Contender  —  Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo@mikepompeo Bragged:    “ The day I left office, China sanctioned me. Why? After 40 years of appeasement, we took a different approach — we got tough on China.   We stood up for every American & refused to let them walk all over us.   Anyone implying we weren’t tough on China simply wasn’t paying attention”.

My Reply:  Unfortunately they were and realized your T-RUMP hate, fear and bully insult policies and big mouth are not how you deal with the second most dangerous country in the world, thats not what people are saying and your big mouth like T-RUMPS bluster has put us potentially in a cold war, a trade war, potential for conflicts escalating and with North Korea a total pan Asian F*ck-Up… we think you blew your horn so much your balls sank…

Contender  — Sen John Kennedy  —   

  • Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) compared mass shootings to drunk driving incidents at a Senate hearing on gun violence following the deadly shooting in Boulder, Colorado. We now know the identities of the 10 victims of Monday's mass shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. We also know more about the suspect, 21-year-old Ahmad Al Alibi Alissa, who was taken into custody after the shooting and faces 10 counts of murder.  I’m sorry he shares the name with the former President but this is one lying moron imbecile who so ignorant when driving his car refuses to make left turns.

Contender  —  Sen. Josh Hawley  

  • Sen. Josh Hawley, a one year Senator from Missouri, climbed out of the sewer and was the first Senator to say he would object to election results.  He has condemned the Capitol violence but was also pictured raising a clenched fist towards Trump supporters. He has defended his actions and decried the decision by his publisher, Simon and Shuster, to cancel a forthcoming book.  He is a liar and fairly stupid.

    Hawley also objected to criticism from Joe Biden which Toomey echoed on Sunday. The President-elect invoked Hitler’s propaganda minister, 
    saying the  GOP Senators were “part of the big lie …  History tells us it was Hitler’s  minister of Propaganda Herr Goebbels and the great lie.  You keep repeating the great lie, no white lies allowed, repeating the lie, over and over loud and often”   Guardian columnist and former US labor secretary Robert Reich wrote that Cruz and Hawley “should be forced to resign”.  

    “Knowing Trump’s allegations of voting fraud were false,” he wrote, the two Republicans “led the move to exclude Biden electors – even after the storming of the Capitol – thereby lending Trump’s claims credibility.
    The United States constitution says ‘no Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress’ who ‘shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against’ the constitution, ‘or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof’. 

Contender  —  Sen. Ted Cruz  —  

  • Sen Ted Cruz  —  We know all about Teddy Cruz, are Texans that stupid to keep this moron’s lying idiot fact-sheet in Congress?  Sometimes it’s battle for stupid when he and Jim Jordan speak on the same day. We decided to give them both the big dick.
  • In February, Torres-Estrada also posted a meme to his Facebook page, which was public until Monday night, saying Republican Sen. Ted Cruz was "MISSING" after he left his home state for Cancun, Mexico, as Texas suffered from widespread power outages in the wake of a brutal winter storm. It’s not clear if that post is part of the investigation.  It was true, a cop out during the disaster. 
    (That was true too and he left his dog alone in the house)

Contender —  Cong. Mo Brooks  —  

Congressman Mo Brooks —  A true Trumpet Dickhead slated to be non-relented soon.  My cat has a higher  IQ. And sh*t’s in a litter box.  Mo is not even toilet trained

Contender   — Sen. Lindsey Graham  

Sen. Lindsey Graham  —  “On The Secondary Front” — Coldest Trumpet Bastard In Congress  —  T-RUMPS moves and orders to open business, and with no rules and defenses in place, in addition the pressure he created has resulted in 100,000 additional Americans who just could not handle being out of work, the bills, lost homes, homeless, their business’s closed, starving, and living on the street.  Depression and Suicides are at an all-time unrecorded high… Estimated at another 100,000 might be in trouble with PTTS.  Similar to PTSD (Post Traumatic StressSyndrome)  PTTS is Post Traumatic T-RUMP Syndrome 

Our country, the bastion of freedom in the world, is suffering because of one man who has become a pariah and lost the respect of the rest of the countries on the planet.  His friends are leaders you would not allow in your house when you saw how many people they have killed and he is a rising star in the group of people who should be executed.  

Lest we Forget Lindsey Graham… A man of many faces and sides, changes both about twice a year.  Says he hates T-RUMP to the press, hops on a plane and flies to Mar-A-Lago and plays golf with him right after.   NOTE: This fellows designation will be changed from Scumbird to Sh*t bird and it’s conclusive as he is so full of it…

Contender —  Ron Johnson  —
Ron Johnson  —  Who managed to take the train to Washington and create lies he shares with other elected officials from across the United States and beyond.  He deserves the Big Dick Award as he is convinced of his own stupidity. And is brainless and a liar to boot.  His support sounds like something from the class President of the fifth grade elections

👺  Contender —  Cong.  Jim Jordan  —  

👺  Contender —  Cong. Devin Nunes  —

👺  Contender  — Cong. Steve Scalise  —

👺  Contender  —  Tucker Carlson

The Scumbags Of News — Tucker Carlson,  NewsMAx both Morons …For conservative media looking to throw Joe Biden for a loop, these are lean times. It's not for lack of trying.  Tucker Carlson scraped the bottom of the partisan-attack barrel a couple of days after Valentine’s Day, insinuating that Joe and Jill Biden’s love story was nothing more than PDAs: “Pretend Displays of Affection."   Well, what can one say when a stupid moronic remark comes from a lying FOX news scumbag like Carlson…  nothing new… we are used to those scumbags… I have said before at his funeral I will send a bouquet of Oleander, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and a growing pot of radioactive soil from Chernobyl hoping we’ll get some of his followers.

He said the first couple's devotion was "as real as climate change." I guess for some people, denial springs eternal. In response, the President’s granddaughter Naomi said she thought Carlson “needs a hug.”  We suggested a grizzly bear.

NEWSMAX  —- The new FAUX news scumbags launched as competition for FOX news.   And what they call news  only proves what scumbags they really are  —  NewsMax went after the Biden’s German shepherd, Champ. It aired a segment claiming that he was dirty, and “ Un-presidential” and looked like a “ Junkyard dog.”  In that case I guess Greg Kelly looks like a scumbag, talks like a scumbag, and most likely is a scumbag junkyard dog, takes one to know one

👺  Contender  AG-DOJ  —  Willian Barr  —  (CNN)A federal judge this week rejected the Justice Department's attempts to keep secret a departmental opinion to not charge former President Donald Trump with obstruction at the end of the Mueller investigation, calling the administration's lawyers "disingenuous." 

The department had argued in court that the largely redacted March 2019 memo was legal reasoning that helped then-Attorney General William Barr make a decision about Trump. But federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson said she believed Barr and his advisers had already decided they wouldn't charge the President with a crime before he got the written advice, and the memo was partly strategic planning instead of legal reasoning -- and therefore could be made public. 

Biden administration confirms Russian agent shared 2016 Trump polling data as part of election interference efforts

The decision adds to the criticism federal judges and others have had about Barr and his handling of the end of the Mueller investigation. Jackson and others have repeatedly questioned Barr's motives to keep documents related to the investigation -- including Mueller's findings and Barr's reactions to them -- secret or by delaying their release.

"The agency's redactions and incomplete explanations obfuscate the true purpose of the memorandum, and the excised portions belie the notion that it fell to the Attorney General to make a prosecution decision or that any such decision was on the table at any time," Jackson wrote in a 35-page opinion released Tuesday.

"The fact that [Trump] would not be prosecuted was a given," she added.

The judge's opinion comes in a lawsuit where the government transparency group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington is seeking access to DOJ documents through the Freedom of Information Act. 

CREW and several other groups are still trying to pry new records from the Mueller investigation into the public's eye, through lawsuits and other challenges. The case Jackson decided this week deals with documents around Barr's decision to decline to charge Trump.

The memo of supposed legal reasoning prepared for Barr should be released, Jackson ruled. A draft legal analysis from the Office of Legal Counsel would stay secret, Jackson also decided.

"We requested these records and filed this lawsuit due to serious doubts about the official story coming out of Barr's DOJ. While we do not yet know what is in the memo, the Court's opinion gives us confidence that we were right to have questions," Jordan Libowitz, a spokesman for CREW, said on Tuesday.

The 9-page memo that Jackson said should be released was finalized by two top political leaders in the Justice Department -- Steven Engel of the Office of Legal Counsel and Ed O'Callaghan, a top adviser in the Deputy Attorney General's Office -- the same day Barr briefed Congress about Mueller's findings on Russian interference in the 2016 election and Trump's attempts to obstruct justice. 

The Justice Department had argued in court that much of the substance of Engel and O'Callaghan's memo should stay blacked out, because it was protected internal discussions about the law and policy. One DOJ lawyer, Paul Colborn, had told the court the memo was meant to help Barr decide whether to prosecute Trump.

Engel and O'Callaghan's memo recommended no prosecution, saying that Mueller's findings weren't evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Jackson has read the document at issue in the case for herself, she noted. The judge said the redacted pages offer "strategic, as opposed to legal advice" to Barr. By not mentioning that in court, Jackson wrote that the DOJ was pretending the strategy discussion didn't exist. 

The way the Justice Department has handled the dispute over public access to the document “served to obscure the true purpose of the memorandum," Jackson added.

Not Worthy Of Credence, Jackson Says  —  Jackson's strongly worded opinion, though largely about technicalities around government confidentiality, comes close to accusing the Justice Department of a cover-up.

The judge wrote that while top DOJ officials prepared the legal opinion that gave Barr cover not to prosecute Trump, they simultaneously were emailing about a higher priority they had: to inform Congress the President was exonerated.

The Mueller probe thoroughly investigated several episodes where Trump tried to impede or end the inquiry into his campaign's ties to Russia. But the special counsel left the indictment decision to Barr and his top political appointees. Mueller partly found that Justice Department policy blocked the prosecution of a sitting President. After closing his office, Mueller later told to Congress that an ex-President could be prosecuted for obstruction, yet Barr had already reached a definitive conclusion in Trump's case.

Jackson reviewed closely how that decision came about, looking at court statements from department lawyers and internal emails between Barr's top advisers.

Justice Department officials' "affidavits [in court about the memo] are so inconsistent with evidence in the record, they are not worthy of credence," Jackson wrote.

Another federal judge previously slammed Barr in another public records case following the Mueller investigation, saying the attorney general had a "lack of candor" that was helpful to Trump politically when the then-attorney general told Congress and announced to the public what Mueller had found, without releasing Mueller's nearly 500-page report.

  •  Jim Jordan, Nunes, Meadows, Scalise and others coming soon 
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