Disclaimer: These are articles of interest by a variety of great journalists about topics I care about with an abundance of occasional personal comment thrown in, to add some humor, insight, disagreement, predictions and I make no claims to be the total author of the articles, but I will defend their thoughts and mine with my being. I am privileged to know some great writers.

They do however fly the same flight plans I have flown.  My map is a love of country and freedom for which many have made the ultimate sacrifice and a distinct approach to those who would desecrate those values.  Truth, Honesty, Honor, Commitment and Valor are not the buzzwords of the current administration.  Fareed Zakaria is number one on my list of admired writers. He has  the ability to take difficult situations and make them understandable and concise.

The Comey firing reminds us of a bigger danger

By Fareed Zakaria,   Thursday, May 11, 2017
I have tried to evaluate Donald Trump’s presidency fairly. I’ve praised him when he has appointed competent people to high office and expressed support for his policies when they seemed serious and sensible (even though this has drawn criticism from some quarters). But there has always been another aspect to this presidency lurking beneath the surface, sometimes erupting into full view as it did this week. President Trump, in much of his rhetoric and many of his actions, poses a danger to American democracy.

The United States has the world’s oldest constitutional democracy, one that has survived the test of time and given birth to perhaps the most successful society in human history. What sets the nation apart is not how democratic it is, but rather the opposite. U.S. democracy has a series of checks intended to prevent the accumulation and abuse of power by any one person or group. But there is one gaping hole in the system: the president.

During his famous interviews with David Frost in 1977, Richard Nixon made a statement regarding Watergate that has been mockingly quoted ever since. “When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal,” he said to Frost. Nixon was a smart lawyer and a close student of the Constitution. He was basically right. The president, in effect, sits above the law. The Justice Department, after all, works for him. Refusing to follow certain ethical guidelines in separating himself from his business empire, Trump told the New York Times, “The law is totally on my side, meaning, the president can’t have a conflict of interest.” Most lawyers say he is right. The rules don’t really apply to the president.

There is just one real check on the president — impeachment — and it is political, not legal. Since Trump’s own party controls both chambers of Congress, there has been little resistance to him there. One might have hoped for more, and perhaps we will see it. So far, it appears that the Republican Party is losing any resemblance to a traditional Western political party, instead simply turning into something more commonly found in the developing world: a platform to support the ego, appetites and interests of one man and his family.

There are other, less potent checks on the power of the president. Some are structural, others simply a matter of morality or precedent. Trump has sought to weaken many of these, both before the election and now in the White House.

During the campaign, Trump said that he would like to change laws to make it easier to sue journalists. He announced that he hoped to jail his opponent. He spoke approvingly of the mass deportation of Mexicans in the 1950s. He proposed a travel ban on an entire religion, to bar all Muslims from entering the United States. He advocated that the U.S. military torture prisoners. And he called into question the integrity of a judge because of his Mexican heritage.

Once in power, Trump has continued in this vein, taking actions that weaken all sources of resistance. He summarily dismissed FBI Director James B. Comey, reportedly over his investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia. If true, the firing would be a shattering blow. The nonpartisan agencies of the executive branch are jewels of the modern U.S. system. They were not always impartial, and they are certainly not perfect, but in recent decades they have acquired a deserved reputation. When I travel from Eastern Europe to China to Latin America, democratic reformers tell me that they look to these agencies as models when trying to strengthen the rule of law in their own countries.

There are only two forces left that can place some constraints on Trump — the courts and the media — and he has relentlessly attacked both. Every time a court has ruled against one of his executive orders, the president has ridiculed the decision or demeaned the judges involved. To their enormous credit, the courts have not been deterred from standing up to the president.

That leaves the media. Trump has gone at them (us) like no president before, smearing news organizations, attacking individual journalists and threatening to strip legal protections guaranteed to a free press. We will survive, but we must recognize the stakes.

The media should cover the administration’s policies fairly. But they must also never let the public forget that many of the attitudes and actions of this president are gross violations of the customs and practices of the modern American system — that they are aberrations and cannot become the new norms. That way, after Trump, the country will not start the next presidency with tattered standards and sunken expectations. The task is quite simply to keep alive the spirit of American democracy.

(c) 2017, Washington Post Writers Group

NEW HAVEN -  A group of psychiatrists meeting at Yale Thursday says President Donald Trump is so mentally unstable that he’s unfit for office. -  The bold, controversial claim is based on the group’s belief that Trump has more than one mental disorder -- including antisocial personality disorder and extreme narcissism.  The doctors are not all from Yale. They came from around the country. "We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump's dangerous mental illness," said Dr. John Gartner. The group has already collected 41,000 signatures calling for President Trump’s removal.


They make it clear they know everything  -  Narcissists don’t hesitate to educate lawyers about the legal system or enlighten doctors about medicine.   After all, they know more about everything than anyone else, and they’re not afraid to show it. In fact, they can be expected to argue, educate, and inform you about virtually every topic you bring up in conversation: “Here’s where you got that wrong. "That’s what most people think, but that’s not actually true.” 

They insist on being the exception to the ruleRules are for people who aren’t smart enough to make good decisions on their own, the narcissist believes, but they know they’re exceptional. And so the usual rules, laws, or policies don't apply to them. They’re often good at manipulating others to bend the rules for them, reinforcing their belief that they shouldn’t have to succumb to the same regulations as everyone else has too.

They project an image of superiority -  Narcissists care greatly about their image. They want to make sure they appear wealthy, popular, and elite. They’re often materialistic and greatly enjoy name dropping, as associating themselves with the hottest brand or famous friends makes them feel important. 

They make a great first impression, but quickly wear out their welcome -  Narcissists’ charming personalities tend to win them favor with new people—at first. They may come across as confident, exciting—maybe the most endearing and engaging person in the room. But over time, their selfish tendencies cause people to run the other way.  

They boost their egos by implying others are inferior - Not only do narcissists need to establish how superior they are; they also tend to imply that everyone else is less intelligent, experienced, or not as likable. No matter how much training or education someone else has had, the narcissist is he or she is the real expert. 

They assume everyone adores them The narcissist truly believes that everyone from former co-workers to past lovers holds them in high regard—and assumes that anyone who doesn’t like them must be jealous. But while they can be very sensitive to criticism, outwardly they try to dismiss any negative comments about their personality or performance, and may try to punish anyone who dare express an unfavorable opinion about them.

They put their own feelings ahead of other people’s needs -  lack of empathy is the most telling characteristic of the narcissist. They don’t care what other people need or how they feel. Everything they do centers around what they want and need. They don’t care what type of pain they inflict on others. While fundamentally unsupportive and manipulative, they can fake empathy when it helps them look better. But they lack a genuine desire to put anyone else’s needs above their own desires.

A  war with the press?   This is only the beginning chapters of Hitlerology 101.  The only thing Donald T-RUMP can say about the press is that they are mean for reporting the truth, all they do is  simply echoing his lies.  There is so much off the cuff lies , he can’t remember day to day what he said because most of it isn’t real or the truth.   

But the right wing of the press, the pseudo nationalist party modern day skinheads will be the only press to report on T-RUMP.   Just like in Germany prior to WWII.  It’s called Brietbart and a player of dubious untruths and conspiracies Mark Levin, who feeds these ridiculous rumors to the T-RUMP machine.

New Times, New tactics.  Same tactics Herr Adolf used against the German press prior to his adoption of a slightly different tactic to overcome resistance.  His new method of winning votes was to simply shoot the competition or burn a building down and frame the opposition.  

T-RUMP simply twits using social media, the newspaper of the uninformed and ignorant and creates a whole bunch of lies.  Hitler didn’t have social media he had guys in black and brown shirts distributing his news.   

The weak will suffer more under TRUMP.  Like moths to a candle they seek their moment but when too close to the flame they burn and die.  Thats what will happen to these folks on the bubble.  The other problem is when they do find out they have been “screwed”  (I’m being polite)  they will defend their position with pride. It hasn’t occurred to them,  the job problems or lack thereof were caused by technology and not the government.  Time marched on, they back stepped and voted for someone to blame.

DICTATORS like big, bigger, bigly armies. Today he announced 54 billion in military funding taking the money away from resources that serve the people.  The brain dead who voted for him really haven’t a clue  as to what going on since their news is via the web.  They will when their services go away.  I have a problem with folks who are that gullible, are they mature enough to vote or just use the vote to acclaim their own failures.



Dear Trump Supporters:
This was not a free election of people with wishes to improve the country. This was an election full of deceit,  lies, collusion, the failure of or lack of anger management,  outside hacking,  interference, and feedback using raw ego, repetition, responsive answers, lies and naive illiteracy against our government to win similar to the popularism exhibited by 70 years ago.  You have been very bigly lied to.

The eight years of obstructionism, loss of jobs, company greed driving them overseas,  and a do-nothing gridlocked government failed us all.   Thank the GOP for that as they were the ones that blocked all of the good things President Obama wanted that would have helped and protected you. Health care, better jobs, education and so forth.

And TRUMP used you and your future, you are about to be in a worse place than you crawled out of, if you can, since nothing TRUMP promised is true.  The hatred he brought out of you was similar to the citizens of Germany before the second World War and the divisiveness you promulgated will come back and haunt you just as it destroyed Germany.  

By being as naive as you are you not only will hurt yourself, but YOU have hurt other good people, the Constitution Separation of Church and State, the Constitution rights itself, the Justice Department, the attacks on the Judicial, the Media, the only checks and balances on the Presidency.  In 100 days in office, the Department of Chaos (The Whitehouse)  is screwing the rest of the country, thanks a lot for your ignorance and not seeing through the bigoted liar in Chief.  

A good percentage of that failure you were experiencing partially was your fault.  It’s called technological advancement and the jobs you thought were secure technology took away.  An average of eight folks can be replaced by one robot. Thats how cars are built today and the robot doesn’t care whether he live in Mexico or the US. Self sharpening drill bits, inexhaustible welding rod material and the occasional lube and the robot is happy.

The Obama administrations failure to correct the void was caused by the GOP, the Grand Obstructionist Party.  Search the almost 800 bills that died in the house and Senate because of the GOP which would have helped many but were stopped because the GOP did not want Obama to succeed and Mitch McConnell never allowed them to be brought to vote.  things like education, re-education, technical training programs and technical schooling in math, science, computers, for those whose career at GM and others fell to robots.

Mitch McConnell said the first day after Obama won he would stall, fight, not pass anything the president wanted, literally ruin the Presidency of Barack Obama.  He was going to make him a one term President.  Mitch is lucky he lives in the US.  Had he said that if it was President Putin, he would be celebrating from six feet under that fine Kentucky bluegrass earth pushing up daisies and the only support he would have for company would be those fine thoroughbred race horses crapping on him. 

So for those who think prejudice does not exist, or playing the race card, wake up, it has reared its ugly head, firmly vested in the GOP, and TRUMP knew how to play the cards and do a good job at it.  You might say draining the swamp went from feeding the Pythons mice to feeding them Rabbits.

He drained the swamp all right,  only that might have been the last thing the poor called home.  His cuts affected and will effect further the poor and middle class, who thought he was the Messiah and gave a bigly, gigantically  enormous wonderfull, tax break to the rich.  They get tax breaks and huge benefits,  you get will get coupons.  No BOGO’s in health care, you will get less for more.
Read the ten commandments especially the part about “False Prophets or was it False Profits”. Read the part about the eight billion extra cash being put in the coffers for the severely ill. So they will have their own pools, pools is a nice word except these folks will drown in theirs with inferior coverage.  Eight billion! Thats about a two week supply.

Trumpsters, you wanted a higher minimum wage, overtime pay, paid family and medical leave, more secure health insurance, yes, under Obama it was slow but it was steady growth, which is safe,  but the promises made by TRUMP won’t happen, I said won’t happen.  Trump likes to repeat key words. So do I, you will learn it and cringe every time he speaks.

You wanted the ever dangerous coal mines to be reopened but with no market for coal and coal is not in vogue right now, In fact nothing will happen and even more will be taken from you.  Coal is basically a dead issue, what idiot OK’ed the coal tailings, the dirt and useless remnants of mining by removing the protection Obama installed to save the environment, allowing the dirt  to be dumped back in the pristine streams and rivers.  

In case no one told you... TRUMP and the GOP Republicans will oppose all that stuff like medical care, what they call entitlement, the Democrats called compassion.  You just screwed yourself.  You were horribly lied to by a professional liar and you were a participant in a great Reality Show Election with marvelous rallies and slogans based on lies. 

The base will pay the ultimate price,  the schmucks with hats  who screamed “Make America Great” and knew nothing about what Mr. Blunderbuss, not to be associated with Howdy Doody, promised them.  But they were there on TV standing behind him.  Those who had a good time attending reality rallies and cheering, waving their signs, attacking and jeering at the media after he raked them over the coals, beating up protesters, chanting “Lock her up” — cheered and cheered...

Are you too naive, maybe too stupid to understand the media and the judiciary are the real checks and balances of the Presidency and his attacks are to prevent the truth from really coming out and protecting you.  You promoted and aided a hatred of the establishment, just like the Brown Shirts did in the thirties, you chanted wore hats and applauded the leader. 

Your medical relief you damned at every rally with chants of “ Down with Obamacare” will be gone and 12-24 million of you will have no medical care.   His [TRUMP] constant wrangling against OBAMACARE is really what caused many of the insurance companies to bail. Thank your GOP for aiding and abetting the lies, their efforts to change will cost you medical care and fill the politicians coffer with more political bribes.

The rest will realize if they shove Medical rates back to administration by the insurance companies, I will guarantee you rates will not go down.   Insurance companies are like a huge meal, they take it in heartily and let it out in a reduction and this particular insurance model crew farts out 30 million a year in salaries to the executives and you will be denied better care as they make more and you receive less. 

And the drug companies who payoff the politicians ( a very large amount of your money you overpaid for their products) took that money in lower costs, we would have better lives.

“No administration has accomplished more in the first 100 days.” 

— President Trump, remarks in Kenosha, Wis., April 18, 2017

“If destruction is an accomplishment, we have a clear winner”.

- Writer Al Jacobs, remarks in a comment to his mirror while shaving, May 5, 2017

Destroying the good things that protect us,  and repealing safety environmental measures, polluting the earth, repealing medical services for the poor, adding to the deficit, giving jobs to the incompetent, wasting taxpayers money, lying and lying again, failing to make good on his promises....he’s right he did accomplish a lot, in the first 100 days... all bad.

TRUTH - There were 76 bills signed into law under Roosevelt in the first 100 days, compared with 28 (with a week to go) under Trump.  Spending a lot of money on those Cross pens showing us his penmanship basically for 28 hindering or backwards facing proclamations.  We call them Photo-Ops or in his case of incompetence Photo-OOOPs.

TRUTH - Thirteen of the Trump bills disapprove of major regulations put in place by Obama, which signifies a reversal of action, not new action — though the agency is barred from ever re-promulgating the rule in question or anything similar without congressional approval.  He killed good things, now dead forever. 

TRUTH - Other bills include such actions — what Frendreis called “minor or housekeeping bills” — as naming a Veterans Affairs outpatient clinic in Pago Pago in American Samoa or creating a waiver to allow Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to be appointed even though he had recently served in the military.  Window dressing is not an accomplishment.

TRUTH - Moreover, none of Trump’s bills can be considered “major” legislation according to political science standards, whereas at least nine of Roosevelt’s bills met that standard. Historians H.W. Brands of the University of Texas at Austin and David M. Kennedy of Stanford University count 15 major bills in FDR’s first 100 days, including some that remain in place.

TRUTH - “In this regard, Trump’s tenure has been less impressive, with no major pieces of legislation passed,” Frendreis said. “By contrast, the stimulus package was passed during Obama’s first 100 days” — actually, within Obama’s first 30 days.

TRUTH - As for executive actions, as of April 19 Trump had issued 24 executive orders, 22 presidential memorandums and 20 proclamations. One of his executive orders, imposing a travel ban from certain Muslim-majority countries, was a redo of an earlier executive order that had been blocked in the courts. But the new one has also been stymied by court challenges and thus has not been implemented.

TRUTH - Meanwhile, Trump is woefully behind in presidential appointments, especially in naming people for Senate-confirmed posts. In contrast to many other presidents, Trump has also not led on legislation but mostly taken his cue from Congress.

TRUTH - Few presidents achieve much on foreign policy in their first 100 days, and Trump is no exception. Trump has signaled a tougher posture toward North Korea and Iran and launched a volley of cruise missiles to punish Syria for a chemical-weapons attack. But it’s too early to tell whether his policies will result in positive outcomes.

TRUTH - “Trump actually is unusual for his first 100 days, but for a reason opposite of what he said,” said Skidmore, author of “Presidential Performance: A Comprehensive Review.” “Not only has he accomplished almost nothing, but rather his initiatives (executive orders stayed by courts, a major legislative proposal failing even to come to a vote when his party controls both houses, etc.) have notoriously been unsuccessful.”

TRUTH - It’s rather silly for any president to suggest that his first 100 days somehow topped Roosevelt’s achievement. Lyndon B. Johnson, Ronald Reagan and Obama are credited with significant legislative achievements early in their first terms, but much of their success generally came after the first 100 days. Trump would be well advised to not make such a big deal about this because the available evidence shows that he in no way comes close to matching FDR’s record.

THE T-RUMP has brought lying , cheating, divisiveness, prejudice, hatred and incompetence to reign higher than ever, and surprisingly few (very few, less than 3%) of the GOP voting base are asking, “What did we do?”   Those folks with the hats and T-Shirts and smart-ass chanting and applause follow a psychological premiss that dictates their loyalty regardless of how much they simply followed unsupported (false) thinking.  It’s a normal human reaction to defend your decisions.

They will defend their own decisions.  But when they find out in the coming months and years how much, what little they had, they lost at the hands of the T-RUMP and the GOP,  they will go ballistic.  If the Senate does repeal all of  Obamacare and they find out they now have no coverage, or bad coverage or under coverage, it will get nasty.  Almost a third of the folks in the ares who voted for Trump are on some form of assistance from the government and a lot of that will vanish.  The guess is 24 million will lose health coverage down the line.

I said the coming years,  since they are too naive to realize they have been had by a con and by then it will be too late to fix things, thats the stupidity of it.  They blamed Congress and then elected it to make it worse for themselves not better, no thats not naive, thats stupid. Tax credits are useless with no income, that ruse has been used by the GOP for years and it’s useless.

If they survive the broken promises and lies, they might be able to redeem themselves by not getting anywhere near a voting booth again.  Frankly they have screwed up enough, they are the ones I blame for the forthcoming desecration, of values, personal freedoms and caring for your fellow man.  I blame them as much as I blame the GOP, it takes cons and crooks and self serving politicians (the GOP) and a voter base who weren’t smart enough to realize the GOP obscuration was what caused half their problems.  

“Make America Great Again”
The rising against TRUMP, is imperative before any more damage is done by this phony and liar.  The Town halls, marches, and gatherings reflect a force that is tired of the politicians they elected. They are building a force that will change things in 2018 and 2020.  

Sooner or later Mammon, the Indian GOD OF MONEY catches up to the greedy.  Mahatma Ghandi said the US has resources and money but never learned to distribute it evenly, fairly and thoughtfully”  and the GOP will self destruct.   Let them build that wall and then throw Donald and his crew over it. And I don’t care what section you throw him over, or what materials will be used to fashion the wall,  whether it’s called a wall or a fence.

Take your signs, slogans, cute hats and patriotic TRUMP outfits to the dump, not the cleaners.   Herr T-RUMP has awakened and championed the dark side,  anti-semitism, prejudice, attacks on the transgender community, voting rights, women’s rights pollution, even Sweden somehow got dragged in.  Nothing is sacred anymore except the self adornment he promotes on himself through his nit-tweets and daily doses of bullshit and regurgitation. 

Someone wrote yesterday gave me a thought and I agree:   He is who he is. Just follow his business dealings for decades.  Lying, cheating contractors who couldn’t pay legitimate earnings to their workers, his numerous bankruptcies which avoided payment to others, and a self-indulgent picture of grandiosity.  He truly deserves a place on the page of the ScumBaggers with an industry high of 3500 plus lawsuits.

Blame the American Voter, Fareed Zakaria once said, “ The American voter is the least informed voter relying mostly on name recognition”, and I added “ This side of a Communist Country”.  Using his minions to meet with the Russian ambassador, lying to Congress, etc.  He is a capable of change melding into other forms as needed.  He will say whatever it takes to get off the spot and Tweet other outrageous statements to distract from yesterday’s bad news.  He has violated his oath of office "To Protect And Defend the Constitution of the United States"

T-RUMP was not the answer and for those who don’t care as to how they are really about to be treated and do not see this man for who he really is, you will one day when it is your term to get crapped on.  He is a fraud. The international crisis merely underscored one closer to home. Trump’s first 100 days in office have become a leak-filled mess, with the fortunes of various aides rising and falling in rapid frequency. 

The great issue of today is lying — constant lying in public. Lying is the ally of faction and, since President Trump’s rise to power, it is the greater danger. Yes, the word is lying — not negotiation, salesmanship, bluster, attention-getting, delusion, deception, braggadocio, exaggeration, bullying, alternative facts, or any other euphemism. He simply lies about everything backing it up with more lies. He is a field day for the press. 

And secondly backed by his senior blowhard that is around and kisses ass so wonderful. Mike Pence, the Holy Roller in the Whitehouse who doesn’t believe in the part of the constitution about Church and State.  He thinks we should be the United States of Jesus.  Fine, when Mike Pence refers to the strength of Trump, with his perpetual phrase ad nauseam comment on strong leadership, he’s playing it cool , he knows if Trump falls, he will be the next president.  Mike,  I know you are an evangelical, but hide those voodoo dolls on you desk, the ones with needles in them hoping T-Rump has the biggie. You are as big a phony as he is, kinda birds of a feather symbiosis.  He lies, you swear to it. You need each other.

The great Sioux  Chief Sitting Bull asked, “Which is worse the liar or the one who tells the tales of the liar?

American University Professor Allan Lichtman was one of the few professional prognosticators to call President Trump’s win in November. Now, he's written a whole book explaining how that could happen, titled “The Case for Impeachment,” publishing on April 18. Lichtman lays out eight ways that Trump could get in trouble, set against the historic background of previous presidential impeachments. 

The House of Representatives basically decides what constitutes impeachment, and it could be any violation of the public trust, whether or not it’s a crime. And finally there’s great depth in Donald Trump’s history, and at least through mid-March, the events of his presidency. And it lays out, believe it or not, eight different grounds on why Donald Trump could be removed from office.

It’s not uncommon, and America’s framers kind of believed that impeachment was a critically important element of the Constitution — to be a check on a rogue president who they believe could otherwise smash through even the checks and balances built into our system. 

Republicans control both houses of Congress and the White House. Why would House Republicans impeach their own guy?   

•  They’re not going to unless the American people demand it. Yes, the power of impeachment is lodged in the US House of Representatives, but they are the people’s house, and they are responsive to the people.

•  The Republican Congress could conceivably move to impeachment if they believe Trump is a liability to them, and remember, every member has to stand for reelection in 2018. 

•  And Trump has no long-standing relationship with these members of Congress. He hasn’t really been a mainstay of the Republican Party. 

•  And there is also the possibility that in 2018 you have a wave election, which gives Democrats control of the House and completely changes the political dynamic.  

•  Not all Republicans have to be in favor of impeachment.  If Democrats want it, and two dozen Republicans, approximately, switch, you have enough votes for impeachment. All it takes is a simple majority.

•  And finally, remember: Republicans really don’t trust Donald Trump. He’s a loose cannon. But they love Mike Pence. He’s a down-the-line Christian conservative dream president for the Republicans in Congress.

•  Trump should not be impeached because he’s an unconventional president, because he’s breaking the molds of tradition, or even because he’s unpopular.  When he attacks the other branches of government and the media he becomes a threat to the core of this country, rather, Trump should be impeached as a threat to our freedoms and liberties, and to the national security of the United States.

Potential removal of Donald Trump, based on his early presidency and his many decades of history as a businessman. 

•  Trump has repeatedly, as a businessman, flouted the law. He kind of began his career by getting in trouble with the Department of Justice, which had a very strong case against him that he’d broken the Fair Housing Act. 

•  Reporting indicated that he’d broken the Cuban embargo in the 1990s, when that was a serious crime. 

•  Reporting also indicated that he had broken laws with respect to the employment of illegal immigrants, ironically contradicting his own campaign, and there are certainly laws that he could now break, for example, laws that ban torture.

•  Over the course of his entire business career, he has a pattern of playing fast and loose with the law, and letting statutes of limitations run out, settling cases, protracting lawsuits, walking away from failed deals. 

•  He also has a pattern and practice of not telling the truth. That is not just something that started when he was a candidate.

•  His overriding pattern is Donald Trump first, and nothing else matters nearly as much. And when you’re not president, you can get away with that, you can walk away from things. But as president, you can’t. You are accountable for what you do and for what you say. And what is the ultimate accountability for a president? That accountability is impeachment.


President Trump’s maiden address to Congress was notable because it was filled with numerous inaccuracies.  In fact, many of the president’s false claims are old favorites that he trots out on a regular, almost daily basis.   And his staff follows in his footsteps. His falsehoods, exaggerations and plain old lies and mis-information could fill the craters on the moon.

He creates so much over the top pure exaggerations and Bullshit, he can’t separate truth from fiction and probably believes half the dung he excretes, it’s a normal function of the mind to believe lies told over and over again. [Dr. Joseph Goebbels].  The post dissected each claim in many cases rating them at four Pinocchio's.  

“We have begun to drain the swamp of government corruption by imposing a five-year ban on lobbying by executive branch officials — and a lifetime ban on becoming lobbyists for a foreign government.” The only drain we will see is the toilet drains in the Whitehouse being overhauled due to an abundance of pure high-grade excrement.

“We’ve defended the borders of other nations, while leaving our own borders wide open, for anyone to cross — and for TACO Buses to pour in at a now unprecedented rate. Thank goodness some of those Taco buses have real good food.

Since my election, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, General Motors, Sprint, SoftBank, Lockheed, Intel, Walmart and many others have announced that they will invest billions of dollars in the United States and will create tens of thousands of new American jobs.”  Providing I allow them to pollute and make more money.

We’ve saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by bringing down the price of the fantastic new F-35 jet fighter, and will be saving billions more dollars on contracts all across our government.”  By making deals with China for the parts on our best fighter jet.

We have cleared the way for the construction of the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines — thereby creating tens of thousands of jobs — and I’ve issued a new directive that new American pipelines be made with American steel.”  What new American pipelines?

As we speak, we are removing gang members, drug dealers and criminals that threaten our communities and prey on our citizens. Bad ones are going out as I speak and as I have promised throughout the campaign.”  And I have consulted with President Duterte of the Philippines on how to handle them. A very frugal individual, he believes one bullet is financially acceptable for drug dealers.

“By finally enforcing our immigration laws we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions and billions of dollars and make our communities safer for everyone.”  If in the next eight years (God Forbid) 
we can get the frickin law passed.

“Millions lifted from welfare to work is not too much to expect.” Or we just shoot hem like Stalin did.

“Ninety-four million Americans are out of the labor force.”  85% are not in the job market.  HE calls everyone else fake news?

“America has spent approximately $6 trillion in the Middle East, all this while our infrastructure at home is crumbling. With this $6 trillion we could have rebuilt our country — twice.”   Ask the GOP why in eight years of Obama they voted this down?

“The murder rate in 2015 experienced its largest single-year increase in nearly half a century. In Chicago, more than 4,000 people were shot last year alone — and the murder rate so far this year has been even higher. This is not acceptable in our society.”  In my world there are a few crooks in Congress who deserved to be shot for corruption, cheating , stealing and lying to their constituents or lying about their constituents. 

“I can tell you the money is pouring in. Very nice.”   Trump ad-libbed this line after mentioning that he was pressing NATO allies.  Just more bullshit.



THE PRESS: President Trump did you order the botched Immigrant ban?

JUDGE DREDD: You don’t have to answer that question!

DONALD T-RUMP: I’ll answer the question. You want answers?

THE PRESS: I want the truth! 

DONALD T-RUMP:    You can’t handle the truth!   We live in a world that needs walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. And I’m going to build bigger, super humongous, super strong, magnificent, more better, more wonderful, more longer, more awesome, spectacular, incredibly great, breathtaking, monstrous, phenomenal, and simply put, astounding wonderful walls built with American steel made from all the cars we will repo from the illegal immigrants on our Southern Border.  And I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom...  I will have to get the Mexicans to pay for it!

And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives! You don't want the truth, because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall. You need me on that wall.  Because I am the only one who can negotiate it.  No one else has the smarts I do.
I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to Americans who rise and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I,  “Donald The Protector Provides”  and it will get better when I get a security guy since no one wants to work for me.

THE PRESS: Again, did you order the IMMIGRANT BAN thats so screwed up?

DONALD T-RUMP:  You’re Goddamn right I did!   And the assholes on my staff did a great job on it except for the legal issues, a few loose parts and those schmucks are screwing it up again.   Who the F*ck do those JUDGES think they are?  Who does Paul Ryan think he is, and I’m running out of crazy accusations to stall with.  Get Steve Miller to address the country. That will start a war with Mexico and we won’t need Mexican money to build the F*ckin wall.

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