HIBACHI BUFFET  •AVOID•   Dirty Dining - Several Hit’s
PINELLAS PARK FLORIDA at 49th Street, Still Open
Local buffet had over 70 violations with improper food temperatures over the last year.  I was a fan, we were disgusted with the food, the help, the owners attitude

They just weren’t watching the front end.   Lots of skim over, food not turned and many larger dishes like the roast totally uncared for and unappetizing.  

Inside that refrigeration unit earlier this year, inspectors discovered  enough violations on several occasion to throw the food out.    

Over the last year, 73 violations were documented, including other temperature issues with garlic-in-oil/margarine/butter mixture, raw fish, chicken wings, sushi, shell eggs, along with egg foo young and beef on the buffet at improper temperatures.   Yea! I too responded,  I responded we never went back… attitude, indifference to the laws.

Inspector’s Note   APRIL 2019

06/04/2021   aljacobsladder.com