But the latest campaign intrigue may offer a window into some of the uncertainties and potential weaknesses that surround Trump's re-election campaign at the moment he plans to amp it up.

Any softening of the President’s popularity in the blue-collar Midwestern heartland would set warning signals flashing inside his camp — given his relatively narrow path to re-election.   Whomever comes out of the 20-plus field of Democrats to face the President will have to be prepared for a man who is adept at attacking his rivals, as evidenced during the 2016 campaign and throughout his presidency.

T-RUMP accused Biden of flip flopping -- most recently on abortion -- under pressure from more radical Democrats in an interview clip released over the weekend.  “He has had to recalibrate on everything,” Trump told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos. "Everything he's said he's taken back two weeks later because he's getting slammed by the left."

Signs that Biden — the Democratic frontrunner — is a serious threat would further play on Trump's mind on a topic over which he has spent considerable time agonizing, sources say.  The President even attacked Biden during a recent trip to Japan -- using assaults on the former vice president's mental capacity by North Korea's official media -- to back up his case.

The leaked polls could have a double electoral consequence in that they appear to bolster Biden’s central campaign argument that he is the Democrat most likely to dispatch Trump in 2020.  But more fundamentally, a candidate that cannot bear to learn the truth about his own campaign is not one who can be considered in a strong position on the eve of its formal launch, or who can easily make tactical adjustments all successful re-election bids require.

Early state polling is not always predictive of how a race ends. And other first-term presidents have often looked more vulnerable than they turned out to be after months on the trail.

Incumbent presidents — especially those steering a strong economy like T-RUMP — have historically had a clear advantage when seeking a second term in office.  And few politicians are as good at defining and eviscerating a campaign trail foe than Trump. So in many ways, the 2020 race will not begin until there is a Democratic nominee.

Yet the President cannot offer as an excuse for worrying poll numbers the usual incumbent’s argument that he has been so consumed with governing that he has had no time for politics.  In fact, his kickoff rally in Orlando on Tuesday night featured an overflow crowd and include Vice President Mike Pence and first lady Melania Trump, may be the most superfluous campaign launch in US political history.

Not only did T-RUMP never stop running after his staggering 2016 election win, he has devoted almost every day since to defending the legitimacy of his presidency and positioning for re-election.  In thousands of tweets, scores of rallies, multiple speeches, and friendly TV interviews, Trump has celebrated his 2016 triumph and obsessively cultivated his political base.

He spent the weekend setting the tone for his re-election push, blasting Democrats, the Russia probe, the media, touting his border wall and warning of a national disaster if he loses.  In a tweet, the President boasted that the economy was setting records "and has a long way up to go..." typically augmenting reality in leveraging his best argument for re-election.

"If anyone but me takes over in 2020 (I know the competition very well), there will be a Market Crash the likes of which has not been seen before! KEEP AMERICA GREAT," he wrote.

Trump has generally sought refuge in friendly interviews inside the conservative media machine in recent months. The ABC interview appeared to be an attempt to engage a wider audience. But the plan may have backfired because it delivered days of unflattering headlines for the President as individual excerpts were released. 

Trump's tweets offer a nutshell introduction to his re-election strategy that will likely be fleshed out on Tuesday: Make exaggerated claims for his own success, tear at cultural and social fault lines that helped him win power, and whip up anger against those he defines as political enemies.

His rhetoric in recent weeks also suggests Trump will make a case to Republicans who backed him in 2016 that he's worked tirelessly to honor his campaign vows and proven to be a great deal maker — despite debatable evidence.

He will highlight the lowest unemployment rate in half a century, gutted government regulations, the travel ban his aides say kept Americans safe, the elimination of a key Obamacare mandate and increased defense spending by NATO members.

He's already raised nearly $100 million for the "Keep America Great" campaign and has crushed dissent within the GOP to ensure the best possible chance at a unified party in the re-election effort.

Rallying the base in the battleground states

Washington buzz about turmoil in his campaign polling machine is unlikely to penetrate the crowds drawn from Trump's uber-loyal political base — especially in Florida where he racked up huge turnout in 2016, particularly in the northwestern panhandle area.

But the decision to begin there rather than in his midwestern bastion is a reminder that the Sunshine State will be vital if 2020 is even closer than 2016 should some of his heartland battlegrounds return to Democratic control.

Trump's entire presidency so far has been a bet that the fiercely loyal grass roots voters who helped him win in 2016 will do so again against a Democrat not named Hillary Clinton.

The theory of Trump/Pence 2020, initiated in unusual campaign rallies during the presidential transition, has disdained broadening his base in favor of keeping voters who idolize him motivated and sufficiently angry to return to polling places in huge numbers.

The 17-month race to Election Day that Trump will preview in Florida on Tuesday night will test whether that strategy is a shrewd bet on a nation that is more polarized than in previous decades.

Or it could reveal that Trump's tumultuous presidency did not just succeed in electrifying his base — but sparked a Democratic backlash that could ultimately send him home to New York.

That's why the leaked polling data from inside Trump's campaign — whether it reflects the current state of the race on the ground or not — could be an early danger sign for Trump in 2020.He has now exceeded 10,000 lies in 827 days in office and I suppose thats acceptable to you.  


•   Do you let your kids lie like that? 

•   Does your wife or husband cheat on you and lie about it?

•   Is lying that acceptable in your house?  

•   Are you proud of the leader of the free world and acceptable as a liar representing the country that thousands died to behold truth, honesty and the American Way. 

•   Does your Priest, Rabbi or Shaman think lieing is OK?  Does your Religion think it’s ok? 

•   If you still support him you… are not deserving of being an American that I would be proud to call a friend.  

•   I hope sincerely your kids are smarter than you and don’t grow up as naive as you are and question the liars for the truth.

•   If you still believe the lies you truly are supporting a sick individual who eventually will do us harm to the extent that will take decades to correct…



I believe in a serious note for a change, truly serious that T-RUMP is suffering from the beginnings of dementia. I work with people who have dementia and that includes one member of my own family who has Alzheimers after suffering a debilitating serous of events.

  1. He keeps going back to the past, the 2016 election, Hillary, Comey, fake news about the people count at the inauguration and so forth.  Depressives dwell in the past.  
  2. He tells us of his great works, ( so far we can’t really find any)  whereas he knows nothing of current events or what really happening today because he does not read. 
  3. He does not get good security briefings
  4. He talks about his great business epics whereas when scrutinized were failures and bailouts and he survived by bankruptcy, screwing all his partners and Daddy’s money. 
  5. His losses were close to a billion over ten years. That’s how much money Donald Trump’s businesses lost from 1985 to 1994, according to The New York Times. The newspaper learned the details about a decade’s worth of Trump’s tax records, which indicate that he lost more money than nearly any other individual US taxpayer during that time period.  Thats why he wanted them hidden.
  6. His remarks are Junior or Middle school equivalent, he repeats a lot of simple words like great, wonderful, really good job, and so forth when he is in a complimentary mode which is usually some ignorant cabinet flunky or staffer who got lucky that day.  (Two days later he fires him and that cabinet position is available again)
  7. Which leaves us with a bunch of ass-kissing do nothings but take up space….DeVos, Mnuchin, Ross and Carson.  All unfit for the position they are in. We call them placemats. The others don’t say much, and do nothing.
  8. His remarks are usually a lie which he denies the next day and calls it fake media, thats why he can’t have  a real press conference since his short time statement ad hoc shooting from the hip, he can’t remember.  His mind in not on the subject it is on some form of hate or retaliation. 


The laws pertaining to legally, stupidly, complex getting rid of the Square in the Oval Office are limited, they are:

1-Loss in election 2020, No party support, people find the truth.

2-Impeachment by Congress  ( Impeach some of them too)  But impeachment does not mean removal

3-Use of the “ Unstable 25 th Amendment”  Possible but requires areal FUBAR on his behalf.

4-Health issues  ( Poisoning is not a health issue, nor is putting ROUNDUP in his hairspray legal) 

5-Assassination  (Economically speaking the least expensive method, about $1.25 for one bullet and a great shot )

6-Military Coup  ( Not quite possible, but prayer helps, but any of the former Generals who originally served in the WhiteHouse could do a better job and then order a formal trial for T-RUMP just after they execute him.  Why wait?

7-Invasion By the Romulans - Only if approved by Worf of the Klingons and they could take T-RUMP as a prisoner and hold him for ransom which no one would pay

8-Proper Roasting for his Comedy routines called rallies at the next ISIS convention.  Olive oil is extra cost option.


Democrats are planning to host a Capitol Hill event featuring psychiatrists who will warn that President Trump is unfit for office based on his mental health.

The event will be led by Dr. Bandy Lee, a Yale School of Medicine psychiatrist and editor of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a book that argues psychiatrists have a responsibility to warn the public when a president is dangerous. The position is controversial because psychiatric associations urge members never to diagnose patients they haven't personally evaluated, saying it undermines the scientific rigor of the profession. 

But Lee and others who agree with her stance say that their description of the president’s behavior, of his showing mental instability and dangerousness, shouldn't be interpreted as issuing a diagnosis. 
Columnist Kristen Soltis Anderson on the expanded Washington Examiner magazine

“The president's condition has been visibly deteriorating to the point where there's a lot of talk right now about his mental state beyond mental health professionals," Lee said. "It no longer takes a mental health professional to recognize the seriousness of the current presidency."

The date for the town hall hasn't been set but would be held "imminently soon within the next couple of weeks," said Lee, who said the event was meant to be bipartisan.  Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth, D-Ky., who has called for Trump's impeachment, confirmed the event was in the works, but said it would be more likely to occur in July because lawmakers have a full plate in June with spending bills. 

"We're planning to put together an event," Yarmuth said. "She's calling it a town hall. We haven't actually determined the format, but it's going to be an event where she is going to present her findings, and media will be invited." 

Yarmuth said every House member would be invited but that he hadn't yet gauged who would be interested because not many people knew about it. Lee said the group would reconsider the event if no Republicans planned to show up.

The White House did not immediately return a request for comment. 

According to Lee, attendees at the town hall would watch a condensed video that was recorded at a Washington, D.C., event held at the National Press Club in March that featured 13 expertsdiscussing how they didn't think Trump was fit for office. The experts, who came from the fields of mental health, philosophy, history, and journalism, said they were worried about the president's access to nuclear weapons and the impact his administration would have on climate change. 

Lee said the event is to allow members of Congress to ask her and other experts questions, but planners hope the town hall will be broadcast live so that people who aren't in D.C. also would be able to watch and submit questions. 

Lee said the experts won't make specific recommendations about whether Congress should consider invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office or whether they should do so by impeachment. The political process should be determined by members of Congress, she said. 

Yarmuth said that, to him, the event was a separate question from impeachment. "I don't think an assessment of someone's mental health is an impeachable issue," he said. 

He decided to hold the event "for the same fears she has," he said, referring to Lee. "That the president is manifesting dangerous behavior and the American people need to be alert to it." 

"Their position is that as professionals, when they see patterns of behavior that are endangering people, that they have a professional obligation to go public and alert the people who are threatened, and in this case it's the American people," Yarmuth said. "I think the American people deserve to have wider dissemination of that perspective." 

It's not yet clear who else will participate. Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., who has a 25th Amendment bill that would set up a body in Congress to determine presidential fitness, had been asked to be on a panel that was based on the topic and set for sometime around May 20. The panel was then canceled or postponed because of scheduling conflicts, and Raskin's office said it hadn't heard about a new one in the works. 

His deputy communications director, Samantha Brown, said in an email that he likely would have discussed the 25th Amendment from a historical and legal perspective. 

Lee has been outspoken about Trump's mental state. She's the public face of a five-person group that is meeting regularly in D.C. and working to set up a medical panel to evaluate the mental capacity of Trump and Democratic presidential candidates.

"It's deceptive because it seems like he's alert, it seems like he's responding to things in a rational manner, but it is not the case from every measure that we have taken," Lee said of Trump. "And this is very serious. In fact, worse than if he had a stroke and were unconscious because he can mislead the country in destructive or nefarious ways." 

One of the other members of the working group is Dr. James Merikangas, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at George Washington University, but the others haven't identified themselves publicly and aren't known to the Washington Examiner. 

In April, Lee and other psychiatrists wrote a report using the former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian election interference to make an assessment about the president's mental health. They at first refrained from issuing a conclusion and gave Trump three weeks to undergo an evaluation. After they didn't hear back, they released a conclusion that Trump "lacks mental basic mental capacity for duties of office" and recommended his access to nuclear weapons and war powers be curtailed.

“Our concern is that the dangers be contained — the dangers of having a president who lacks the mental capacity, lacks the fitness to discharge his duties of office for the remainder of his term," Lee said. "I mean, this is really a national emergency."

The President of the United States doesn’t tell the truth — at all.  Thats just a fact and an indication of his sickness.  
And so, while the fact that President Donald T-RUMP has now said more than 10,000 false or misleading things in his first 827 days in office, according to The Washington Post Fact Checker, is both galling and appalling,  it is not at all that surprising.

What is surprising -- and even more important -- than the sheer number of falsehoods T-RUMP spews is that the rate at which he does so has picked up dramatically seemingly with every month he has spent in the White House.

 "All told, the president racked up 171 false or misleading claims in just three days, April 25-27. That’s more than he made in any single month in the first five months of his presidency."  

Think on that for a minute. In a three-day period, the President said or tweeted 171 untruths. That's an average of 57 untruths a day. It's hard to do that even if you are trying.

Over the last seven months, again according to Fact Checker calculations, Trump is not telling the truth at a rate THREE times higher than he did in his first 600 days in office -- and even then he was averaging eight false or misleading statements a day.

What’s clear here is that as Trump's presidency rolls along, he retreats more and more into a world of his own creation, a world that is increasingly devoid of any objectively accepted facts. 

What's also clear is that as Trump turns more and more to his 2020 reelection race, his exaggerations, distortions and outright lies grow more and more common.

All of which means that if it took 827 days to say 10,000 false things, it could well take half that time for him to get to 20,000. (In case you are wondering, 413 days from today is June 15, 2020 -- which is right in the heart of the campaign season.

Two things are true about this stunning mountain of lies and distortions:  It will make very little difference as to whether T-RUMP is reelected in 2020 as it is the defining trait of his presidency and will be his lasting legacy on politics.

On the first point, it's important to remember that Trump didn't win in 2016 because people thought he was honest and trustworthy.  Just 33% of voters said they believed him to be honest and trustworthy, according to exit polling, while 64% said he was not. Most remarkably, 1 in 5 people who said T-RUMP wasn't honest or trustworthy voted for him anyway.

Generally that fits in the category of blooming idiot syndrome.

That will be the T-RUMP legacy — no matter whether he loses in 2020 or wins a second term. A legacy that not telling the truth is OK -- as long as you get away with it. That facts are fun things to play with.  That reality is in the eye of the beholder.  It’s sad that there are no more Harry Truman’s.  He was strong, determined and honest. It took guts to use the bomb, it takes guts to be honest with the people, these are traits  Donald “Bone Spurs” T-RUMP is missing.



You take down, destroy, or neutralize the Department of Justice, the FBI, Homeland Security,  other groups under their control leaving the control in the hands of the Executive by hiring a scumbag like Barr.   He has attacked the Supreme Court and lower courts by filling them with right wing conservatives. Now you control the cops and judges with the stooges you put in place.  

Backed and supported by other scumbags like Mitch McConnell, who is a staunch conservative with little or no moral capacity for those who need a hand up, and totally corrupt game player and should be hanged.  One day hopefully these people will be rounded up and hanged, nothing is more fitting for all the pain they have thrown on the people stupid enough to have elected them.

Gerrymandering, voter fraud fake news, PAC fake news reports, just about anything that the prejudiced low life can create and support and has been controlling the Chickenhawks and Eunuch-Cons in the Senate for way too long.

The most dangerous dictators and authoritarians all used a technique called DEVIATION,  a detour, diversion, departure, divergence, excursus and its simple,  but an effective technique.   

Everyday come up with a new crisis or lie and that keeps the press off balance because they have to fact check everything and by the time it’s checked there is a new problem on the screen.  Then he calls it fake news.  The owners of Tabloid magazines print lots of the real Fake News.  Think of it as comic books for dumbass adults.  Basically it means if truth doesn’t work, baffle them with BS.  

Trump’s intelligence information comes from the tabloid mind of an absence of truth.  In fact one of the conspirators mentioned and pled guilty by the Mueller report was the Tabloid Giant American Media Inc., the country’s largest tabloid publisher whose chairman is a close ally of President Trump, controls almost the entire supermarket checkout rack after new acquisitions announced on Friday.



The Presidents rhetoric, mainly through the spewing of false information, lies and corruption turned the swamp,  (AKA basically the Republican schitenhausen storm of negativism and obstruction for personal greed led by Jordan and Meadows)  into a cesspool run by a demented individual needing critical mental help for several deficiencies.  

We swapped a swamp for a cesspool of corrupt humanity.  He has now come full circle, emulating the rise to power of Hitler and the NAZI campaign.  You could almost refer to Trump as “ Herr T-RUMP the Fuehrer” and the Press Corps answered with...
                              “ Da Fewer Da Better!” 

The news that comes out of Trumps mouth is the fake news.  Most real news is real as long as it is not from Donald T-RUMP, his stooges or pricks like Hannity, Dobbs, Ingraham or  anyone else from FOX.    Donald says or does something usually incorrect or stupid  and in reality it gets get reported…  Thats part of the DEVIATION, keeping truth off line in lieu of his lies.

And when it does break, he denies it as fake news.  We have it on tape recorders and TV.  All of the reporters I know tape him,  just good safe true backup coverage because tomorrow is another day and he will deny it. Thats what scumbags do. 

He is the true enemy of America and needs to be removed.  How doesn’t matter, when you have garbage you just remove it.  Start watching the History channel and all about World War II and you’ll see the similarities between TRUMP and HITLER, same tactics and objectives, almost word for word.  It’s an incredible mind blowing match. 

This is not a total character assignation, the man is acutely and verifiably crazy-nuts by hundreds of Dr’s of Psychiatry and is a plea for getting him Baker Acted and some mental health help. 

But he is also personally and emotionally depraved,  and a very sick man when it comes to women and immigrants and people who don’t look and act like him which is 99.9% of the world.  

And well displayed at the UN, at Conferences, at Coalitions and on Twitter. The entire world laughed right in his face.  We should not challenge him, we should seek aid for him before someone takes things into their own hands.  People forget there were seven attempts on Hitlers life.  One was close.   He is fortunate he has such good security.  

06-07-2019 aljacobsladder.com