Personal News — Heart Attack Update
On 06/19/2020, my internist of twenty-five years saw an anomaly in my EKG, and he did not like it.  He is a member of one of the best medical groups in the county called Bay Care and I’m lucky to live near one of the best hospitals with a recognized incredible Cardiac Catherization program.  Immediately they accessed portal information, Less than  twenty hours later I woke up in ICU with two stents and the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, I thought I was in heaven… He gave me a couple weeks to get used to my new engine and yesterday 8/4/2020 phase two and the bigger part was completed.  I am now running a Lotus Four Banger Racing Engine with Turbo… keep dreaming Jacobs, more like a Morris Minor with a four speed…

Special Notes On Changes To This Site

ONE:— Effective immediately notifications on current COVID-9 will be separated by the authors.   Real Doctors, and Scientists with credentials, CNN Verified news, then COVID -19 Team Doctors like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Blix will be on the Science Page . 

ONE A: — Trash :  Others like President T-RUMP and the unbelievable and humongous load of lies and bullsh*t from him,  his acolytes, sycophants, relatives, other scumbags, voodoo nuts, clowns and schmucks will have their own section.  Their crap comes faster than a convention of diarrhea sufferers who drank the Jim Jones Kool-aid.  I just can’t mix the two, it is not fair to honest people.

TWO:— I will be using more and more bullets as the information is changing daily and it’s faster for me to update the good and drop the dated news out.  Things are happening quickly and this is a faster process for me. I write daily on about seven topics and it works better.  I start four AM and usually done by nine AM.

THREE:— I am establishing a truth meter for every story we cover rating it’s validity on a scale used by Kindergarten to sixth grade.  Using   A - B - C - D  to denote validity.  T-RUMPS lies and mis-directions have to stop, he is killing Americans with his lies and we had to define truth from lies. 

FOUR:— I have gone back to using Emoji Symbols because they add a little color and brighten up the rhetoric and bullsh*t we get from our politicians.  

FIVE: —The gloves are off, I am not Mr. Nice Guy anymore with these lying clowns, I know too many of those great compassionate medical staff and responders who sacrificed themselves, as I am a caregiver and that bastard in the White House is responsible for playing his games and hunches.  This is serious though as we have one opportunity to vote a madman out of the White House in November or the B plan, the next escalated corrupted attempt I fear will be an assassination, to take our country back.  He has to go one way or another.

  Tampa Bay Florida — A State Of Pandemia — July 30, 2020 

This is Where I Stand…  



The Pandemic, The Heroes
We will beat this, we will stick together, we will survive to rebuild a better America.  God Will Bless America Because Of The Good People…  and we will always be supportive with the medical personnel and responders, the real warriors and heroes in this battle… 

All of those who answered the call, those brave Nurses and everyone in the Hospital Staff,  the close contact Doctors, The day by day Nurse’s who worked double shifts to save lives, our ICU Nurses and Doctors, some who gave their lives, our responders, our hero’s in our Military Services, our Police, Firemen, the EMT’s, Homeland Security, Army Engineers, National Guard units, the Front Line, and anyone else who answered the call.

And all the hours the Scientific Support Personnel, Lab Rats and Lab Technicians, Caretakers, Caregivers, Volunteers, Farmers and those with charities and food banks feeding the families out of work with … the only food they might see, these are the blessed ones.   It was a horrendous battle, still is and a tribute to the American people who answered the call.

Lest I forget the core of those who came forward in the business, entertainment, and commercial industries donating their time, money and resources.   And anyone else I missed… who has a heart, showed courage and compassion in a war with a perfect storm, the mating of a virus and an imbecile.  He did not answer the call, we got a busy signal…

TO DATE:  Over 1000 medical staff, Nurses and Doctors have succumbed to the virus and that sick individual in the White House, our fake president has said nothing, done nothing, nothing of mention or condolence and lied to us resulting in the additional loss of life.  

May they rest in peace and always be remembered…

That’s Negligent Homocide and if one person deserved to be blamed, it sits on the neck of President Donald J T-RUMP and some think a noose…would be appropriate, the man has no soul and does not care.  His words carry no truth, he is a liar and has to read his lies written for him off a sheet of paper.  

Compassion, Politics and Science
Thank You again, the saviors and caretakers, the scientists and explorers who have defined the words of compassion, love and professionalism and are the true core of our gracious humanity.  In the midst of a massive attack on our good earth, by a deadly virus and distorted by totally incompetent leadership, you have been the front lines of humanity.  

You are the hero’s…  Multiple lies and misdirections came from Washington, truth came from the battlefields, these are the warriors fighting everyday while the politicians cowered in their bunkers and did nothing.  And we know who they are.

They are called Republi-can-nots, cowards and prejudiced fools blinded by greed, manipulated and controlled by obstructionist Mitch McConnell and destructive Donald T-RUMP.  

May they rot in hell… with their acolytes and sycophants for what they have done to our people and our country, with the count at 150,000 dead.  And still they talk and lie and do nothing… we do nothing and the new count estimated ay 230,000 in November.

And may God Bless you all for your fortitude and strength, in not only combating a vicious disease but a belligerent ignorant leader and psycho case, our leadership and his coward acolytes who made things tougher not better.  His words, as fake as the paper he read them from, written by a third grade imbecile and false chemistry and solutions, we know who he is, were damaging were as deadly as the virus.  Even today he still touts the Hydrochloroquionone as a cure with endorsements one step from voodoo reality that is so stupid, it shows he is beyond help and should be put down…  

The NY Times Put It All Together  (My comments in bold )
Gerson - WP - April As early as 2018 Very Pertinent

👺 The T-RUMP presidency has been an experiment in prolix, extemporaneous, unfiltered presidential communication. More than any other commander in chief in history, we know what is on Trump’s mind at any given moment. The words come in unhindered torrents read from a script like a kid who had a friend write his book report and he reads it for the first time coming out like a severe trial sitting on the toilet, horrible speaker because someone else is talking and he basically reads like an eighth grader. 
( Stupid torrents at that)

👺 Some have found this a refreshing change from the scripted messages and formal speeches of the past.  Now, we are seeing Trump’s form of rhetoric tested in the crucible of crisis.  It is a pathetic disservice to the country.
(And it is all lies and he is the opposite since he cannot speak from the heart, we doubt he has one, so he stumbles through a prewritten statement for him and sounds like a third grader who didn’t do his book report homework )

👺 The New York Times recently analyzed the more than 260,000 words spoken by Trump during the pandemic, most of them found during his interminable briefings-cum-tirades. The Times identified roughly 600 instances of self-congratulation — by far the largest category of presidential expression. 

This dwarfed the 160 instances of empathy or appeal to national unity. By the Times’s count, Trump gave credit to others more than 360 times. But he also placed the blame on others more than 110 times.
(Credit to others came from those who showered him with praise which is termed in the street as “ Ass-Kissing”, a pathetic sycophantic expression.)

👺 Trump’s rhetoric is often loosely connected to the needs of the nation. But it provides unprecedented insight into the state of the president’s mind and soul. What does it say about a leader — what does it say about a man — who, when presented with a massive scale of death and suffering, talks mainly about himself?  It indicates self-centeredness to the point of solipsism and bottomless insecurity.  
( Please add Insecure, narcississtic, homophobic, misogamist, coward and cheat)

👺 If I had a relative confined like Trump to the dark little dungeon of his or her ego, it would be cause for pity. In a president, it is both pitiful and dangerous. The country stands in urgent need of information, exhortation and reassurance. But the president’s arrogance has not acted as a spur to action. Trump seems less concerned about his performance than about the public perception of his performance. He seeks praise without accomplishment. So the only reliable source is self-praise (other than Vice President Pence’s tireless sycophancy). With T-RUMP, self-congratulation mandates deception.
( He’s good at self -praise others of good moral character don’t offer him too much praise)

A Bigger Problem Looms On the Horizon And It’s Serious
Even with his demise we will need decades to recover from his careless and incredibly stupid hateful marks he has made on our country, our people financially crippled by fraud and fake tax bills, and hopelessly ruined, our word as the leader is ruined, our allies and friends, even relationships with our enemies will take decades to repair to the point of civility.  We are no longer the leaders in integrity in the world. We are not a good partner.

For two hundred and fifty plus years, our nation has survived global wars with almost 100 million killed, we have fought against the worst of human threats, the forces of mother nature, plagues, the worst of the worst and we have won because of the strength and fortitude of proud and patriotic Americans.

And one man , noted sick in the head by more than a hundred psychiatrists and supported by devious and corrupt politicians in the GOP in less than four years has destroyed what many lived, believed in and many died for.  He has to be brought to justice or more will die or be hurt by his hands. 

And those who ignored the signs will have their day too.  I’m praying not for a wave but as one person put it we need a       “ Blue Tsunami”   and wipe the GOP Senate off the map.  Years of the their bill killing, politics, gerrymandering, greed, and cowardice, so apparent it stinks out loud need to be removed with the leadership that has destroyed this nation… 

T-RUMP, Sycophant Pence, Corrupt Barr, Worst Leader and Crook McConnell, his cabinet acolytes and we haven’t even touched Congress yet,  Jordan, Nunes, Meadows, Gohmert, Cruz, Rand and the other obstructionists, screwballs stupid voters elected.

History Is Unique, If Unchallenged And Not Studied Will Repeat Itself …
T-RUMP’s Iliad and seizure of the United States would shadow Homers poem of the ten year siege by Achilles of Troy.  The Iliad is an ancient Greek epic poem in dactylic hexameter, traditionally attributed to Homer.  Set during the Trojan War, the ten-year siege of the city of Troy by a coalition of Greek states, it tells of the battles and events during the weeks of a quarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles.  

T-RUMPS four year attempt to become the Supreme Being of the United States is failing.   It is not leadership, It is the battle of a very sick narcississtic driven ignorant man and we are the enemy,  the people, the humanity,  the citizens of America.  Troy did fall,  and Achilles, the heel that he was, died…from an arrow shaft in his heel.  

We now have a Presidential fear monger with Phony Bone Spurs in his heels, used to Dodge the Draft.  A draft-dodger coward who will fall too…and hopefully very soon.  He is not well mentally and his sickness will cripple America…if left undaunted. His failings admired by similar narcissists as a worldwide coach in leadership, are dangerous.  

If this was comedic they would say he’s knocking them dead, but it’s not, this is reality and his advice to others and support IS KNOCKING THEM DEAD…Just look at Brazil and the cretan who thought T-RUMP was sent by God…in less than ninety days… T-RUMPS stooge Jair has killed over 87,000 Brazilians and now Bolivians are drinking pool cleaner with epic rates and dying.  Estimated in Bolivia at 2,00 death as a lot of back country and river people are hard to count like Brazil.

Here at home in Florida the other T-RUMP-Peter Ron DeSantis is doing a great job killing people as fast as he can to appease T-RUMP.  I pray some of these Governors and Congressmen wake up because there is blood on their hands and sooner or later that blood will result in anarchy.  And I will not sit at home… enough is enough…

As Charlton Heston the great American actor and NRA acolyte said,  “ I’ll grab my flintlock, tomahawk and skinning knife and join the protesters…

History Lesson About Truth, Something Evangelical Cults Don’t Understand

The Preamble and the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, 1787,  We the People… the laws of humanity we live by, and have for two hundred-thirty-three years.   And now there are false idolators who would take our humanity and place it under religious controls and rules.  

They are taking equality and replacing it with demagoguery and a theology never accepted by science as nothing more than a nice bunch of stories.  This enemies of our freedoms are called Evangelicals  and we consider them a cult…read the words carefully… they cannot claim Jesus as real and T-RUMP in the same breath…if so both are fakes… Jesus would never condone what T-RUMP has done.  T-RUMP is the Anti-Christ.

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances… 

But The Grievances  Have To Be Honest Grievances, Not The Prattle Of Political Wonks And Conspiratorialists Working For The Destruction Of Our Gifts That The Constitution, The Core Of Our Country Grants Us… 

I believe you can make your own choices but when it effects others and is a betrayal to their freedoms and beliefs you have stepped over the line… thats why there is a separation of Church and State.  The State is the Law and your Church might work with your morality,  but it is not the law and should not interfere as it does too frequently.  

Church cannot take the inalienable rights away, nor can it impose rules that affect others not pertaining to those rules. One religion, cult, misbelief, clan, organization, crackheads nor a gathering of morons can tell others what they can and cannot do.  

We are the people of this country who believe in Freedom, Liberty and the United States of America’s Government protecting us from harm …we didn’t think there was so much wrong and harm is winning till we have a secure purge.   This will be the most important election in the history of the country.  Its time we take out the trash.

Disclaimer, Warning And Livid Anger, Rage and Necessary Course Change…
This used to be my web site for news and articles of interest when I was active in reporting and photo journalism.  I have been banging the keys for many decades and have never been so focused since 1980.  Times change and I guess a calling is something that cannot be ignored and almost after four years it’s really burning in me to do what I can against the most dangerous man in the world.  A man who is destroying our country, not his…and  the worlds relationship with the United States…  At my age, 77 wonderful years of learning and serving, I realized after a recent heart attack, I called it a notification ( three stints)  I better get on my horse and T-RUMP will not stop me… I am motivated more than ever.

My Manifesto, Simple, Honest, Truth About The Lack of Leadership…

1️⃣  BLUNT LANGUAGE — First an explanationand an apology for using very common street language at times, but the gloves came off this week, I am stunned, shocked by the death of  almost one hundred forty-thousand Americans.  I am blunt-force focused and angry at a man who has no compassion and does not care about anyone other than himself.  He is sick…and my meager psychiatric skills, ( I may have only took two years of psych from a school fifty years ago) indicates he runs the entire six pound book of illness.  Of course he knows better and I’m sure Psychology is considered by the Evangelicals as Witchcraft…. Even his sister in her book, a clinical Psychologist believes he has all the NINE signs of a mental case and does not meet requirements for the job.

2️⃣  STUPID CULTS  —  I am more shocked by the stupidity, ignorance, adoration and loyalty of the Evangelical Cult that votes that has supported his policy and ignored the fact the man has become an incarnation of the devil presiding over the most blessed country in the world.  He is simply the moral disease of this nation.  

This cult led by too much imagined Jesus, too little reality to the real Jesus, too many lies and unable to use intelligence.   What don’t they understand about Donald T-RUMP is he never tells the truth… or they ignore it, close to 20,000 lies in four years recorded. It seems they are stupidly loyal.  Ignorance wins.  A cult is nothing but a looser who takes the easy way out for his shortcomings and hurts others.

3️⃣  LIES AND DECEPTIONS  —  I am shocked by wanton killing, the murder of a Black Man caught on cellphones that started a racial backlash against those who have sworn to protect us in cities across the nation. The murder of a Black Man by an officer of the law while he suffocated for 8.46 minutes with a knee on his neck and airways.  On and On and it has no end.  It has become a killing sport.

4️⃣  LENIENCY  —  When did “Protect and Serve”  become “ Secure and Murder”.  It was when the unions distorted things and judges got too lenient with the death sentence.  When something turns to rot,  you dispose of it, putting someone away for fifty years accomplishes nothing but a bill and a problem for all states.  Not having “ Conclusion” creates more open ended problems.
Those who do not value human life, must pay with theirs. Bring back the death sentence immediate policy, no life sentences, no more lawyer fees keeping them rich for criminals for twenty years, then execute.  Thirty days is enough,  just as they do in Europe, must be 100% matter of fact and no question guilty only requirement.  Televise it for inspiration, show penalty. Make believers of bad deeds pay as examples to others.  And the state saves money, lots of it.

5️⃣  LEADERSHIP  —  I am not surprised by a lack of leadership because T-RUMP never was a, leader.   He was a fraud, still is, a con man, charlatan, white supremacist, and an ignorant narcissistic son of a bitch, he does not have the intelligence of a leader, he is simply a third grade mentally disorganized scumbag bully surrounded by acolytes and sycophants, and a devoted offspring of Evangelicals who going to be surprised when Jesus dumps them for false prophets and harming others… 

6️⃣  BULLY PULPIT  —  He uses the power of the presidency, the bully pulpit and twitts as personal tools against those who challenge his lies.  They are his enemies.  ( Enemies are defined as people who are truthful and also any inspectors who do not believe his lies and misrepresentations).

7️⃣ NO COMPASSION  —  He just does not care, he is ignorant of the position, he has no compassion nor knowledge of Democracy, or the Constitution or Human Rights.  He is only interested in re-election, his wall, his lies, his twitts, his golf, his rallies, his  acolytes, sycophants and other detractions like  photo-ops, more lies and distortions are more important to him.  

8️⃣  NUMBERS GET DULLER  —  We get dull to numbers after a while, they seem to merge together but reality eventually sets in,  140,000 of my fellow decent Americans are DEAD. …some of those were friends…The man is sick and will have to be removed one way or another

9️⃣  RACISM FLAGRANT RESIDENT NAZI  —  35 of our cities have been attacked and properties and buildings destroyed by vandalism and fire.  It is a human pandemic caused by four hundred years of oppression and fueled by murder and a do nothing NAZI Racist President we have in the WhiteHouse who excites actions on FOX news since no one else will touch him. 

🔟  KILLING ROACH’S  —  I am no longer seeing this man in favor of normal trial, 25th amendment, nor drowning him in ensure, political preservation tools, the buddy system… elimination because he has created a zone around himself and like killing a roach… not easy, he is a worthy opponent and uses the tools of lies, deceptions and criminal acts without regard… We even suggested putting roundup in his hairspray!

I believe T-RUMP,  Pence, Barr, nor McConnell are not worthy of our mercy, allegiance and are traitors to the people who are the country.  Most likely ANARCHY or a complete removal feet first is the answer…The bonus is the rest of the trash will go with him.  

First we see what voting does… and if that gets fooled again, we will do what the vigilantes used to do. “ Let’s hang him and then have a fair trial”.  I’ll be happy to lend my Juris Prudence and wood, a sledgehammer, nails and some rope.  Good Manila Rope to the event…donated by his good friend Duarte the Phillipino dictator who also kills people, less a trial. And lets do it in Brazil and help the Brazilians do Bolsonaro at the same time… then we can feed them to the Piranha… 

About Me and My Quirks
WELCOME TO JACOBS LADDER  —   I gave it that name because Jacobs is in my last name and the Ladder created a bellringer brand and divine challenge for me in a message.  JACOB and his dreams, his conversations with the Lord came in a dream.  It distinguished Jacob with the responsibilities and heritage of the ethnic people chosen by God, the ladder signifies the divine connection between God and the earthly realm.  

For me It was and has been a tenuous but a sustainable ride.  And there are things during ones life, and war I would like to take back like war, it never has solved too much.  We saved the world from Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito and Nagumo, but we have a new set of death dealers to contend with. 

I Look, I Seek, I Question, I Challenge  —  Everyday, I ask for divine guidance, but not in dreams, most of time awake using time proven research sourced from the real media, reference books, research, alerting to change and an insider freight train of good contacts and real people in the media. 

I have removed from this and my other sites almost 500 papers, stories and articles written over the years and in the process of archiving them into PDF’s for easy downloads, (It takes time) and I will remain focused on the demise of T-RUMP, the most dangerous person in the world.  

I am not a professional writer, I write in a Brooklyn mode, street talk,  run on sentences, sometimes, bad grammar, but I tell stories of what I seek and find.  Many times my attitude which is both sarcastic, to the point, sadistic at times, in an out of the box, format or tone. I say what I think, and how I think it.  And I apologize.  I have a bad habit, on occasion using “ Blue words”.   I learned from George Carlin, one of the truthful, straightest and most sensible comediennes of our time who made us laugh at ourselves for the stupidity of our own words.  

Donald T-RUMP uses stupid words but no one laughs since idiots think stupid words are normal like the morons who chant in his rallies. Words have meanings and it’s true, his words have no truth and no meaning.  We call them LIES, readily accepted by morons.  His cult following who will have their day of reckoning,  will suffer too, but hopefully all the damage will be repairable by the birth of a new generation of Americans at the reins and who will care enough about this country to hang him… One word I do use is… Scumbags and Associates called Scumbirds since they fly together and tend to sh*t on everyone else.

T-RUMP is a Scumbag In the Merriam-Webster great book of words, there are over 100 synonyms, for Scumbag which was a gift from the British.  God Bless the Queen...  And he just broke the worlds record for lies, topping 20,200 + in 3.5 years.

An acolyte or sycophant of the scumbag totally devoted and also suffering from Crainial-Rectal Dyslexia ( Commonly called sh*t for brains) Best example of a useless ass-kissing bitch would be our Vice President Mike Pence who has his head so close to Donald’s Butts he can tell you what the President had for breakfast yesterday.

Noun - Scumbag
Definition of Scumbag  —  A dirty or despicable person
Related  — Scumbird    A follower Scumbag

Fake Credits — We do not honor bullsh*t from Losers, liars, dumbass party cult people, Evangelical Jesus freaks, ignorants, lower IQ, selfish people… where you’ll find the FAKE, really FAKE NEWS  and creative writing by those lightly equipped underachievers with white powdered brains and sensitivities.  Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham and Dobbs deserved to be treated as liars and traitors and will all be exposed and destroyed one day. 

The press Secretaries of Donald T-RUMP, his personal scumbag spoke persons, FOX (Faux News) and paid attendees at Donald T-RUMP Rallies, they supply the dirt. And claim the real media who record T-RUMP now are the fakers.  And there are enough stupid people around who believe Donald, we determine the 35% are certifiably and truly stupid. 

Real Credits —
 The real media, those that go to work every minute of every day to see the truth are the fact checkers and have recorded close to 20,000 lies and we go to the truth checkers… 

Our integrity starts with truth sites - POLITICO, Snopes, Politifact, Wikipedia,  CNN, The Washington Post, NY Times, great writers, great courageous people, and so forth.  Yes, I may repeat myself a few lines from articles and information after I have sourced them out.  Truth is truth and I’m making a point basically I share with others.  I call it endorsement, agreement, and cohesion with another mans thinking.   

No One Harmed So Far  —  No politicians, the good, the fake or otherwise full bodied scumbags, fake preachers, religious leaders, perverts, pedophiles and other scumbirds nor horses, sheep or canines were injured during the writing of this blog and website even though I had wished a few would have had something really deserving and unfortunate happen to them like being smashed by a meteorite, assassination, or poisoning, attacked by a bear or drowning in rising water from the global heating they deny.

If you cannot afford an attorney, my nephew will be available at the usual exaggerated attorney fees for malpractice cases so I can get my cut.  First, let me tell you who I am and Why I am… just start below….

Who Am I  — The Ascension 


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