👺  Truth Is Real, T-RUMP Is Not, The Listener Is Naive

WHO IS THIS MAN —  I ask myself, How can one man dodge the truth so well, as a liar, exaggerator extremis, bully, arrogant, vulgar pr*ck,  dismissive personality, coward, name calling, draft dodging, degenerate, ignorant, incompetent and conspiring individual possibly become the President of the United States?  

ANSWER  — Its simple, it’s all about simple… simply stupid decisions by uneducated simpleton voters, stupid, ignorant of the truth seeking vengeance, vindication, solace for their problems most of which were not caused by the government.

Instead caused by their own internal weaknesses such as lack of education, lack of job skills, thinking the future was going to be for them what it was for their parents, and that they were secure, wrong… technology advancements and competition from a global economy, the so-called New World Order ( Not the Fake NWO lies from the NRA) which is now in jeopardy because of the President.

The GOP base composed of middle class who were losing jobs, under Obama supposedly which was not true but played by the GOP.  A  large percentage ( the entire industry) was coal and dropped to zero with nuclear, wind and solar gaining.  Those coal miners were not competitive in the New World Order, many weak minded, some Evangelicals too forgiving playing the role of religious supremacy, who now will realize they screwed themselves, add Russian interference, lies and really lowdown lies and false accusations, a bad press release by FBI (proven untrue) a lack of vetting and facial recognition.  He’s good at lying and has dumb followers but add a crisis and then you see what a lowlife he really is, he is deranged and going to put the United Staets of America in the toilet if we do not stop him by any means possible. He is a traitor.

He Lost The Popular Vote

👺  The entire T-RUMP syllabus is explained when one who studies an iota of history WWII, THE RISE OF THE THIRD REICH, and finds out based on Adolf Hitlers game plan, how close T-RUMP really comes. Total control and domination through aggressive tactics.  And the simple fact recently released that over 60% of Americans are undereducated and when questioned about how they vote, the Richter scale of earthquakes scored higher…   

👺  We just call them the base simpletons… which is composed of some citified and many rural persons, who rightfully have been underserved but it’s partially their fault.  Add ignorants with low education, prejudice and a liberal bunch of false God believers called Evangelicals. And you have the GOP base.

👺  A large percentage whom do not agree there is a separation of Church and State.  Commonly referred to as the right wing Protestants, these  “Jesus freaks” (street slang for gospelizers) really are failures in gospelization.  They claim to be Evangelicals…  You cannot support T-RUMP,  if you are an honorable person, you are just fooling yourself, no one of good faith supports his despicable lying behavior, and  in the next breath can tell me Mr. Jesus loves you.  

👺  HATE is not what Jesus taught.  I think it came about by error, that the base and simpleton Evangelical voters thought they were voting in the Nielsen ratings and they liked his TV shows and free hats. Again “simple” enters the scene as they don’t challenge truth, you tell them what they want to hear, pretend you will help them and you got their vote.  

👺  I told you this was all about simple…it’s so simple, the basic T-RUMP supporter has to be one of  a few things,  scared, not talented, greedy, not trainable, under educated, or naive, some even qualify as stupid.  

👺  Irony, they cheer when he promotes  he market and tells them how great the market is.  The greater percentage of them don’t have stocks.  Makes no sense.  And if you think 2% that do own all the stocks are going to share with you better get an appointment with a shrink and get checked for mental illness.  One thing about that 2% who are rich, they don’t share. 

His Lies, Lack Of Morality, Humanity And Ignorance Are Dangerous

👺  He has never asked for forgiveness from anyone or anything a day in his life.  As one columnist said when Donald gets down on one knee pretending he’s praying he’s probably looking up someones skirt. He is a pervert and if you need proof please digress here…  PERVERTUS BULLSHITUS

👺  He in his mind is faultless and the chosen one. He blames everyone but himself and is surrounded by several simpleton GOP base liners in need of mental care.  His advisors are sycophants and one is ( Stephen Miller) worse, a white nationalist team leader and a promoter of racial hatred who writes his scripts.  

👺  T-RUMPS blinded and simpleton ignorant supporters see him as just different.  He has stepped over the lines that form the basis of humanity so many times the lines are blurred anymore.  I call him out as a mentally deficient individual who needs help.  

👺  And we learn so much from history and decades of my research into past wars and societies indicate without a doubt, his tactics are pure Mussolini ( FASCHIST  in finances, Hitler in tactics ( NAZI), and the Devil ( MR. MESTOPHELES) in life.  His admiration for the other demagogues in this world who kill off their competitors with a myriad of tools, he does it with words because he has an audience of simpletons

👺  Too many parallels, it’s threatening and scary, the parallels T-RUMP presents are almost a game plan that was written and used by Himmler and Goebbels, actually in some cases even they manipulated Hitler.  A very dangerous thing to do but they were on the same page. Hitler was just as crazy.  He was the False God the Lord warns of in the first of the TEN COMMANDMENTS.  He and Himmler created the ARYAN Faith.

The Answers To T-Rump Are Dwindling

👺  Overturning an election might be by fraud lies, deception and the Russians

👺  And impeachment turned out to be a fools errand and was won by partisanship, corruption, threats, and lieing by the goose stepping Senate majority of Mitch McConnell AKA “ Mitch’s Wehrmacht”.
👺  But the events of the past few weeks have led me to support either a hanging or the gas chamber.  Another  impeachment will not work.  The 25th Amendment might work, but a long shot, bad odds and McConnells grip on the Senate.

👺  The only possibility is severe fact checking, voter recruitment, powerful truth advertising, complete Democratic Party personnel, all hands on deck, and as a last resort since the corrupt Senate will step in under McConnell’s direction and foul anything, the only resort would be as history has shown in the past someone will take the giant step and put ROUNDUP in his hair-spray. 
👺  Which brings up the question why are more good guys assassinated than bad guys…?  Where is a good assassin when you need one?  Why does Donald have to fire good people, is it because they just don’t see things his corrupt way and they are more intelligent or smarter? Because they will expose the truth…


The Party Of Estate


State Planning - Gerrymandering

Crony Capitalism

Removal Of All the Safeguards which Liars Fear

👺  Conservatives have rallied around President T-RUMP  but on “what Republicans used to call the core of their agenda—limited government—Trump has been profoundly un-conservative.”

👺  T-RUMP has blown up the national debt—his tax cuts will add nearly $3-5 trillion with the virus add five to ten trillion plus over the next decade—and he has put up trade barriers that have been anathema to the GOP for decades.  Somewhere between five to ten trillion added to his three million.

👺  Acting like a “Central Planning Agency,” the administration has offered “exemptions on tariffs to favored companies and industries, while refusing them to others,” often to help constituencies that could benefit T-RUMP in 2020.  

👺   “In true Soviet style, lobbyists, lawyers and corporate executives now line up to petition government officials for these treasured waivers, which are granted in an opaque process—apparently sometimes by Trump himself,” Fareed writes.

👺  “On the core issue that used to define the GOP—economics—the party’s agenda today is state planning and crony capitalism.”   “And this is what so-called conservatives are doubling down to defend.”  Time for a few hangings as traitors

👺  If Donald J. T-rump wants truth and honesty like he claims, in his quest and lies over the past three years all he has to do is ask the American public to read the 18,547 plus lies and see if they are true and look in the mirror.

👺  With death tolls approaching 100,000 on his watch and with the nation focused on fighting COVID-19  President Donald T-RUMP has continued his attacks on internal government oversight — gutting his administration of independent government watchdogs he sees as disloyal to him, blaming former president Obama for everything he can make up, and the usual lies and stories, innuendos and plain old bullsh*t coming from his lips. 

 I don’t listen to him anymore for fear of throwing a missile of sorts at the TV and he causes a severe gurge attack needing medication to prevent vomiting.  I agree with one of the other writers who delves in oddities proclaiming he is nothing more than a bag of living sh*t with a mouth.  And I commented, “ Why pick on sh*t?  He’s more like a virus with a mouth…

If that imbecile had performed as aPresident and not a con man… If the US had begun enforcing social distancing measures just a week earlier in March, an estimated 36,000 lives would have been saved, according tnew research from Columbia University.

👺  Over the past month, T-RUMP has replaced or removed inspectors general from his administration he sees as Obama-holdovers or as part of the so-called “deep state” he believes is working against him.  ( His Narcissism, Schizophrenia, Persecution Syndrome and other Sever Personality Internal Trauma  [SPIT]  disorders create these ‘Brain Farts)

EDITORS NOTE  —  An IG for any given government agency conducts investigations and audits into any potential malfeasance, fraud, waste, or abuse by that agency or its personnel, and issues reports and recommendations on its findings. An IG office is intended to operate independently. 

👺  Trump has removed the inspectors general by providing the reason that it's within his authority as President and that he lacks confidence in that IG. But Democrats argue that the series of dismissals is a pattern of retaliation by T-RUMP and an intimidation tactic against those attempting to hold government accountable.  The IG dismissals have also raised concerns among some Republicans who say that a more detailed, written reason must be provided to Congress when I Gs are removed for lack of confidence. 

Here are the inspectors general who have recently been booted out of office or removed from the top role.

👺  Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson
Atkinson was ousted from the job after playing a role in the President's impeachment.  He had alerted lawmakers to the now-known whistleblower complaint, which alleged that Trump had sought dirt on his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, from Ukraine's president while withholding US security aid from Kiev. 

👺  Acting Defense Department Inspector General Glenn Fine
Within a week of Atkinson's firing, Trump decided to remove Fine from his post as acting IG for the Defense Department. Trump’s decision meant that Fine would no longer chair the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee tasked with overseeing $2 trillion in emergency coronavirus funding.  Fine, a career official, was replaced as acting IG with Sean O'Donnell, who is also the Environmental Protection Agency IG. Trump had announced his pick, Jason Abend, a policy adviser for Customs and Border Protection, to permanently fill the role.

👺  Acting Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General Christi Grimm
Christi Grimm, who was filling the top role of IG in an acting capacity, became the target of the President's ire after she signed off on a March OIG report that described a dire situation for frontline doctors and medical staff. 

The report found that the nation's hospitals are dealing with "severe" and "widespread" shortages of needed testing supplies and personal protective equipment, hampering their ability to test and respond to the coronavirus pandemic adequately and protect medical staff.

State Department Inspector General Steve Linick

In a letter sent on May 15, Trump announced he would be removing Linick from office because he "no longer" has the "fullest confidence" in him. The President's letter stated that the dismissal is effective in 30 days. Again, the firing came late on a Friday night.

Shortly after Linick's firing was announced, Rep. Eliot Engel, the Democratic chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said he had learned Linick's office had opened an investigation into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. But Engel did not go into further detail about the scope of the investigation. 

Whats The Answer…

Assassination, is very popular in our countries history.  I’m not advocating nor promoting it, but sooner or later, he’ll be prime meat for the reaper because as people get pressured and realized how he has screwed them,  someone will take the call and become a national hero.  SEE UNDER  ASSASSINATIONS

Joseph Stalin had the answer, he once said:… if you get rid of the problem maker, you also get rid of the problem and in Donald’s case getting rid of Donald will also improve the entire picture as it will get rid of the other associate scumbags in office, like the entire cabinet of losers who basically are corrupt, SEE  THE T-RUMP CESSPOOL  doing nothing good, failing because they are micro-managed by an idiot.

Also one must include in the removal of the widespread disease  “ CODE NAME LITTLE SCHMUCK” Jared Kushner, Mitch “ WEHRMACHT” McConnell and Stephen “ OBERFUKER” Miller, who should be hung,  and the GOP side of the Senate, the schmuck running the DOJ should really be boiled in cheap oil ( Oil is cheap now at $0.00 a barrel for crude)  for lieing to Congress, the Supreme Court will get the picture… we call T-RUMPS Swamp the Cesspool…the Cesspool he created.  He emptied the swamp, ecologically safer than a cesspool and filled it with the worst sh*t mankind could find…his cabinet of acolytes…

I don’t care for Mr. Stalin, he was no better than Hitler, but in this case his approach insidiously was the perfect answer and it’s getting closer to the real answer to Donald Dork because as things get worse he becomes more dangerous and will have to be removed, literally by any means. I’m past being conciliatory,  he is Hitler reborn.


ED:  He was admired by me till he supported The National Rifle Association  


President, King, Savior, Leader, Genius, Warrior
Self-Made,  Full Fledged God,  Doctor, Scientist, Global Authority,
Dr. of Hunches and Bullsh*t  Pretend Diplomat, KING, And Fuehrer








Plus S&H

Nobody knows sh*t better than Donald T-RUMP! It’s true, he bullsh*t more in one day than all the FOX TV Fake Reporters do.   He’s up to his neck in it and due to the large amount of sh*t expected this coming election will bring, we are making this half-price offer so you may support your Congress person, send them something they can DEPEND on…Don’t depend on those in the Senate who pretend to be our  “Dependers”  and use inferior brands…spreading sh*t all over the halls of Congress.

It’s true,  politicians are like diapers,  they frequently are dirty,  and require that you have to change them more so often these days,  lots more often, how sad…really sad…   But you can depend on DEPEND, we at Depend know about as much sh*t as T-RUMP and his advisors with their sixty years of sh*t,  since we have been in bigger sh*t for 40 plus years building in super strong absorbency using modern fractionated polyribosomes, Kevlar and Super Thread made from spiders web. 



And while you are taking out the garbage, include the rest of his coalition, one T-RUMP is enough to ruin the world, five tribal TRUMPS are bringing serious damage to our planetary system.  The entire  T-RUMP family values.

Combined with the REPUBLICAN-NOTS left in Congress and the EUNUCH-CONS  in the Senate, an unfulfilled cabinet, fear the entire Universe is in jeopardy from one family.  The problem is good doctor, bad doctor.  Scumbags breed scumbirds.

He is surrounded, by do-nothing, not qualified, suck ups, ass-kissing yes people, with only one thing in mind their own importance. Getting paid by money, and by glory of titles and positions, just for working Donald’s whims. 

They too will be remembered too by their short lived career and shunned by other real sincere professionals...  At the last count almost a hundred top names have been blown clear from the White House, federal investigations, scandals and malpractices in abundance.  Some with as many as sixteen violations of code.  So it is not what he is ruining, but collectively what these losers are ruining.  Almost everything he has put his finger on is failing and will take decades to repair.



ATCH 05-07-2020