• Most upgrades I get  into are because I hate bad workmanship, always helping friends and customers and I realize improvements are good things.  I am neither cheap nor frugal.   I am not on some crusade but some things are so apparent, it’s Mammon, the money GOD who turns out the junk.  And if that doesn’t get you, servicing, poor materials, inspections ignored cause great harm.   If I can make something better I will tackle it. But there are limitations,  junk is junk no matter what you coat it with, the old lipstick on a pig only works when the bacon is cooking.

  • They use soft metals and brass and amazing what a few strikes and strokes here with a file can straighten. And here and there with a small model makers square and I had the thing in gear.  A carefully applied coat of  “ Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails in Black out” applied to the filed areas and Voila!   If I took them apart I could heat them with my heat gun and powder coat them with coatings from Harbor Freight. About $7.00 for black or white.  Not worth the effort and right now COVID 19 shut down all kids teaching for me.   

  • Then I re-tapped and counter-sunk all the nuts bolts and screws to conform with locking nuts when applicable and no slip lock washers when needed.  The last step will consist of relieving about a 3/8 inch of the gripper part of the head and texture the surface by checkering to secure hooks better when this one wears.      Right now it will do the same thing and produce for me what a more expensive something by Bla-Bla, a designer costs. Polishing the inside of tubes and smoothing contact surfaces made mounting hooks easier.   Adding spring line holders finished things off so the kids see me using it and they have the same thing.

  • I knew for ten dollars not to expect much, little persons ( more commonly referred to as grandkids and friends plus charity work for the disabled - I am a caregiver ) willing to learn need for the stuff to be decent.  They can see,  and they are as critical as they mature.  But I knew what I had in my hands, the same thing they had, it’s called potential, and when kids imitate good, well, thats a good thing.   
    So when teaching I use the same vice they use, modified and simple , upgraded and smoothed out.  I would correct the sloppy-ness as ( You get what you pay for)  but luckily lower quality and lesser workmanship can be improved with simple hand tools, files, drills, countersinks, metal polishing, and taps.  Makes a great backup, travel or learner vice for a youngster that will do what he or she needs to do learning about the gift of fly fishing. I bring mine when I travel, leaving the expensive ones at home.

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