Political And Racial Hatred 
-  מאַלעכ-אַמאָוועס — 

  • The Jewish name for the Angel of Death is  Malekh-amo-ves  (malakh ha-mavet)  from the old testament.   —  There are no references in the Bible to a specific Angel of Death.  Not surprising as the Bible Version One and Version Two was written by many over years of stories told and retold, first edition two hundred years after Christ and the different embellishments and versions are as plentiful as recipes for vinaigrette salad dressing and homemade wines and beer on the web…
  • The Bible refers to such serious sins as sexual immorality, idolatry, spiritism, fits of anger, and drunkenness as “the works of the flesh.”  The concept is found frequently in Rabbinic literature and in Jewish folklore.   Most of those sins are found in Donald T-RUMP’s DNA and many of his friends and cohorts, acolytes, and sycophants. Truly a sick bunch of baseless incomplete people missing love and compassion.
  • Religion is a man made concept, thats why there are so many wrong interpretations, variations, rules, false hopes and denials, differences, traditions, rules, hierarchy and a lot of fancy gold plating, rich temples with more platings, fancy robes sing-a-longs, mysterious words …speaking in gibberish,  just more bullsh*t… and fake religionists who take advantage of it… and steal money from those thinking it was to help the poor but it is really used for their carnal pleasures and greed. Seems like I just described the GOP now known as Reptilians.  As I once and often have said , I suppose Jesus rode in on a donkey and wore sandals,  TV preachers ride in Mercedes, Rolls-Royces and Gulfstream’s.
  • Maimonides,  Moses ben Maimon, ( Circa 1300’s)  Described T-Rump Perfectly… also known as Rambam, was a medieval Sephardic Jewish philosopher who became one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars of the Middle Ages takes the concept apart and demythologizes the concept, understanding the Angel Of Death as the: 

 Life-denying, evil force that lurks in the human psyche”. 
Simply put The Angel of Death is man
’s doing, not God’s.

  • Maimonides quotes with much approval the Talmudic saying that Satan, the evil inclination, and the Angel of Death are one and the same.  It defines the Angel of Death as:  

“ A Man With Destructive Tendencies Or One Who Is 
Always Running Down Others Is Called An Angel Of Death…”

  • In T-RUMPS case running scientists, competitors, others just about everybody down all the time, he is dead on
  • He fuels fires with lies, denigrates the weak, the poor, the good people, offers no aid nor comfort, basically doing nothing but hate and prejudice. He offers no conciliation, and applauds chaos, causing the anarchy.  
  • And now he has the blood of 565,000 dead Americans on his hands and we have suffered through four years of him…
  • T-RUMP qualifies showing no compassion, praising the white supremacists by calling them patriots and offers them his love.  
  • He is the Angel of Death, a false prophet dishing it out everyday to willing and naive morons…he calls them supporters, we call them TRUMPETS, the fools base of the Angel of Death.  Hopefully GOD will take him soon and send him right to hell…

The Truth, The Fake King Had No Clothes

The Emperor, A Born Again Supremacist, and History Repeats Itself 

👑 We Can Learn A Lot From History  —
I am a searcher of facts, unfortunately, history does repeat itself.  
I am drawn ever closer in comparison to parts and incidental information of the Second World War, the Holocaust, the rebuilding of Nations, challenges and even today 03/23/2021 we were, and are still faced with the pandemic, prejudice, anti-semitism and the Angel of Death…

Donald J. T-rump… the Would Be King Who Had No Clothes, no compassion and no brains.  We will not be free from this evil disease and as bad as the COVID-19 till he expires.  His words, lies, distortions and thoughts are evil.

For our nation to deal with our problems today the T-RUMP dynasty must be removed, and exterminated because it is a rerun of the former regime under Adolf Hitler.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English: the Emperor’s new clothes, is the expression often used to describe a situation in which people are afraid to criticize something because everyone else seems to think it is good or important. 

T-RUMPS business failures, almost an unknown amount somewhere around a half billion to a billion dollars actually did include clothing, ironically… Lines of mens clothing, include T-RUMP ties, coats, steaks, raincoats, almost fifty other small business using his coat tails all have failed and his partners took tremendous losses. 

And lest us forget his daughter Ivanka got special privileges to make shoes and clothes in China, she got in on it with China.  “ Women’s Overpriced Accessories by Ivanka”.  T-RUMP arranged that with the Chinese for patents.  No one else was treated that well.   Of course she should keep her running around sharing her ass-ets half naked.  That she is good at.

A pleasure for the eyes but she is as dangerous as her father and much brighter than T-RUMPS sons, who like T-RUMP are all talk, no brains and have no balls. She is the second most dangerous person in the T-RUMP family, her two brothers are just as ignorant and stupid as daddy.  The brothers “ IGNORANT” have a habit of not keeping their big mouths in their pants…

The old dress for success program tied to his Fake T-RUMP University, sometimes callee SCUMBAG U, the fake school of mini-T-RUMPS which failed miserably and was also a scam.  In T-RUMPS case he really had no clothes…  And had to pay out millions for those he robbed.

That was only part of his narrative,  if he can lie and get away with it, so can you to do his bidding.   You are good with him a long as you lied for him, did his favors and assault on humanity day after day,  and the day you don’t you are gone… just ask the court Jester…VP Mike Pence.   Where is Mike Pence hiding?

Or one of the most dangerous acolytes of his realm, William Barr, that lying fat bastard DOJ scumbag,  the real legal pundit for Herr T-RUMP… not the American People… the cabinet of phonies and paybacks who accomplished nothing.  We name them

👺 The Former President was a Total Failure… And the People Spoke  —  Waving a book he hasn’t read;  He lies that he reads it; in front of a church he doesn’t attend; Invoking laws he doesn’t understand; Building a wall, not needed, to be paid by someone else; Taking money from infrastructure, education and the soldiers for that wall; Mexico told him no wall, only 20% has been completed and they were repairs to existing walls, not new areas; Denigrating against fellow Americans he sees as enemies, political enemies;  Wielding a powerful military he draft-dodged serving in; Failure to pay his workers, over 3500 suits filed in NY State

Exploiting banks to failure, four to fail completely;  Loosing millions of dollars of other people money, in scams using his name;  Taking bankruptcies, somewhere around five or six , many are hidden; Making false IRS claims

False documentation and cheating on school entrance exams; Even having someone else take his entrance exam;  And some charities never got the checks he promised… after the photo-ops;  Adding pardons for fellow crooks; Obscene derogatory comments to our allies…

Supporting white supremacy for votes, homophobia, prejudice, misogamy, collusion and joining with prostitutes;  Protecting power he gained via accepting foreign interference;  Exploiting fear and anger he loves to stroke, after failing to address a pandemic he was warned about;  And building it all on a bed of constant lies and childish insanity.  Which will kill half a million Americans…or more…

And finally instigating a riot in our house of democracy… with intent to harm, killing a total of five plus two suicides attributed and over fifty severely injured, 100 needed the hospital…  But 400 are incarcerated or charged.

— “ THE FARTS IN HIS SPIEL” …  It is the truth we never read in the  “ THE ART OF THE DEAL”.   I’m formulating  it, easy to read, verified,  as a sequel to the lies in Donald’s fake book.  Almost daily rants and fact checking by Politico, The WSJ and the count is over 27,600 lies on tape and  on record and it never ended, each day when you think the bar cannot get any lower, it is something else and has caused a national depression.  

Its just not worth checking any more.  It’s repetitive, boring, heinous and dangerous lies recorded.  Truth is not T-RUMPS strong point. Not in the past, the present,  and we assume not in the future.  The bar is so low, China is reporting unknown earthquakes… that low…

—  THE WORST CASE IS AS WE RESEARCHED   —  We found a close association with the former Fuehrer of the Third Reich, Herr Adolf Hitler.  Hitlers schemes, his controlled authoritarianism, radial and racial thoughts, processes, cronyism, self adoration, lack of compassion,  and a lack of humanity are identical in tone and cruelty, to the former leader of the NAZI’s, we will share that with you.  

The bottom line is the man is sick and the problem was, he was delusional, and held the keys to the LARGEST NUCLEAR ARSENAL In the world till 12:01 PM on the 20th when Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris become the nations leaders.

—  FORTUNATELY WE RELIED ON THE SECRET SERVICE TO PROTECT US — Not from assasssins, but the former President himself if he went off the rails.  As we have said one bullet, or an honest GOP Senate (The Scumbirds) could have saved billions of dollars and  thousands of lives… and now he is a wounded animal and dangerous, his teeth taken away, Twitter and Facebook … he is also a coward and unpredictable… but his most endearing quality, his sheer lack of intelligence and an extremely low IQ are still evident.

The answer to T-RUMP will be nothing, he wins by lying and stupid ignorants believe liars, and he is good at it, his years on TV with his reality show is the training his acolytes and sycophants believe in.  He needs to be removed, nothing not a trace of him is the answer…

—  HE’S ALREADY SHOWING SIGNS OF DEPRESSION ABOUT LOSING AND HIS NARCISSISM   paranoia,  homophobic, misogamist, and an insatiable uncontrollable temperance attitude toward anyone not loyal to him is surfacing.  But the crook he is took 221 million dollars in donattions to fight the “Fake Fraud Issue” for his personal use. Dear Reptilian Party members, supporters, hat wearers, naive,  pure stupid  believers, he screwed you again and again… I gotta laugh how stupid you really are…

— HE HAS PARDONED 150 OR SO CRIMINALS WITH NO REGARD FOR WHAT THEY DID AND PUT THEM OUT ON THE STREET  —   Thats unacceptable but legal, questionable, immoral, stupid and insure he will have at least 150 proven criminals mostly scumbags , liars, fraudists, crook, thieve all of whom were caught after tremendous expense at the hands of the DOJ and just pardoned…they would vote for him, some should have been hanged or not pardoned.

— When You Stand In Front Of God One Day Looking For Salvation And God Asks You  — 


How will you answer?


5/2/2021   aljacobsladder.com