Is Donald J. T-Rumps Real Enemy


( Hopefully he dies soon before we all do )  

Memories Of The Past   —  Chris Crizilla with My Editor Anecdotes…
On July 21, 2016, Donald T-RUMP formally became the Republican presidential nominee.  In his acceptance speech, T-RUMP made this bold claim:  "I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves. Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it."

Even at the time, those words were odd. Trump was casting himself as the only person in America -- a nation of 330 million people -- who could fix the problems with inequity? Who could bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots? Who could make the country more, well, equal?   Almost four years to the day since T-RUMP made the "I alone can fix it" claim, it now appears more likely than not that those five words will be the lead of his political obituary. 

He has wrecked any chance of that happening… In addition, he has wrecked allies relationships, treaties and ecological safeguards, immigration and we are not a trusted partner by some anymore.

Truth Is Real:  T-RUMP Is Not: The Listener Is Naive… He Tells Lots Of Lies…
I ask myself, How can one man dodge the truth so well, as a liar, exaggerator extremis, bully, arrogant, vulgar mouth,  dismissive personality, coward, name calling, draft dodging, degenerate, ignorant, incompetent and conspiring individual possibly become the President of the United States?  Well, stories of the UnTruth King…

👺  Its simple, Most American voters vote by facial or name recognition.  Stupid decisions by uneducated voters, stupid, ignorant of the truth, looking for the simplest way out, possibly seeking vengeance, vindication, and solace for their problems most of which were not caused by the government but caused by their inability to adjust or reeducate.
But he persuaded them to blame the government, and simple minds responded as most simpleminded do.
Their problems instead were caused by their own internal weaknesses such as lack of education, lack of job skills, thinking the future was going to be for them what it was for their parents, and that they were secure, wrong… technology advancements and competition from a global economy, the so-called New World Order which is now in jeopardy because of the President.   All ignored and just get the lies out and the people were misinformed.

👺  TRUTH Tariffs  — Hurt us more than the Chinese,  his comment the Chinese are paying the tariffs is a lie, they just raised the price of goods and you stupid are paying for it…    No trade means we don’t export and we will crash eventually.  I have it in my mind, the stock market means the rich are not suffering,  just hold what you got and don’t move. Or trade with friends and you both make money.  Thats why the market is stationery, sooner or later it will come down like a ton of bricks.    
Thus the market stays the same, the rich just shift it back forth.   But check our Gross National Debt and the possibility your kids will be looking at deficits in the 30-35 trillion dollars numbers in the
Gross National Debt  and  seeing a real mess as this situation will take ten to twelve years to rectify…  It already has a name ‘The T-RUMP DUMP.

The poor are dying, from poor medical aid, financially bleeding to death and T-RUMP and his buds don’t care.   Our politicians don’t care, they get all the insider news…My professor once said a day of reckoning is when the crash does come, the market will mean little in anarchy, possibly more important who has the most guns… 

👺  Death Of Coal  — The GOP base was composed of middle class who were losing jobs, supposedly under Obama which was not true,    it was the death of coal as a dirty fuel…more T-RUMP lies.  A  large percentage ( the entire industry) of promises was coal and dropped to zero with nuclear, wind and solar gaining.  Those coal miners were not competitive in the New World Order and a reluctance to re-educate.   

👺  Truth He Lost The Popular Vote — Snagged theElectoral Vote  Snagged a win, and now the entire T-RUMP syllabus is explained when one who studies all the of the events surrounding THE RISE OF THE THIRD REICH, and finds out based on Adolf Hitlers game plan, how close T-RUMP really comes. Total control and domination through aggressive tactics.  

👺  Irony, they cheer when he promotes hatred and smears toward people and then call themselves Evangelicals. Jesus must be doing backflips popping out of his sandals.  

👺  He has never asked for forgiveness from anyone or anything a day in his life.  As one columnist said when Donald gets down on one knee pretending he’s praying he’s probably looking up someones skirt. 

👺  He in his mind is faultless and the chosen one. He blames everyone but himself and is surrounded by several simpleton GOP base liners in need of mental care.  

👺  His advisors are sycophants and one is ( Stephen Miller) worse, a White Nationalist Team Leader and a promoter of racial hatred who writes his scripts.   He is the Goebbels of the NAZI era working for T-RUMP.

👺  Too many parallels, it’s threatening and scary, the parallels T-RUMP presents are almost a game plan that was written and used by Himmler and Goebbels, actually in some cases even they manipulated Hitler.  A very dangerous thing to do but they were on the same page. Hitler was just as crazy.  He was the False God the Lord warns of in the first of the TEN COMMANDMENTS.  He and Himmler created the ARYAN Faith.

👺  Conservatives have rallied around President T-RUMP  “ what Republicans used to call the core of their agenda—limited government— it should be changed to GREED, Our politicians have grown rich and greedy and indifferent to human suffering 

👺  T-RUMP has blown up the national debt— the rich have gotten richer, the poor have gotten poorer, people are starving, losing everything they have and his tax cuts made the rich very much richer.

👺  T-RUMPS tax cuts will add nearly $3-5 trillion to the National debt.  And this cuts will only work for the rich.   THE PANDEMIC virus will be adding five to ten trillion plus over the next decade. 

Amazing !  Only the dummies lips move !


With death tolls approaching 155,000 on his watch and with the nation focused on fighting COVID-19  President Donald T-RUMP has continued his attacks on internal government oversight — gutting his administration of independent government watchdogs he sees as disloyal to him, blaming former president Obama for everything he can make up, and the usual lies and stories, innuendos and plain old bullsh*t coming from his lips. 
Over the past month, T-RUMP has replaced or removed inspectors general from his administration he sees as Obama-holdovers or as part of the so-called “deep state” he believes is working against him.  An IG for any given government agency conducts investigations and audits into any potential malfeasance, fraud, waste, or abuse by that agency or its personnel, and issues reports and recommendations on its findings. An IG office is intended to operate independently. 

Here are the inspectors general who have recently been booted out of office or removed from the top role.

👺  Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson
Atkinson was ousted from the job after playing a role in the President's impeachment.  He had alerted lawmakers to the now-known whistleblower complaint, which alleged that Trump had sought dirt on his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, from Ukraine's president while withholding US security aid from Kiev. 

👺  Acting Defense Department Inspector General Glenn Fine
Within a week of Atkinson's firing, Trump decided to remove Fine from his post as acting IG for the Defense Department. Trump’s decision meant that Fine would no longer chair the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee tasked with overseeing $2 trillion in emergency coronavirus funding.  Fine, a career official, was replaced as acting IG with Sean O'Donnell, who is also the Environmental Protection Agency IG. Trump had announced his pick, Jason Abend, a policy adviser for Customs and Border Protection, to permanently fill the role.

👺  Acting Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General Christi Grimm
Christi Grimm, who was filling the top role of IG in an acting capacity, became the target of the President's ire after she signed off on a March OIG report that described a dire situation for frontline doctors and medical staff. 

The report found that the nation's hospitals are dealing with "severe" and "widespread" shortages of needed testing supplies and personal protective equipment, hampering their ability to test and respond to the coronavirus pandemic adequately and protect medical staff.

👺  State Department Inspector General Steve Linick
In a letter sent on May 15, Trump announced he would be removing Linick from office because he "no longer" has the "fullest confidence" in him. The President's letter stated that the dismissal is effective in 30 days. Again, the firing came late on a Friday night.

Shortly after Linick's firing was announced, Rep. Eliot Engel, the Democratic chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said he had learned Linick's office had opened an investigation into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. But Engel did not go into further detail about the scope of the investigation. 


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