T-RUMP did empty the swamp and created a massive hole in the ground which rapidly filled with the most unconventional wasted unqualified f*ked-up Cabinet members ever to step foot in Washington.   Thus the official T-RUMP cesspool was formed.  Ecologically dangerous, harmful to people, their careers and their lives were never properly vetted by a corrupt Senate.  And basically they were added to the corruption and destruction of our country.  The largest collection of nothings,  just 
lemmings, sycophants, acolytes and scumbags. Tremendous damage and they did nothing for four years.

Wrong… combined under the leadership of Heil T-RUMP, the Fueher, we are in a tunnel with no lights at the end.

My prediction is five to eight years to restore normalcy and that is if we during the new administration remove the barriers to real democracy.   It starts with T-RUMP and goes into the Senate and the Senate Games ( Like the movie the “Hunger Games”)  corrupt dangerous and politically incorrect as replacing that many bad people with good people is a challenge and it is time to concrete the cesspool and burn the garbage.

Soon the lawsuits will begin, we are calling it the T-RUMP Investigative Tribunal **  after the election.  The tribunal will not be like a reality show it will be more closely associated with the Nuremberg Trials… And we will cheerfully supply free lots of transportation, and good rope, thats all you need for traitors. 


The Worst Scumbags of the four years from 2016 - 2020…  All of whom were hand-picked by Donald T-RUMP   They all  excelled in mis-information, exasperated lies, false language, bad policy, stupidity on a grand scale, conspiracies, failure to perform their job, corruption and gross incompetence, plus insurrection, mis-appropriations, of funds or position, sedition, anti-constitution challenges, the pre-riot of Jan 6th, 2021, also greed, graft, bribes, collusion and general f*ck ups.

Donald J. T-RUMP     Rudy Giuliani    Mo Brooks   Donny T-RUMP JR.   Eric T-RUMP  Ivanka T-Rump     Jared Kushner    VP Mike Pence    Sidney Powell    Atty.  Gen.  William Barr    Alex Azar 
Stephen Miller     Sec. Mike Pompeo   Gov. Ron Desantis   
Sen. Mitch McConnell    Sen.  Rand Paul    Sen. Lindsey Graham    Sen. Josh Hawley     Sen.  John Kennedy   Steve Bannon    Sen. Ted Cruz   Sen. Marco Rubio   Mark Meadows   Peter Navarro   Kayleigh McEnany  Sean Hannity  Dr. Carson  Betsy DeVos and more

Those shown in Maroon already qualified for a free upgrade for 2021 And The Congressional Inquiry Awards, AKA,  The Big Dicks, are being sent out.   Some even mailed today as soon as they left the WhiteHouse. …
A few like Miller and McEnany active already at FOX news and its copycat scumbag off-shoot Newsday…
We were hoping several of them would be gone but an old southern expression, “ Tomato juice does not kill the smell of a skunk” is true.  


Steve Bannon Will Return “ Nazi-Fied”

Another One who Deserves a Hanging

Gov Herr Von De Santis  — “ Trumpest To The End” 
Scumbag From The Beginning

Mike Lindell and Pillow Talk
Super Con Trumpet

Marjorie Green  - “The WhoDat Bitch” 
Makes Michelle Bachmann Look Normal

Rudy “ The Giuliani”
From Fame to Scumbag in Four Easy Years

Sidney Powell, Esq.
This Bitch Gave Sara Palin a Chance at Running for President in 2022

Rep. Matt Gaetz  — “ Nazi-Fied” and Pervert Charges?
Full Time Pervert Just Like His Mentor T-RUMP

Former VP Mike Pence
When Bigger Jerkoffs Appear, Pence Will Lead The List

Brazils Clone of T-RUMP In Deceit and Death 

Stephen M
iller  — White Nationalist
Part Time Nazi

Kayleigh McEnany Press Secretary

Liar and Douchbag

Future Scumbaggers Of 2021

Worst of the Worst