Welcome to my world.  I have celebrated, my 75th birthday March 14, 2018.  I never thought I would last this long. I reached the Golden years.   NOTE:  It’s not what it’s cracked up to be.   MY DEFINITION: The Golden Years starts when you see all your gold going to the doctors or stolen by politicians and you go into survival mode.  Enough about me...except...
I am into the fourth quarter of the game of life, make or break whether the last goal will win it for me.   So the gloves come off.

OP-ED:  I would never denigrate the office of the President of the United States.   My anger, disillusionment , confidence, and his ability to lead us to destruction is apparent and it hurts me to see what this man has done in 600 days to destroy almost everything good the nation has stood for.  

•  And the pure unadulterated lies spewed forth by him and his gang of gremlins, incompetents, losers, crooks , thieves and scumbags known as the cabinet.   In fact he reminds me of two movies and a book ... Gremlins one and two and the Rise and Fall of the THIRD REICH.

•  And the choices and cabinet picks of incompetent  supreme butt brain of all, VP Mike Pence  who has his head so far up Trumps nether-land he could tell you what the idiot had for breakfast.  Gee Mike,  don’t make it so obvious you’re nothing but a butt clown.

•  He has created an air of acceptability with his tweets which mostly are lies and appealing to the ignorant, by an ignorant expressing his narcissism, greed, racism, negligence  and sexism.   Adding incompetence, ignorance and pure stupidity, corruption and collusion and the world will soon see what a crook is really like.

•  His denigration of hero’s like Sen. John Mccain, disgusting, disgraceful, just wait till his day comes...

•  For his constant attacks on the immigrants, taking children from parents and housing them in prisons. 12,000 to date. These kids will not recover unless something is done quickly for the trauma they are experiencing, this isn’t the American dream, this is the Trump nightmare.

• For his glorification in building a wall that won’t work, isn’t needed and causing more fear and paranoia.  The only wall we need would be around him and filled with concrete.  

• For wanting a big parade to celebrate himself and wasting millions of dollars on something we have far more concerns about. I say give him a bigly parade at his funeral, I’ll gladly march at that one, in fact I’ll lead a conga line at that one.

•  His destruction of the Judiciary, filling the roles with prejudiced judges, judges unqualified obviously slanted in GOP customs and traditions.

•  His constant Fake News attacks. And the Free Press the only bastion of truth left since Fox news is nothing but a political bunch of hacks by Rupert Murdock, who hates the US. And opinionated all the news into Trump lies.

• Thats fake tax bill that really didn’t cut taxes, increased corporate benefits and served the rich well was and is a farce. The poor got 1000 dollar break, the corporations got billions and Trump and his pals got millions.  Whose bullshitting who Mr. Ryan, glad to see you go after this term, you really did nothing but stall good programs in Congress with your wimpy and party line spine.  And take that other creep Gowdy with you.  We had enough Benghazi inquires which cost millions, cost an election, filled with all your lies and deceptions.  Add Nunes to that list, another sick individual.

• For his acceptability of murderous, brutal dictators who kill as easily as they wish like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung Un,  two of the most dangerous men on this planet.   And befriending them while alienating our allies and friends destroying treaties and generally f*cking things up.  For not standing against the NAZI’s in Charlottesville.  Heil Trump!

•  For using his office to scam the government and lining his pockets, for claims he supports charities which turned out to be lies,  for colluding with Russia and possibly laundering money for them for money for his projects. If thats the case, we’ll just settle for treason. For still using his hotels for government profit.  For the fake deals he set his kids up with.

•  For obstruction of justice, for removing safeguards Obama installed for the environment for pushing coal when the states are fighting to get rid of it, the list goes on and on.  For not paying attention to the infrastructure which is so poorly needed.

•  And for bring on board in important positions, so many losers, rich people with no idea of what it’s like living check to check, no compassion, no support.  And basically after this mental constipation blows up we will once again go into drain mode, only not the swamp, it will be the CESSPOOL he replaced it with.

I have listened to the rhetoric spoken by the leader of the United States of America for two years after the election. The spewing of false information, lies and corruption turned the swamp basically the Republican shitstorm of negativism and obstruction for personal greed  into a cesspool run by a demented individual needing mental help and followed by a select gaggle of incompetents, crooks, liars, and losers, all mysteriously chosen by someone criminally, morally, definitively,  dangerously, insane.  

•  This site Jacobs Ladder is about the society we live in, some good people, some bad people, and a few real scumbags in our moral and legislative society and I pull no punches.   It’s not all me,  I monitor the world, read prolifically all sources, verify, correct, interpret, several good sources on the web and TV and I have opened it all up.  Experience in the Intelligence Sphere taught me how to find answers.

•  It’s all real and I go after politicians, fake religionists, TV fakirs, poachers, and once in a blue moon, the Hollywood crowd whose life style is called The Great 3M, which stands for Money, Marriages and Messing around.  Thats the least important category, we all have parents,  they all had sex,  and thats why we are here, just in Hollywood it’s a sport, and it has tabloids exploiting all the trash it can find.  The biggest liars runs with a TRUMP friend also being looked into, tabloids make up stories from bits and pieces most of th time rumors.  Hmmm thats it! Trump intelligence information comes from the tabloids. 

ALL the things you are not supposed to talk about, but you do at the water cooler or break room.

•  I go after those who denigrate our country with a heavy hand and with a flip of a coin, I also go after the wonderful, human beings I meet who have something to offer the rest of us.  I call them Good People Stories.  Wonderful people with courage and a desire to do good and promote a good life to others.



President Trump is isolated after his politically disastrous 2018 starting with his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, his photo-op tour of buildings in Singapore, his screw-ups concerning everything from gun control, interference in the 2016 election, parades, funerals and other proposals scored by my six grade class as stupid.

His tweets are more obnoxious than ever, his lies are more prevalent now that he really has nothing to talk  about. Oh the economy which is based on more mistakes.  Obama did put more people back to work and did beat TRUMP and Obama di score higher than trump on a couple of quarters with the economy.

Oh, the staff who took the pictures for his inauguration, the parks department were instructed ( by the White House to beef up the images with photoshop.  
Theses are the real photos before 
“ TRUMP got da pump from da pimp” (Courtesy GangNews, INC)

The president’s conservative defenders on Capitol Hill were silent or sought to separate themselves from his remarks.  

Few Establishment Republicans erupted in anger.  Longtime allies sounded the alarm.  Republican congressional leaders rebuked Trump.  “ Oh the righteous indignation about what he said”.   Thats about all the lemmings did!   Instead of strong denigration it was a farting contest.

I  personally have always compared breaking news by a  Republican party member to a farting contest.  Both farting and their GOP Fake great news really don’t last long.  Time and the breeze, are their enemies. Tomorrow is another day and another farting contest.

These are articles and excerpts of interest by a variety of great journalists, and much lesser talented ones like myself are about topics I care about with an abundance of occasional personal comment thrown in.  

I am privileged to some of these great writers, cartoonist and creative commenters,  and to bring their world to you.  I try to add some humor, insight, disagreement, predictions tot he fray.

I make no claims to be the author of specifics in these articles, but I will defend their thoughts and mine with my being and insight.  I am a conglomerate collector of stories and put them together on subjects and topics I am interested in and agree with.

When you want the best in FAKE NEWS make sure you get it from a FAKE President, Donald J. TRUMP...


It was called the Secret War, the war fought in LAO against the Pathet LAO and Viet Cong, North Vietnamese Cadre, Khmer Rouge, The North Vietnamese Regulars, supported and supplied by China and Russian arms.   

And the news that came forth, the tribulations that followed, military failure, corruption, drugs,  a US President who lied, and three following Presidents who told the same lie trapped by the story.

Generals who were generally incompetent and the ultimate abandonment and collapse of the CIA operation leaving the Hmong mountain fighters out in the cold.  

This is the first war the CIA participated in on a scale leading to other involvements in many missions throughout the world.  It is a war I knew too well.   And today we are right back into it.   

Ken Burns Documentary and the Movie the POST are finally showing the true legacy of the presidency.  And one day we will be ashamed of what we didn’t learn from the past.   What we did learn is lying is not new to the TRUMP presidency, thou one could say he is the winner with  2600,  4200 lies in less that two years.

Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon all lied through their teeth and on tape about the war in Southeast Asia. The excuse was part of it was never exposed because of the CIA involvement.  her is the whole story from the Lao and Montenards, Hmong side.


The Special Forces of the United States, namely the Army Rangers, the SEALS, Marine Recon, Air Force COMMANDOS and Coast Guard Rescue Units and other specialized units hadn’t received any recognition for the work, honor and sacrifice required of their organization purposes and of course the reason, secrecy was number one.   

But as news of their exploits came to the surface, it was time to recognize the sacrifices these men and women deserved. 

Thus the Memorial Foundation was formed by Richard Leandri originally called the Chairborne Rangers.  Five projects later, lots of changes and finally a foundation to secure a new Memorial in Inverness.   After many years, we have completed the latest mission. 

This is the story of the Centcom Memorial, and the INVERNESS Military Service Memorial and those who did the right thing.  Three of us, have been there from day one, almost thirty-five years supporting our troops working on these projects, it  just amazes me, how fast t time goes by...

But you better have a sense of humor, as our politicians do.  The problem is they think everything is a joke as long as it does not affect them personally.  Nothing done about gun control mentioned, till one of their own got shot at baseball practice.

But the cashable check from the NRA which comes with millions in front insures that not only will the chicken in every pot process be maintained but adding more power, it will be replaced by your own AR-15 colt sporter so you can shoot your own chicken and a few people you might not like.  And still nothing has happened positively at all from Washington.

I believe in the first amendment, freedom of speech but not the freedom to lie.  It is however not licensed to threaten, harm, defame, insult, irritate, annoy, or impede others.  It is also the importance of Freedom of Religion and the Separation of Church and State. The NRA believes otherwise based on their mis-truths to raise money.

I believe in the second amendment with proper controls and licensing and when the NRA goes back to being of the hunting, gamesman, competitive shooter people and not a political organization.  Congress protects them because of the bribes using the second amendment as an excuse. If they stop, paralleling Congress with lies and bribes, I will again support them.  

If they still are nothing but a paranoiac “ on’t take my guns away good old boys retardation project" supported by true blue Americans defending their second amendment rights to their toys with bullshit excuses  and a President who was a DRAFT-DODGER.

But our government is in serious trouble, not just in Tampa nor Charlottesville, it’s the whole TRUMP scenarios team and it affects the entire country, and the world.  Flavored with Nazis and Leninists in the White House, Trump has shown what a bigot he really is, and surrounded by many in his incompetent cabinet of rich uncaring self centered losers who will generate nothing good for the middle and lower classes except more guns, lies and more bankruptcies...

And the so-called FAKE NEWS  is nothing compared to the fake religionists.   (The art of Religion - the Fakirs)   I write about those in TV Religion, people in the spotlight, those charlatans of GOD’s word.   Those who ask for tithe and buy a new jet or Rolls Royce like the scumbag who collected all the money to feed folks in Haiti and bought a new plane. Now that just got my gaul, that phony bastard in Texas.

And the rich twisted lives some of them, thinking they are above the law, as they bring forth a bevy of bullshit.  They are of a cult called Prosperity Preachers,  and their elaborate schemes for fund-raising.  When Oral Roberts told his flock “ The Lord will take me”  if you do not donate to my organization ( slick word for scam). I was hoping no one sent a frickin dime.

I was praying he got a whole bunch of bad checks.  His son was no better, got bounced out of the ORU,  and also a con. In all, we traced almost 26 of these money changers.  They take your money and you get no change.

I am one who appreciates nature and the beautiful things our creator offers us.  I am an animal lover and rescuer.  In my work researching some background information for some ethnic stories I found the commonality of religious belief founded in the various tribes located throughout the world.  

From Micronesia, the Far East, Laos and Cambodia, China and India to Alaska to the American Indian, a belief in the soul of animals and objects shares amongst them in some cases in lieu of organize religion. It is its own religion.

The oldest religion in the world has a name.  Animism from Latin anima, “breath, spirit, life”  is the religious belief that various objects, places and creatures with whom humans engage possess idiosyncratic spiritual qualities.   Animism is the oldest known type of belief system in the world. 

Animism encompasses the beliefs that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical material world, and that souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in some other animals, plants, rocks, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment, including thunder, wind, and shadows.   Animism thus rejects Cartesian dualism. 

What can we learn from this... its simple,  we have to respect, and protect the other creatures we exist with on this planet.  They are as much a part of us as we are.  Without the other creatures we might not exist.  We are the top of the food chain and you can’t be the top without the supporting elements.

Besides there are some stories about Chimps and Tigers, Florida’s deadly environment, Poaching trades, and Animal rescue.

SOURCED CNN, Washington Post, Times etc

I rely heavily on some websites that uncover the distortions and lies, half-truths semi-truths, partial truths,  and creative writing by those lightly equipped underachievers with white powdered brains and sensitivities.  Yes, I repeat a few lines from articles and information after I have sourced them out. Truth is truth.  And I’m making  a point probably shared by others.   

Adding to this collection are the quotes and sometimes “ sick" thoughts of brain-farters, aka "entertainers", false assumptions, and conspiracists, those who come up with things lending comfort to other mentally deprived thinkers, truth or not.  I call them gas hacks, always throwing fuel on the fire.  

Those requiring a checkout, my three favorites check out sites are, PolitiFact’s and for General Information, I reference WIKIPEDIA, the online encyclopedia cross checked with multiple sources.  after compiling from those three, I start my own searching. Then I compile. 

No politicians, fake preachers, religious leaders, pervert, pedophiles and other scumbags nor brides, grooms, horses, sheep or canines were injured during the writing of this blog and website.  Even though a few deserved boiling in oil.  If you cannot afford an attorney, my nephew will be available at the usual exaggerated attorney fees for malpractice cases so I can get my cut.  We use two, sometimes three or more ICONS to represent certain circumstance.


NO SMOKE NO BULLSH*T - You are about to get truth.

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