President T-RUMP ( AKA “ That schmuck")  added that military action remains an option. “Hopefully we do not have to use it,” he said during remarks about North Korea. “But if we do, we will use it. If we have to, we will use it.”

Kim Jong Un is back on his white horse, as North Korea flags a big decision…  “The DPRK has heard more than enough dialogue rhetoric raised by the US whenever it is driven into a tight corner,” Ri said. “ So, no one will lend an ear to the US any longer.”

Last week, North Korea chose Thanksgiving Day to launch two projectiles from what it called a “super large multiple-rocket launcher,” marking the 14th test of short-range rockets or missiles it has undertaken this year.

On July 4, 2017, North Korea conducted its first test of an ICBM, the Hwasong 14, with leader Kim Jong Un describing it as a gift package” for the Americans on their Independence Day.   North Korea has also dialed up the military threats in recent months, suggesting it may soon launch a ballistic missile in the direction of Japan.

  • POINT:  It tested a new type of submarine-launched ballistic missile at the start of this month,  just days before the US and North Korea held working-level nuclear talks. Those talks didn't end in any formal agreement. The early October launch was especially concerning because it was the first missile test by North Korea in some time that didn’t involve a shorter-range weapon.  

    In conjunction, 
    North Korea on Monday recalled the days of “  Fire and fury” by releasing images of leader Kim Jong Un touring a suspected nuclear-capable submarine, and a close reading of the images reveal once again that a US fight with North Korea could mean death for millions in the region, and suicide for Pyongyang, the country's capital. 
    North Korea showed Kim touring a factory building a submarine.  Kim hasn’t been pictured inspecting weapons capable of carrying nuclear warheads since the thaw in tensions between Washington and Pyongyang, but on Monday, it appears to have lost its patience with now stalled peace talks. 
  • POINT:  Kim Jong-Un’s recent short-range missile tests send some important signals,  They tell North Korean hardliners that Kim remains committed to national defense, even as he negotiates with Washington, and they tell the US that Kim is serious about an end-of-year deadline for the US to change its stance in nuclear talks. If Washington ignores that deadline, bigger provocations could be on the way, they write.  
    The missiles themselves were noteworthy, and we shouldn’t discount them simply because they can’t cross the Pacific,  They can hit South Korea and Japan.  The missiles were solid-fueled, which makes them easier to move and conceal. They chiefly threaten South Korea—“handy tools to later hold South Koreans and Americans living in the South hostage”


Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was “pleased” with the outcome of his summit meeting Thursday in the Russian city of Vladivostok with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying he would discuss the results with China and the United States.
“We are all pleased with the outcome of the talks -- both I and my colleagues,” the Russian leader said. “Chairman Kim Jong Un is a fairly open person, leading a free discussion on all issues that were on the agenda.”

Asked if Kim would be willing to continue his contact with the US, Putin said the leader in Pyongyang would be guided by his “national interests,” but added that “we can’t resolve anything without talks” when it came to the crisis on the Korean peninsula. Putin, who travels next to Beijing, said he would discuss the summit with his Chinese counterparts.

“Of course, I will speak tomorrow in Beijing with the leadership of the People’s Republic of China, but we will also openly and frankly discuss today’s meeting with the American leadership,” he said.


03/20/2019 WASHINGTON  -  Sec. John Bolton said the 2nd summit was not a failure!  He was right... it was another colossal monumental classic T-RUMP unplanned, off the wall, love fest that festered and died.  We call  it a “ Super Festerfuck”. ( New word in the dictionary)

T-RUMP likes KIM more than John Bolton so he fired Bolton who possibly was too outspoken on N. Korea.  Bolton was also sure Kim will never get rid of his nukes, the world agrees.  So once again Donald is blowing smoke, farts, bullsh*t and enough verbal fertilizer to cover the entire peninsula and solve their food crisis.

The officials told reporters that President T-RUMP remains “personally engaged”. ( About as successful as a dose of clap) Officials said the US is working to tighten pressure on North Korea’s balls to “ unprecedented” levels by better enforcing sanctions and other economic measures against the North.  “ This is a new approach,” one senior official said. “ You’ve had piecemeal sanctions over the years.”  Now we can secure a total failure, the expected outcome.  

T-RUMPS dreaming and mental masterbation, the failure of North Korea will not happen. Don’t underestimate Kim Jong UN.

What a big double bill it was -- President Donald T-RUMP taking the world stage for a SECOND nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea who appears to be the chef in these maneuvers. Meanwhile Kim Jung Un was contemplating Vietnamese 👍🏼Duck Sauce or Chinese Mustard with the leftovers while T-RUMP was looking for the catsup.  

Kim Jung Un clearly made the president the biggest jackass the world has seen in a long time.  He has outsmarted the golden fake hair wonder making him travel around the world twice responding to love letters that are as full of sh*t as the two of them and in true T-RUMP fashion, he lied again about Otto Warmbier.

When asked about the treatment of Otto Warmbier, an American student who spent 17 months in North Korean detention before being returned to the US in a vegetative state and subsequently dying, T-RUMP denied Kim had been aware of the incident.  "He felt badly about it.  He felt very badly,” Trump added. “I don’t believe that he (Kim) would have allowed that to happen.   ( For this Donald received the prestigious Village idiot Award)

Joseph Yun, the former State Department Special Representative for North Korea, confirmed Monday that he signed an agreement to pay North Korea $2 million for the release of American student Otto Warmbier in 2017.  In an interview with CNN's Jim Sciutto, Yun said that he did so with the approval of then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and that it was his understanding President Donald Trump had also signed off on the decision. 

North Korea presented US with $2 million bill for care of Otto Warmbier, but T-RUMP says US didn’t pay.   


They (N. Koreans) have built more powerful weapons, better secure locations, better ties with China, the South, and other parts on the peninsulas in the South East Asia regional area as a nuclear power.  

And their cyber hackers cracked the sh*t out of major companies in the US while Donald the Patsy was kissing the little bastards fat ass.  Why is Kim laughing, he just stuck Donald with the lunch bill and why is Donald is frothing at the mouth, he’s thinking he looks like a negotiator.  Actually real talks took place...keep reading...


1️⃣  Kim–Xi meetings is a series of summits between North Korea and China during the year 2018.  North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-Un secretly met with Chinese paramount leader Xi Jinping on March 25–28, 2018.

2️⃣   Xi made a classified invitation to Kim to visit China, after which Kim visited Beijing used his bullet proof train to travel to the three-day meeting in DalianLiaoning, China.  

3️⃣   Kim and Xi had a third surprise meeting on June 19–20, 2018.  This is the second time China’s paramount leader Xi Jinping has met Kim Jong-un in two months, and Xi Jinping reaffirmed his state visit to Pyongyang by the end of 2018. 


Truly his best “puker” to date.  Sincere ? Who is kidding who?  Who wrote that line into the agreement.   Must have been the head liar, Steven Miller.  

Donald did KIM a favor, he brought him out to the world stage.  Kim knows he has Donald by the short hairs or in Donald’s case the swept hairs.

The training events we have for security are cancelled to “ save money”.  Thats bullshit, Donald’s trips could pay for the next four years.  But he has weakened training in an era,  in that area where China is building offshore bases on islands.  Kim has already won.  We sent a lightweight to a welterweight fight.

WARNING: With U.S.-China trade ties on the rocks, Kim is well-positioned to play both powers, talking sweet to Trump while pursuing a closer relationship with Xi.   YOU THINK?  

It was the plan from the beginning.  The little Rocket Man schmoo-ed him without saying a word.  Donald the great deal maker, well as my poker player friend would say, he done got played...bad. 

Bluffing might work in poker, but bullshit rarely works in politics, and you’ll lose when the cards are exposed.  Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol-Ju, is on the left.

Ri Sol-Ju was only last year "outed" as the supreme leader's wife, having previously stood, unidentified, in photos with him.  
She's around 30 and comes from a well-to-do North Korean family.  
She is very pretty, with great taste in her apparel.   Xi’s wife is very attractive too and both women pose a lot better than their husbands. The rumor mill has been churning out stories that she may have shot a homemade porn film, and that she once led a promiscuous lifestyle. Obviously denied on all counts

Kim Jong (Jung) Un ( there are about five different ways his name is spelled when translated ) took over the role of Supreme Leader when the country was already in trouble, with skyrocketing poverty and starvation rates. Still, the supreme leader himself lives a "seven-star party lifestyle."