Washington (CNN)Retired Adm. William "Bill" McRaven resigned from the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Board last month, just days after issuing a stunning rebuke of President Donald Trump's decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan, the Pentagon confirmed Thursday. 

"I can confirm that Admiral (ret) William H. McRaven resigned from the Defense Innovation Board, effective August 20, 2018," Pentagon spokesperson Heather Babb told CNN in a statement. "The Department appreciates his service and contribution on the board." 

The Defense Innovation Board serves as an independent advisory committee to the Pentagon specializing in issues related to technology and innovation. McRaven's picture has been removed from the board's website. 

While his departure was first reported by Defense News on Thursday, the Pentagon confirmed that McRaven, the former head of Special Operations Command, officially resigned last month, just four days after he authored a blistering op-ed in The Washington Post slamming Trump's decision to revoke Brennan's clearance.

“Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation," McRaven said of Trump's unprecedented use of a presidential authority over the classification system to strike back at one of his prominent critics.


Russia is currently holding its biggest military exercises in decades. Its invitation to China might not mean much in purely military terms, but the message Moscow is sending should resonate well beyond Russia’s borders, argues The Moscow Times.

“Both militaries still plan to rely on their own resources when it comes to defending their countries, and the only theaters where Moscow and Beijing may be developing joint operational plans as of now are Central Asia and the Korean Peninsula. However, the signals China’s participation send should not be underestimated. What the Kremlin wants to say is that it no longer sees China as a military threat bordering the vast unpopulated regions of Siberia and the Far East,” 

“These signals should cement trust between Moscow and Beijing…The message here is very simple: if the US continues to push Russia into a corner, it will be forced to fall deeper into China’s firm embrace. Probably deeper than it wants to.”



President and Supreme Liar and Chief Donald Trump touted his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as “ An incredible, unsung success” during an Oval Office briefing on the upcoming hurricane bearing down on the Carolinas. Many looked upon this as the ultimate insult to the three thousand who died.

His comments run counter to how many locals and experts have assessed the federal government’s response. In other words in typical Trump style another dose of bullshit.  Only it’s more severe when we find out TRUMP took almost ten million dollars from FEMA so he could afford his ICE machine to deport those on the immigration list.

"I think Puerto Rico was incredibly successful," Trump said, noting that the island location is "tough" during a hurricane due to the inability to transport vital equipment and supplies by truck. “ t was one of the best jobs that's ever been done with respect to what this is all about."   

Earlier this month, the island's governor formally raised the death toll from the 2017 storm to an estimated 2,975 from 64 following a study conducted by researchers at George Washington University. The study accounted for Puerto Ricans who succumbed to the stifling heat and other after effects of the storm and had not been previously counted in official figures. Much of the US territory was without power for weeks. 

Trump touts Puerto Rico response as ‘fantastic’ despite nearly 3,000 dead.


"The administration killed the Puerto Ricans with neglect. The Trump administration led us to believe they were helping when they weren't up to par, and they didn't allow other countries to help us," Yulín Cruz said on CNN Wednesday, later adding, "Shame on President Trump. Shame on President Trump for not even once, not even yesterday, just saying, ‘ ook, I grieve with the people of Puerto Rico.'" 

EDITOR: IT is believed Trump has never grieved for anything, much less Puerto Rico.

Trump did not respond directly to his critics Wednesday, instead saying he hoped the island doesn’t suffer a similar fate this year.  I only hope they don't get hit again because they were hit by two in a row," Trump said.

Trump's comments were reminiscent of former President George W. Bush’s comments days after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana, when Bush praised his FEMA director Michael Brown during his first visit to the region affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job,” Bush said then.  

Michael Brown, great judge of character George,  It was the worst handled response FEMA ever had, only recently beaten by Puerto Rico.   

Brownie’s only previous job experience involved in keeping sperm count records of all the pure stock Arabian horses in the US for the Arabian Horse Association because the registered pure breeds with papers, those horses increase in value to stock breeders.  Bush owed one pf his friends a favor and that got Brownie the job.

Bottom Line;  Two Presidents , two disasters, and lots of Horse shit to spread around

San Juan mayor says the Trump administration killed thousands through neglect during Hurricane Maria
Trump's comments on Wednesday were not the first time he has praised the federal response in Puerto Rico. And while the death toll was not known when he voiced some of his earlier praise, they did come as disaster relief experts and local officials sounded the alarm about the slow pace of the federal response.

"Every death is a horror -- but if you look at a real catastrophe, like Katrina, and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, and you look at what happened here with, really, a storm that was just totally overpowering -- nobody has ever seen anything like this," Trump said in Puerto Rico less than two weeks after Maria struck. "Everybody around this table and everybody watching can really be very proud of what's taken place in Puerto Rico."

Trump not only repeatedly praised the federal response, but he also struck out at the news media and critics who highlighted the slow pace of some of the recovery efforts and the dire conditions that much of the island continued to face for weeks and months after the hurricane made landfall.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has described Hurricane Florence as a potential “Mike Tyson punch to the Carolina coast.” It’s also likely a sign of things to come, Henry Grabar writes for Slate. 

“Florence is an example of the kind of storm we are likely to see more of as the planet heats up,” Grabar writes.

“Warmer-than-average water—surface temperatures in the Western Atlantic are currently at 84 degrees, 3 to 4 degrees higher than normal for this time of year—is lending it power, as increased evaporation fills the air with water vapor that acts like hurricane fuel. More broadly, according to the 2014 National Climate Assessment, the amount of rain falling in ‘very heavy events’—those at the top 1 percent of all rainstorms, often hurricanes like Florence—has risen by 27 percent in the Southeast between 1958 and 2013.”


As the United States marks the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, it’s important to remember that the threat has evolved over the past 17 years, suggests Hassan Hassan in The Atlantic. 

Indeed, if the United States wants to counter the extremist threat more effectively, it should look less to 2001, and more to 2011 – and the lessons of the Arab Spring.  “When it launched the 9/11 attacks, al Qaeda and its ideology were disconnected from the day-to-day realities of the broader Middle East,” Hassan writes.

After 2011, that changed. Jihadis became grounded in local reality…In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, experts on jihadism studied theorists such as Abdullah Azzam, Abu Musab al-Suri, and Abu Mohammed al-Maqdisi. That sort of scholarship remains a useful means of probing belief systems or exploring the origins of modern jihadism. 

But it is no longer adequate to understand what jihadis stand for or what their guiding principles are, much less what drives the groups in which they operate. Policy makers and observers will now find deep knowledge of the geography; demography; and the political, economic, and social circumstances that might fuel and sustain a conflict more useful than knowing whether a person is more influenced by Maqdisi than Azzam.”


Weighed in on the issue of a presidential indictment and impeachment on Friday, an issue on which he has largely declined to comment.  Asked by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt whether he believes a president can be indicted, the Senate Majority Leader indicated that a president should be subject to a political -- rather than a judicial -- remedy. 

“I’m a lawyer, but not a good one.  ‘ED: FIRST WORD OF TRUTH McCONNELL EVER SPOKE’ The Justice Department, I gather, has taken the position under a president of both parties that the appropriate remedy for presidential misbehavior is impeachment,” McConnell told Hewitt in a taped MSNBC interview. "I'm not an expert on this, but I hear that's the case."

During Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, the Supreme Court nominee invoked the Federalist Papers, including Federalist 69, which says a president may only be impeached.   Kavanaugh avoided answering a question on whether a president is subject to subpoena, and asked his opinion on the matter, McConnell declined to say, as well.   

"Yeah, that'll be up to the courts to decide. I have no idea what, how they would rule," McConnell said.   McConnell's comments come amid a renewed interest in the 25th Amendment following an explosive op-ed in the New York Times from an anonymous senior official in the administration. 

"Given the instability many witnessed, there were early whispers within the cabinet of invoking the 25th Amendment, which would start a complex process for removing the president. But no one wanted to precipitate a constitutional crisis," the op-ed's author wrote. 

It also comes as the President has become increasingly fixated on the idea of impeachment, warning Thursday during a campaign rally in Montana that the country would "turn into a third world country" if he is impeached.   Trump said that if Democrats control Congress, it “ doesn't matter" if he's done a good job, he will be impeached anyway, encouraging his supporters to vote in the midterm elections.  “If it does happen, impeachment, it’s your fault, because you didn't go out to vote. You didn't go out to vote. You didn’t go out to vote,” he said.


Formal efforts to start the process of impeachment against U.S. President Donald Trump, who took office in 2017, have been initiated by Representatives Al Green and Brad Sherman, both Democrats. Other people and groups have asserted that Trump has engaged in impeachable activity during his presidency.  
(ED:I would really Vote for treason and a hanging)

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters escalated her rhetorical assault on President Trump over the weekend – vowing to "get him" and repeating the word "impeachment" over and over. 

Waters, who took heat earlier this year for urging her supporters to confront Trump administration officials in public, told a group gathered in Los Angeles that some Democratic leaders have asked her to stop talking about impeaching Trump.

“There’s a difference in how some of our leadership talk about how we should handle all of this,” Water said. “They say, ‘Maxine, please don’t say impeachment anymore.  And when they say that, I say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.” 

In video posted by The American Mirror, Waters said she wakes up in the middle of the night and “all I can think about is I’m going to get him," in reference to Trump.  The California congresswoman, who was accepting an award from the Stonewall Young Democrats on Saturday, has been one of the most outspoken congressional Democrats calling for impeachment.

While many in party leadership have shied away from those demands, Waters and her allies are emboldened by the prospect of Democrats retaking the House in the midterms and, potentially, using a majority to launch impeachment proceedings. 


Eliminate Discourse In The Cabinet
Those who serve the devil, AKA Donald’s Dorks, AKA the Trumpets staff and cabinet positions, really can’t do what they think is right, either they don’t know anything about their job or they are simply placards doing what Donald wants.

The cabinet members notoriously prone to ass-kissing,  (Level 10) work for a certified screwball sick narcissistic micromanager, running the nations railroads with the skill set of a new HO train enthusiast on a one four foot circle track.  

There is no transparency as there is no truth emanating from the WhiteHouse which he through swamp draining has turned it into a cess pool Sh*t house.

He will at some point, if not stopped, finish destroying this country.  He is a liar, mentally unstable, brilliant as a manipulator when his money,  lawyers, and fellow scumbags  collaborate together for their own personal good.  

Hopefully it is claimed his problem of a lack of knowledge or research, on topics, he will shoot from the hip.  The Gremky-Farquard panel believes eventually he will shoot himself in the balls or put a round into the fake foot he used to get five draft deferments and avoid Vietnam.

The problem is so deeply narcissistic he has no conscience nor feelings  -  His entitlement is his love of himself, not caring for anyone other than his id, ego, popularity, and power.  His entire world is trapped inside, suffering from a form of dementia known as severe mental masterbation, or Crainial-Rectal Dyslexia.

It will take a while till the other TRUMP-PETS eventually meet the reaper at some time in their career, or at the end of their career,  the Reapers down and out list of victims, some lucky enough to get out early, and some maybe will be the hero’s, or survivors of the regime and were lucky enough to get out of the forthcoming mess.

Of the people who resigned all had something in common, they saw through the sickness that became the new Presidents motis-operandi and had the honor and respect for the nation to not serve a madman.  I wish them all well. Those he fired because of incompetence, you got what you deserved.  Some should be charged with negligence and treason. 

The appointees to the cabinet might mean well, many have convoluted extreme positions against earth warming, energy and resources, the environment, education and health care, housing and redevelopment.   

The Peter Principle does lend strength in the menagerie of incompetence known as the Cabinet.  The Peter Principle is an observation that the tendency in most organizational hierarchies, such as that of a corporation or government, is for every employee to rise in the hierarchy through promotion until they reach the levels of their respective incompetence.
In our current situation, many of those hired were incompetent already, achieving a title, because of agreement with Trumps tactics or via large donations of money to his foundation, thus a speedy conclusion.  And working for this guy must be tough on the women as TRUMPS character means Peter’s Principles might mean an exercise involving his Peter as we had seen in the past and twenty-two of the women who have come forth.

His rally speeches and repeats of his mighty ( cheating and corrupt win by lying) win in the election appeals to the GOP PROMISE BASE.  Those believers in the “ Tooth fairy and Santa Claus”  who actually believe the lies he spins,  are his best audience since most intelligent people turn the set off or regurgitate the minute his face and hairdo show up on the screen.  He is possibly the most boring self indulgent man in the world, might be a stretch but the Universe will qualify one day.   He should really start his rallies with cheerleaders singing and dancing for him, but I’m afraid he’ll grope them if left alone.

The robots are maintaining the production lines as one robot  with no health insurance, union dues, toilet paper, vacations or retirement funding replaced eight workers and made the bottom line a lot better for the, owners and shareholders, not the workers.   The robot can work holidays, Sundays, no time off for pregnancy and is easily retrained, the robot even in some places has a robot service tech, it’s a win-win-win but all goes for the corporation.

Today almost everything has the word China stamped on the back. So, when we as buyers spend money into the system, seventy-six to eighty-two  percent of every hundred dollars goes overseas.  Now with the president starting tariff wars and upsetting the balance of things, we will be in real trouble.

When you peruse the California Ports and see all those ships, not the containers, they are already marked but the ships are large signs like Wal-mart, COSCO, and others.

Wal-Mart is the best example.  I love when the bullshitters in Washington talk about American Entrepreneurial-ship.  But how can you compete against a Wal-Mart  when as soon as your product gets successful, it goes to China , gets cloned and comes back to the US in a Wal-Mart box at half the price and many times half the quality.

I have reasons why I try not to shop there, I don’t care for a lot of their products, and the China quality of some items.  I am in sense,  a manufacturer.  I build a product so I understand plastics, soldering , drilling, epoxies, chemistries, computers, fabrics, assembly and Arduino, a based computer system that runs my products and I do the programing.   Chinese products are sub-par and I have to order 120% of what I need and pay for 100% due to parts failure. They just don’t care.

I write about food and other consumer issues  so I might have a leg up in quality.   And what I see is,  they are cost based and what they are selling is bottom of the barrel and sometimes clear through the cheap wood of said barrel.

POINT:  I hate shopping at Wal-Mart,  I’m being very frank about it.  It reminds me of the old K-Mart days and that stupid announcement...”Attention shoppers theres a blue light on aisle four”.  
Their parking lots are nightmares, designed by the same people who made the British Castle gardens into a maze.  With impatient people exhausted by the  Florida temperature of 91-93, humidity 70-80%, which means the  heat feels like its closer to 105.  You’ll be drenched with sweat before you get to the front door.

Frequent showers and thunderstorms and a long walk to your car.  Because if you don’t park far away,   damage to my car, twice I got scratched and dinged.  I have to park far away.  The place is noisy, the lines are always long since they don’t have enough cashiers.  And two stores close by are like a panhandler convention.  Really a gnarly environment and driving the police crazy, and they had to do something also about the shoplifting.

POINT:  And please do not take this the wrong way, some ethnic shoppers who are clan-like in heritage have to bring the whole tribe with them, as many as four generations, with more consultation over a bag of bananas than my psychiatrist doctor gave me all last year.  They tie up an area,  uncanny enough it’s something I’m looking at.  I respect traditional family values except when it’s at the expense of others. And please don’t butter it up as a teaching lesson in shopping for the kids, some who think it’s a playground. 

POINT:  They have another habit I do not care for.   They will take apart food packages and pick each piece and rebuild their box and even have the gaul to not put the other boxes back together in the display. They  “cherry-pick” produce and leave a mess.   And the store will not do anything about it so I don’t buy their produce.  The answer, better, simple inoperable boxes that are sealed.   Same thing at Sam’s and Costco does do a better job of packaging, better price too.

POINT:  When we had Mom and Pops only forty-two percent of the dollar went away. Literally a third of our economy dollars you spend vanishes each time you shop.  Today with Wal-Mart practically being a Chinese company 4/5 of the income goes to China products.

And every time the stock market goes up a few points.  Whose reaping those benefits? The rich, part of House speaker and gutless wonder, ( I was going to say selfish PXXXK)  Paul Ryan’s FAKE TAX plan, a leftover that failed from Reagan’s days and Bush43’s days called trickle-down and we called it tinkle-down.  Thats the real reason he’s leaving, he knows the program doesn’t work and Corporations and the rich benefit from it for the tune of two trillion dollars.  Funny thats the amount we’ll have to borrow from China to balance the economy.

POINT:  If you are low or middle income, you been SCREWED.  They in the high tax brackets got the benefits.  The middle class (Evangelicals take note) got screwed again, thats twice. Thats why that bill failed in Congress for the Reagan years and again when Bush 43 tried it.   The GOP majority this time made it happen.  Now we in the middle are screwed for life.  Watch prices go up, watch the tariffs and that thousand dollar gift from TRUMP was like scoring a home run on you first date, till the doctor tells you, you have a SD problem a few days later.

So far employment is up, but paychecks are down.  More blacks are working but the jobs are mediocre and again paychecks are smaller and many tax breaks were removed when you got that great tax break.  

Corporate heads are making millions more because of cuts of Corporate taxes and then double their winnings by personal income tax reductions.  The middle class, you got beet soup called Borsht and Potatoes, a favorite plebeian food when Russia was starving since beets and potatoes are just about what grows in Russia.  

BUT, and it’s a big BUT by the Big Butt...  This will create a two million dollar deficit added to our deficit.  If Trump remains by the year 2024 the US deficit will be bigger than the US economy. Basically we will be broke and as a country and we are on target for that.

A few years back...Just look at the money dumped on wall street for that bailout.  It changed nothing except the bonuses are still getting paid.  The stocks went back up, and the holders got bailed out by who?   Why, the middle class, you got screwed, nothing new, you know the rich won’t take the fall.

So today, the top end gets as much as the corporation sees fit, which is a lot.  It also sees fit to pay the rest, the workers and plebeians so a gift, minuscule at best keeps the troops happy.  Like a dollar an hour raise and the CEO just 10 million. The rich lost the empire and we buy it back for them.  I am beginning to see the wisdom of some foreign political systems.

STALIN’S METHODOLOGY:   His solution was simple, the irreplaceable indiscriminate, indescribable, indefensible, irreversible firing squad. You can betray your country in more ways than one, but a traitor is one who goes forward on the backs of others who get cheated and lied to.  Many in the current administration under Stalin would have qualified.

And the GOP base thinks this man TRUMP is for them...  I will eat my words , I said no one could be this stupid as to believe his lies, I thought the Germans under Hitler and Dr.Goebbels were not too bright, but I was wrong, the American voter on the GOP base is on a par or worse.  He votes by name recognition, name calling, fake ads and lying individuals and a bunch of heartless scumbags who only know in times of need... the mantra of the do-nothings..whose only offer is...



I am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration. I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

President Trump is facing a test to his presidency unlike any faced by a modern American leader.  
•   It’s not just that the special counsel looms large.
•  Or that the country is bitterly divided over Mr. Trump’s leadership.
•  Or even that his party might well lose the House to an opposition hellbent on his downfall.
•  The dilemma — which he does not fully grasp — is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.
•   I would know. I am one of them.

To be clear, ours is not the popular “resistance” of the left. We want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous.  But we believe our first duty is to this country, and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.

That is why many Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting Mr. Trump’s more misguided impulses until he is out of office.  The root of the problem is the president’s amorality. Anyone who works with him knows he is not moored to any discernible first principles that guide his decision making.

Although he was elected as a Republican, the president shows little affinity for ideals long espoused by conservatives: free minds, free markets and free people. At best, he has invoked these ideals in scripted settings. At worst, he has attacked them outright.

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration, In addition to his mass-marketing of the notion that the press is the “enemy of the people,” President Trump’s impulses are generally anti-trade and anti-democratic.

•   Don’t get me wrong. There are bright spots that the near-ceaseless negative coverage of the administration fails to capture: effective deregulation, historic tax reform, a more robust military and more.  But these successes have come despite — not because of — the president’s leadership style, which is impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective.

•   From the White House to executive branch departments and agencies, senior officials will privately admit their daily disbelief at the commander in chief’s comments and actions. Most are working to insulate their operations from his whims. Meetings with him veer off topic and off the rails, he engages in repetitive rants, and his impulsiveness results in half-baked, ill-informed and occasionally reckless decisions that have to be walked back.

•   “There is literally no telling whether he might change his mind from one minute to the next,” a top official complained to me recently, exasperated by an Oval Office meeting at which the president flip-flopped on a major policy decision he’d made only a week earlier.

•   The erratic behavior would be more concerning if it weren’t for unsung heroes in and around the White House. Some of his aides have been cast as villains by the media. But in private, they have gone to great lengths to keep bad decisions contained to the West Wing, though they are clearly not always successful.

•   It may be cold comfort in this chaotic era, but Americans should know that there are adults in the room. We fully recognize what is happening. And we are trying to do what’s right even when Donald Trump won’t.  The result is a two-track presidency.

•   Take foreign policy: In public and in private, President Trump shows a preference for autocrats and dictators, such as President Vladimir Putin of Russia and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, and displays little genuine appreciation for the ties that bind us to allied, like-minded nations.

•   Astute observers have noted, though, that the rest of the administration is operating on another track, one where countries like Russia are called out for meddling and punished accordingly, and where allies around the world are engaged as peers rather than ridiculed as rivals.

•   On Russia, for instance, the president was reluctant to expel so many of Mr. Putin’s spies as punishment for the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain. He complained for weeks about senior staff members letting him get boxed into further confrontation with Russia, and he expressed frustration that the United States continued to impose sanctions on the country for its malign behavior. But his national security team knew better — such actions had to be taken, to hold Moscow accountable.  This isn’t the work of the so-called deep state. It’s the work of the steady state.

•   Given the instability many witnessed, there were early whispers within the cabinet of invoking the 25th Amendment, which would start a complex process for removing the president. But no one wanted to precipitate a constitutional crisis. So we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until — one way or another — it’s over.

•   The bigger concern is not what Mr. Trump has done to the presidency but rather what we as a nation have allowed him to do to us. We have sunk low with him and allowed our discourse to be stripped of civility.

•   Senator John McCain put it best in his farewell letter. All Americans should heed his words and break free of the tribalism trap, with the high aim of uniting through our shared values and love of this great nation.  We may no longer have Senator McCain. But we will always have his example — a lodestar for restoring honor to public life and our national dialogue. Mr. Trump may fear such honorable men, but we should revere them.

•   There is a quiet resistance within the administration of people choosing to put country first. But the real difference will be made by everyday citizens rising above politics, reaching across the aisle and resolving to shed the labels in favor of a single one: Americans.  THE WRITER IS A SENIOR OFFICIAL IN THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION


If you asked me what is derailing America, I would answer the obvious, greed and selfishness were two important players. If you asked me what abetted the greed and selfishness, I would answer not paying attention, to the Ten Commandments and something the Founding fathers failed to address correctly for this time.   

Our founding fathers, not to be confused with some of our current crew of religious cassocked dressed fondling fathers had some strong ideas about the definition of a “perfect union”. 

Unfortunately "perfect union” meant something different to the “fondling fathers of today".  The Church took quick and forceful action... when it came into daylight what was going on.  It was popular in the Roman days, fondling little boys and they carried on the tradition. 

The Church and the Holy Sea moved them like peas under the three walnut shells.  I called it Consecration, Conscription, and Commingling.  Translate Bless yourself, get a victim, and take advantage, because till now nothing came of it.  Under confession  you are forgiven and if not caught,  you do it again.

Under several POO-PEES ( Popes who ignored things) they got away with it. The Honorable Pope Francis took a different tone, as he is a Jesuit.  Obviously celibacy is a joke, they just left it to other means.  I imagine the battle cry of the Vatican overseers was to the priests... Get a grip on yourself!  

The founding fathers were intellectually sound and knew from their own experience what was good for us and what was not. After all they knew how it was done back home.  That's why they left mother England.  Experience is a good, make that the best teacher.  But the founders had little vision of a future corrupt legislature.  

They left England because the government told them how to pray, when to pray and when you got roasted or you went under some kind of scrutiny like the rack.  Because the  Church was running and ruining the government which was already split as to haves and have-nots.



Our systems faults;

•  Only Congressmen can sanction and remove other Congressmen. Thats fault one 
•  Allowing bribes as additive income
•  No vote of confidence in leadership, thats fault two  
•  We need Term limits, we have No Term Limits, thats fault three
•  Some still have their d*cks, attached.  Thats fault four
•  Stay out of religious and abortion policies
•  Some still in office, retained after getting caught with their hands in the wrong places

For the common people to get rid of a real slime ball you have to vote him or her out.  A slow distorted false effort that almost never happens.   Rarely do they ever speak out against the crooks amongst themselves since, they too are the problem, part and parcel to it.   We call it the GOP, or Good Old Perjurers  doing the Washington Two-Step, and some claim it’s from drinking the polluted water from the Potomac.  

With acute wisdom they made the most important and critical statement of our democracy, the simplest one.  Our leaders in that time simply wanted the faithful, “ To uphold the Separation of Church and State”. 

Want to make it even simpler? Divide moral issues and legal issues into two categories. Let the State (Gov.) protect the rights and freedoms of all. Leave the others to their own moral means to solve their issues and mind their own frickin business.  That is the most important right of all.  The right to make your own decisions.  

That works if you don’t strive to eliminate anything protecting the individual, like the judicial system, the network of investigation, The FBI, and the rights of the individual by making federal laws involving voting rights, gerrymandering, abortion, income, right to work, discrimination and anything that makes an individuals right in jeopardy.  Thats our current administration, it’s all a farce.  Grandstand to the public and hide truths with slogans, hats, evangelicalism, and rallies.

Religion across the board, wachos in all religions have embraced politics as an Octopus embraces a fish. They seemed to have more hands in more places. Tell that to the South Carolina Catholic priest who threatened that he will not offer communion to anyone who voted for Obama because of his stand on abortion.  (The Vatican moved him out) It still goes on in many Churches.  

So does Pedophilia with 300 hundred priests being accused of over 1000 persons being sexually assaulted in Pennsylvania.
Now common sense tells me if I were to multiply that number by only half the remaining states since population is a factor I come up with 7500 priests and 25,000 assaults.

And you would let that crew run the nation? Are you out of your frickin mind?  A religion that stress’s marriage but non of it’s priests who deal with marital problems are married?   You gotta be kidding me.  That made the news, I never realized how close things can be from neighbors, some who live 10 yards and one floor from me.  

Upon doing the background checks at my condos, I tripped over a sexual pedophilliac violator living here under his daughters name, from a tag number noticed by the maintenance people,  a little tracking and we found out he was hiding from the New Jersey Police and within five minutes our local police had him in cuffs on the multiple evasion, figure to report, false information on applications, and the Jersey warrants.  

And the Baptists have their own problems adding corrupt and malicious Music Ministers, Children’s Choir leaders and other deviates hiding under the religious banner.   About once a month, it’s in the papers about a “ minister” and a fourteen or fifteen year old girl or boy.   I won’t even go into the weirdos like snake handling and other strange forms of worship because they take things out of context in a book written by man not God. 

Simply put the founding fathers willed that,  “States actions shall not impact on the religious freedoms we all have”. I used to think it meant  ALL OF US, Muslims, Jews, Hindu, Buddhist, Animism, and so forth.  

Freedom for all regardless of how you do it. Some wade through the water, or sprinkle the water, the Baptismal water boarding, singing and dancing, snake handling, tambourine banging, smoke and incense.  

Adding the required choral groups, junior choral groups, youth groups, responsive reading, bad choreography, foaming at the mouth, or glee clubbing hours of Hari Krishna and Kumbaya, that’s all personal belief and well-structured by each religion for control and attraction of their flock. 

Millions and Millions of dollars spent on Houses of Worship with ornateness that would probably embarrass God himself, portray the Heaven on Earth. The competition for the right to be first has caused more death in the history of the world than any other reason. Mix the two with the Congress then taking the lead and we have war.   We are the righteous governed by madmen, sort of modern day crusaders.  Much of twenty plus years of war started with King George Bush,  the Second and the lies that supported the war promoted by false news by VP Dick Cheney.


Believe in your beliefs. It's your call and you are allowed to do it.   After all it’s all in the name of Religion which is the cornerstone of belief.  Unfortunately,  religion has changed it’s definition, it seems in the hands of some, it’s the quest to get a closer seat (even front row) to the throne, either the financial one or the spiritual one.

The E-ticket to the streets paved with gold, seventy-two vestal virgins and other man-Made promises, more to your share than the next guy.  And the rules are more corrupt than the problems they solve.

Some folks don't settle for equality in this race. I cringe when those who profess their fundamentalist convictions, believe they should take precedence over the law and order, as prescribed in the Constitution and the laws drafted from it. 

That's why the Evangelical vote scares me. People should be elected on the basis of whats good for the country, not their personal religious agendas.  It's the reason gay rights, the abortion issue, and health reform will always be a problem and the mainstream suffers when they shouldn’t because of the stone walling.   

Evangelicals vote with their belief in mind and not whats good for the country.  They also suffer from a weakness in which they believe a whole bunch of bullshit as along as Jesus gets mentioned.  T-Hump is the greatest example with 4202 certified lies in 438 days in public scrutiny with innuendos and hate and they still believe him. 

He doesn’t  attend church,not a believer till one of the TV charlatans made a deal out of it for her personal growth and probably, who knows what else to be the profit of that coordination.Thats just sheer hypocrisy and stupidity.  Sometimes I think they got their voter cards at the dollar store and their brains left out things like law and compassion. They are and this will surprise you greedy. They want the Lord for themselves... 

Our politicians have to swear an oath to country first. Let’s keep the White house, painted neutral White. It's a nice non-offensive color. Lets leave out the purple robes, gold plated urns, vessels and gold-painted pianos, weird pointed hats, incense, old languages, weird rituals and fear management.  Thats for the Praise The Lord TV  crew to sucker people in.


We know that Donald Trump, hates dogs.  He uses dog references in describing women.  His Trumpets, that GOP devoted following of inbreds and ignorance, believes all the lies he tells them. He’ll hurt them, hurt them with tariffs, make a mockery of their values, suck up to freedom-hating dictators they once distrusted, and they’ll stick with him. 

Ignorance is their defense.  When people bury their head in the sand, generally, just like the Ostrich their other end is exposed and vulnerable.

A raft of new polls show that some of the most hard-core Trumpets are thinking somethings amiss.  Its like discovering that climate change is not a hoax, and in Puerto Rico, when your town Island is under water destroyed and no power, no potable water and all your commander in chief can do is throw you a roll of paper towels.  

And then he has the gaul and denies two independent surveys showed close to three thousand died due to a lack of services.  Thats after he made a big speech about how HE saved Puerto Rico and raised billions of dollars for relief.  In truth he did nothing and lied. Thats what scumbags do.  The Puerto Rican people in the states, and on the island are Americans and they raised the money to help their brothers and sisters.  

Trump’s decline could be because his tweets have become stupider,  all of the people around him believe he’s an idiot and they’re going public with the consensus inside the White House.  But I think Trump’s base is slowly cracking, because many of them recently learned to read and they are getting the other side of the story and the red hats are fading.

It didn’t go over well in Alabama that Trump reportedly called his ’Alabama-Bred Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, “A dumb Southerner”.  And we have reached a pinnacle.  Trumps lies as certified counters like Politico and others now top 5000. thats more than Dr. Goebbels of NAZI fame , Kim Jung UN and Vladimir Putin together lied about.

Trump has used the regional dis before, calling the family of another ex-wife, Marla Maples, “dumb Southerners” and “hillbillies,” as one reporter recalled. Last week, the longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone ( another scumbag in the investigation Trump pal) trashed Sessions as an “insubordinate hillbilly” — expressing a double dose of hick hatred.


He has tried mightily to destroy Obamacare and all the lives dependent on it. He’s still pushing a repeal plan that would leave upward of 18 million people without health care. And who are those people? His supporters, mostly, the ones that can comprehend when they are about to get screwed.  

Working-class whites, were the main beneficiaries of the expansion of health care under President Barack Obama. In Midwestern states that flipped from Obama to Trump, if the president’s party succeeds in choking the last life out of Obamacare, these Trump voters stand to lose the most.

We’ll soon be running a trillion possibly more-dollar deficit, up 32 percent this fiscal year, thanks to the tax cut.  He just took from the middle class and gave it to the rich. The trickle down became tinkle down. That should “piss" a few people off.

The collapse in revenue will hurt Trump supporters in other ways. Federal dollars for investment — in community colleges, roads, opioid treatment, Pell grants for students, ultimately even Social Security or Medicare.   He’s about to get some surprises.