Dear Mayor, Politician, President, Vice President, Governor Senator, Congressperson, please don’t offer your bullsh*t thoughts and prayers.  Enough bullsh*t,  had you done your frickin job you were hired for we might not be here today.

Yes, you can tell me we have checks and balances to prevent the mass murders but they don’t work.  And I would tell you we do not any help from the GOP because 31 million dollars last years from the NRA is a convincer to the GOP war chest to keep the 2nd Amendment in check which is the greatest lie ever told when Wayne La pierre  (Wane LA Pee in the air)

Find the whole truth about fake patriots, many low IQ individual members at   THE NRA  who have been donating money to the crooks taking your money under false pretenses and getting rich… And to the members who are the delusional membership by the rhetoric spewed by Wayne Lapierre, who should be hanged as a traitor, the blood of the innocents, men, women and the children is on your hands… and tell your loving President that all these gun nuts are not Patriots,  some are gun nuts with the false power the weapon gives these losers… lacking compassion, crainial exercise and thinking above that of a cro-magnon and sleeping with their AR-15 next to them in bed.  Tell that to the draft-dodging “ Captain Bone Spurs”  a brilliant military mind above that of our generals, so he tells us…  Another frickin loser… Donald the Dork.



George Zimmerman, the man acquitted in the 2012 shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, is now suing the family of the slain 17-year-old, among others, for $100 million. According to the lawsuit, Zimmerman accuses Martin's family, friends and their legal representatives of framing him and lying during the trial. Martin’s family has called the suit "unfounded and reckless." 

Since his acquittal, Zimmerman hasn't exactly kept a low profile. He has been arrested in several alleged domestic incidents, and in 2016 he put the gun used to kill Martin up for auction. 

Also of note, his lawyer in this new suit once filed a “ Birther” lawsuit falsely claiming former President Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States.  Scumbags stick with scumbags…



POLITICAL AND RACIAL HATRED -  מאַלעכ-אַמאָוועס 

The Jewish name for the angel of death is  Malekh-amo-ves  (malakh ha-mavet)  from the old testament.  The angel sent by God to bring about death is known as malakh ha-mavet in Hebrew. There are no references in the Bible to a specific angel of death but the concept is found frequently in Rabbinic literature and in Jewish folklore. 

In the latter, for instance, the practice of pouring out all the water in pots and so forth when a death occurs is said to be based on the belief of that the Angel of Death dips his sword in the water and poisons it.  Maimonides demythologizes the concept, understanding it as the life-denying, evil force that lurks in the human psyche. 


Maimonides quotes with much approval the Talmudic saying that Satan, the evil inclination, and the Angel of Death are one and the same. In Yiddish slang a man with destructive tendencies or one who is always running down others is called an Angel of Death.   And with the horrific images and stories of the killings in Orlando, Charlottesville, Las Vegas, the Church in Texas, and now Parkland, Florida, the fallen Angel is doing his thing.  T-RUMP qualifies by running down others…

With those atrocities fresh in our minds, it is  time we solved our problems not prayed over them.  They are solvable if we get rid of the obstacles, namely our politicians and the lobbyists of the NRA and the bribes they support our elected officials with.

This is more than just the second amendment, magazines, semi-autos, and bump-stocks this is more than radicalism, of a government mindset corrupted by the NRA, bought sold and paid for.   

For those of extreme ignorance who do not see the NRA as a gun lobby and nothing more and see the people in positions of leadership, and the leader of our great nation, a woefully sick man mentally, President T-RUMPS involvement in something he never should have opened his mouth about, the insane right wingers and paranoia spewers who are on the far right.  They are the sellers of hatred and with a demented man in charge,  sales are doing well, business is picking up unfortunately.  The death angel is very happy and thanks your for your NRA support…




There are solutions for the elimination of scumbags as we have listened to the Evangelicals and the Jesus Saves Lines long enough.  Maybe you don’t have the balls to take someones life but the perp never gave that choice to victims and I don’t think they deserve that privilege now.  

My feelings are take out the garbage and burn it.  It’ simple,  we make it obvious again, killing or major crimes do not work and you will die for perpetrating one.  Doing so I have one solution that we need to put in place…we seriously need change and total removal of the criminal for the salvation of those who have been harmed.

👺 MANDATORY DEATH SENTENCE - NO PLEA BARGAINS - And as an incentive, the cohorts of the murderer get the same treatment as the leader… This will act as an incentive for those followers not to join in.  No life sentences.  Take away the incentive of twenty years, costing $35,000 to 100,000 a year to house, plus lawyers fees for bullsh*t  retrials and rights they didn’t give to others. 

👺 OFFER A CHOICE OF LAST CALL - Hanging,  Firing squad, Gas chamber, The  Guillotine, Old Sparky  etc.


👺 THE THIRTY-ONE MILLION DOLLARS - Given as bribes to our corrupt GOP Senators and Congressmen should be given to the families that have suffered a loss if justifiable from a homicide or injury caused by a guns and should be paid by the NRA funds they gave as bribes.

The common politician knows one thing he’ll offer his thoughts and prayers.  So you will have to go pro-active.  Tellscream, make signs, paint buildings, “ ENOUGH OF YOUR BULLSH*T”.  

I don’t care who it is it could be the next Senator, Congressman, Governor, Mayor, Spokesperson or Clerk who offers thoughts and prayers to save their prayers for re-election and “ DO YOUR F*CKING JOB INSTEAD”.   

It’s all part of the show, his NRA bribes and other monies handed to those Congressional crooks who take the death money should go to the families of those who have been killed or injured.  98% of the American people want reform and Congress does nothing.  

Follow the bribes.  BOO him or her and yell  “ Do your job,  Gods not listening to your sh*t!  Your prayers haven’t worked”.   Duration:  Thoughts and prayers are gone as soon as the re-election bus leaves with his ass on it.  WOW! Like his thoughts and prayers are categorically correct for the occasion.  They were in reality more like his closing remarks  invoking divine guidance for his… escape plan to get off the podium… sooner or later the REAL BOSS will have heard enough…  HE CAN PRAY ALL HE WANTS IN HELL… he’ still taking bribes from the NRA.


WASHINGTON (CNN)    As gun violence erupted across the country over the weekend, the nation’s foremost gun lobby struggled with one of its biggest crises in decades.   TRUTH…  CORRUPT vs. HONESTY

The bitter leadership battle -- centered on the finances and management of the National Rifle Association -- comes as the political landscape on guns undergoes dramatic change: Gun safety groups are growing more powerful and mounting more forceful challenges to the NRA.  And public attitudes are shifting amid a grim and growing succession of mass shootings.

On Saturday -- the same day that Oliver North stepped away from the NRA's presidency as part of a power struggle with longtime CEO Wayne LaPierre -- a gunman opened fire in a synagogue outside San Diego, killing one woman and injuring three others. A day later in Baltimore, a gunman fired into a crowd of people gathered for a cookout, killing one and wounding seven.  

Experts trace the shift in public perception on guns to the Valentine's Day massacre in 2018 that left 17 students and staff dead at a Parkland, Florida, high school and sparked a youth movement to confront gun violence.

"We're in a political period, especially since the Parkland shooting, where the pro-gun-safety side has new energy, a lot of new money, new       organizations and more public support than ever before for their agenda," said Robert Spitzer, a political scientist at the State University of New York-Cortland and author of the "The Politics of Gun Control."

At the same time, he said, the NRA is experiencing a "Trump slump" -- a common occurrence when the White House occupant is viewed as supporting gun rights. "They can't point to the president and say, 'He's coming to take your guns away,'" Spitzer said.

On Monday evening after reclaiming his leadership spot at the NRA, LaPierre, the organization's battle-hardened chief executive, pledged the NRA's board, leaders and members would "come together as never before in support of our country's constitutional freedoms."

“United we stand,” LaPierre declared.  

EDITOR NOTE:   You should stand on a small box with a rope around your neck in a small room with starving wart hogs running loose. (Wart Hogs are Omnivorous) Mr.  LaPierre, I wish you well, well on your way to a heart attack. You are a lowlife, a scumbag, a liar, a con and you simply tell lies to these morons whom the President called hero’s.  You buy a gun and you are a hero?   Who writes this bullshit? 

Polls show Americans support gun-control measures by a large margin: 60 percent of registered voters polled by Quinnipiac University in March back stricter gun laws, up from 54% more than a decade ago. There's a partisan split, however, with Democrats and independents more supportive of gun control than Republican voters. And 93% of those polled recently by Quinnipiac support requiring background checks for all gun buyers. 

More than 20 states passed some form of gun regulation in the year after Parkland, according to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. And dozens of candidates supported by gun-safety groups last year -- including Georgia Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath, who lost her son to gun violence in 2012 -- now hold US House seats. 

In February, the Democratic-controlled House passed a universal background-check bill, the most significant gun control legislation to clear the chamber in two decades. (Its prospects are dim in the Senate, where Republican leaders have said they are unlikely to take up the measure.) 

Some candidates in the 2020 Democratic presidential field also are advocating for gun control -- once viewed as the dangerous, untouchable so-called third-rail in American politics.

Meanwhile, Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control group founded by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, has pushed for broad changes to state and federal laws. The group spent $30 million in the 2018 midterm elections at the federal, state and local level, up from $25 million in 2016, Everytown officials say.  Additionally, the NRA's influence in federal elections has been on the wane. 

After spending more than $54 million in the 2016 election -- more than $30 million of which was spent to help elect Donald Trump -- the group's spending plummeted in the 2018 midterm elections, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

"There's no question about it:   As they struggle, we get stronger," John Feinblatt, Everytown's president, said of the NRA in an interview with CNN on Monday. “  They are experiencing a five-alarm fire, and they lit the match, while we continue to press in Congress and state capitols for progress on gun safety.”

Tensions among the group's leaders broke open at the NRA's annual convention this weekend. North’s departure on Saturday came after he and other NRA members tried to oust LaPierre in an ugly standoff over the group's finances.  By late Monday afternoon, LaPierre had prevailed, securing unanimous support for re-election as the NRA's CEO and executive vice president.

Carolyn Meadows, a longtime NRA board member, was elected president.  “The challenges ahead of us are our greatest opportunities -- confronting our adversaries" and defending the organization, LaPierre said.  The internal fight that spilled into the open over the weekend had been brewing for months as the organization faced new scrutiny over its finances.

Earlier this month, the NRA sued its advertising agency, claiming the company -- Oklahoma-based Ackerman McQueen -- failed to provide records supporting its billing and disclose details about a separate contract Ackerman had with North. 

North, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel who was a central figure in the Iran-Contra affair of the 1980s, became the NRA’s president last year.  The NRA paid Ackerman and a subsidiary more than $40 million in 2017, the NRA said in the lawsuit. 

The company has called the allegations in the lawsuit "false" and "frivolous." Ackerman officials on Monday declined to comment to CNN. In recent days, North accused LaPierre of misconduct, including using $200,000 to purchase clothing from an NRA vendor, according to The Wall Street Journal. 

**INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) - Retired US Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North will step down as president of the National Rifle Association, North said on Saturday, adding he was being forced out due to his allegations that NRA leaders engaged in financial improprieties.

In a letter read to the organization’s annual meeting in Indianapolis by an NRA board member, North, a conservative commentator best known for his central role in the 1980s Iran-Contra affair, said he had hoped to run for re-election when his term ends on Monday.  “I am now informed that will not happen,” North said in the letter.

His departure came after NRA Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre accused North of trying to oust him by threatening to release “damaging” information about him, according to a letter from LaPierre to NRA board members that was published by the Wall Street Journal on Friday.  NRA officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

North, 75, who was named by the NRA as its president in May 2018, was a pivotal figure in the Iran-Contra affair involving secret sales of arms to Iran by Republican President Ronald Reagan’s administration and the unlawful diversion of the proceeds to Nicaraguan rebels.  Illegal but in the best interests of the US and charges were overturned.

The NRA, with more than 5 million members, is by far the most powerful and well-connected gun lobby in the United States. It has worked closely with legislators to protect firearms manufacturers from liability for gun violence and pushed a ban on US health officials from promoting gun control.

When North was appointed president of the organization, LaPierre hailed him as “a legendary warrior for American freedom, a gifted communicator and skilled leader.”  But the pair had a fallen out, with LaPierre telling NRA board members in his letter on Thursday that North was seeking to humiliate him, discredit the NRA, and “raise appearances of impropriety that hurt our members and the Second Amendment” which gives Americans the right to keep and bear firearms, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

According to the newspaper, North sent board members a response to LaPierre’s letter later on Thursday in which he defended himself, said his actions were for the good of the NRA, and that he was forming a crisis committee to examine financial matters inside the organization.

North, long a hero to some on the political right, was convicted in 1989 of three felonies related to the Iran-Contra affair, but his convictions were overturned on appeal in 1990.  He later became a conservative radio talk show host and frequent commentator on conservative television networks.

ED. NOTE:   I’m hopping for his sake, Ollies position was one of being a patriot and not a party to the lies and bullshit the NRA feeds on, I really think he is a lot better than that crew of scumbags currently running the organization.  

As the leadership struggle unfolded at the NRA’s gathering in Indianapolis, a new threat emerged when New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Saturday that she had launched an investigation into the group. 

She has jurisdiction over the association because it was chartered in New York, and her office has wide authority to investigate, including the power to subpoena records.  James promised to pursue the NRA during her campaign, and, in an interview with Ebony magazine last fall, she called the NRA a "terrorist organization" masking itself as a charitable group.

James' probe "means the future of the NRA is no longer in their own hands," said Feinblatt, whose group also has filed an IRS complaint that challenges the group's tax-exempt status and is among the funders of The Trace, a digital news organization that has investigated the NRA. 

Other gun-safety groups are also pursuing actions related to the NRA. Giffords, a group linked to former Arizona congresswoman and gun violence survivor Gabby Giffords, is suing the Federal Election Commission for failing to act on its complaints, claiming a pattern of the NRA improperly coordinating its political spending with Trump and other Republican candidates.

For its part, the NRA has a lawsuit pending against New York state officials, arguing New York regulators have improperly discouraged banks and insurers from doing business with the organization.  In a statement over the weekend, the NRA's outside attorney William Brewer III said the group would "fully cooperate" with the New York inquiry into its finances. He said the NRA “has full confidence into its accounting practices and commitment to good governance."

T-Rump, who addressed the NRA’s annual gathering on Friday as the controversy began to bubble up, weighed in on Twitter on Monday to side with the NRA.  He accused New York officials -- including New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo -- of "illegally using the state's legal apparatus to take down and destroy" the organization. 

Later that day, Cuomo, a Democrat, dismissed Trump’s claim about the legality of New York’s actions in a statement, saying:


Now the question ahead is whether the dispute roiling the NRA causes long-term harm to the nearly 150-year-old association, which counts some 5 million people among its membership.  Experts such as Spitzer say it's too soon to tell. The NRA has weathered big storms, most notably in the 1990s, following Timothy McVeigh's 1995 bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City.

The NRA had no role in the attack, but the bombing -- which killed 168 people -- put a spotlight on the NRA's forceful rhetoric.   Media reports following the attack highlighted a fundraising letter LaPierre had sent out before the bombing that warned a newly passed assault-weapons ban would "give jackbooted government thugs more power to take away our constitutional rights."
The remarks shocked some prominent NRA members. Former President George H.W. Bush even resigned his lifetime NRA membership over the issue. LaPierre survived the leadership fight that ensued -- as he did this week -- and NRA officials "revived their fortunes," Spitzer said.  "Politics, like most things, tends to be cyclical, just as the power of the NRA has been cyclical," he said. “It would be a mistake to count the NRA out or assume they won't be a major factor in the gun debate."


(CNN)The chief executive of the National Rifle Association told the group’s board he is being extorted and pressured to resign by the organization’s president, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.   

Wayne LaPierre, who has been the head of the NRA for decades, wrote in a letter to NRA board members on Thursday that he refused a demand to resign by Oliver North, the recently installed president of the association. 

LaPierre wrote in the letter, "the exhortation was simple: resign or there will be destructive allegations made against me and the NRA."   North also sent a letter to the board on Thursday, according to the Journal, in which he said his actions were in the best interest of the NRA and he was forming a crisis committee to look at the organization's finances. 

North had previously sent a letter to the board's executive committee accusing LaPierre of more than $200,000 in wardrobe purchases that were charged to a vendor, the Journal reports.   LaPierre wrote that North called his office to relay that unless he resigned, advertising agency and NRA contractor Ackerman McQueen Inc. was prepared to release a damaging letter to the NRA board, the Journal reports. 

"I believe the purpose of the letter was to humiliate me, discredit our Association, and raise appearances of impropriety that hurt our members and the Second Amendment," LaPierre wrote. "The letter would contain a devastating account of our financial status, sexual harassment charges against a staff member, accusations of wardrobe expenses and excessive staff travel expenses."

The feud between the two high-profile conservatives comes in the middle of the NRA's annual meeting in Indianapolis. The NRA's full 76-member board is set to meet on Monday, and insiders tell the Journal they expect the issue to come to a head then. 

It is not clear whether North has the support to oust LaPierre, The New York Times reports.  The NRA presidency has previously been a ceremonial post, but the Times reports North has asked for it to be a paid position.  Contributions to the NRA are lagging, The New York Times reports, and the organization is facing an increasingly well-financed opposition movement in the wake of several mass shootings. 

The dispute between LaPierre and North originated in part from a dispute between the NRA and Ackerman McQueen Inc., the Journal reports, which resulted in a lawsuit filed earlier this month by the NRA.  In the lawsuit, the NRA claimed Ackerman McQueen did not justify its billings with records, according to the Journal. Ackerman McQueen called the lawsuit “frivolous" and "inaccurate," the Journal reports.

EDITORS NOTE:  Coming from a lying scumbag indecent individual who spreads hate, fear and lies about as good as HITLER and T-RUMP I would probably support Ollie North as being more honest.  LaPierre is and always will be a scumbag.

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