The new leader of Latin America’s biggest democracy and economy doesn’t care about your feelings. That is, unless you share his rage at leftists, apparent scorn for women, homosexuals and vulnerable minorities, and zeal for blowing up his country’s sclerotic status quo.

Brazil, a vast South American country, stretches from the Amazon Basin in the north to vineyards and massive Iguaçu Falls in the south. Rio de Janeiro, symbolized by its 38m Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mount Corcovado, is famed for its busy Copacabana and Ipanema beaches as well as its enormous, raucous Carnaval festival, featuring parade floats, flamboyant costumes, and samba music and dance.

On Sunday, 63-year-old Jair Bolsonaro won the second round in Brazil’s presidential election at a canter, coming comfortably ahead of his leftist challenger, Fernando Haddad. His victory capped a bewildering ascent: For more than two decades, the former army captain existed on the political fringes as a congressman in Brasilia, a figure of buffoonery and contrived controversy, the butt of jokes.   ( Sounds familiar) 

Now, buoyed by a decisive electoral mandate and significant parliamentary support, he may be poised to radically reshape Brazil and its democratic institutions.   From afar, Bolsonaro’s success can be seen as the latest and perhaps most emphatic victory of right-wing populism in the West. 

He and his allies consciously linked their campaign to President Trump and maintained regular contact with former Trump adviser Stephen K. Bannon. They harped on the supposed threat posed by the “cultural Marxism” of their opponents, vowed a ruthless war on crime, promised to drain the swamp of a corrupt establishment, and wrapped themselves in the flag of the nation.

How did a far-right, pro-torture, dictatorship-praising populist become Brazil’s president-elect?  For his 27 years in Brazil’s congress, Jair Bolsonaro was a mostly marginal figure who made occasional headlines with his extreme views on the LGBT community, minorities and women. But after one of the most vicious and divisive elections in the country’s history, Bolsonaro has emerged as Brazil’s president-elect.

•  He traces his rise from the military to the presidency, and looks ahead to why his victory is so alarming for indigenous groups, environmental activists and his political opponents.

•   It is depressing to think that for the first time since the return of democracy in 1985 Brazilians have elected a far-right president of the republic. Jair Bolsonaro, a seven-term lawmaker and former army captain, represents a clear and present danger not only to his country but to the planet. 

•  At home he has defended dictatorship and torture and joked about killing his leftwing opponents. He has a history of denigrating women, gay people and minorities. The president-elect promises to bring order by spreading chaos with a relaxation of gun laws. 

•  This will cost lives in a country that already records more than 60,000 murders a year. In a familiar but chilling pattern, Mr Bolsonaro successfully pitched himself as the anti-establishment candidate, appealing to voters fed up with political graft and violent crime. There’s every reason to think that Brazilians who voted in haste for Mr Bolsonaro will repent at leisure.

•  Society has lost its former cohesion. Political parties and trade unions, which once gave meaning to political projects and ideologies, no longer draw support and solidarity,” wrote Cardoso. “As a result, people’s political choices are often guided by messages generated by their social networks. And when the corruption of political parties, statesmen and leaders is exposed, anger against politicians overshadows all other concerns. That is exactly what happened here in Brazil.”

•  Looking beyond the past three decades of democratic consolidation, Bolsonaro harks back to the dark period of Brazil’s military dictatorship — which held sway between 1964 and 1985, a not-too-distant episode in the country’s history — and sees inspiration. When he cast a vote in 2016 to impeach the leftist president Dilma Rousseff, he did so in the name of the military commander who had presided over her torture in 1970. He and his allies have cheered the junta’s grisly program that saw countless leftist activists disappeared, brutalized, raped and murdered.

•••   Mr Bolsonaro’s programme, if taken seriously, and his environmental utterances, if taken literally, amount to a threat to humanity. Brazil’s new president takes office in January, in charge of the world’s lungs, the Amazon, and the world’s breadbasket, the Cerrado Savannah. It does affect us.

TRUMP thinks he’s a great guy, put him in with Putin, Kim Jung Un, Prince Salman, Bolsonaro



SAUDI ARABIA FOREIGN MINISTER ADEL AL-JUBEIR  ( Smooth mild mannered liar for the Prince)Has said the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi was a “ tremendous mistake” and part of a rogue operation, adding that his government would punish those responsible for his “murder.”  (First Response of many to follow, whats a few prisoners for a fake execution)

"The individuals who did this did this outside the scope of their authority," he told Fox News on Sunday. "There obviously was a tremendous mistake made, and what compounded the mistake was the attempt to try to cover up.  That is unacceptable in any government.”   Jubeir said that Saudi Arabia was taking action to investigate how Khashoggi died and hold those responsible accountable.

"We are determined to uncover every stone. We are determined to find out all the facts. And we are determined to punish those who are responsible for this murder,” he said.  (This statement wins a five star Crock of Shit Award)

But Trump was supportive of the Crown Prince’s leadership and reiterated the importance of economic ties between the two countries.  “He's seen as a person who can keep things under check," Trump said of bin Salman, adding, "I mean that in a positive way."   “He truly loves his country,” said Trump, who added that he hadn’t “ heard either way" whether the Crown Prince was responsible for Khashoggi's killing.  

Yes, the Prince does love his country.  He loves his country just like Donald does, the money and the power at the top of the list, since keeping things under check means the checking account and the money.   And the Young Prince is the man Trump wants to be, by having multiple wives.  Trump has to grab genitals for his pleasures as he stated when he was recorded live on TV.  Maybe TRUMP should move to Saudi Arabia. 

In his interview on Fox News, Jubeir said that Prince Salman was not closely tied to the people involved in the operation. Jubeir said Saudi Arabia did not know what happened to Khashoggi’s body and has not heard any audio from inside the consulate.  (This is a diversion attempt. More bullshit again - The prince runs the State Security Forces)


THE “larger issue for Washington is that America’s foreign policy should not be based on personalities. Donald Trump’s worldview seems utterly rooted in his likes and dislikes of other leaders, from Kim Jong Un to Angela Merkel to MBS. In the Middle East, this has led to the blind subcontracting of American foreign policy to Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia is a valuable ally and also a source of bad karma.  Washington has watched and de facto endorsed the kingdom as it ramped up its bloody war in Yemen, blockaded Qatar, quarreled with Turkey, and essentially kidnapped the prime minister of Lebanon.
All these moves have, in large measure, failed proving the roach in the oven was not added for flavor.

Vegas money is betting hard dollars the whole scheme to cover the Saudi’s problem with premeditated murder, (whom Trump owes a lot of money to) believe it was Trump who told the King what to say.  "He firmly denies that," Trump told reporters before heading to Florida and Georgia to inspect damage from Hurricane Michael. 

Does that make president Trump known in honesty circles as “ The Pope Of Poop”  as the authority on whats true and whats not?  Trump is the perfect spokesperson for the King, about as corrupt and as big a scumbag in human rights as his predecessors and relatives are or were after he got rid of them.  Nobody lies and tells alternative truth better than Trump, after all fake news comes from fake people.


👺 Russian interference in the 2016 election during a face-to-face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, earlier this year. Trump at a joint news conference with Putin following the summit in July, it was ranked as one of the biggest scumbag lies ever told by the liar superseding any told by Pinocchio 

👺 It’s the same response Trump gave when asked about the allegation of sexual assault leveled against his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  

👺 It’s the same response Trump gave when multiple women said that Roy Moore had pursued relationship with them when they were teenagers and, in some circumstances, had forced himself on them.It’s the same response  

👺 Trump gave when the news broke that both of White House staff secretary Rob Porter’s ex-wives said he had abused them.

👺 Pure fact Trump has been caught in lies and exaggerations over 5400 times. It gets bigger every day and a pain in the butt updating the numbers.  And thats a fact validated by Politico, The Washington Post, Huffington and a slew of others. He simply is a crude, make believe, lieing, bullshit artist. 

👺 Remember that this is a man who has accused the past administration of authorizing a wiretap on him during the 2016 campaign.

👺 A man who has suggested that a former opponent’s father (Cruz) may have been involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  

👺 A man who has accused elements within his Justice Department of being part of a “ Deep State” conspiracy against him.

👺 Defending and lieing for the Saudis when it was quite apparent they killed Khashoggi.

👺   Accolades for the new President of Brazil



The interception of suspicious devices ( bombs) fifteen so far intended for former President Barack Obama, VP Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, George Soros, Debbie Schultz-Wasserman, Maxine Walters,  Eric Holder and Robert DiNiro,  
Democratic US Sen. Cory Booker, Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Democratic US Sen. Kamala Harris, Democratic donor Tom Steyer among others should be a warning, as if one were needed, about the dangerous path on which the scumbag political rhetoric led a festered by the President of the United States and is taking over America.

Maybe today’s incidents and the Congressional baseball game shooting “were the isolated acts of deranged individuals”.  But with many thousands of people distraught and despairing over politics in a nation as heavily armed as ours, this is the beginning.  I predicted anarchy if Trump keeps up the divisiveness he spews over 30 months ago.

  • A series of suspected explosive packages intercepted this week left the nation stunned and authorities hunting for a bomber targeting prominent Democratic figures and CNN.  None of the bombs detonated, and no one was injured.
  • Three days alter authorities arrested a Florida man and charged him with five federal crimes.  Authorities have intercepted at least 15 packages, and possibly be aware that its possible more are out there.
  • Scumbag and Trump Supporter Cesar Sayoc, 56, of Aventura, Florida, was arrested Friday in Plantation, about 20 miles from his home.
  • Previously notable was a 2002 arrest in which Miami police alleged Sayoc threatened to bomb the Florida Power and Light Co. and said that it would be worse than September 11th... 
    Online state records describe the offense as "threat to bomb" and "threaten to discharge destructive device." They show that Sayoc pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year of probation.
    There is also a notation about the adjudication being withheld.  
    In addition, this scumbag has accumulated from the records a total of eight arrests for offenses, including grand theft, battery, fraud and drug possession, as well as probation violations. In 2014, he was arrested and later pleaded guilty to stealing copper pipes at a Home Depot.
  • A white van -- adorned with images of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as well as a “ CNN Sucks” sticker in Plantation to a FBI field office. The official said Sayoc had been kicked out by his parents and was living in the van. 
  • He later retained an attorney, so police questioning has ceased, the official added.  They found soldering equipment, stamps, envelopes, paper, a printer and powder, inside the van.
  • •  US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Sayoc currently faces five counts: interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives, threats against former presidents and other persons, threatening interstate communications and assaulting current and former federal officers.  He faces up to 48 years in prison.  
  • Several of the packages went through a US Postal Service facility in Opa-locka, Florida.   "Each of the improvised explosive devices was largely similar in design and construction; they each consisted of approximately six inches of PVC pipe, a small clock, a battery, wiring, and energetic material. Certain of the mailings included photographs of the target-recipients marked with a red ‘X.' "
    Wray described energetic material as “ essentially potential explosive and materials that give off heat and energy through a reaction to heat, shock or friction."  The devices sent to Soros, Brennan and the top Democratic officials appeared to be pipe bombs, said Bryan Paarmann, FBI special agent in charge of the counterterrorism division in New York.



The Jewish name for the angel of death is  Malekh-amo-ves  (malakh ha-mavet)  from the old testament.  The angel sent by God to bring about death is known as malakh ha-mavet in Hebrew. There are no references in the Bible to a specific angel of death but the concept is found frequently in Rabbinic literature and in Jewish folklore. 

In the latter, for instance, the practice of pouring out all the water in pots and so forth when a death occurs is said to be based on the belief of that the Angel of Death dips his sword in the water and poisons it.  Maimonides demythologizes the concept, understanding it as the life-denying, evil force that lurks in the human psyche. 

Maimonides quotes with much approval the Talmudic saying that Satan, the evil inclination, and the Angel of Death are one and the same. 

In Yiddish slang a man with destructive tendencies or one who is always running down others is called an Angel of Death.    
And with the horrific images and stories of the killings in Orlando, Charlottesville, Las Vegas, the Church in Texas, and now Parkland, Florida, Kroger and the Synagogue massacre in Pittsburg, the fallen Angel is doing his thing.   And against the wishes of the fallen, he was asked not to attend, he still went. Descriptively to me it can only mean one person at this time and that person is the morally sick President of the United States. 

With those atrocities fresh in our minds, it is  time we solved our problems,  not prayed over them. They are solvable if we get rid of the obstacles.  Starting with The-Rump.  Since he took office, his rhetoric has been a stimulant for the sick, crazed members of our society.  

In its annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents, ADL found that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the US rose 57 percent in 2017 – the largest single-year increase on record and the second highest number reported since ADL started tracking such data in 1979, almost 100 percent in the last three years.  The sharp rise was in part due to a significant increase in incidents, shootings in schools, college campuses, which nearly doubled for the second year in a row after he was elected. 

This is more than just the usual surface problems, the second amendment, the NRA pay for votes program, magazines, semi-autos, and bump-stocks, this is more than radicalism, it is of a government mindset of nationalism, but severely tainted  in it’s direction.  Nationalism was pressed heavily by Hitler, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and Putin, American  right wingers like Pat Buchanan and Lou Dobbs and the Asian coalition of China and North Korea.  Thats where Trumps admiration stems from.

People in positions of leadership, add the leader of our great nation, a woefully sick man mentally, President TRUMPS involvement in something he never should have opened his mouth about, the insane right wingers and paranoia spewers who are on the far right.  They are the sellers of hatred and with a demented man in charge,  sales are doing well, business is picking up unfortunately.  

The suspicious packages sent to public figures and the shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh last week marked a sad moment for America,  “We seem to have crossed lines and broken barriers of decency.” “One of the most extraordinary features of modern American life has been the integration of its Jewish community. For over 2,500 years, Jews have been vilified and persecuted everywhere. And then came America and Israel, two places where Jews could breathe easily and live safely.”

“In turn, in this country, Jews have been deeply patriotic and productive Americans, scaling the heights of achievement, but also becoming civic leaders, philanthropists and good citizens. And yet we have seen an unmistakable rise of anti-Semitism in recent years,” 

“Historians sometimes remind us that we've seen ugly times before as a nation, and it's true. The Alien and Sedition Acts, the first Red Scare, the Japanese internment, McCarthyism -- all saw deeply divisive politics and incendiary rhetoric. But in all these cases, we look back on the period with shame, as we surely will this one.”  




Russia is currently holding its biggest military exercises in decades. Its invitation to China might not mean much in purely military terms, but the message Moscow is sending should resonate well beyond Russia’s borders, argues The Moscow Times. The man who stood next to Stupid in Helsinki, sits next to the new world Power of China.

“Both militaries still plan to rely on their own resources when it comes to defending their countries, and the only theaters where Moscow and Beijing may be developing joint operational plans as of now are Central Asia and the Korean Peninsula. 

However, the signals China’s participation send should not be underestimated. What the Kremlin wants to say is that it no longer sees China as a military threat bordering the vast unpopulated regions of Siberia and the Far East,” 

“These signals should cement trust between Moscow and Beijing…The message here is very simple: if the US continues to push Russia into a corner, it will be forced to fall deeper into China’s firm embrace. Probably deeper than it wants to.”

But our scumbag President who is useless and finds friends and fiends in all the wrong places cares less, his supporters  brain dead from drinking all that Mountain Dew only care about the economy and rallies since they get free hats and signs.