How can one man dodge the truth so well, as a liar, exaggerator  bully, arrogant, dismissive personality, coward, name calling, draft dodging, degenerate, ignorant, incompetent and conspiring would be dictator, crook,  false prophet, fake and someone who never got on his knees and asked for forgiveness from anyone or anything a day in his life...

•  He finds it very easy.  He lies well,  more than any other human in the world.  His TV reality show fake experience taught him to capture the moment and claim victory though according to the FACT checkers about 80% of his words are lies.  Most of  HIS PROMISES AND HIS TRACK RECORDS SHOW DEFEATS...  

•  He is an entertainer with great comedy delivery, at his speech at the UNITED NATIONS he had the entire General Assembly brought to laughter in all seven languages... unfortunately at him... not with him.  Obviously the UN thought it was a comedienne brought in for entertainment.  

•  At the major security conference in Poland the week of the 18th VP Mike Pence gave his usual blow-job over the top Mr. Wonderful speech and mentioned T-RUMP.  NOT EVEN A GOLF CLAP!  And the President of Germany gave him a thrashing while Trumps daughter and son- in-law sat in the audience.

•  He is the claimed Messiah of the naive and ignorant, by bullying, assassinating others and mockery.  He has his base convinced that he can and will make good anything that’s bad and he is the only living entity from God that can do it.   I was told the Gremkin-Flugals Psychiatric Institute believes these folks in the base are suffering from delusional beliefs in almost any lie T-RUMP tells them.

•They claim a certain percentage of members being Evangelicals who would support what Trump has done. Certainly those believers who claim to know Jesus nor any other deity would never condone the things T-RUMP has offered or asked for. In fact I doubt they believe in Jesus as if they did they would be grabbing their pitchforks and burning T-RUMP at the stake.

•  Note To Evangelicals:   When you get to heaven just in case when all this goes down, you supported a false prophet.    T-RUMP is not the second coming, his cummings all involved porn stars, models, thrill seekers, hookers and Russian female plumbers who worked in showers. That’s against Rule One of the commandments and you are ordered to request a hearing to see if you are eligible for heaven fill out the form.


  Listen, I understand,  being naive is easily cured by looking at facts.  By not going along and challenging his words as lies  instead of accepting them, you avoid be tagged as a jerk.  The problem with T-RUMP  is he creates all the bad.   then he blames others...

•  Did we have all this bad before T-RUMP.  Hatred, Prejudice, Shutdowns, Diplomatic Relationships shattered, the rise of the NAZI players like David Duke and friends, collaboration with the enemies of America, global warming, supposedly he is one of the last three people in the world who don’t believe in global warming, the other two dancing naked in downtown San Francisco singing “ Ting-a-Ling-a-loo” to the tune of the Russian National Anthem.

•  These are not new tactics, the plan he used to disembowel the Press, the FBI, The DOJ,  the other party, the Judicial system, Congress, and others are from the playbook by Adolf Hitler and others.  The game is to belittle all of the safeguards in our Constitution and Congressional services so he is the fourth singular part of the government using Nationalism creating what we call the Fourth Reich... more powerful than the even the Executive, Judicial and Legislative combined.  This will change the USA. 

•  A liars worst enemy is the FREE PRESS.  Truth hurts liars.  The lies about the walls,  shutdowns, threats, prejudice, divisiveness and untruths and lies about specific countries and immigrants, MS-13, killers, terrorists and attacks by the dreaded mothers and newborn babies , THOSE DIAPER LADIES OF CENTRAL AMERICA.  I hope at his funeral the coffin be draped in dirty, very well used diapers, he deserved it.  They came here to save their lives and their children, looking for refuge and he calls them terrorists.    

•  He has not only separated this great nation into left and right,  but right and wrong...  It’s called Nationalism which leads to something else.  As we have seen in the past its called Oligarchy.  

•  And it has spread, occurring world wide and it is bad with both South America and Europe exploding with new Nationalism, Brazil, Venezuela and a few European countries follow this trend with Venezuela due to explode at any time with civil war.  The Hebrew term “ Malach-ha-maweth “  in Rabbinic Literature is the Angel of Death and the angel is doing quite well, in fact six new mass murders in the country this quarter. 

•  Yes, you can tell me we have checks and balances to prevent that.  And I would tell you we do not.  Don’t depend on those in the Senate who are on  “Depends”.    Its time for them to go, they forgot what they are in the Senate for.  Not all, but we have a ball-less ( a lack of testicles and courage) empty GOP controlled chickenshit Senate full of the old gray haired losers who did nothing, do nothing, cowards, bullshitters and liars, cronies and clones and get paid 197,000 dollars a year to vote the way, not of conscience but of party and get rich on bribes and insider information and deals we’ll never see.  

•  I am more motivated than ever when a ghost of the past comes alive. I owe it all to T-RUMP  I am a New Yorker as he was New York’s biggest cheat, liar and thief from my past,  and like at McDonalds, Burger King and other pits of Corporate poison, now he is super-sized and a target of opportunity.  I lived, worked, and know a lot of people who got screwed by the Trump Corporate, corrupt machine in New York.  That number was an incredible 3500 lawsuits at one point and many bankruptcies which he calls financial strategies in the courts.



Cultures and civilizations go through cycles.  Over time, many civilizations and cultures have risen and then fallen and when we study the past, we learn it was one person who changed things.  We in the United States of America live in exacerbating times with challenges of a lack of truth and transparency, lies, greed, trust and personal assignations all caused by one demented individual and a bunch of weak cohorts who achieved power by lieing and cheating. 

Finally the pattern is clear, for some before he even rose to power, we knew the game plan because we have seen it before with  Adolf Hitler and the rise of the Third Reich.

Cultures and civilizations come and go and with them so do the core values that made them what they were and gave them strength.  For those of us who love our country and our culture, the pain of the negatives is real.  Western culture our form of Democracy has been tested as it grew over the past millennium.  Major world and localized wars, pestilence, mother nature have all been challenges that tested us and we have been victorious. 

The spirit of Nationalism and the twisted words of those who defy truth on any given day are upon us and we will eventually succumb.  The GOP base and the Evangelicals are example of  “ Nationalism”  as a theme, not a government.  A theme, a chant, an excuse but not a government.  It  is misleading and easily corrupted.   

And hopefully they in the GOP will remember they are Americans first, sworn to the Constitution and stop this madman.  Seriously, I doubt a few of them will since they are too stubborn and stupid to admit they are wrong, losers are like that.  Most of the time, many of us have learned, some friends and opinions you can do without...







We are aimed in a direction that we don’t we seem to be able to pull ourselves out of. Untruths, greed, aversion to sacrifice, secularism, divorce, promiscuity, prejudice, racial profiling, random killings, drugs that kill, foul-mouthed deviates in entertainment, people with agendas that are unproven and dangerous.  


Sociologists and anthropologists have described the stages of the rise and fall of the world’s great civilizations. Ted Flynn’s book The Great Transformation is free available on line and is incredible. Its a bit deep, though great learning, good for the mind, take your time reading it.   There are eight steps in the process of change in civilization.  For brevity I have shortened examples here but I suggest you read it , it is very revealing.

STEP1:   FROM BONDAGE TO SPIRITUAL GROWTH  Great civilizations were formed  from suffering, Jews were in bondage for 400 years, the Christian faith and the Church were persecuted for 300 years. Western Christendom emerged from the Roman Empire and American culture was formed by the injustices that grew in colonial times.  
Resulting: The grand immigration to a new world...

STEP 2:  FROM SPIRITUAL GROWTH TO GREAT COURAGE – After the suffering,  courage and the ability to endure great sacrifice came forth.  Anointed leaders emerge, and people are summoned to rise and courage and sacrifice.  People who have little or nothing, also have little or nothing to lose.  A battle is begun, a battle requiring courage, discipline, and other virtues.  
A nation is born and develops...

STEP 3:  FROM COURAGE TO LIBERTY – As a result of the courageous fight, the foe is vanquished, liberty and greater justice emerges.  At this point a civilization comes forth, rooted in its greatest ideals.  Many who led the battle are still alive, and the legacy of those who are not is still fresh.  Heroism and the virtues that brought about liberty are still esteemed. The ideals that were struggled for during the years in the crucible are still largely agreed upon.  
The established establish justice, seeking a more perfect union, freedom for all...

STEP 4:  FROM LIBERTY TO ABUNDANCE  Liberty ushers in greater prosperity, because a civilization is still functioning with the virtues of sacrifice and hard work.  But then comes the first danger: abundance.  Things that are in too great an abundance tend to weigh us down and take on a life of their own.  At the same time, the struggles that engender wisdom and steel the soul to proper discipline and priorities move to the background.  Abundance and greed weighs down the souls of the citizens.  
Freedom allows those with great skill and foresight to drive the engines of development...

STEP 5:  FROM ABUNDANCE TO COMPLACENCY To be complacent means to be self-satisfied and increasingly unaware of serious trends that undermine health and the ability to thrive.  Everything looks fine, so it must be fine. Yet foundations, resources, infrastructures, and necessary virtues are all crumbling.  
Success in a way breeds the complacency and the important issues are not as important any more and some issues new to the scene are invented like the Wall... instead of feeding and sheltering the hungry masses.

STEP 6:  FROM COMPLACENCY TO APATHY The word apathy comes from the Greek and refers to a lack of interest in, or passion for, the things that once animated and inspired. Due to the complacency of the previous stage, the growing lack of attention to disturbing trends advances to outright dismissal.  

Many seldom think or care about the sacrifices of previous generations and lose a sense that they must work for and contribute to the common good. “Civilization” suffers the serious blow of being replaced by personalization and privatization in growing degrees.  They park on someone else’s dime but will not fill the parking meter themselves. Hard work and self-discipline continue to erode.  Relate to today, leaks tell us our President only works 40% of the time...
The old let the other guy do it, lets back away from what we believe and withdraw... false promises, lets build a wall.

STEP 7:  FROM APATHY TO DEPENDENCE – Increasing numbers of people lack the virtues and zeal necessary to work and contribute.  The suffering and the sacrifices that built the culture are now a distant memory. As discipline and work increasingly seem “too hard,” dependence grows.  Some call it liberalism. 

The collective culture now tips in the direction of dependence.  Having lived on the sacrifices of others for years, the civilization now insists that “others” must solve their woes.  This ushers in growing demands for governmental, collective solutions. 

This in turns deepen’s dependence, as solutions move from personal virtue and local, family based sacrifices to centralized ones.  This is when decisions by the top do not reflect good decisions for the bottom.
As Wilber Ross said,  “ Let them eat cake”  while they were struggling through the shutdown of the government.  But if the government fails the collective fails too...

STEP 8:  FROM DEPENDENCE BACK TO BONDAGE As dependence increases, so does centralized power.  Anarchy, and dependent people tend to become increasingly dysfunctional and desperate. Seeking a savior, they look to strong central leadership. But centralized power corrupts and tends to usher in increasing intrusion by centralized power. Injustice and intrusion multiply. But those in bondage do-not have other solutions.

Family and personal virtue (essential ingredients for any civilization) are now effectively replaced by an increasingly dark and despotic centralized control, hungry for more and more power. In this way, the civilization is gradually ended, because people in bondage no longer have the virtues necessary to fight, and have to go other routes.  See Step 1:.  
And anarchy,  revolution  to the streets and back to the beginning.   The Oligarchy formed by Nationalism and power in the hands of the few will lead to revolution...


For me this story is bigger than it played as a retired respected Lt. General MICHAEL FLYNN who served his country went rogue, violated  Federal Laws, lied to Congress and Congressional Committees, served in secrecy as an agent never registering as a diplomat representative lobbying for Turkey.  Turkey a NATO country plays both sides of the fence, and buys Russian anti-aircraft rocket systems the SAS400, latest and greatest from Putin.

He accepted funds on behalf of foreign nations.  The other charges were for lying on several occasions to the FBI,   about claims like never claiming his association to Putin.  But he sat at a table with him and accepted a 45,000 dollar check for a speech. He is a convicted criminal awaiting sentence.

This is the man doofus T-RUMP selected as the next Secretary of Defense.   His biggest act of sheer stupidity was to create the slogan to be used against Hillary.  It simply said  “ Lock Her Up”.   The bottom line is Hillary was innocent of charges and it is Flynn that will be reading the NY times in federal Prison.


TRUTH:  Donald T-Rump took the slogan “ Lock Her Up”  created from and by  Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn  to embarrass Hillary Clinton during the election.  Donald’s little childish ignorant twitter snips calling people names is immature, stupid, unfit for a President, and frowned upon in most third grade classes, which brings up the poignant question, and I ask, could Donald Trump have failed the third grade?  He can’t spell worth a crap and his speeches are so far from believable you would think he would read them first.

Trump relished, adopted, had the chant Baptized and ran with the chant.  His following, mostly imbeciles like simple stupid things, and used it time and time again.  Hundreds of chants, hundreds convinced believing she was guilty.  And his audience composed of fellow imbeciles and weak minded believing anything,  adopted it too.  And now it backfired, big frickin time.


For the Evangelicals who possibly repeated the slogan, simple minds love three word chants, with professed belief and stupidity,  and said nasty things about the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton you should apologize and ask God for forgiveness.  Sinners abound by poor decision making, not dependently thinking for themselves, easily accepted twisted thoughts from others, and not really questioning or seeking a second or third opinion and adopting stupidity and lies from others.


Trumps invented charge of NO COLLUSION is far reaching for Flynn with Russian dealings and the Judge knows that.  Lt. General Michael Flynn, one of TRUMPS early position people in the transition, was selected to be the Secretary of Defense.  He has attained a new level on the despicable rating scale. And he might not be looking at a better defense, but a barbed wire der-fence around his cell.

Our very temporary defender of the nation was also under the table paid 600,000 dollars by the Turks, and attended nice Russian conferences conferred with, and violated about every rule there was by not registering as a foreign agent.  

A REAL JUDGE, THIS ISN’T TV COURT:  One word in the courtroom after hearing the Judge speak and he called it spot on.  And Flynn is on that spot.  We honor Judge Emmet Sullivan as a true independent judge, honoring our laws and constitution.  No nonsense, Sullivan ordered Flynn to stay in touch till March.  I’m thinking the Judge believes Flynn knows more than he is telling to satisfy his plea bargain. 

Judge Emmet Sullivan tore into Flynn, President Trump’s adviser, telling him he couldn’t hide his “disgust” or “disdain.”   “Arguably, you sold your country out,” Sullivan told Flynn.

The 71-year-old judge also questioned whether Flynn committed treason before he walked back those comments. He said he wasn’t suggesting Flynn did, in fact, commit treason but asked prosecutors about the potential crime because he was “just curious.”  “After looking at the definition of treason, we have no reason to believe he committed treason,” prosecutors said.  One said “yet” 

Flynn left the courthouse without speaking to reporters.  Security guards ushered him to a waiting car as protesters chanted “USA, USA and LOCK HIM UP...the irony of it...


Since one man took office 900 days ago we have been lied to almost 8000 times and have had to endure one miscalculated stupid insidious embarrassment after another as a nation...

The Republican party  ( the gentle Elephant giant died years ago)  and their leadership of McConnell and McCarthy should be relieved as obstructionists and violating their Constitutional beliefs actually working against Americans rather that for them.  Anywhere else in this world they would be called them traitors, in some countries they would be shot.

The party once represented by an elephant is now represented by a Chicken.  Trump is not alone, it takes the cowards in the Senate and Congress afraid to stand up to him and they are not serving the people they are serving Trump. TRUMP is the third party.  

AKA The Chickenhawks, is composed of many ball-less cowards, needing to be culled out as swift as possible or there will be no party... they are mainly to blame under the leadership of Mitch McConnell who has been the leading scumbag of the party... followed by a grand assortment of idiots, liars and imbeciles with gutless wonder... and nothing is being done about it, thats the part that says if the voters are that frickin stupid, they deserve him.

We call them 
THE CHICKENHAWKS...  they talk like Hawks but are really Chickens.   Thus it has been suggested that the Republican symbol,  officially the elephant should be replaced by a Chicken.  It won’t be a chicken in every pot but a GOP chicken in many House and Senate seats and that leads to seats filled with CHICKENSHIT.

What a bunch of real fake cowardly clucks afraid of Herr Donald.  And if they don’t vote Donald’s way, a tweet will follow.  Tweet-Tweet, the only media Donald trusts because real media seems to see him for what he really is, very sick, and needs immediate help.

They stand and rise just like the Chinese Senate and Kim Jung Un’s Communist Senate all dressed and look alike,  carefully chosen for the Photo-OP and loyalty to the party. 

I see how our fake politicians operate, more fake hair than a Gaither Family Evangelical Gospel Sing-a-long.  I see the same, lock-stepped, in perfect tune, we are unfortunately inundated by scumbags, now called SCUMBIRDS because they all fly in formation, and most should have been thrown out a long time ago.  

Here is a shot of Trump addressing Mitch McConnell, the Head Chicken of the Senate, a real cluck-sucker.  I would like to see guilty sentences passed down, and treason charged to some.

MY NEW BOOK 2020 “ The FARTS IN HIS SPIEL” Only $39.95

This is about the forthcoming “ THE BOOK OF DONALD”  T-RUMP lies, compiled from his best lies told so far from 2015 - 2019,  due out in 2020, an astounding amount of work to sort through since bullshit thats already bullshit is tough to fathom.  It will be called the “ FARTS in MY SPIEL”  

Modern times lack truth and transparency with over 8000 lies in less than 900 days.  T-RUMP tweets like a runaway train - with an open throttle, but ahead lies a bridge falling apart.  When he wrecks will be a big wreck and it is going to cost us.  Decades to repair wheat he has destroyed.

BOOK REVIEW:  I submitted the roughs to a small  political guild I belong to and a unified voice reminded me sometimes books don’t have an impact on Trump’s behavior.  It’s hard to tell.  I doubt it, he suffers from half the diseases I learned about in Psych II and III but if it’s not on TV, he doesn’t get it since he doesn’t read.    

So how do we get through to him?  It appears to be Elections and rejection.  In so many instances, T-RUMP truly seems to lack compassion and empathy and appears to enjoy being cruel.  

This book would make a nice open course discussion in our colleges.  Many psychiatrists endorsed this proposition and believed it should be required reading for all, crazy or not.

Thats what makes this book a potential best seller.  Hatred, his driven force about his driven farce.  Bullshit of the highest accord that can be only achieved by a scumbird like him, on a level with third graders and those poor souls who graduated from the institution featured in  “One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest”.

See whats really rolling around in that cranium.  He needs help, he’s sick, very sick.  We may not be able to stop Trump from sinking lower, but we may just be able to stop Trump from dragging America down to his level, somewhat the basement of the cesspool. 


Thats where all the real scum is. You will not find much from his doctors who gave him fake rave reviews.  Both have dropped off the maps since they lied about him.   One blown out by a Congress who would not vet him, the tipsy drug issuing Admiral and the other whose practice might not appeal to everyone.

Even now TRUMP is supporting that Admiral to give him a second star for the fake (for TV audiences only)  review he did at Trumps last medical exam and just reinstated by Trump.  The reason, it;s exam time again and TRUMP will reward him with a second star for a good report if he is involved , if not its payment for the glowing bullshit offered before.  The Admiral is under investigation by the Navy where it appears they are afraid of Trump if the Admiral is chastised for drugs and alcohol instances involving patient care.


When he is on the teleprompter, he sounds like he doesn’t believe the sh*t written for him...His PR crew, the likes of Steve Miller,  Kellyanne Conway, and Sarah Notawara Sanders. Does he really interact with these three people 

•  Miller is a very sick and neurotic young man  •  Kelly, is an alternative reality blabbermouth liar.  •  Sarah, Not-a-where-a... a news secretary with no news...

When I hear from Donald T-Rump about the press proliferating fake news and that all TV is Fake news except FOX (FAUX) news, that Democrats are Fake politicians, that the FBI is fake, the Newspapers are all about fake news, our Intelligence Agencies are fake and the Judicial system is fake, one has to come to one conclusion... Only the FOX reporters who sell out America on a daily basis tell the truth... Lord give me strength!

If all the news thats fake is about the President, how did so much fake news get out there?  If the dumbass shut up and stopped tweeting all that fake news would stop.  He is a gold mine to the press corps, something FUBAR every minute he’s breathing.  As someone said if there wasn’t an ass, you would never see half the sh*t he corrupts or lies about.


In the fall of 1968, Donald J. Trump received a timely diagnosis of bone spurs in his heels that led to his medical exemption from the military during Vietnam.  He does not have bone spurs. It’s a lie.  A setup by his fathers friendship with a client who was renting from the TRUMPS.

Today we know  the truth.  For 50 years, the details of how the exemption came about, and who made the diagnosis, have remained a mystery, with Mr. Trump himself saying during the presidential campaign that he could not recall who had signed off on the medical documentation.

Now the explanation has emerged about the documentation. It involves a foot doctor in Queens who rented his office from Mr. Trump’s father, Fred C. Trump, and a suggestion that the diagnosis was granted as a courtesy to the elder Mr. Trump.

“I know it was a favor,” said one daughter, Dr. Elysa Braunstein, 56, who along with her sister, Sharon Kessel, 53, shared the family’s account for the first time publicly when contacted by The New York Times.  Elysa Braunstein said the implication from her father was that Mr. T-RUMP did not have a disqualifying foot ailment.   

For decades, Dr. Braunstein saw patients in a congested ground-floor office below Edgerton Apartments in Jamaica, Queens, one of dozens of buildings owned by the Trumps in the 1960s. The family sold the building in 2004, records show.  “What he got was access to Fred Trump,” Elysa Braunstein said. “If there was anything wrong in the building, my dad would call and Trump would take care of it immediately. That was the small favor that he got.”


So how can you tell he’s lying?  You watch his lips, if they move he’s lying !

If President Trump’s torrent of words has seemed overwhelming of late, there’s a good reason for that... In the first nine months of his presidency, Trump made 1,318 false or misleading claims, an average of five a day.   But in the seven weeks leading up the midterm elections, the president made 1,419 false or misleading claims — an average of 30 a day.

Combined with the rest of his presidency, that adds up to a total of 6,420 claims through Oct. 30, the 649th day of his term in office.  Today the count is approaching or even surpoaased  (Fanfare) an incredible 8000, a record unsurpassed by anyone in the history of mankind.  You truly are a lying piece of sh*t.

The flood of presidential misinformation has picked up dramatically as the president has barnstormed across the country, holding rallies with his supporters. Each of those rallies usually yields 35 to 45 suspect claims. But the president often has tacked on interviews with local media (in which he repeats the same false statements) and gaggles with the White House press corps before and after his trips.


We have two years to get rid of the most dangerous man in the United States of America. I don’t care how.  I look upon him with the same disdain and for the same reasons I have looked upon as a student of history several other sick leaders but his goal is all about himself,  he is a greedy narcissistic individual who is as crazy as the others but he is driven by his love of himself which explains his paranoia, and his sadistic meanness and retribution reflex, almost a clone of Hitler.

Take Stalin for example, he was ruthless, a murderer and built his Armies based on fear motivation... his troops feared him more than the Germans.  Thats why they don’t speak German in Russia.  Stalin had a cause, he saved his country, Trump is different, he is a greedy bully like his Dad, and little or no real talent, he claims a lot, mostly lies, he cheats in his dealings. He is cut and dry in arbitration with few skills other than a deck with five aces.  I have studied this man for years... and 90% of him is not real and the other10% is no good.

And while you are taking out the garbage, include the rest of his coalition, one TRUMP is enough to ruin the world, five tribal TRUMPS could bring serious damage to our planetary system. Combined with the REPUBLICAN-NOTS I fear the entire Universe is in jeopardy from one family.  

 The other problem is the theorem of  “ Good doctor, bad doctor syndrome”.   He is surrounded by incompetents, Good Doctors hang with Good Doctors.  They protect their patients and reputation whereas Bad doctors hang with golfers and country clubs, parties, and other bad doctors.  And good people with credentials and good intentions will not work for a fraud. 

This reputation thing is critically important to a doctor.  And should be important to TRUMP but he is above it being a self-proclaimed superior individual.  Ask him he’ll tell you how important and intelligent he is. He is surrounded, by do-nothing,  not qualified, suck ups, ass-kissing yes people, with only one thing in mind their own importance. Getting paid.  By now, it’s not the glory they seek, thats gone, fear of a madman is setting in,  but survival.  

They too will be remembered too by their short lived career and shunned by other professionals...  At the last count almost forty top names have been blown clear from the White House, federal investigations, scandals and malpractices in abundance.  Some with as many as sixteen violations of code.  So it is not what he is ruining, but collectively what these losers are ruining.  Almost everything he has put his finger on is failing and will take decades to repair.

We are not a perfect union yet, maybe one day we will be and it will be better than his fake reality TV version of the United States of America.  And part of that problem is the stagnant greedy old stuffy legislators in the Senate who should have died off years ago.  Finally some are gone. Like Boring Hatch, Grifter Gowdy,  Lyin Ryan,  are gone we still have Up-Chuck Grassley, Nuts Nunes,and Mess-up McCarthy.


TRUMPS blinded and ignorant supporters see him as just different.  He has stepped over the lines that form the basis of humanity so many times the lines are blurred anymore.   I call him out as a mentally deficient individual who needs help.  He is a narcissistic, self centered, paranoid, insecure bullying, imbecile, who owns all he sows and it is not good.  

These illnesses include disorders that produce and defy psychotic symptoms, such as schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, and severe forms of other disorders, such as major depression and bipolar disorder,  Illnesses that produce distortions of perception, delusions, hallucinations, and unusual behaviors are sometimes called thought disorders. 

Because the symptoms reflect a loss of contact with perceived reality, the man is mentally very disturbed and by his choices of friends and cohorts herein called SCUMBIRDS seem to represent parallels to the rise of the Third Reich in Germany.  

Too many parallels, it’s threatening and scary, almost a game plan that was written and used by Himmler and Goebbels, actually in some cases manipulating Hitler.  A very dangerous thing to do but they were on the same page.

Whatever happens to him,  as a mental purge for the country may it be shown to FOX fans on a 24 hour FOX news rotation, every GOP base fan, every Evangelical be tied to chairs and be forced to watch his demise.  It was something I saw in a movie called “Clockwork Orange”.   Our Country’s Flags would have to be taken down instead of half-mast so they may be dry-cleaned of everything he represented.

At my age I have nothing to lose and a real disappointment in whats happening in this country today, I see the light of freedom dimming and the rise of an Authoritarian form of government which the Liar in Chief calls a “ Nationalistic" form of management.  

Basically Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Duarte, and others down through the history of man, gave it the nice tone of  “ Nationalism”.  It’s a big lie...  And it’s from a very creative liar... it dwells in the mind of the weak and easily twisted by a con man.  If everything said about Trump is not complimentary and it’s not, one thing can be said in a positive vein.  When it comes to entertaining and manipulation of low intelligence audiences, he does well, he is a true actor and fraud but does do it extremely well.  

The weak minded and easily fooled just soak it all up.  Chants, cheers, hats and free signs just as we have seen in other rallies that lack a true meaning but create an air of deceit.  It was simple yet misleading, the perfect storm, the GOP base, the Evangelical anti-government movement and a slick New York Con man.  

It’s a scumbirds paradise, the right time, the right atmosphere and the right wrong person to see them through the crisis he created in their mind.  As a friend said...  His MO  (Motis Operandi - Dragnet Days)  is the shot of Penicillin only he can give after he gave the audience the clap.

He has removed, fired or resigned almost forty major failures from his cabinet or the White House Staff and recruiting is down.  And about 100 subordinates have elected to leave their government posts.  The chant heard was I’d work for a real president in the WhiteHouse not a Schmuck in the Shit House

Smart folks know he is doomed, and not the time to take a position that can be a career slow-death.  Six or seven have Federal inditement’s following them and the Democrats are chomping at the bit on them.

They were fired or jumped ship not wishing to get tagged politically.  Those that got out quickly actually should thank the Lord for saving their careers.  TRUMP-PETE-TERS will not be that popular on resumes... he has made a list and it is toxic.  It will be available in PDF shortly.

It’s not all me,  I monitor the world, read prolifically all of the great writers and resources, verify, correct, interpret, several good sources on the web and TV and I have opened it all up.  Experience in the Military Intelligence Sphere taught me how to find answers.  And I readily admit I will show some of the incredible work by artists and writers alike here as they bear repeating when I find their name.  Much floats around the web undocumented. 


The most dangerous dictators and authoritarians all used a technique called deviation, detour, diversion, departure, divergence, excursus and its simple,  but an effective technique.   Everyday come up with a new crisis or lie and that keeps the press off balance because they have to fact check everything and by the time it’s checked there is a new problem on the screen.  Then he calls it fake news.

The owners of Tabloid magazines print lots of the real Fake News.  Think of it as comic books for dumb adults.  Basically it means if truth doesn’t work, baffle them with BS.  Trump’s intelligence information comes from the tabloid mind of an absence of truth.  And with almost 8000 lies reported by the free press, Trump meets the criteria as a person of interest.  And Mueller has called upon Trumps friends and they are cooperating, accepting plea deals.  

The Blue Tsunami was the biggest show in mid-term elections showing what people really think of you and the scumbags who support you.  For often said by the plains Indians, the Sioux Nation, asked,  “which is worse, the liar or the one who tells the tales of the liar?

President Trump is mentally reeling and isolated from reality after two years on the throne.  His politics, his pretend causes, even GOP people are fed up with his 24/7 bullshit and fake self adoration.  His challenges are beyond anything normal,  and the only cure so far we have seen,  of the TRUMP demise was the Blue Tsunami,  the throttling of the party by folks on the ground who turned the House upside down.  The next step is the Senate, if you are a scumbird and play the party not the people, get out now, take what money you stole and run.  In two years you are next.



Wake up America.  The Presidents rhetoric, mainly through the spewing of false information, lies and corruption turned the swamp,  (AKA basically the Republican schitenhausen storm of negativism and obstruction for personal greed)  into a cesspool run by a demented individual needing critical mental help for several deficiencies.  

We swapped a swamp for a cesspool of corrupt humanity.  He has now come full circle, emulating the rise to power of Hitler and the NAZI campaign.  You could almost refer to Trump as “ Herr T-RUMP the Fuehrer” and the Press Corps answered with...
“ Da Fewer Da Better!” 

There is no such thing as FAKE NEWS.  The news as reported is real as long as it is not from Donald Trump.  Donald says or does something ( usually incorrect or stupid ) and in reality it gets get reported... 

And when it does break, he denies it as fake news.  We have it on tape recorders and TV.  All of the reporters I know tape him,  just good safe true backup coverage because tomorrow is another day and he will deny it. Thats what scumbags do. 

I resent the tagline by Trump thats the Press are the “ Enemies of the State”.  With years in Photography and Journalism I don’t accept:


He is the true enemy of America and needs to be removed.  How doesn’t matter, when you have garbage you just remove it.  Unless you currently reside under a rock, compost heap, or a manure pile, and haven’t realized Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung UN and now the Crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman, born 31 August 1985 (age 33, aka MBS) are basically not nice people, go find another rock.  These people believe truth is a weakness.

Fortunately their forerunners are not walking the face of the earth, we all remember Hitler, Goring, Bormann, IL Duce, Stalin and Dr. Goebbels are all dead.  Thats it for history about as much as any Evangelical can handle, truth don’t count.

Start watching the History channel and all about World War II and you’ll see the similarities between TRUMP and HITLER, same tactics and objectives, almost word for word.  It’s an incredible mind blowing match. 

Add the screwballs to the Fuehrer’s Party, like Kelly Conway, Sara Sanders, Pat Buchanan and Lou Dobbs, Bannon and Miller, Coulter, Limbaugh, Ingraham and Hannity and you have the Fourth Reich.

No one on the face of the planet can possibly beat Trump at the game of lieing, not even Hitlers best liars, Dr. Goebbels and Himmler.  With over 8000 (updated) verified lies, certified and fact checked at Politico, the Washington Post Newspaper, Huffington, and a mass of others. Before the election, some of those lies like the invasion were believed by some of the stupider voters.

There are others, who supported the verification and backed up by other viable institutions.  He is a star and we proclaim him the number one frickin liar in the world, past present and probably the future and a true scumbag.   But thats not the problem,  he can’t help it, it runs in the family.  His Dad and his son in laws Dad were also corrupt scumbags and liars.

This is not a total character assignation, the man is acutely and verifiably crazy-nuts by hundreds of Dr’s of Psychiatry and is a plea for getting him Baker Acted and some mental health help as he is narcissistic, neurotic, an intelligence lacking, double talking, intellect level of moron and schizophrenic, probably the most classic case ever recorded or documented of BEING A TOTAL FRICKIN LIAR.

But he is also personally and emotionally depraved,  and a very sick man when it comes to women and immigrants and people who don’t look and act like him which is 99.9% of the world.  And well displayed at the UN, at Conferences, at Coalitions and on Twitter. The entire world laughed right in his face.  We should not challenge him, we should seek aid for him before someone takes things into their own hands.  People forget there were seven attempts on Hitlers life.  One was close.   He is fortunate he has such good security.