How can one man dodge the truth so well, as a liar, exaggerator extremis, bully, arrogant, dismissive personality, coward, name calling, draft dodging, degenerate, ignorant, incompetent and conspiring individual possibly become the president of the United States.  And never asked for forgiveness from anyone or anything a day in his life.  

Stupid, Ignorant, or Naive Voters is the only answer...  The base and Evangelical voters thought they were voting in the Nielsen ratings and they liked his TV shows. They love rallies, parties, have no smarts, pretend they are followers of Jesus and are dumber than rocks.  It’s the party of imbecilic thoughts and prejudice, hatreds and bottom of the barrel thinkers who fall for all kinds of bull excrement.  I thought no one or group could be this stupid and frankly I was wrong.  

TRUMPS blinded and ignorant supporters see him as just different.  He has stepped over the lines that form the basis of humanity so many times the lines are blurred anymore.   I call him out as a mentally deficient individual who needs help.  

Too many parallels, it’s threatening and scary, almost a game plan that was written and used by Himmler and Goebbels, actually in some cases manipulating Hitler.  A very dangerous thing to do but they were on the same page. Hitler was just as crazy.   

I see the light of freedom dimming and the rise of an Authoritarian form of government which the Liar - in - Chief calls a “ Nationalistic” form of management.  With money in only two percent of our citizens and the rest just making it, we are already an OLIGARCHY just as in Russia.

Smart folks know he is doomed, and not the time to take a position that can be a career slow-death.  Six or seven states and agencies have Federal inditement’s following them and the Democrats are chomping at the bit on them.

Many were fired or jumped ship not wishing to get tagged politically.  Those that got out quickly actually should thank the Lord for saving their careers.  TRUMP-PETE-TERS will not be that popular on resumes... 


I believe in a serious note for a change, truly serious that T-RUMP is suffering from the beginnings of dementia. I work with people who have dementia and that includes one member of my own family who has Alzheimers after suffering a debilitating serous of events.

  1. He keeps going back to the past, the 2016 election, Hillary, Comey, fake news about the people count at the inauguration and so forth.  Depressives dwell in the past.  
  2. He tells us of his great works, ( so far we can’t really find any)  whereas he knows nothing of current events or what really happening today because he does not read. 
  3. He does not get good security briefings
  4. He talks about his great business epics whereas when scrutinized were failures and bailouts and he survived by bankruptcy, screwing all his partners and Daddy’s money. His losses were close to a billion over ten years. That’s how much money Donald Trump’s businesses lost from 1985 to 1994, according to The New York Times. The newspaper learned the details about a decade’s worth of Trump’s tax records, which indicate that he lost more money than nearly any other individual US taxpayer during that time period.  Thats why he wanted them hidden.
  5. His remarks are Junior or Middle school equivalent, he repeats a lot of simple words like great, wonderful, really good job, and so forth when he is in a complimentary mode which is usually some ignorant cabinet flunky or staffer who got lucky that day.  (Two days later he fires him and that cabinet position is available again)
  6. Which leaves us with a bunch of ass-kissing do nothings but take up space….DeVos, Mnuchin, Ross and Carson.  All unfit for the position they are in. We call them placemats.
  7. His remarks are usually a lie which he denies the next day and calls it fake media, thats why he can’t have  a real press conference since his short time statement ad hoc shooting from the hip, he can’t remember.  His mind in not on the subject it is on some form of hate or retaliation. 


The laws pertaining to legally getting rid of the Square in the Oval Office are limited, they are:

1 - Loss in election 2020, No party support, people find the truth.

2 - Impeachment by Congress  ( Impeach some of them too)  But impeachment does not mean removal

3 - Use of the “ Unstable 25th Amendment”  Possible but requires areal FUBAR on his behalf.

4 - Health issues  ( Poisoning is not a health issue, nor is putting ROUNDUP in his hairspray) 

5 - Assassination  (Economically speaking the least expensive method, about $1.25 for one bullet and a great shot )   



Good people will not work for this administration, no one wants to be tagged a T-RUMP-et… He has drained that lovely swamp and replaced it with nothing but a cesspool sewer of liars losers, crooks, idiots, incompetents and ass kissing followers who are destroying every facet of what good with this country.  

A man who finds it easy to lie,  and hire those who lie for him.  4/28/2019 hit the roof with 10,000 verifiable lies to the public, he call his lies “ Alternative News” coined by Kelly “ Condom Mouth”  Conway who sprouts so much body waste she needs a condom on her tongue, and should be firing squad shot simultaneously along with Steve “ Crackhead” Miller.

He is costing us allies and friends.   At the UNITED NATIONS he had the entire General Assembly laughing at him as stupid remarks by him came forth.  
At the major security conference in Poland VP Mike Pence mentioned T-RUMP.  There was Dead Silence.   The President of Germany gave him a verbal thrashing in front of Trumps daughter and son-in-law.  They left the meeting half way.

T-RUMP shows such “ deep love” for Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, Thats because he really has no other friends in the world.  Scumbags tend to stick with other scumbags.  The other freedom powers have no use for him, he has slammed them, insulted them, and been dammed by him and he is hated throughout the world.  It’s simple only scumbags befriend scumbags, good people avoid them.

Based on his orders to remove US troops from Syria, he asked our Spanish allies to replace the departing American troops with troops from Spain.  Spain replied. Don’t call us names and then ask for Spanish blood on the battlefield.  

But GOD just might have to intervene, and stop this blasphemy now. He pretends to be the claimed Messiah of the naive and ignorant, by bullying, assassinating others and mockery.  

He has his base and especially that ignorant Evangelical fake devotees, looking for salvation crew.  They are weak, have lesser education, still believe in fairy tales, tooth fairies and Donald T-RUMP because they saw it on TV or the internet.

Who is kidding who?  In that crew of AKA Jesus Freaks, Evangelicals, Bible Thumpers and TV imbeciles convinced that he can and will make good anything that’s bad and he is the only living entity from God that can do it.  No they are not on the inside, what they pretend to be on the outside.  We call them shirtsleeve believers.

His best friends till the ship sinks are some of the worst scam-bagger crooks and Evangelical Prosperity leaders on the TV . It’s obvious they are birds of the same feathers, money and lieing.  Want to learn more about these religious pretending crooks and relationship with Donald.    PROSPERITY RELIGION

Certainly true believers who claim to know Jesus nor any other deity would never condone the things T-RUMP has offered or asked for.  That’s would be against Rule One of the Ten Commandments that GOD, the BIG KAHUNA sent down.  Thus they are the FAKE Evangelicals brought forth by a false God.  “ I am the lord thy god, thou shalt not have any strange gods before me”.  T-RUMP proves falseness every day.


Follow the money, TV Religion is all about money.  According to the respected academic journal International Bulletin of Missionary Research, An estimated $63 billion in financial fraud in 2018 — constantly outpacing the billions spent by Christians on global missions — estimated at $56 billion this year.    

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity (from 2011) says Christian religious leaders committed $90 million in financial crimes daily, and the fraud is growing at a rate of 5.97% each year. The International Bulletin also estimated, ecclesiastical crime among Christians will hit approximately $80 billion annually by 2025. 

Of 80,000,000,000 (Billion) Only 10,000,000,000 (Billion)  will ever get to feed, water and clothe the poor. Your  TV Evangelicals and others will keep all the rest… and spend it on the next super corporate jets that Challenger and 


Ask yourself a simple question, when did this bad all come about?  Did we have all this bad before T-RUMP’s hatred, prejudice, shutdowns, diplomatic relationships shattered, the rise of the NAZI players like David Duke and friends, collaboration with the enemies of America, and scientific ignorance of global warming.  It started when he was elected. ANSWER - THREE YEARS AGO…

These are not new tactics, the plan he used to disembowel the Press, the FBI, The DOJ,  the other party, the Judicial system, Congress, and others are from the playbook by Adolf Hitler and others.  Also known as the Bitch McConnell plan, the game is to belittle all of the safeguards in our Constitution and Congressional services so he is the fourth singular part of the government using Nationalism creating what we call the T-RUMP Fourth Reich... more powerful than the even the Executive, Judicial and Legislative combined


He has not only separated this great nation into left and right,  but right and wrong...  It’s called Nationalism which leads to something else.  As we have seen in the past and in other parts of the world commonly called Oligarchy.  

And it has spread, occurring world wide by imitation paralleling the breakdown of treaties and this is extremely dangerous.

Both South America and Europe are exploding with new Nationalism, Brazil, Venezuela and a few European countries follow this trend with Venezuela due to explode at any time with civil war.  

The Hebrew term “ Malach-ha-maweth “  in Rabbinic Literature is the Angel of Death and the angel is doing quite well, in fact NINE mass murders in the country this year.



Yes, you can tell me we have checks and balances to prevent that.  And I would tell you we do not. The common politician knows one thing he’ll offer his thoughts and prayers.  

Tell the next Congressperson,  either Senator, Congressman, Spokesperson or Clerk who offers thoughts and prayers to save their prayers for re-election and do their f*cking job instead.   It’s all part of the show, his NRA bribes and other monies handed to those Congressional crooks who take the death money should go to the families of those who have been killed or injured.  98% of the American people want reform and Congress does nothing.  

Follow the bribes.  BOO him or her and yell  “ Do your job,  Gods not listening to your sh*t y our prayers haven’t worked”.
Duration:  T
houghts and prayers are gone as soon as the re-election bus leaves with his ass on it.  

WOW! Like his thoughts and prayers are:
[The real thing… NO]     [Assistance of some kind…NO]     [Are his Prayers Special…NO]    [Things will be better…NO]

It was more like closing remarks invoking divine guidance for his like.  His escape plan to get off the podium…




It’s true,  politicians are like diapers,  they frequently are dirty,  and require that you have to change them more so often these days,  lots more often, how sad…really sad…   But you can depend on DEPEND, we know about as much sh*t as T-RUMP and his advisors since we have been in sh*t for 30 years and we build in super strong absorbency using modern fractionated polyribosomes, Kevlar and Super Thread made from spiders web. 



So how can you tell he’s lying?  Simple:  His lips, if they move he’s lying !

If President Trump’s torrent of false words has seemed overwhelming of late, there’s a good reason for that...
Today the count even surpassed  (Fanfare) an incredible 10,000 exaggerations,  unsurpassed by anyone in the history of mankind.

The flood of presidential misinformation has picked up dramatically as the president has barnstormed across the country, holding rallies with his supporters who are stupid enough to believe him.

We have two years to get rid of the most dangerous man in the United States of America.  I don’t really care how.  I look upon him with the same disdain and for the same reasons I have looked upon as a student of history several other sick leaders but his goal is all about himself.  He is nothing but a modern day version of Hitler.

He is a greedy narcissistic individual who is as crazy as the others but he is driven by his love of himself which explains his paranoia, and his sadistic meanness and retribution reflex, almost a clone of Hitler.  

I took PSYCHE  and Religions in college for two years and he has used every chapter in the books in my library.  The man is a lunatic bested by severe inadequacy thoughts, a lack of moral code, immaturity, and  manifested by corrupted  narcississtic and paranoid urges.


And while you are taking out the garbage, include the rest of his coalition, one T-RUMP is enough to ruin the world, five tribal TRUMPS are bringing serious damage to our planetary system.  

Combined with the REPUBLICAN-NOTS left in Congress and the EUNUCH-CONS  in the Senate, an unfulfilled cabinet, fear the entire Universe is in jeopardy from one family.  The problem is good doctor, bad doctor.  Scumbags breed scumbirds.

He is surrounded by incompetents, called Bad Doctors.  Good Doctors hang with and refer other Good Doctors.  They protect their patients and reputation whereas Bad doctors hang with golfers and country clubs, parties, and other bad doctors.  And good people with credentials and good intentions will not work for a fraud. 

This reputation thing is critically important and should be important to T-RUMP but he is above it being a self-proclaimed superior individual.  Ask him,  he’ll tell you how important and intelligent he is.   

He is surrounded, by do-nothing,  not qualified, suck ups, ass-kissing yes people, with only one thing in mind their own importance. Getting paid by money, not so,  by the fact they are rich, but by glory of titles and positions. 

They too will be remembered too by their short lived career and shunned by other real sincere professionals...  At the last count almost fifty top names have been blown clear from the White House, federal investigations, scandals and malpractices in abundance.  Some with as many as sixteen violations of code.  So it is not what he is ruining, but collectively what these losers are ruining.  Almost everything he has put his finger on is failing and will take decades to repair.


————*06-07-2019 aljacobsladder.com