was shown information showing he had lost the election, despite how Trump still maintains he didn't. 

🤬  One former senior Trump White House official told CNN he was informed at the outset of his closed-door meeting with the committee that footage of his testimony could potentially air in future public hearings. 

🤬  A Capitol Police officer and filmmaker who interacted directly with the Proud Boys testified about what they experienced during the insurrection and in the aftermath of the attack.

🤬    Members of Trump's inner circle turned against him in depositions: The committee's first hearing was bolstered with never-before-seen video clips showing members of Trump's White House and campaign — as well as his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner — speaking about how they didn't believe Trump's claims that the election was stolen.

🤬  Former Attorney General William Barr said that Trump's claims of voter fraud were "bullshit."Ivanka Trump said that she respected Barr and "accepted what he was saying" about the election. Trump spokesman Jason Miller said the campaign data person told Trump in "pretty blunt terms that he was going to lose." 

🤬  And the committee cited testimony from Trump campaign lawyer Alex Cannon, who testified he told Meadows by "mid-to-late November" that the campaign had come up empty trying to find widespread fraud in key states that Trump lost. Cannon said Meadows responded to his assessment by saying, "So there's no there there."

🤬  New visceral footage from riot shown: The committee played a compilation of some of the most disturbing footage from the Jan. 6 attack.  They included some never-before seen material, including birds-eye view footage from security cameras that showed the enormous pro-Trump mob as it started swarming the Capitol grounds.

🤬  Trump didn't want the riot to stop: The committee revealed testimony from Trump White House officials who said the former President did not want the US Capitol attack to stop, angrily resisted his own advisers who were urging him to call off the rioters and thought his own vice president "deserved" to be hanged. It also offers a new window into Trump's demeanor during the riot — something the committee has repeatedly suggested would be a key part of their public hearings. 

🤬   To close out the first prime-time hearing, the House select committee played a video testimony of six people who were at the Jan. 6 riot claiming that they came to Washington, DC, because then-President Donald Trump called them to.

🤬  “You know, Trump has only asked me for two things,” said Matthew Walter, who has pleaded not guilty to nine charges connection to the riot. “He asked me for my vote, and he asked me to come on January 6.”  Walter was identified by the committee as a member of the Proud Boys, and said that Trump’s comments were “what got me interested” in going to DC.

🤬  Eric Barber, who pleaded guilty in December to theft and illegally entering the Capitol, said that T-RUMP                   “ Personally asked for us to come to DC that day, and I thought for everything he's done for us, that this is the only thing he's gonna ask of me, I'll do it.”   “That's one of my disappointments,” Barber said. “He said he was gonna go, go with us, that he was gonna be there.”  

ED: Hey Schmuck, don’t you know he lies?


👺  A day after the House January 6 committee revealed previously unseen video of former President Donald Trump’s daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka Trump, saying she accepted then-Attorney General Bill Barr’s statement that the Justice Department found no fraud sufficient to overturn the election, the former President is responding, saying she had “ long since checked out.”

👺  Donald the Dork instead said  “Ivanka Trump was not involved in looking at, or studying, Election results. She had long since checked out and was, in my opinion, only trying to be respectful to Bill Barr and his position as Attorney General (he sucked!),” Trump wrote on his social media platform, Truth Social.

👺While Trump seeks to downplay his daughter’s role in his administration at the time of the January 6, 2021, riots, Ivanka Trump did still accompany her father to rally at the White House Ellipse that preceded the US Capitol attack.

👺In the clip from her deposition aired Thursday night, Ivanka Trump was asked about her reaction when Barr said there was no widespread election fraud.  “It affected my perspective,” Ivanka Trump said. “I respect Attorney General Barr so I accepted what he was saying.”

👺Select committee Chairman Bennie Thompson on Friday dismissed Trump’s reaction to his daughter’s testimony, telling CNN’s Erin Burnett on “OutFront,” “ For him to somehow insinuate that his daughter had checked out is disingenuous on his part as a father.   Daughters normally know what their fathers are doing, especially when there is a close relationship.” 

👺  ED:  Never expect Truth from any T-RUMP —  Many felt she might have been a bigger player in T-RUMP world till she realized her father was mentally ill.  After cheating the US people out of 640 million dollars she and her husband stole from the American people, she has adopted a quiet non-public attitude.  

When you make a score like that with daddies help you go silent for sure and they are moving to a new home on Millionaires Island both for tax evasion, dad taught them everything,  and the possibility of a revolt in this country and some hangings to rid the country of these people.   

 Her greatest contribution to the campaign was not smarts, her husband screwed that up severely,  her contribution was her breasts.   They made their play, a nice pair of attention getters, it failed and they are now nicely hated.  And she showed them off after all her business clothing and shoe schemes from China and Japan failed, big time for high prices and cheap crap,  just like the scams daddy played with his name business’s and dumb partners that failed,  resulting in millions of dollars lawsuits almost totaling a billion over ten years. 


🥰  A War Scene — Amongst Hero's —  Murder

Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards was asked by Committee Chair Bennie Thompson if she could describe a memory that stands out "most vividly" from the Jan. 6 attack. 

Edwards went on to describe what she likened to "a war scene," saying she witnessed "carnage" and chaos." 

"I can just remember my breath catching in my throat because what I saw was just a war scene. It was something like I had seen out of the movies. I couldn't believe my eyes: There were officers on the ground. They were bleeding, they were throwing up. I saw friends with blood all over their faces. I was slipping in people's blood. I was catching people as they fell. It was carnage.  It was chaos. I can't even describe what I saw. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that as a police officer, as a law enforcement officer, I would find myself in the middle of a battle." 

She went on to say, "I'm trained to detain a couple of subjects and handle a crowd, but I'm not combat trained." 

Edwards said there were "hours of hand-to-hand combat." She added that there were "hours of dealing with things that were way beyond what any law enforcement officer has ever trained for.” 

Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards described her experience confronting rioters and Proud Boy members on Jan. 6, 2021 and the injuries she suffered after an altercation while defending the US Capitol. 

"They started approaching the first barricade. They ripped the first barricade down, and they approached our bike racks. At that time, we started holding on, grabbing the bike racks. There were not many of us, so I grabbed the middle between two different bike racks, and I was not under any pretense that I could hold it for very long. But I wanted to make sure that we could get more people down and get our Civil Disturbance units time to answer the call," Edwards said. 

She said that while trying to hold the line with fellow officers, "we started grappling over the bike racks. I felt the bike rack come on top of my head. I was pushed backwards, and my foot caught the stair behind me, my chin hit the handle, and at that point, I had blacked out. The back of my head clipped the concrete stairs behind me." 

Edwards said that she was knocked unconscious, but when she regained consciousness she returned to duty, where she was sprayed in the eyes by rioters and tear-gassed.

Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards, who was injured after she was part of an altercation involving members of the Proud Boys while defending the US Capitol during the riot, said that the day of the insurrection was the first time her patriotism had been questioned, during her opening statement. 

"I was called a lot of things on January 6, 2021 and the days after. I was called Nancy Pelosi's dog, called incompetent, called a hero and a villain. I was called a traitor to my country, my oath and my Constitution.  In actuality, I was none of those things. I was an American standing face to face with other Americans, asking myself, how many times, many, many, times, how we had gotten here? I have been called names before, but never had my patriotism or duty been called into question. I, who got up every day, no matter how early the hour or how late I got in the night before, to put on my uniform and to protect America symbol of democracy. I, who spent countless hours in the baking sun and freezing snow to make sure that America's elected officials were able to do their job. I, whose literal blood, sweat and tears were shed that day defending the building that I spent countless holidays and weekends working in," Edwards said. 

Edwards shared that her grandfather fought in the Korean War and "lived with the rest of his days with bullets and shrapnel in his legs, but never once complained about his sacrifice." 

"I would like to think that he would be proud of me, proud of his granddaughter that stood her ground that day and continued fighting, even though she was wounded, like he did, many years ago. I am my grandfather's granddaughter, proud to put on a uniform and serve my country. They dared to question my honor, they dared to question my loyalty and they dared to question my duty. I am a proud American, and I will gladly sacrifice everything to make sure that the America my grandfather defended is here for many years to come," Edwards said. 

👺Proud Boys And Oath Keepers Met In Parking Garage The Night Before Insurrection, Panel's Findings Show --

Findings of the panel, presented in a video by investigative counsel of the Jan. 6 committee Marcus Childress, show that the leaders of two extremist groups — the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers — met in a Washington, DC, parking garage on Jan. 5, 2021.

The meeting between Enrique Tarrio, former leader of the Proud Boys, and Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers, was caught on video obtained by the committee.

"There's mutual respect there. We're fighting the same fight and that's what's important," Tarrio said in the video obtained by the committee that was shown during the hearing. 

👺  Before the meeting: On Dec. 19, 2020, President Trump tweeted about a rally on Jan. 6, 2021, saying, "Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”   That tweet “energized individuals from the Proud Boys and other extremist groups,” Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson said.  "Many of the witnesses we interviewed were inspired by the President's call and came to D.C. for January 6th," Childress said in the presentation.  "But the extremists, they took it a step further. They viewed this tweet as a call to arms," he added. 

👺  Childress referred to a Department of Justice indictment that described how the Proud Boys created a chat called "the Ministry of Self Defense leadership chat" where they established a command structure with the intention of coming back to Washington, DC, on Jan. 6, 2021.
The committee also revealed that it talked to members of Proud Boys leadership, who have not been charged. They showed footage of a private deposition with one member who said that Trump’s infamous “stand back and stand by” comment to Proud Boys on the debate stage in September 2020 substantially increased enrollment in the far-right group.

👺  Meanwhile, leading up to the insurrection, the Oath Keepers were also making preparations.

The committee learned that the group established "quick reaction forces" where they stored weapons in Virginia, Childress said.  "The goal of these quick reaction forces was to be on standby just in case President Trump ever invoked the Insurrection Act," Childress said in the video.

👺  "Individuals associated with two violent extremist groups have been charged with seditious conspiracy in connection with the Jan. 6th attack," Thompson said following the video presenting the evidence. 


The House select committee has obtained “substantial evidence” showing that former President Donald Trump’s tweet on December 19, 2020, “energized individuals from the Proud Boys and other extremist groups,” Chairman Bennie Thompson said.

👺  The tweet said: “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”

👺  The Justice Department also has cited that tweet in many of the Jan. 6-related criminal cases, and has argued that it was an important moment in the run-up to Jan. 6 that many of the rioters paid attention to – and were inspired by. This includes members of the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, who have been charged with seditious conspiracy.

👺  For instance, prosecutors said Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs texted the group’s president Enrique Tarrio after the tweet, saying, “Let’s get radical and recruit real men.” Prosecutors have said that the Proud Boys assembled a national leadership team one day later, as they started planning for their trip to DC for the Jan. 6 rally.

👺  Prosecutors also said alleged Oath Keeper Roberto Minuta sent a text after Trump’s tweet, saying that he spoke with the group’s leader, Stewart Rhodes, and that Rhodes “feels like it's go time” and that “the time for peaceful protest is over.”

👺  On Thursday, the committee featured a social media post from alleged Oath Keeper Kelly Meggs in which he echoed Trump’s tweet about the plans for “wild” protests in DC.  All of these defendants have pleaded not guilty to and maintain their innocence.

👺   The committee also revealed that it talked to members of Proud Boy leadership, who have not been charged. They showed footage of a private deposition with one member who said that Trump’s infamous “Stand back and stand by” comment to Proud Boys on the debate stage in September 2020 substantially increased enrollment in the far-right group.

Documentarian on violence he witnessed during Jan. 6 attack: "I saw it, I documented it, and I experienced it"

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 4.33.31 PM

Nick Quested, a documentary filmmaker who was embedded with the Proud Boys, testifies Thursday.   Documentarian Nick Quested, who is testifying before the Jan. 6 committee, explained how and why he witnessed the attack on the Capitol.

During his opening statements, Quested said that he was surprised at "the anger" he observed and described "incredibly aggressive chanting."

"In the winter of 2020, I was working on a documentary. As part of that documentary, I filmed several rallies in Washington, DC," he said, adding, "I learned there would be a rally on the mall on January 6." 

He said that he and several colleagues came to document the event.   "We arrived at the mall and observed a large contingent of Proud Boys marching toward the Capitol," he said. "I documented the crowd turn from protestors to rioters to insurrectionists. I was surprised at the size of the group, the anger and the profanity." 

"For anyone who didn't understand how violent that event was — I saw it, I documented it, and I experienced it. I heard incredibly aggressive chanting and I subsequently shared that footage with the authorities." 

A documentarian who embedded with the Proud Boys is speaking to the committee —  

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 4.35.04 PM

US Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards and documentary filmmaker Nick Quested are sworn in to testify Thursday.  Documentarian Nick Quested is testifying now in the Jan. 6 committee hearing. 

Quested was embedded with the Proud Boys for a significant period of time leading up to January 6 and is considered a firsthand fact witness because of the amount of time he spent with the group.  

He has already been deposed by the committee and Justice Department officials about his experience on January 6 and has provided the committee and the department with video footage from the filming of his documentary.

Why the focus on the Proud Boys? Leaders of the Proud Boys were involved in some of the early clashes that overpowered police lines and breached the Capitol.  The group has been a focus of the Justice Department for months, and on Monday, the agency charged the head of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, and four other leaders with seditious conspiracy in connection with the January 6 attack.

These are the most aggressive charges brought by the Justice Department against the Proud Boys, and the first allegations by prosecutors that the group tried to oppose by force the presidential transfer of power.

Tarrio and his co-defendants previously pleaded not guilty to an earlier slate of charges.


1. “The Trump campaign legal team knew there was no legitimate argument…to overturn the election, and yet President Trump went forward with his plan for January 6 anyway.” – Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney  —  Cheney, the vice chair of the committee, laid out here the goal of not just today’s hearing but also of the broader presentation of the committee: Trump knew he had lost, was told he had lost on dozens of occasions and not only refused to accept it but actively pushed conspiracy theories and other false claims that he knew were wrong to stir up his party’s base. Proving that is what sits at the heart of the question as to whether Trump can or should be criminally indicted by the Justice Department.

2. “Mr. Trump decided before the election…that he would claim it was rigged.” – California Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren  —  This is 100% true. I wrote as far back as March 2019 that “Donald Trump is laying the groundwork to de-legitimize the 2020 election,” noting quotes from the President that suggested as much. “When the Republicans had the Majority they never acted with such hatred and scorn,” Trump said at the time. “The Dems are trying to win an election in 2020 that they know they cannot legitimately win!” Reminder: This was almost 18 months before the 2020 election.   'It's a grift': January 6 committee member says Trump campaign bilked donors

3. “The mayor ( Rudi Giuliani) was definitely intoxicated.” – former Trump adviser Jason Miller
So, here’s what we learned about election night 2020 at the White House from today’s hearing: a) Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani showed up at the White House wanting to talk to Trump b) Giuliani was, according to Miller, drunk c) Giuliani did wind up speaking to the President, a conversation in which he said Trump should declare victory – which the President then did.   Amazing, stunning.

4. “I don’t know that I had a firm view of what he should say.” – Ivanka T-RUMP  —  The eldest daughter of the former President was – and is – quite clearly and very carefully calibrating how her closeness (or lack thereof) to her father following the election is perceived. She, more than any other witness whose testimony to the January 6 committee we have seen, speaks haltingly (and briefly) as she attempts to distance herself from the actions of her father without him picking up on what she is doing.

Trump officials recount what happened at White House on election night

5. “My recommendation was to say that ‘Votes were still being counted. It’s too early to tell, too early to call the race but we’re proud of the race we ran, and we think we’re in good position.’” – former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien  —  Stepien, knowing that there were lots and lots of totally legal ballots still to be counted, advised the President not to declare victory on election night. Instead Trump took the advice of the allegedly inebriated Giuiliani.

6. “Right out of the box on election night, the President claimed that there was major fraud underway. I mean, this happened, as far as I could tell, before there was actually any potential of looking at evidence.” – Attorney General Bill Barr —  Barr was the star of the second public hearing, making clear that he not only believed the election fraud claims to be ridiculous but also that he told Trump of that view on any number of face to face conversations. This quote, in particular, is deeply damning as it suggests that Trump was claiming fraud even before any substantial number of votes had been counted.

7. “Very, very, very, very bleak.” – Stepien  —  This was Stepien’s analysis of the chances of Trump winning as the week after the election wore on. He added that he had told Trump at that point that the campaign had only a 5-10% chance of winning.

8. “I didn’t mind being considered part of Team Normal.” – Stepien  —  Stepien drew a stark line between “Team Normal” – those within the campaign who, as time wore on, believed clearly that Trump had lost – and those on another team populated by the likes of Giuliani and lawyers like Sidney Powell and John Eastman. Which, well, wow.

9. “Not the approach I would take if I were you.” – Jared Kushner  —  After much hemming and hawing about whether he had spoken to the President about his views of Giuliani, and the effort to overturn the election results, Kushner eventually acknowledged that he said this to the President. Trump, obviously, ignored him and his advice.

10. “The Department doesn’t take sides in the election, and the department is not an extension of your legal team.” – Barr  —  The attorney general told Trump this in an in-person meeting on November 23, 2020. Trump, neither in this conversation nor before or after it, seemed to understand the Justice Department had long been viewed as an independent organization within the broader government.

11. “I told him that the stuff his people were shoveling out to the public was bullshit.” – Barr  —  That quote came from a December 1 meeting between Trump and Barr. It followed an Associated Press story earlier in the day in which Barr said this: “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”   'The claims of fraud were bulls**t!': Former AG Barr slams Trump's election fraud claims

12. “There was never an indication of interest in what the actual facts were.” – Barr  —  Barr recounted that before the 2020 election he felt as though he could persuade Trump of facts and realities – even if it, at time, took a while and was a bit painful for all involved. After the election, Barr said that all changed – that Trump was simply not interested in any point of view that didn’t back up his baseless election fraud claims. “After the election he didn’t seem to be listening,” Barr told the January 6 committee.

13. “The 2020 election was not close.” – GOP campaign lawyer Ben Ginsberg  —  Ginsberg was intimately involved in the 2000 presidential election, which swung on just more than 500 votes in Florida. He noted during his testimony Monday that there was no state even remotely so close in 2020. (The smallest margin – of just more than 10,000 – was in Arizona.)       Top GOP attorney: Trump campaign did not produce any credible claims of fraud

14. “The Trump campaign did not make its case.” – Ginsberg  —  This is a statement of fact that often gets lost in the back and forth over the legal cases brought by Trump after the 2020 election. Here’s the facts: The Trump campaign brought 62 cases to a variety of courts throughout the country. They lost 61 of those cases. And the one they did win had no material effect on voting. (It was to disqualify a relative paucity of mail-in ballots because voters hadn’t confirmed their identification by November 9.)


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Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 5.29.21 AM

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Two weeks of password changing, new locations, new address's, relocations, files to clear any trails I may of left, I even created a fake account .  

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook the company is changing its name to Meta to reflect its growing focus on the metaverse. “From now on, we're going to be the Metaverse first, not Facebook first,” Zuckerberg said at the company's annual Connect Conference Thursday.  Are all wealthy people like this frikken arrogant scumbag?

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