Welcome to my world.  I write in my own patois which is a mixture of the sometimes obnoxious run-on-sentences of Brooklyn Street language (being born and raised in NY).   Adding to and moving along I picked up some “Jerk Chicken” lingo from a couple years in Montego Bay, Jamaica learning all about peppers, and driving on the wrong side of the road.   And adding elocution lessons and obscene gestures from the military I broadened my repertoire of lingual expressions.

A few side trips overseas courtesy of the .MIL.GOV  fighting the cold and hot wars I needed a break for the balance of my life preferring equatorial climates.  When you see forty below zero, when you experience 95 degrees, 80% humidity and bugs the size of birds, you would do the same.  

The last chapter, moving to the South, sent me to Miami, side trip to aforementioned Jamaica and then Tampa Bay, Florida.  Living on both coasts was a slight cultural change for me, assimilation was not that difficult but challenging.  Miami was a mecca for me as it was similar to how I was raised, like NY south.  Eight O’Clock coffee, Bagels and cream cheese, some Nova Scotia Lox, scrambled eggs and I was happy.  The West coast of Florida was different.  Grits , home fries and over easy with ham or bacon.

The war fought in LAO against the Pathet LAO and Viet Cong, North Vietnamese Cadre, Khmer Rouge, The North Vietnamese Regulars, supported and supplied by China and Russian arms.  And the tribulations that followed, military failure, corruption, drugs, Generals who were generally incompetent and the ultimate abandonment and collapse of the CIA operation. This is the first part of the real Secret War and the CIA involvement in many missions throughout the world. 

IRMA the Hurricane that killed Donald Trumps call to cut the EPA funding and to cut FEMA also by 30%.  The largest deadly hurricane in history many said,  its winds and water category 4-5 totally encompassing all of Florida.  No where to go and many evacuated, heeding the warning, many will return home this week to nothing or parts of nothing. 

Financially, the damage is beyond those charts insurance companies prognosticate with, this one will go off the charts, the table they were on and possibly the room they were in.

EPA wise, as in Houston pollution by flood water mixed with sewerage will be rampant for years to come. The initial reading were thousand percents higher than acceptable.  Mother Nature will take her time to clarify the situation but we are talking years possibly a decade for it to be absorbed.

And Puerto Rico, how long will it take for the US to declare Puerto Rico and Guam for that manner as full fledged States of the Union.  Puerto Rico can be rebuilt as an Island Paradise beyond anything else in the Caribbean. It has the size and most of the infrastructure is gone. So if you rebuild you do it right. It has few resources of its own so you rethink how you build and re-design for the one thing Puerto Rico can do well...Tourism.  And the PR people are very hospitable, English speaking, English voting, just get rid of the isolationists and make them part of the United States of America.

THE ANGEL OF DEATH IS ALIVE     HATRED -  מאַלעכ-אַמאָוועס 

The Jewish name for the angel of death is  Malekh-amo-ves  from the old testament.  And with the horrific images and stories of the killings in Orlando, Charlottesville, Las Vegas, and other atrocities fresh in our minds, this is more than just the second amendment, magazines, semi-autos, this is more than radicalism, this is about a global situation totally out of control called hatred.  

And our politicians are apparently powerless because in the corporate-government coalition sometimes called Fascism or Leninism really runs the game, our do nothing elected officials  are meaningless, they don’t, nor do they challenge the events with solutions... they tell us they will pray and we should pray.  

Orlando,  Paris, Nice, Turkey and Belgium, and the people did what people do when it comes to tragedy.  Prayer, for the dead, prayer for the wounded survivors and prayer for those living, we pray looking for the good side, hoping the angel will come down or astride a white horse and make things better.  It won’t happen.

Prayer is a tool to make people feel better for themselves, and to be a giver when there is nothing one thinks physically will help.  Being a volunteer, responder, working with authorities to make better neighborhoods, getting rid of snitch mentality, sharing love not hate, those things work.   Prayer, in reality it changes nothing.  Politicians love it , it’s the excuse they use when they do nothing and especially when they get called out for doing nothing and are looking for an exit stage left.  

But with the reoccurrence of these attacks here and abroad by convoluted individuals following a false GOD, who are we praying to.  Words today are meaningless.  It will not stop the next attack.  We are at the point of having to do something, you see the Angel of Death, I used the Hebrew spelling and enunciation is “Malek Amo-Ves” and he doesn’t pay attention to your prayers.  He works for the other team.  To stop him takes action, words don’t work.

Does it mean don’t pray or think good thoughts?  No, prayer and good thoughts are for our salvation, but rarely change things.  We have to make things better.  The real answer is taking action, doing something.  This kind of hatred won’t  stop because of prayer.  And we are fighting a war  on two fronts, the radicalism or the distortion of a religion, not the true beliefs of the more than one something billion believers, these are thugs, dissidents, maniacal losers having no merit in a civilized world.  

The real question is the catalyst, what really brings this on.  It is HATE,   and it exists all throughout the world.  We love but we also hate. Greed, jealousy, avarice, all contribute.   The coin has two sides.   It became front page, a hatred of Muslims, currently and nicely enhanced by a really sick bigoted individual running for the highest office in the land on the GOP ticket, the Presidency, and it is embarrassing for this country to allow that bigot the press time to promote that hatred. But he did.

Ask yourself, are you one of the haters?  Are your actions and words creating violence.  If it bothers you the way others lead their lives by custom or fear, what have you done about it.   If it’s their customs and not harmful, learn about them.  If they live in fear, find a way to help.

Day after day I am affronted with statements or branding of people, their beliefs, and their physical or spiritual makeup, simply put, Its nothing but PREJUDICE  and HATRED being used to cement some really stupid brain cells provided by today’s TV twenty-four seven media repeating the lies, corruption, cheating and scamming, basically or categorically, of the spinning in todays politics.  

And I learned something, from ethnicies from all over the world.  Many are cautious about those who professes too strong a link to GOD, and should be watched.  Don’t think so, read my articles on the FAKIRS, those TV guys with GOD’s personal cellphone number and receive messages everyday from God. 

Think of it, sounds like Donald Trumps propaganda Twitter account.  If some manmade GODs offer redemption and those followers wear it out loud and proudly on their sleeve, watch out.   Godliness to me is judged by acts of the heart not words, words are cheap.  The LAO would say... The tiger wears his stripes on the outside, man wears his on the inside and they said that 3000 years ago.

At times over the past four decades I felt encased, thrown back in time to the great Civil war of the land and it seems some in the South haven’t accepted the fact the North had somewhat of a victory.  It also was a statement believing all human beings have a right to the freedoms we have today.  People are not slaves nor ignorant and inferior, nor owned by others. Except in the minds of Neo Nazies, White Supremacists, and KKK members.  

Southern pride is a wonderful thing, the South has a lot to be proud of, its heritage is a good thing, prejudice is not.   This is a blight on the community.   Tampa Bay, actually Hillsboro County, not the City of Tampa refused to take down the statue of a Confederate Soldier, and move it to another location, like a cemetery off the site of the County Courthouse Building.  Many died in that war on both sides regardless of how you paint it, it was freedom over slavery.   It was also treason. They seceded from the union, declared war on the union and lost.  

The words used at its creation are so prejudiced and divisive that the statue should have been removed a long time ago. When the memorial was erected and dedicated in downtown Tampa in 1911, a scumbag by the name, State Attorney Herbert S. Phillips, said:  “The South stands ready to welcome all good citizens who seek to make their homes within her borders.  But the South detests and despises all, it matters not from whence they came, who, in any manner, encourages social equality with an ignorant and inferior race.”¨    

Then one weekend came Charlottesville, real history tells us the South left, seceded and fought the Union, they were not part of the country, they were the Confederacy, read the Liberty papers and literally acted against the United States.  This has been debated since the first mini-ball was fired.  It was treason. Make it simple. It’s not complicated,  it was treason. 

Charlottesville had nothing to do with the civil war it was a target to make a statement about racism and by statement and denial once again proving the man in the WhiteHouse has turned it into a Sh*tHouse and not fit to live there much less be allowed on the property.

Enter the White Supremacists , Members of the KKK,  Neo Nazies, David Duke, (Americas favorite Scumbag) a loyalist to Donald Trump and a varied assortment of rejects, reborn idiots, (those on a second trip after their lobotomy) mentally deficient  morally corrupt, and stupid enough to believe what they have been told.   I don’t care what these people call themselves, or the name of their group, patriots not, I prefer “scumbag haters". 

I have survived a few wars, globally, regionally and racially.  Wars, many wars eventually end, only prejudice and hate remains, sad to say it is still alive and well.  But wars are costly. No one ever wins a war when you make the deductions for death, wounded, destruction, all that is lost, and no one has really won.  

They talk about reconciliation but no one is sitting around the campfire, toasting marshmallows singing KumBaYa.  Had the jerk-offs in the white sheets toasted marshmallows instead of houses and people, this would be a better world and hopefully some should have died from all that sugar.   

I try not to offend, but to write fairly about  people, you get both the good with the bad.  Some are really good, some really bad.  It includes topics on politics, race, religion, and a few references toward sex, which usually seem to be combined with the other topics. 

I may see things differently than you, and this site is all about viewpoint, my viewpoint, I hold nothing back and owe no one.  I welcome discussion, I am involved every day in think tanks with intelligent people who seek solutions.  But you better have a sense of humor, as our politicians do.  The problem is they think everything is a joke as long as it does not effect them personally.  Nothing done about gun control till one of their own got shot at baseball practice.

But our government is in serious trouble, not just in Tampa nor Charlottesville, it’s the whole TRUMP scenarios team and it affects the entire country, and the world.  Flavored with Nazis and Leninists in the White House, Trump has shown what a bigot he really is, and surrounded by many in his incompetent cabinet of rich uncaring self centered losers who will generate nothing good for the middle and lower classes.

I believe in the first amendment, freedom of speech but not the freedom to lie.  It is however not licensed to threaten, harm, defame, insult, irritate, annoy, or impede others.   

I write about those in Politics and Religion, people in the spotlight, and the twisted lives some of them, thinking they are above the law, they bring forth.  I avoid having to write about the sex part so common in conversation around the break room, or the sensational escapades of the Hollywood crowd.  Most of it is staged or created for publicity.  I might mention, their own cause, is to titilate the reader,  but sometimes it backfires to expose the deviate quality of some of those in respected office and celebrity status.  When it does I am there.

I don’t argue with idiotic slogans, immoral rhetoric, not the BS taught on Fox Media by former druggie, 1/2 term college dropouts, like Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others who never made it through first years of college but earned a degree in trash radio.  And I am not a fan of FOX “Faux” News as the media it represents is contrived. And I never liked Roger Ailes who turns out to be a creep of low moral standards.  He’s got a lot of explaining to do where he is now.  Mr. Mephistopheles welcomed him as a fellow of low moral character,  I fear there is no air conditioning in Hotel Hell.

I like to draw comparisons. I once explained Washington as a Poker Tournament.  Lots of bluffs, eye contact, playing with someone else's money and losers.  Thats till you get to the final table, the cards are on the line and then you show your real hand.  Yup, in Washington, in the sleeve, thats where the two aces were hidden. There are six in a deck, aren't there?

My unique logo represents No Bullsh*t/No Smoke “ Emblification". Go chase that word in your Funk and Wagnalls.  So lets get a few things out of the way because it may take a while to get used to my sense of humor.  I have no problem with communication, I speak in a very “Sardastic", language.  If you grew up in Brooklyn, you are both sarcastic and slightly sadistic. It’s a new word, “sardastic".  See the Jacobs Dictionary.


I rely heavily on some websites that uncover the distortions and lies, half-truths semi-truths, partial truths,  and creative writing by those lightly equipped underachievers with white powdered brains and sensitivities.  Yes, I repeat a few lines from articles and information after I have sourced them out. Truth is truth.  And I’m making  a point probably shared by others.   

Adding to this collection are the quotes and sometimes “ sick" thoughts of brain-farters, aka "entertainers", false assumptions, and conspiracists, those who come up with things lending comfort to other mentally deprived thinkers, truth or not.  I call them gas hacks, always throwing fuel on the fire.  Those requiring a checkout, my three favorites check out sites are, PolitiFact’s and for General Information, I reference WIKIPEDIA, the online encyclopedia cross checked with multiple sources.  after compiling from those three, I start my own searching. Then I compile. 

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