Michael Dean Murdock (born April 18, 1946 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States) He is a fake, con, fraud, televangelist and pastor of the Wisdom Center Ministry based in Fort Worth, Texas and the son of J.E. Murdock, who was also a pastor and crook. 

Murdock was educated in LaGrange High School in Lake Charles and attended Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie for three semesters. He didn’t quite make it,  he flunked.  

The calling and the fast cash was too much to bear bothering to listen to their stuff. He writes his own "stuff".  Books, music, flyers all come to him magically, spiritually and plageristicly.

MONEY:   Mike Murdock – Many of Mike’s followers are poor. So poor that they can’t afford to send him the money he needs to maintain his lavish lifestyle. His solution? He’s told his followers on national TV that if they put their donation on a credit card, that God will erase their credit debt for them.  That’s disgusting.


He received an
honorary doctorate from International Seminary in Florida which is not accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States nor Canada.  A mail order divinity printing house.   I'm Jewish and could get a Doctorate of Divinity which is totally worthless a degree there, if I just put an "en" after my last name.  Probably wouldn't have to do that.  For 29.95 additional I would get the Doctorate mounted on a genuine particle board frame with molding around it in any of six colors.

I would hang it on the wall next to my official Kentucky Colonel Certificate, my Doctorate from “ Masters Fishing College” who claim to turn you into a Master-Baiter, and my official decoder ring and certificate from Captain Midnight and the Secret Squadron.  All of which carry as much weight as his Doctor of Divinity does.

He was mentored under Jimmy Swaggart, the prostitute loving piano playing evangelist, and is seen quite often in circles with  Benny Hinn, AKA the  well-dressed FAKIR and clothing GURU. 

He appeared with Tammy Faye Bakker.  May she rest in peace in Heavenly Fields of Flowing Mascara which she loved so much. I liked her, she was funny at least.  He also hosts the Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock, a television program,  which when posted next to a three dollar bill gives it a run for the money! Cause thats what he’s after.


Mike Murdock began preaching at the age of eight. One of those carefully sponsored child marvels the tent revivalists like to throw on the scene. It defines in their warped minds that these Holy Men are God inspired at an early age.  He began full-time evangelism at the age of 19 appearing on all the usual Godly hotspots TBN, CBN, BET, INSP, WORD, Daystar and other cable television networks, and his weekly television program, Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock. 

Murdock is a Founding Trustee on the Board of International Charismatic Bible Ministries with Dr. Oral Roberts. Holy sh*t, thats the biggest, most profitable prosperity crook of them all.  Good company, but not God's company.   Birds of a feather like to hang together,  though they would turn on each other in a flash.  Most likely candidates would be Vultures, they hang together.


"Dr. Mike Murdock” SUPREME SMOKE BLOWER - Viewers of his Wisdom Keys show get plummeted in media praising his Doctorate. He gave it to himself,  by his self anointing. He is Mike Murdock, supposedly anointed by God. He is the fake Dr with a toilet paper degree.  He claims he  is the author of dozens of books and thousands of songs. (We couldn't find them) Brochures are not books. Couldn't find the songs on any charts anywhere.

He presents himself as a man of letters. But he is "Dr. Mike Murdock," seminary dropout, and the letters we found are  S-C-A-M,  F-R-A-U-D and C-R-O-O-K,  He claims he is divine absolution and the authority so that people can set aside common sense and that means sending him money their money.


"Maybe you've got money in a closet somewhere, in a coin collection, in stocks and bonds," he said. "I don't know where you're going to get it, but you know."  This bastard would take their last dollar if he could.  Murdock told his audience, "We've got to get you debt-free. We've got to get you a house paid for."

Murdock proclaims to be  a "tool of God" and failure to comply with his wishes will jeopardize your miracles, currently going for five for $100.00.  Larger miracle packages may be purchased and easy credit terms are available.  Miracles, hundred in one day, testimonials of those who he says have experienced the miraculous.  Those that fell in the toilet, though, do not get honorable mention. He tend to forget those who have failed and received nothing.

He was investigated by the Star-Telegram. They examined the Mike Murdock Evangelistic Association, he would not agree to an interview. Recently, in letters and on audiocassettes, he has offered all kinds of explanations for media scrutiny, ranging from disloyal friends to statements he made three years ago that homosexuality is a sin.  

Star-Telegram religion writer Darren Barbee spent six months examining the Mike Murdock Evangelistic Association. Staff writers Jeff Claassen and Mike Lee and librarians Jan Fennell and Cathy Belcher provided research assistance.  Here is their website and they really got deep into this charlatan.   http://www.trinityfi.org/press/murdock03.html


•  1995, Murdock said that he had written 57 books.
•  2002, he said he had written 135
•  2009, he has more than 1,200 manuscripts "we're trying to get to press." 
•  Ole Anthony of the Trinity Foundation, a televangelist watchdog group in Dallas, points out that some of the books are only 30 pages. "He says he writes all these books, but they're like a half-chapter of a normal book," Anthony said. "They should be called pamphlets."  Doth not a book make, a paper maybe, a pamphlet maybe but not a book.


•  1976, he had written five songs. 
•  1986, he said, he had written 1,200. 
•  Today, he claims  has written 6,000 songs, which would rank him tops songwriter in the world.

The ministry's Web site has about a dozen different tapes of his music for sale. Murdock has registered 76 songs with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and Broadcast Music Inc., according to unofficial data kept on those groups' Web sites. Registering is not publishing. 


He does not explain that his doctorate is honorary, given by International Seminary in Florida. Seminary officials declined to comment on how they select the recipients of honorary doctorates.  But according to the seminary’s Web site, “The acceptance of our degrees in religious circles has been very high.”    Both of our members agreed.  Those fakes accept fake degrees by a fake institution only given to fake prophets.

That simply means idiots believe them. The seminary's accreditation is from the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries, which is in Beebe, Ark. The commission itself does not follow generally accepted accrediting practices, and it is not recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation or the U.S. Department of Education or anyone else.   Critics have said the commission has few standards for granting accreditation. It's a huge hoax. For $79.95, you too can be accredited. For $499.00, they will ordain you a Bishop.  Got a little Pope Smoke in your heart $3995.00. The truth is Murdock dropped out of Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie *** in 1966.   

***  Sometimes spelled as Whack-a-hoochie


Murdock also makes sweeping claims that donations to the ministry support huge crusades, feed the hungry and spread the Gospel in dozens of countries. The ministry's 2000 Internal Revenue Service reports show little support for charitable works or for other ministries. Its 2001 - 2017  IRS report has not been filed yet.

Murdock says this power from God gives him the authority to push back illnesses, demons and creditors by "applying" biblical passages. He also uses the anointing to encourage, and even demand, donations.  Critics see Murdock’s claims as dangerous because he requires people to put as much faith in him as they do in God and more important their Doctors of Medicine.



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