T-RUMP Trashed Pence In A Horrible Manner 

And He is Still In Awe And Full Of Fear, Afraid Of Donald —


Former Homophobic VP, Liar And Devoted Sphincter Kisser, Coward,

And Scumbag Michael Pence Plans To Run In 2024,  A Man Who 

Made Covid-19 As The T-RUMP Appointee, A Household Name 

And Led Almost 600,000 Of Our People To Their Death 

The T-Rump Curse Came Home  —  Just as many T-RUMP supporters found out, being a T-RUMP advocate is like tap dancing on thin ice You will be used and when he screws things up you will be blamed and your career finished.   He has done this to many over the years,  hundreds, no one is sacred and I’m amazed no one has tried or succeeded in assassinating him. Better luck guys, he deserves it.

After four years of tongue-biting silence that critics say enabled the president’s worst instincts, the Vice President would not yield to the pressure this time to throw the electoral college even with and name-calling from his boss,  because legitimately he could not.  

Like an abusive marriage the Pence era ended abruptly and dangerously close.  But being the “ ORTHODOX FORGIVING COWARD” he is, he still is a  flake and unfit for anything…  He could not command a coin changing machine in a laundromat, after all he botched cleaning up all there dirty laundry from T-RUMP. Some said the only way to separate him from T-RUMP was with a crowbar.

He Is Now A Victim Of The “ T-Rump Curse” — Result: as many who got within five feet of T-RUMP have contracted this horrible disease of which there is no cure.  You just fade away or commit Seppuku.  He joins many of Donald’s cabinet who stepped in the limelight but never noticed the quicksand under their shoes

WASHINGTON — For Vice President Mike Pence, the moment of truth had arrived. After three years and 11 months of navigating the treacherous waters of President Trump’s ego, after all the tongue-biting, pride-swallowing moments where he employed strategic silence or florid flattery to stay in his boss’s good graces, there he was being cursed by the president.  He will now go into hiding for six months to pray and hide his wounds well, he’s back and few care…

SIDEBAR:   Anyone out there needing a great sycophant and yes man just contact him, he’s available and so is his wife, “ Dowdy” who is always at his side…  Does she not trust him…(?)

A Large Crock Of Sh*T  —  (CNN)Former Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday announced the launch of a new political advocacy group, “  Advancing American Freedom,” a move designed with an eye to his political future and his efforts to help shape the conversation around the T-RUMP administration’s legacy. 

The group’s stated goal is to “ Promote the pro-freedom policies of the last four years that created unprecedented prosperity at home and restored respect for America abroad, to defend those policies from liberal attacks and media distortions, and to prevent the radical Left from enacting its policy agenda that would threaten America's freedoms," according to a statement from the group.

Maybe killing half a million Americans won’t help this thinking, he is still a stooge and unfit for dog catcher, he would screw that up too.

As we say his innovation is like constipation, lots of farts but no substance. 

Pence, who is widely reported to have presidential ambitions, has largely remained below the radar since leaving office in January after the last tumultuous month of the Trump administration. 

He penned an op-ed for the conservative publication The Daily Signal in March decrying a sweeping, Democratic-led voting rights bill that was later passed by the House but faces an uncertain path forward in the Senate. In the op-ed, Pence expressed concern about “the integrity of the 2020 election," citing "significant" and "troubling" voting irregularities. 

It comes as top Trump aide Stephen Miller has also launched a new legal advocacy group, America First Legal, which he described in an interview with the Wall Street Journal as "a conservative answer to the ACLU."  

T-Rump Speaks Sidebar   

  • T-RUMP personally praised Miller in a statement Wednesday, encouraging “ All America First patriots (to) get behind America First Legal.”    (Suspected NAZI anti-immigrant party)
  • To Pence: “You can either go down in history as a patriot,” Mr. T-RUMP told him, according to two people briefed on the conversation, or you can go down in history as a pussy.”
  • Coming from a Scumbag, like T-RUMP  the use of the word “ Pussy”  was appropriate and acceptable for the eloquent speaking T-Rump
  • Hang Mike Pence  —  The blowup between the nation’s two highest elected officials then played out in dramatic fashion as the president publicly excoriated the vice president at an incendiary rally and sent agitated supporters to the Capitol where they stormed the building — some of them chanting “Hang Mike Pence.”
  • Evacuated to the basement, Mr. Pence huddled for hours while Mr. T-RUMP tweeted out an attack on him rather than call to check on his safety.  It was an extraordinary rupture of a partnership that had survived too many challenges to count.
  • How do you blame mIke Pence for taking a stand and doing nothing, his entire career is based on doing nothing and accomplishing nothing and the other thing he supported was T-RUMPS sphincter muscles, now thats using his head…
  • Not everyone gave Mr. Pence much credit, arguing that he should hardly be lionized for following the Constitution and maintaining that his deference to the president for nearly four years enabled Mr. Trump’s assault on democracy in the first place.
  • Mr. Trump came into office with no real understanding of how his predecessors had handled relationships with their running mates. In the early days, when it became clear that there would be no organizational chart or formal decision-making process, Mr. Pence made himself a regular presence in the Oval Office, simply showing up with no agenda, often walking into a policy discussion for which he had received no briefing materials.
  • He arrived in the West Wing each morning, received an update about when the president was coming down from the residence and then simply stationed himself in the Oval Office for most of the day. He was almost never formally invited to anything and his name was rarely on official meeting manifests. But he was almost always around.


Four Years Of Being A Shadow  — 

  • If  T-RUMP was impeached, resigned, quit, or run out of town by vigilantes and hanged, the successor would be VP Mike Pence who couldn’t run a coin laundry with self-service coin changers.  
  • It had occurred to me…Oh my god…what a thought, we’re finished, the greatest atonement excuser, secondary liar,  butt-kisser and backup pure bullsh*t distributor with a devout Christian Evangelical Nutcase Aura surrounding him stinks like gas passing in a small elevator.
  • The only reason T-RUMP chose Pence was he is involved with the Evangelical Voter Herd, in street language a brain-washed bunch of Jesus Freaks with some weird beliefs and actually a large part of the GOP base. The only ones who veminently supported  T-RUMP…  T-RUMP used him and he capitulated with T-RUMP…
  • Before T-RUMP hung him out to dry and blamed him for not being re-elected, he says with a straight face his adoration for the lowest scumbag ever elected to a high office by cheating and lieing.  Donald lies and Pence supports it… just as guilty.
  • Those who profess too much their devoutness are some of the biggest liars in the world.  They have either something to hide, a past experience so heinous it must be white-washed, or guilt from again some previous action in their past like infidelity which rings my alarms because of his statements about not being alone with another woman.
  • Vice President Pence has responded vehemently to criticism ( they are the religious bigoted types ) surrounding his wife’s decision to teach at a private school that seeks to exclude homosexual and transgender students and staff members.   
  • “ My wife and I have been in the public eye for quite a while, we’re used to the criticism,” Pence said in an interview with Eternal Word Television Network. “ But I have to tell you, to see major news organizations attacking Christian education, is deeply offensive to us.”  ( Not the education part ,just the lies and AKA calling it brain washing)
  • When you take the oath of office to defend the Constitution comes first against enemies both foreign and domestic, then comes family and religion.  If you place religion first, don’t take the job, you don’t belong there.


Former Vice President Mike Pence Flees to Indiana  —

  • Pence said he and his family will move back to Indiana, where he served as a lousy homophobic Evangelical governor before becoming an acolyte kissing lousy Vice President.  Referred to often as a “ Sycophant with no balls of his own” …
  • After attending the Inauguration Day ceremonies for President Joe Biden and Pence’s successor, Vice President Kamala Harris — and notably not attending the sendoff for President Donald T-RUMP,  Pence and his family flew from Washington, DC, back to Indiana, where Pence served as anti-LBGT governor from 2013 until 2017 and then headed to the White House. Bring his fake Evangelical crowd with him.
  • The family landed at Columbus Municipal Airport around 2 p.m. local time Wednesday to a roaring crowd of 60 people.  The Taco Lunch truck had a bigger crowd… 
  • “ He and Karen are going to take some time to think about and pray on what their next steps are,” Better pray hard, real hard,  good news is Burger King is hiring…but not for too long.  And Jesus blocked your phone number calling it a scam risk.
  • Note:  ”Serving as your vice president was the greatest honor of our life,” Pence said after landing in Indiana. “  But now that that season of service has come to an end, we just had to come home.”  
  • Dragging ones tail between his legs is not a celebratory return. T-RUMPS rioters were willing to kill or harm him and Pelosi during the attack on the capitol.  He gave T-RUMP four years of the most incredible butt-kissing I have ever heard, a colossal day after day verbal blow-job, and the ongoing joke was how do you get Pence off Donald’s back… use a crowbar… 
  • Never said a word about being T-RUMPS target for failure… and the Proud boys might have killed him… Him and dowdy can go flip burgers, the only run he’ll make in the future is for his life… politically T-RUMP killed him…