New Domestic and Global Challenges



The significance of JACOB’s Ladder and dream has been argued, but most accounts recognize that it distinguished Jacob with the responsibilities and heritage of the ethnic people chosen by God, as known in Abrahamic religions.  The ladder signifies the divine connection between God and the earthly realm, specifically Jacob’s family. 

The dream's significance was to remind Jacob he had received God's graces and encourage him to fulfill the destiny of his people.  Jacob makes a vow afterward saying, “  If God will be with me and will keep me in this way that I go, and will give me bread to eat and clothing to wear so that I come again to my father’s house in peace, the Lord shall be my God. 

My journey and my dream was less significant, more like survival, I’m from Brooklyn NY, but my devotion to the truths is very significant in my life.  Truthfully,  my mantra came from something I read on a fortune cookie…better info than some 10,800 tweets… Most tweets I read come from short brained Neanderthals who cannot hide their ignorance and portray it in minutia, small  bursts of stupidity and rancor to the world…mostly because of their inherent weaknesses of value, compassion and understanding…

I am a researcher, I live by discovery, learning and researching things that intrigue or interest me in a search for the truth.  I put stories together from different sources I trust.  Yes, research is all about rabbit holes, many times though a path will sometimes bear fruit on the other side.  

Sometimes you wind up where you started.  Thats what the gift is, the exploration of something you had not thought about and the discovery.  Thats my quest and absolution. You win some, you lose some.

I respect your opinion, I will not put you down for expressing a belief if it is pure of heart and offends no one, except those who wholly deserve it.  I do not engage in conversation with people who are mentally blinded by hatred, prejudice, lack of esteem nor common sense. I think I just explained T-RUMP and the GOP.  In the industry someone who still believes in T-RUMP has been severely  “ Trumpitized”, or bought off by Lobby groups like the NRA and should seek professional medical help and possibly a lobotomy. 



Congratulations to Donald T-RUMP who proved even a lieing scumbag with

over 12,519 verifiable lies can be President if he has enough stupid voters… 

His ability to find the stupid and naive is certainly a credit to his dark side


The weak, basically a devoted T-RUMP lover, includes his lies as acceptable.  I have to trade compassion for hate.  I feel sorry for those uneducated, red hat wearing cheerleaders who think a man with the racist and morality of a Hitler will somehow make the United States a better place to live.  He is conquer and divide, same thing history tells us occurred before, even down to detention camps.  He not only supports hate, he is a creator of hate, and supporter of other liars, killers and oligarch in the world.  Two generations back, my family bore the signs of the death camps and generations under the Russian pogroms. I have cause.

He has created a racial divide in this country between the Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics and the Whites.  I see those red hat people at the rallies and I see history repeating itself with the Bundt rallies in American cities by the Nazies prior to World War two.  Sounds harsh but it true as the “ Savior at that time was Adolf Hitler and he too was going to save the world and he too was full of hatred, insane, a narcissist and a liar.  History is truly repeating itself…


Think of the lessons your children are seeing and learning.   They will  learn from you supporting him, how to lie, be a racist, a bigot, a bully, a draft dodger,  a fake author, a pervert, misogamist, and one who hurts people with meaningless words plus being a crook, leaving  billions of dollars in debt, bankruptcies and lawsuits in NY.  His tactics worked as a bully and the first four letters are bull.  Thats T-RUMP, a liar and dangerous and he will morally and fiscally bankrupt this nation.

Worse, he is demonizing children breaking up families, taking kids away from parents, deporting people seeking a better life, just as and no different it did with the NAZI regime and the Russian Czars with their pogroms

He is psychologically unfit for the job and if someone would take him out, by any legal means possible, he would be doing America a favor.  He is as corrupt, mentally deficient and needs to be removed.  Head or feet first does not matter anymore.  He has gone way over the line.

If you claim to be a believer, an Evangelist, and you  believe those lies T-RUMP puts out in tweets, get back on your donkey and go to the Holy Land and seek redemption.  Whatever you claim as your faith your belief, you are a hypocrite.  No human being can support that man and claim a space in heaven.  Please leave now, before heaven gets filled up in 2020 when others come out of hibernation and the only seats left are on the SS Mestopheles Titanica. Read The Requiem


If you cannot comprehend what I show you with evidence and proof by legitimate source and you still believe in fake FOX, Faux news, and  Donald “ Bone Spurs”  T-RUMPS   tweets,  I’m sorry but  have no time for you. I do not carry on any or repugnant lies or conversations with people who believe propaganda perpetrated by T-RUMP or FoX news by the likes of the scumbag fake newscasters like Hannity, Dobbs,  Ingraham and Carlson from FOX news.  Its like asking Dr. Goebbels or Himmler what he really thinks about Hitler.

I write about a myriad of subjects, and it takes three websites topically and typically to handle things.  This is a time of the political theatre, revenge, massive inquiries into a massive problem for the country, simply put the entire government of the people is no more.  We are living in a world of sustained corruption, lies, deceit and incompetence.  It started to surface when a man who thinks he’s a king walked down the escalator.  

Little did we know the court jester had arrived… And now we are 
subjected to a daily dose of T-RUMP chaos and mental trauma… Bless those 
with artistic talent to bring forth the truth


Donald T-RUMP,  is nothing but a fake cheap crook who thinks and acts that way, literally a square in the oval office with a plan that Stalin, Mussolini and especially Hitler used as  ticket for success.  Divide and conquer.    MORE     And there is a simple solution.  Stop his twitter feed.  Its anti-american and full of lies, prejudice and someone needs to end his twitts. Many feel physical removal might be necessary.  He has gone beyond borders of humanity and reality.  This is not a fake TV show, this is life for 350 million people and he is dangerous.

A good up to date look at North Korea, Saudi Arabia, England, Russia, Mexico and Global Warming,  just a small part of everything the Presidente Demente is screwing up for eternity.  ( Make that frickin things up, he has a knack for sticking his nose, mouth and tweets everywhere on earth with the resultant screw-ups. That happens when reality is more than a pre-existing condition and redoes of television)   Bad enough we have him in the States, now he’s frigged up the world.

At the same time you are removing the good honorable people from the three branches of government, T-RUMPS killing of these agencies and disruption of their capacity and the increasing chaos is catastrophic. 

He has created a government of the wealthy, some mentally deficient, oligarchs, some, make that many, are corrupt, flunkies and supporters who paid their way to T-RUMP for their job, they also are stooges.   Names like DeVos, McMahon, Mnuchin, Carson are all TRUMPETS, the only music they make are when he’s blowing smoke through them…. and now we have a busted cabinet of losers, not qualified and the country is in jeopardy.  Over 100, good, bad and the ugly have served T-RUMP and are gone now…

A collection of the top names is stupidity, getting caught in their own lies and burying their heads in the sand putting a new face forward.  These folk fell from grace from their own failure to realize if you stand by a bees nest and throw rocks at the nest, eventually the bees got you figured out.  And there is consequence, jail time like for Manafort and Flynn. Some escaped prosecution by Congress by hopping on a horse and leaving Dodge City.

We also have those lying bastards of the GOP party like ISSA, Chaffetz, Gowdy, Paul Ryan, Louie Gohmert, and others who put party before their constituents and whom they represent.  Real scumbag liars … and a few real schmucks from the past who left an immovable mark on this country.

The GOP  base of idiots is to blame  as well as the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches which are now controlled by the T-RUMP branch that controls the other three. This has been McConnell’s plan from the beginning when he found a way to circumvent the good Republicans who would not fall for Donald’s crap by brainwashing enough weak, naive, stupid moronic undereducated idiots still believing in Cavemen killing Dinosaurs and the Tooth fairy.   

A good read about real truth.    By weakening the Supreme court with Eunnic-cons, conservative judges from local levels to the court itself will be at the whim of the Republicans.    T-RUMP and McConnell owns the GOP by fear and the facts are basically as a branch that rarely helps America.  A Senate, more like a gaggle of old white haired Southern scumbags and ass kissers, who are afraid of McConnell.  We call them Eunuch-cons, a breed with no balls.  A concurrent additive to the division of the Chickenhawks who killed the Elephant.  America! Wake Up

There is a direct correlation between the politicians, pastors and corporate chefs.  It’s called money.  All want your  backing and will lie to you, taking what they can get.  The Mac and Cheese scandal, for years they fed your kids the Whey of the cheese in Mac and Cheese till it was exposed as not healthy.  Finally removed but if you knew what was in some of these other foods, you might think twice.   

OLIVE OIL IS A 16 BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR BUSINESS  influenced by a few dubious Sicilians, or the trafficking of slave labor in the restaurant industry,  even in the shrimp industry, or the local catch, the fake fish you probably got served when you were paying for high end grouper.  Estimates range as high as 80% of the time you are not really getting the top end you paid for.  Whats happening in this country...

The 2012 Benghazi attack was a coordinated attack against two United States government facilities in Benghazi, Libya by members of the Islamic militant group Ansar al-Sharia.   At 9:40 p.m., September 11, members of Ansar al-Sharia attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi resulting in the deaths of US Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and US Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith.  Here is the truth about what really happened and the GOP scumbags and traitors who politicized it.  

“We’re in a political period, especially since the Parkland shooting, where the pro-gun-safety side has new energy, a lot of new money, new organizations and more public support than ever before for their agenda," said Robert Spitzer, a political scientist at the State University of New York-Cortland and author of the "The Politics of Gun Control."

Strange combo, politics, religion and food, but they are similar.  In politics, as in religion the actors you see are always on stage, and I like to sneak backstage behind the curtains, insight in what really goes on in the minds of some of these people you might see.  Same goes for places you frequent for nourishment, it’s called presentation as you might like what you see on the plate, but not like what you don’t see in the kitchen.  Religion is politics, and more corrupt than most politics...

Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor.  The “ Robing Hoods”  in religion take from the poor and make themselves rich...  When you are corrupt at the top, and set bad examples, something tends to flow down hill.


I write in a Brooklyn mode, street talk,  which is both sarcastic, to the point, sadistic at times,  in an out of the box, format or tone. I say what I think, and how I think it. I do use strong language mostly by accident ( call it instinct) for which I apologize when idiots and morons do stupid things.  So if you cannot tolerate a blue word here and there, have a nice day... I will not change, it’s my NY attitude, sublimated by Special Operations time, some tough living and a love of country.

Just so you know this year,  and special thanks to Donald J, T-RUMP  a new word has become ultra-popular and now in print, in vogue and on TV, emails, cards and letters.  It’s allowable on TV and in print.

Just because I called T-RUMP a SCUMBAG and his followers SCUMBIRDS.   And Religious cheats SCAMBIRDS.    In Merriam-Webster there are over 100 synonyms, Scumbag was a  gift from the British.  God Bless the Queen... Oh lately, Son of A Bitch has become popular too especially with the T-RUMP tribe.  And he just broke the worlds record for lies.  

Drum Roll: 12,500 lies by Donald J. T-RUMP 

Registered and fact checked by

 Politico and the Washington Post since 937  

 days in office…

Note: It surpassed Hitler, Himmler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Goebbels combined.  
Great job Mr. President, you truly deserve what you eventually will get. 
Can he possibly hit 20,000 lies? Yes, there are enough idiots who believe him!


NOTE:  I’m not interested in anything from FOX news, Hannity, Coulter, Ingraham or Limbaugh nor any of the other drone bees that work in shock news and lies through the FOX chain.  Enough lies out there from the politicians so we do not need  a commercial company mass-producing them, thats where you’ll find the FAKE, FAKE NEWS  and creative writing by those lightly equipped underachievers with white powdered brains and sensitivities like FOX  (Faux News) 

Our integrity starts with truth sites - Snopes, Politifact, Wikipedia,  CNN, The Washington Post, NY Times, great writers, great courageous people, and so forth.Yes, I may repeat myself a few lines from articles and information after I have sourced them out.  Truth is truth and I’m making a point basically I share with others.   Call it endorsement, agreement, and cohesion with another mans thinking. 

No politicians, the good, the fake or otherwise full bodied scumbags, fake preachers, religious leaders, perverts, pedophiles and other scumbirds nor horses, sheep or canines were injured during the writing of this blog and website even though I had wished a few would have had something really deserving and unfortunate happen to them.   

If you cannot afford an attorney, my nephew will be available at the usual exaggerated attorney fees for malpractice cases so I can get my cut.  

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