Many of the above mentioned winners in 2020 who are lucky and escaped assassination have little to worry about as their careers are safe knowing FOX news, champions of the big lies know these weaklings prefer jock talk over truth and will hire them in a heart beat.  

We have seen several over there in cameo appearance and I’m sure they will take whats offered as they burnt so many bridges no normal politician or businessman around would want them in the same building.  Sarah-nota-wara is thinking of running for Governor after all she is from the Huckabee gene pool.  That's way below the Paramecium and Amoeba status.

Sean Spicer has a TV show interviewing the usual GOP cretans and about as boring as covering the annual Testicle cooking contest in Lipovica Serbia if you are not into eating balls from animals closely harvested from their neither regions.

Kelly Conway has personality that is vanished, smart, a survivor, go back to being a mom and forget being Donald’s excuser.

They were counting on T-RUMP and we know whoever comes within fifty feet of T-RUMP catches the Cranial-Rectal Dyslexia syndrome he harbors and will fall from grace… suffering from “ Sh*t for brains”.

Congratulations to Kayleigh McEnany now reporting and distorting for FOX news and we learned in another former job of hers she earned her lying skills, working for Mike Huckabee, another member of the “ Schmucks with Earflaps Club.  She is solid in the dark side, no one I know even wants her skills… no validation.

06/04/2021   aljacobsladder.com