OCTOBER 23, 2016  

Welcome to my world and  I hope you enjoy your stay.  I write in my own patois which is a mixture of street languages being born in Brooklyn NY and moving to the South, where a computer has both compromised and improved my lexiconic growth, residing in the Tampa Bay Florida area for the bulk of my life.  (I AM WHO I AM)

I write about  people, both the good with the bad.  Some are really good, some really bad.  It includes topics on politics, race, religion, and a few references toward sex, which usually seem to be combined with the other topics.

With the obvious death of the newspapers, so went real journalism, and we have witnessed the rise of the cable 24/7/365, TV NEWS reality shows which are not totally real but staged, intended or not.  

I am now at a point where I cannot contain myself any longer,  It’s a political year.  The news media shows have become the stage of the extreme manipulator Donald the  T-RUMP. 

I am for the first time in forty years embarrassed by some of clueless people in my country who support this man who is a fraud, liar, cheat, deranged neo fascist sociopath and followed heavily by the media simply because his off the wall populist rants sells media points. 

The media has sold itself to the devil and it’s all about ratings.  Finally some of the stations on cable are really questing for normalcy which is not the way T-RUMP operates.  And his own party is questing whether they are his own party anymore with his scorched earth policy.  He will destroy the RNC.

FACT: The Pew Research Center recently charted the changing fortunes of the two major parties with an examination of party identification over the past quarter-century. Its title summed up the state of things: “The Parties on the Eve of the 2016 Election: Two Coalitions, Moving Farther Apart.”

The major demographic changes are well known. The United States is becoming more diverse racially and ethnically, better educated overall and with a population that is aging. Pew’s analysis found the following: “The Democratic Party is becoming less white, less religious and better-educated at a faster rate than the country as a whole, while aging at a slower rate. Within the GOP, the pattern is the reverse.”

By putting together the demographic shifts with changes in party allegiance, the Pew study underscored two big changes — one talked about for some years, the other an ongoing issue for Republicans that Trump’s candidacy has highlighted. Both bode poorly for the Republicans if they cannot adjust their appeal rapidly.

In 1992, non-Hispanic whites made up 84 percent of registered voters. Today, they represent 70 percent of registered voters. The percentage of Hispanics has nearly doubled to 9 percent. Mixed race or others have risen from 1 percent to 5 percent, and blacks have ticked up from 10 percent to 12 percent.

Both parties have become less white in their makeup, but the changes have moved at significantly different rates. In 1992, whites accounted for 76 percent of Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents.  Today, whites make up 57 percent. Meanwhile, whites made up 93 percent of Republicans a quarter-century ago. Today, they’re still 86 percent. In other words, there’s been a 19-point shift inside the Democratic Party and only a seven-point shift in the GOP coalition.

The elections have brought me to a point where watching TV is almost an annoyance.  And I am not alone, there are cases of election depression,  due to the constant news cycles of lies and negativism supported by irrational statements requiring the cleansing of Trumps non-political personal trashing and bullshit and if it keeps up we’ll have to put spittoons next to the TV’s.   

And the teleprompter, as if it will change the demeanor and DNA of the biggest bullshit artist of the century failed to keep Donald on track.  Herr T-RUMP is fluent in talk-speak,  when using the prompter, (the language of politicians who say nothing of truth and then back it up by doing nothing)  changes to one of his nonsense rants or worse , his whining.    It does not change the person who is a big airbag of nothing, just makes him more apparently vile and convincingly stupid.  

And his sidekick, super calm Mike Pence, whom the GOP-STAPO wished they had instead of  T-RUMP is just as good a liar as his boss claiming the old back peddling moonwalk or in T-RUMP’S case;  The entire galaxy back peddling into a black hole. In the VP debate Mike used the following several times:

TRUMP:   He never said that”.   “The media distorted what he said”.    “Thats not what he meant”.  “He was mis-quoted”.
And never an apology, the work of a true pair of liars, and I never thought Pence who wears Godly religion on his sleeve, underwear and tattooed on his forehead, is no better.  Lied.
Please read my article of a really great American, Chief Sitting Bull.  The native Americans had an expression.  “Which is worse the liar or the one who tells his tales”.    Pence is no winner and if the GOP thinks he’s the next winner, they will f-up again.

The worst reality shows are media news, usually the relentless anti-Obama, anti-Hillary onslaught by the gifted Mini-Goebbels  of FOX (FAUX) news, the morning threesome and at night by the biggest liar and conspirator extrodinere  Oberleutnant  Sean Hannity who should be shot for treason against this country.  

He is in the top of the heap (ranked third) on FOX news which proves he can fling regurgitated spinn’ed bullshit higher and farther than the other “Shiestenflingers”.   (See the Jacobs Political Dictionary)

Not that the morning nausea is any better.  The beautiful woman, innocent, short dressed, target sits in the middle surrounded by two of the most self serving jerk-offs who really need to go back to work, and get a real job.  The clone wars on ’Star Wars’ had nothing over the clones of the Roger Ailes era broadcast live from Ur-anus appearing on FAUX news every nauseating morning as bookends of the crotch shots.   See the Fourth Reich

HATRED - THE ANGEL OF DEATH                                                          מאַלעכ-אַמאָוועס

We have seen enough death, the Malekh-amo-ves is the Angel Of Death from the old testament.  And with the horrific images and stories of Orlando, and other atrocities fresh in our minds, this is more than just the second amendment, magazines, semi-autos, this is more than radicalism, this is about a global situation totally out of control called hate.   

And our politicians are apparently powerless because in the corporate-government coalition (sometimes called Fascism) Our elected officials can vote against hate, meaningless, they don’t, nor do they challenge the tools used.  They have been bought and sold.

Orlando,  Paris, Nice, Turkey and Belgium, and the people did what people do when it comes to tragedy.  Prayer, for the dead, prayer for the wounded survivors and prayer for those living, we pray looking for the good side, hoping the angel will come down or astride a white horse and make things better.  

But with the reoccurrence of these attacks here and abroad by convoluted individuals following a false GOD, who are we praying to.  Words today are meaningless.  It will not stop the next attack.  We are at the point of having to do something, you see the Angel of Death, I used the Hebrew spelling and enunciation is “Malek amo-ves" and he doesn’t pay attention to your prayers.  He works for the other team.  To stop him takes action, words don’t work.

Does it mean don’t pray or think good thoughts?  No, prayer and good thoughts are for our salvation, but rarely change things.  We have to make things better.  The real answer is taking action.  We have to do something.  This kind of hatred must stop.  Lip service doesn’t count.  And we are fighting a war  on two fronts, the radicalism or the distortion of a religion, not the true beliefs of the more than one something billion believers, these are thugs, dissidents, maniacal losers having no merit in a civilized world.  

The real question is the catalyst, what really brings this on. It is HATE,   and it exists all throughout the world.  We love but we also hate. The coin has two sides.   It became front page, a hatred of Muslims, currently and nicely enhanced by a really sick bigoted individual running for the highest office in the land on the GOP ticket, the Presidency, and it is embarrassing for this country to allow that bigot the press time to promote that hatred.

Adding a hatred of gays promulgated by T-RUMP and pandering to hardcore evangelicalisms, those parts of Christianity who are holier than thou.  There’s a hatred of Blacks, Latinos, Transgendered, Queers, Bi-Sexuals, and even Birth Control,  Agnostics and Atheists, Planned Parenthood serving women’s health because of the access to abortion.  We live in a country shared by the good and the haters. In this election hate rhetoric has taken a tremendous leap forward led by T-RUMP.

“The LGBTQ community took the brunt of the hatred at Orlando, and paid a severe price.   They know all about hate, they have been in a leadership role  for their human rights including the fight against anti-Muslim bigotry”.  And one person with the right weapon killed 49 and wounded, many severely with debilitating wounds 53 in all, 102 people minding their own business, enjoying their life style with the comfort of friends, bothering no one, were attacked.

Ask yourself, are you one of the haters?  Are your actions and words creating violence.  If it bothers you the way others lead their lives by custom or fear, what have you done about it.   If it’s their customs and not harmful, learn about them.  If they live in fear, find a way to help.

The problem I have is with people who cannot let the other life style live.  As long as someone or group has a lifestyle other than yours, no one is forcing you to embrace it.  Frankly,  its none of your concern as long as it doesn’t enter your world uninvited.    Believe me the other side might be a little reluctant to want to get to know you.  Hatred feeds violence and creates divisions that is tearing this country apart.

Day after day I am affronted with statements or branding of people, their beliefs, and their physical or spiritual makeup, simply put, Its nothing but PREJUDICE  and HATRED being used to cement some really stupid brain cells provided by today’s TV twenty-four seven media repeating the lies, corruption, cheating and scamming, basically or categorically, of the spinning in todays politics.  


I may see things differently than you, and this site is all about viewpoint, my viewpoint, I hold nothing back and owe no one.  I welcome discussion, I am involved every day in think tanks with intelligent people who seek solutions. But you better have a sense of humor, as our politicians do.  The problem is they think everything is a joke.

I don’t argue with idiotic slogans, immoral rhetoric, not the BS taught on Fox Media by former druggie, 1/2 term college dropout, hyped with a morose sense of values with no credentials, like Glenn Beck, and others.  And I am not a fan of FOX “Faux” News as the media it represents is contrived. And I never liked Roger Ailes who turns out to be a creep of low moral standards.

I like to draw comparisons. I once explained Washington as a Poker Tournament.  Lots of bluffs, eye contact, playing with someone else's money and losers.  Thats till you get to the final table, the cards are on the line and then you show your real hand.  Yup, in Washington, in the sleeve, thats where the two aces were hidden. There are six in a deck, aren't there?

My unique logo represents No Bullsh*t/No Smoke “ Emblification". Go chase that word in your Funk and Wagnalls.  So lets get a few things out of the way because it may take a while to get used to my sense of humor.  I have no problem with communication, I speak in a very "sardastic", language.  If you grew up in Brooklyn, you are both sarcastic and slightly sadistic. It’s a new word, “sardastic".  See the Jacobs Dictionary.


I rely heavily on some websites that uncover the distortions and lies, half-truths semi-truths, partial truths,  and creative writing by those lightly equipped underachievers with white powdered brains and sensitivities.  Yes, I may repeat a few lines from articles and information after I have sourced them out. Truth is truth.  And I’m making  a point probably shared by others.   

Adding to this collection are the quotes and sometimes “ sick" thoughts of brain-farters, aka "entertainers", false assumptions, and conspiracists, those who come up with things lending comfort to other mentally deprived thinkers, truth or not.  I call them gas hacks, always throwing fuel on the fire.  Those requiring a checkout, my three favorites check out sites are, PolitiFact's and for General Information, I reference WIKIPEDIA, the online encyclopedia cross checked with multiple sources.  

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