Our Supreme Draft Dodging Scumbag and wall builder President Donald T-RUMP leveraged his claims to be a world-class deal maker to win the presidency, touting that his fabled negotiating skills would reap benefits for America.  

Boy, did that turn out to be a crock of sh*t and lies… So, supposedly he wrote a book.  Oh-no, more bullshit it seems coming from the Donald. 

The businessman who hired a writer to pen "The Art of the Deal" was supposed to translate his real estate prowess into governing.   But the longer he stays in office, the better we understand why his ghostwriter now says the book was a sham.
At the end of his presidency a new version will be coming out…





In conjunction with a huge staff, close to 10,000 lies are a lot and hard to handle, we are swamped, for sure he is the most prolific liar the world has seen since Hitlers entire crew and if we add the usual critters like Giuliani, Pence, and Graham, they might surpass all the liars in history.  

Then we will bring out my book on the T-RUMP Presidency called the “ The Farts In My Spiel”.  And it will answer those questions Americans and the world for that matter want answers to.  



🏛 I have learned not to hate people, I may hate what they stand for, but not against them personally…  except… when they constantly lie to the people of this great nation, dodge the draft, sacrifice others, promote hatred, bigotry and prejudice, sanctimonious bullshit, indecency and that defines our President Donald J. T-rump as a Draft Dodging Scumbag Low Life wart on the assholes of the ignorant who support him.
(DDSLL) …that he really is

Again, I have much compassion for people, if you read what I write, it’s a bit of me.  But, my compassion gets lost when the person is driven by mental incapacity, unfit to serve in office, greed, narcissism, hatred, prejudice or even occasional incompetence.

This man is driven by hatred, and so mentally incapacitated you fell sorry for him.  T-RUMP is just another mentally diminished nutcase with a definitive combination of every illness I learned about in two years of college level psychology. But he is also a crafty crook and does a fine job of deviation and manipulation.

He is in ( serious numbers of quotes from psychiatrists) total denial, he is in a job he accidentally fell into because people who voted for him, the American rural voters did so by facial recognition and names they can spell.  They show obvious signs of stupidity and ignorance by their continuous support and vote by TV fake news like FOX.

He never wanted the job, it was all a self righteous big publicity stunt that has cost this country more than it can repair in the next two decades or more and some things will not easily be repaired, like the trust and alliances, information sharing against the war in terrorism.       

The man is a sick he would grope your wife if he had the chance.  That doesn’t seem to bother sick people like the GOP base and the Evangelicals. The Conservative Greedy Fakes seem to go well with other fakes.  He might want to find out soon if he can PARDON himself?

Ever wonder how all those Senators are millionaires and better on 200,000 dollars a year.

I still love honest Republican and Democratic conservatives, nothing wrong with guarding the henhouse and engaged in rational conversation.  This is not about you, this is about that 40% GOP lower bar ignorant level, screaming “ Lock them up” and other stupid chants.  Flynn the schmuck that started and pushed the phrase “Lock em up”, and all that chanting by morons,  FLYNN is the one going to prison and locked up for a long time as a traitor to his country.


NOTE TO IDIOTS OF THE GOP BASE AND EVANGELICALS:   It’s the 37 indicted fellow liars under T-RUMP that someone with an ounce of brains would realize.  “ The train somehow got off on a bad side rail and is headed for the bad bridge over the gully…the man brings it on day after day and its time to stop him before he puts us in a mess that will take decades to restore.


Impeach T-RUMP … only in brief times in our history have we fell backwards, but we got up and moved on better than ever and we will do the same when we get rid of the train driver who is about to run us clear off the tracks. It’s the Nations House.  It’s not his house and not his frickin country to screw up.  

I HATE THE FOLLOWERS, WEAK OF TRUTH, WHO ARE claiming that T-RUMP is the answer.  If you believe them, are you that stupid?  T-RUMP a proven liar and draft dodger, riding on the wings of the previous presidency and turnaround, and the verbal disgusting defamation of one of our nations hero’s, allies and friends  

Then add the failure and ignorance of the GOP and some Evangelical American Voters to properly judge whom they vote for.   And we will all (except the rich) pay the price for your stupidity, but Jesus will note who you stood for, and you will be judged for accepting the lies of the false Messiah.


Trump: The Art of the Deal is a 1987 book authored by Tony Schwartz and credited to Donald Trump.  Part memoir and part business-advice book, it was the first book credited to T-RUMP  and helped to make him a "household name".  It reached number 1 on The New York Times Best Seller list, stayed there for 13 weeks, and altogether held a position on the list for 48 weeks.

The book received additional attention during Trump's 2016 campaign for the presidency of the United States. He cited it as one of his proudest accomplishments and his second-favorite book after the Bible.  (BULLSHIT)

The ghost writer Tony Schwartz called writing the book his “ greatest regret in life, without question,” and both he and the book’s publisher, Howard Kaminsky, said that T-RUMP had played no role in the actual writing of the book. Trump has given conflicting accounts on the question of authorship.

T-RUMP was persuaded to produce the book by Condé Nast owner Si Newhouse after the May 1984 issue of Newhouse's magazine GQ – with Trump appearing on the cover – sold well.  Schwartz was hired for $250,000 upfront and assigned half the royalties to write the book.

According to Schwartz in July 2016, Trump wrote none of the book, choosing only to remove a few critical mentions of business colleagues at the end of the process. T-RUMP responded with conflicting stories, saying “I had a lot of choice of who to have write the book, and I chose Schwartz”, but then said,  " Schwartz didn't write the book. I wrote the book.”  

Former Random House head Howard Kaminsky, the book's original publisher, said "Trump didn’t write a postcard for us!" The book was published in November 1987 by Random House, with the authorship given as "Donald Trump with Tony Schwartz".

Schwartz was the subject of a July 2016 article in The New Yorker in which Schwartz describes Donald T-RUMP unfavorably and relates how he came to regret writing The Art of the Deal. He also stated that if it were to be written today it would be very different and titled: 


Schwartz repeated his self-criticism on Good Morning America, saying he had “ put lipstick on a pig.”   In response to these claims, Trump's attorneys have demanded that Schwartz cede all his royalties from the book to Trump.

The Art of the Deal was published in November 1987 by Random House. A promotional campaign was undertaken in conjunction with the release of the book. This included T-RUMP holding a release party at T-RUMP Tower that was hosted by Jackie Mason and featured a celebrity-filled guest list.  There were a series of appearances by him on television talk shows. T-RUMP also appeared on a number of magazine covers as part of publicity for the book.   Excerpts from the book were published in New York magazine. The book has been translated into over a dozen languages.


Publishers Weekly called it a “boastful, boyishly disarming, thoroughly engaging personal history”.  People magazine gave it a mixed review.  In 1988, Trump and Ted Turner announced plans for a television film based on the book. The plans had been largely abandoned by 1991.  

Three years later, journalist John Tierney noted T-RUMP “appears to have ignored some of his own advice" in the book due to "well-publicized problems with his banks."    Trump’s self-promotion, best-selling book and media celebrity status led one commentator in 2006 to call him "a poster-child for the 'greed is good' 1980s."

√  Jim Geraghty in the National Review said in 2015 that the book showed “  much softer, warmer, and probably happier figure than the man dominating the airwaves today.

√  John Paul Rollert, an ethicist writing about the book in The Atlantic in 2016, says T-RUMP sees capitalism not as an economic system but a morality play.

In October 2018, the New York Times published an investigation contradicting many of the claims made by the Book, particularly the assertion that Donald T-RUMP is a self made billionaire. The investigation details how T-RUMP received at least $413 million in 2018 dollars from his father's real estate empire, rather than the $1 million stated in the book.

Based on Trump’s tax returns between 1985 and 1994 which showed a loss greater than "nearly any other individual American taxpayer" during that period, co-author Schwartz suggested that the book might be "recategorized as fiction".