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SOURCE THE BENCH:   They sell them at Sam’s and they are metal… and I had one in the garage, used on the terrace for outdoor cooking,  some polish and years of neglect washed right off, like new  And I was retiring… I said that four times  —  Later on I inherited twenty perfect black boards from an overrun on a job we were doing.  And Black boards matter  —   I found another shelf and added it to the existing one and then magnetic strips, drilled and screwed to ends for tools.

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But like all 8 x 10 spaces in your home,  or my condo,  you are limited in space layout.  I need the bench to be flexible and adaptable to four disciplines.  Battery packs, Soldering mini-computers, Macro photography, Photo Studio for Passports, and Fishing projects, namely making Flies, spinnerbaits, large and small, sabiki, NED rigs etc.. 

SOLUTION:  Everything in the room goes on magnetic boards regardless of the job, whether its ARDUINO or PHOTOGRAPHY and Fishing Accessories. I have six or so primary boards, basically it allows a convertible room and workspace.  Racks hold specific duty boards not being used.



LARGE FLY STREAMER BOARD  —  I live in Tampa Florida (specifically Largo not to be confused with Key Largo)  and through friends and boat owners we can tangle with all sorts of creatures things in our lakes, bays, estuaries, intra-coastal or gulf waters. 

Thats one thing we have… water and so far the curse of warm water and runoff chemistry from land causes something called  “ Red Tide” ranked number one in the retched throw-up genre due to tons of dead fish hitting our shores.  I was a cub reporter covering football here in Florida, if you thought locker room stink was bad, you never met red tide…

This year so far it started minimalist, no problems in spite of global warming.  That did not last long and Fishing has been affected.   Fortunately no offshore oil wells have blown up in the gulf recently, it was the worst ecological disaster we have seen.  Some areas have not recovered in spite of our politicians telling us all to sing,  KUM-baya, and we should be dancing around the fire.  I would have liked to throw a few of those lying bastards into the fire, who was doing the inspecting?

  • I made it double thick from two pieces of Starboard I had, with no-slip feet. It doesn’t budge.
  • Craft stores —  Larger heavier threads and big needles that I use to make larger lures
  • Tube Mandrel and Tubes — Mandrels for these large tube flies come from felting needles (36 Gauge) and the larger onesLarger tube mandrels are made from bicycle spokes and Stainless rods shaped.

PIN-VICE -   I took one half of a large X-Acto knife, drilled and tapped  it for 1/4 x 20, the head screwed on with JS Locktite, I drilled the other end with a 1/4 inch hole, flattened both sides, couple turns with a file, used another of those handgrips and magnet for the base.  Close to 20 pounds to release.  Better than any clamp. The smaller guy behind the pin vise is a bobbin holder.  The poppers and small flies are for color.  


All the vices I use with the Little persons or friends have a place called the garage, again magnetic, or steel plated and built from Black Starboard.  When you can create a workable workspace in a small area and comfortably work each of the different scenarios, it’s a cool feeling. These are teaching level vices for the kids. I took some inexpensive ones and rebuilt them, basically taking over when the folks from INDIA stopped finishing crude.   I re-tapped, and rebuilt them