The most disheartening thing about the State of the Union is how much Donald J. Trump has managed to take the country apart and witnessing the growing cancer of hatred and division he has spawned in the country.  Forget about all his braggadocio bullshit of accomplishments, paper tigers, in a few years they will all come back to haunt us.  

Photo-ops and platitudes of self gratification don’t count, results count, and yes the stock market has grown, and the rich got richer, and so far a three trillion dollar debt is on the horizon.  The 2%, the rich of the country will cash in on the money saved by corporate tax, and then the second break comes with the personal income tax cuts they got.

An incredibly big win for the rich and a three trillion dollar debt for the poor and middle class.

The double break they got was like chocolate icing on a chocolate cake.  What a scam and the GOP base and Evangelicals keep applauding Trump at his standup comedy routines, (He calls them rallies) for those wonderful tax breaks.  The problem is those breaks aren’t in your tax bracket.  Obviously most of you won’t be attending the party, don’t expect an invitation for your efforts.  However that three trillion dollar deficit will fall to you, your kids and their next generation.  You will however get the bill... for the party... you have been had, you just don’t know it quite yet.

Every time I think Donald Trump couldn’t possibly sink lower, he proves me wrong.  Every day I think the GOP base will wake up and realize they are being used and will eventually be screwed over when not needed anymore doesn’t happen.

Is it possible that the old adage is still true that,  “ You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.  Well, the adage is flawed, based on common sense the answer is really how many of the people are really that stupid.  Adding GOP Evangelicals TRUMP fools all of the GOP base all of the time.

I hesitated to use the word stupid, I am a civil individual and some actually appear to be able to read and write.  Or are they suffering from some form of neuron cohesion succlimation of the sub-diseased frontal lobe of the brain?  Brain Fart Syndrome,  or worse Crainial-Rectal Dyslexia!

And most of them were collusions with the REPUBLICANS of the GOP (Good Old Putzes) who are more of a cult than just Senators and Congressmen.  They are the gray-haired old white men I see in the pictures ganging and lieing together at the Kavanaugh hearings. 

They stand and rise just like the Chinese Senate and Kim Jung Un’s Communist Senate all dressed and look alike,  carefully chosen for the Photo-OP and loyalty to the party.  I see how our fake politicians operate, I’m depressed.  I see the same, lock-stepped and in perfect tune, we are unfortunately inundated by scumbags, and most should have been thrown out a long time ago.

The TRUMP Rallies are reminiscent of the files and despicable conduct, language and accusations made by Hitler and Mussolini before World War II.   And the “ TRUMP FANS ”  who seem to forget that little incident called World War II left the earth 60-70 million people less because of simple words like Trump uses, words of hate.  See him as a reincarnation of the Fuehrer since he’s uses the Fuehrer playbook. 

These reality show fans attending are no better than the crowds that the Axis drew in Berlin for their stand-up propaganda routines.  If these people cheer his lies and believe him, part of this country has died already killed by the leaching scum from the cesspool.  And the lack of civility is appalling, we are no longer a nation of together, we have been socially drawn and quartered, by a lieing, cheating Leninist coward.

√  IF ONLY THE GOP-CONTROLLED CONGRESS WOULD CALL OUT TRUMP’S VILENESS WITH a unified voice maybe -- just maybe -- that would have an impact on Trump’s behavior. It’s hard to tell.  I doubt it, he suffers from half the diseases I learned about in Psych II.  In so many instances, Trump truly seems to lack compassion and empathy and appears to enjoy being cruel.  Adding narcissism, paranoia, 

√ BUT ONE THING IS CLEAR, IF YOU REJECT TRUMP’S DESPICABLE BEHAVIOR, THEN COME ELECTION DAY ON NOVEMBER 6, make your voice heard by voting. We may not be able to stop Trump from sinking lower, but we may just be able to stop Trump from dragging America down to his level.

All you hear and see on all channels,  on all news outlets, is TRUMP, telling you how well things are, yes for the rich, but you the consumer, the middle class, are being screwed every day.  And when the bubble breaks you will be destroyed.  Let me hear you cheer then when things turn sour and you lose your insurance and cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security while he has a vision of parades and walls. 

√ HE HAS MOBILIZED A FOLLOWING OF SOME REALLY STUPID PEOPLE, WEAK MINDED, EASILY MOTIVATED since they are soft mean thinking targets. They are reality show, tabloid readers, believe pro wrestling is real, know nothing about our constitution and listen to a man who is always right and the rest of the world is wrong.  

√ MAYBE THESE FOLKS WHO ARE DEEPLY INVOLVED AS EVANGELICALS THINK HE IS THE MESSIAH   Thats what the Germans thought Hitler was, a Messiah and Himmler invented his own Aryan Religion.  (Trump only claims to be a Christian, what a farce, Christians, real ones don’t act like he does, he is vile).  Thats what the Italians thought was Il Duce was, a Messiah, Thats what the Japanese thought was Hirohito, a Sun God.  With little common sense if they believe the sh* he throws out every day.  I give him credit, he is relentless and loving every bit of the attention. That what a narcissist is.  He is mentally scar’d with (according to my shrink teacher and 100 others) with three deficiencies.

√ WHEN I HEAR FROM DONALD TRUMP ABOUT THE PRESS PROLIFERATING FAKE NEWS, and all TV is fake news except FOX (FAUX) news, that Democrats are fake politicians, that the FBI is fake, the Newspapers are all about fake news, our Intelligence Agencies are fake and the Judicial system is fake, one has to come to one conclusion... 

I honestly believe with all my heart Donald Trump DOESN’T HAVE A HEART, he just reads this crap written, created, and messaged through the likes of Steve Miller, Kellyanne Conway, and Sarah Sanders.  Miller is a very sick and neurotic young man, Kelly, an alternative reality blabbermouth liar, Sarah, not-a-where-a... a news secretary with no news, about as f*cked up fake reality, falsehoods, exaggerations and detractions as you can create in a 24/7/365 day period... Then after it’s out he denies it claiming its fake news... 

Unless you currently reside under a rock, compost heap, or a manure pile, and haven’t realized no one else currently besides Putin and Kim Jung UN walking the face of the earth  (
Remember Hitler, Goring, Bormann, IL Duce, Stalin and Dr. Goebbels are all dead) can possibly beat him at this game with over 5000 verified lies, certified and fact checked at both the Washington Post Newspaper and Politico. There are others, who supported verification and backed up by other viable institutions.  

But thats not the problem, this is not a character assignation, the man is acutely and verifiably crazy by hundreds of Dr’s of Psychiatry and is a plea for getting him Baker Acted and some mental health help as he is narcissistic, neurotic, a moron and schizophrenic, probably the most classic case ever, but he is also personally depraved and a very sick man. He has more neuroses than Hitler had whom he imitates very well.  

√ SIMPLY PUT, THE MAN IS VERY UNBALANCED WELL displayed at the UN yesterday, at Conferences, at Coalitions and on Twitter. The entire world laughed right in his face.  We should not challenge him, we should seek aid for him before someone takes things into their own hands.  People forget there were seven attempts on Hitlers life.  

I can’t wait till the ambulance with the guys in white coats come and take him and please bring back the lobotomy trials, if ever someone needed it, he would be perfect. If they can break through the 40 pounds of hairspray.




It takes a fake president to create theses lies and a third grade level carrier for his intellect, nothing too complex, to allow a shell game like NIT-TWITT to carry it.  He is the biggest nit-twit on twitter.

It takes a village of weak minded people who believe his lies to support his off the wall hatred and they think it is good for the country.  What fools they are, they can’t see whats happening, being used like jerks for his agenda.

When their health insurance is declined and this minimum wage jobs don’t put food on the table, they will come out of the ether, and put those “ Make America Great Hats” serve some good purpose.  Porto-potties.

HIS AIDS, Kellyanne Conway, Sara Nota-wara Sanders, and the Dr.  Goebbels of the party Steven Miller are the liars who support the Supreme Liar.  The Sioux indians asked,“ Which is worse, the liar or the ones who carry the message of the liar”? 

The GOP base who support him are his only friends, he is more feared than loved, more over he has alienated our country with most of the world, killed any chance with some of them ever believing us, or working together again, chased the Far East closer to China,  and Europe closer to China and Russia.  And we are losing credibility in the world as being a bad broker.

Don’t take offense, I said it many times I would never denigrate the Office of a Real President, not a narcissistic, neurotic, sick, power hungry, individual, playing a reality game,  nor any law-biding competent Cabinet members, members of Congress, or the Senate if they were doing their job... unfortunately, so many are not... and thus they are fair game to being brought to the surface and dragging the bigots and haters of a true democracy out of their holes. 

√ Our country is at a serious crossroads, it’s being dragged into what is called popularism, nationalism, isolationism, brought upon us by a greedy, faulty, selfish political environment.  We are a very liberal country, almost anywhere else in the world, some of the things our politicians get away with would be hanging offense’s elsewhere.  I’ll deal with this, read on... 

√ The problem is similar to an epidemic of venereal disease, if you don’t stop the source it will spread to others and it has, the Repugnant Republican party.  The GOP, “Grand Old White Hair Corrupt Poo-pe-dooes”.  Trumps influence has dragged the party which was never a friend of the people but a sanction of the rich into a disgusting careless political bunch of do-nothings at the peoples expense.



√ Truth is not  virtuous anymore, mistruths, alternate reality is the common language. The committees that used to seek truth namely, the Oversight and Judicial Committees are politically worse than what they are looking at.   The useless namely Grassley, Nunes, Gowdy and Mr. Slick Paul Ryan deserve to be treated as traitors, as they have sold out their oaths to serve the people and the Constitution.  McConnell the obstructionist should have been impeached and thrown out of the Senate and also treated as a traitor.

√ The corruption is right out there in the open.   Please take those NRA envelopes ( we call them bribes)  supposedly to prevent the elimination of firearms by changes to the second amendment which is a lie perpetrated by the NRA and feed the poor, or to the families of those who have suffered a loss at the hands of guns and mass murders.  Instead they take the money and do nothing about gun control.                             ( See Guns , Morose’s and Morons) 

√ Our leader is a vulgar individual filled with hated and bigotry, a liar, a womanizer, a wife cheater, a crook in thousands of dealings, philanderer and destroyer of agreements and treaties, the list goes on and some naive innocents are stupid enough to believe in him.  

√ He patronizes his base, a bunch of narrow thinking religion-cons individuals with a lost sense of justice.  He has denigrated the FBI and all the fine people who devoted their lives to the cause of freedom and branded them while he gets away with about every despicable act one can do.

√ He has denigrated our most famous war hero even when our hero died, the real scumbag showed himself, his butt-kissing of a North Korean demagogue, and a Russian KGB professional just goes against the hundreds of thousands of innocents who paid the price of freedom for him and his  scumbag friends.

√ Millions have died defending  freedom and to disrespect those hero’s with his fake speeches and bullshit written by Stephen Miller is appalling.  He has proven it time and time again he cares about no one but Donald Trump.  He is slowly burning our country down for his own bravado and legacy but the damages will be here for decades after he is dead.  He is patronizing our enemies who have sworn to destroy us and alienated our friends and allies who have been at our side for decades.

√ There is no season on those who betray the trust they were given by the people, no one is above the law.  Those who write our laws should, must be made aware of the laws, and be held to a higher accountability.  


1... There is no Republican Party anymore, it was a party of cowards anyway controlled by McConnell and Ryan. It is the party of Trump which is so close to Leninism/Marxism.  Heavily coated in Hitler philosophy, carefully crafted by Steve Miller and somewhat supported by cowardly clones, and with attacks on Jeff Sessions who has been under a lot of heat. Our GOP is ball-less, afraid to anger and receive the scorn of a madman they helped to elect.  Their COWARDICE to stand up to Trump handed the party to him, lock-step and hand salutes because they are making more money than ever.   

2... A party used as a tool by an egocentric Leninist who has a narcissistic messiah complex and a fair amount of bigotry thrown in.  Simple, you can’t have bullshit without a stink. And his lies and tactics set the stage for those of the party.  And they are all starting to stink.

3... Led by a person who has operated with these virtues all his life.  Donald J. Trump is a bully, corrupt, a liar, he has ruined lives, a con man and a womanizer with enough trash to make Weinstein look like an amateur.  He has over 3500 lawsuits clogging the courts in NY for those he never paid for work done on the TRUMP towers and other projects.   And this is just a microcosm of Trumps faults. 

4... The swamp is still alive, it changed its flavor, many see it as a huge septic tank.  And well thought out,  only T-Rump added so many incompetents to  handle things.  Pruitt, Carson, Mnuchin, DeVos, Neilson,  Perry and the biggest disappointments with VP Pence, Trumps personal on the fly five star ass-kissing merchant of agreeable dialog.  Someone said Pence had his head so far up Trumps nether region he could tell you what Trump had for breakfast.

5... We compound the mess by the adding the GOP hierarchy of schmoozing,  useless, bullshitting, scumbag, self indulgent, leadership icons in power like Ryan, and McConnell.  Only interested in economics that feed the rich more and screw the middle class.  Especially McConnell whose sole purpose in life is not the will of the people, it is the will of the dollar and his power.  

6... And lying on a daily basis to the American people.  Paul Ryan is one of the worst.  Most outright liars speak from both sides of their mouth, somehow he has four sides and they are The Trump Side, The Cover My Ass Side, The Make Believe Conservative Side, The Evangelical Side and still do nothing.  He is totally useless, thank goodness he’s leaving.

7... They stood by when the Fake President damned Judges and the Judiciary, the Intelligence Community, Immigrants, Neighbors,  and Friends alike and literally blew up any coalitions we had.   We will soon be isolated on the world stage and the rich will be richer and no middle or lower classes will survive as we know it.  Ryan’s tax break was a controlled farce to send more of the money to the top 2% and give the middle class a nice three trillion dollar deficit.

8... It will come back to haunt us and all the deals he is making is not for the public, it is for him and the rich who are getting richer and that extra thousand off your takes this year will go down as you watch the gas when filling your tank.  Or when your insurance doubles, keep cheering for T-RUMP, you have been screwed and will get worse.  Just watch what happens to prices of general goods and consumer needs with his trade tariffs.  My favorite food item went from 9.49 to 11.00 dollars overnight.



√  When he speaks, the Nation cries...  we the people are being crapped on by a bullshit artist.  He reminds me of Mr. Bluster on the 50’s TV show HOWDY DOODY.   Funny how shit played a part in that last sentence.

√  A TV comedienne with no moral structure, lots of money and power and his audience, who will need the mental health he is eliminating  will suffer from.   Fake news is dedicated to the entire TRUMP Empire, his Family, his Lawyers, his Cabinet of totally incompetent subjugents, en masse offering salutations and blowing smoke ( some called it verbal succulation)  befitting one of greater prominence, like Genghis Kahn.

√  Once again this year, the bluster-full magnificent BS artist told us how well he is moving the country, and that jobs are coming to this country unfortunately there is a slight problem with his mathematics, there always seems to be a problem with his mathematics.  Simply explained by a noted psychiatric professor with also a degree in quantitative mathematics to his class,  “ He frickin lies a lot and exaggerates almost everything by hundred and thousands. As is usually the case in crowd estimation and budgetary concerns or any thing honest for that matter.

√ BILL MAHER, COMEDIAN, expressed it best as “He’s just full of shit”.  

√ FAREED ZAKARIA,  JOURNALIST simply called him a “Bullshit Artist”.   Shit seems to follow Trump everywhere.

AL JACOBS  BLOGGER, I concur, his actions and complete disregard for the people, for the Constitution, for political competition and truth,  qualify him for a room in a NutHouse not the WhiteHouse which has been turned into a sh*t house. 

And his appointments lacked good foresight.  Sitting around the room table ruining education, housing, immigration, trade agreements, small business, the environment,  not supporting alternative fuels in lieu of coal,  treaties and the EPA, his maligning of the FBI and The Justice Departments personnel, incredible folks who work there, and put their lives on the line.

( AKA Mitch the Bitch) we know is a real piece of work as an obstructionist.
Destroying everything Obama tried to fix.  He was a devout moron with power.   A real “ Schmuck”,  a Jewish term with many meanings will be acceptable, notably the one about part of the male organ thrown away after circumcision. He was the perfect mate to TRUMP, scumbags of a feather frigg things up together.  We have  watched the Republican Party falling apart, torn by a bunch of do nothings blaming everybody and anybody while too cowardly to stand up to a maniacal self gratifying narcissist before he destroys and splits this country.   

 √  Education, Schools that I visit to mentor science projects, I question the children who are learning nothing about the past, and currently we are making the same mistakes again.  

√  The past is the great teacher.   Those who do not study the past are prone to making the same mistakes.

√  We are creating a generation of children who know nothing about their government, how it was supposed to work and how it doesn’t and is not working now. 

√  They know nothing about our relationships with other countries.  They know nothing about the wars, and 200 million who have died.  It’s sad, very sad.  Lots of good people died so we can enjoy freedom.  


√  Soon, like yesterday, our country will be the land of the free and the few rich.  Well, you will be OK if you are rich, the rest will be survivors. 

√  Ryan, the real plagiaristic author of the Tax bill,  basically took Reagan’s failed trickle down theory, and re-engineered it with a whole bunch of hoopla and fake changes.   Ryan has pushed for the past eight years his bill which will destroy the middle class, based on the Reagan initiative which failed horribly, and the Bush tax cuts which failed and put us in the worst recession since 39.

√  I said the coming years,  since they are too naive to realize they have been had by a con and by then it will be too late to fix things, thats the real tragedy and stupidity of it.  They blamed Congress and then elected it to make it worse for themselves not better, no thats not naive, thats stupid.  

√  In history lesson years from now, it will be remembered it was fear, the Evangelical vote and hate by the GOP which brought it down and left 24 plus million people out in the cold.  But the insurance companies will be handing out millions in bribes to our Congressmen and Corpo-Guano executives getting multiple million dollar paychecks and the poor will slowly deteriorate.

√  The stock market at 26,000 points and sooner or later will suffer an adjustment, is incredible and shows specifically the health of our richest fellow Americans.  

√  And I have compassion for those naive folks in West Virginia praising TRUMP for the 2000 coal miners that went back to work,  A deal in the working way before he took office.  They have basically received nothing new in benefits a few leftover hats maybe and coal is now considered a bad fuel as far as global warming and pollution go.

√  Same with the factory that sells TRUMP hats on line.   And the price of coal is getting lower as it is a dirty fuel regardless of claims which are really “ the fake news” and adds to global warming.  As far as the hats go, a good place to take a dump in.

            THE FOURTH REICH                                      


√  TRUMP, is a pretend populist, it simply means he tells you what you want to hear, makes promises he can’t keep and in time his policies will do more harm than good.  The small differences in Leninism , Communism, Fascism or Trumpism all work the same way. A small group of people control the government, manufacturing, politics and the military and the rest simply obey. The controls come by way of ruining the devices in place that protect the people.

√  First you disable the press, when they tell the truth, you call it “ Fake news” and just like Hitlers loyalists the GOP base falls for it hook line and stinker.  Your own propaganda comes out from the controlled news source (?) FOX news or the right wing Breitbart.  

√  Then you discredit more negativism by dishonoring the FBI, and the other organizations that protect and serve.

√  And then you feed the lies and the false stories about birth certificates and citizenship. You call people names, he shouldn’t , on a website I found over four hundred plus names for TRUM exists.  TRUMP is not new.  Scumbags like him have always existed, he might be the most dangerous one since he is unstable and definitively in need of some mental health help.

√  The worst part is the GOP doesn’t have the balls to stop him, they are what they have been, a party of complainers with nothing in the rhelm of good social change, ideas or programs. They are takers not givers.   The GOP waltzed itself or goose stepped itself into a box basing eight years of obstructionism against the first Black President. 

√  And you helped him. He will make the rich in the country greater, and you will pay for it.   If you are lower income your tax break will work out to about $20.50 per week.  And you will lose mortgage, health and state tax benefits, you have been had.  And already the tariffs the Fuehrer has started with all our trading partners will make that tax break you supported and thought was so great be worth less than a roll of bathroom tissue. 

√  Are you lacking common sense and understanding how the government and the media have to work together.  Or are you too naive, maybe even poorly judgmental to understand the media and the judiciary are the real checks and balances of the Presidency and his [TRUMP) attacks are to prevent the truth from really coming out and it is the media that is protecting you from T-rump.  

√  This is why we have a press corps, it is their job, the papers and press report what he says and does.   He makes the news and then denies it. He is the “Fake News” he challenges.   His mastery of shifting stories, distractions, and counter-distractions comes from a long time realty star scripting.  

√  It took Obama eight years to get something done and clean up George Bush’s horrid performance creating a recession, and  get some relief to people.

√  It will take fifteen years to fix TRUMP and the poor and middle class, the immigrants will all suffer.  The people will suffer, but not the rich, Trump is your friend if you have money

√  He calls Hillary a liar and starts the chant. Truthfully he has the lowest score in all of Politicos records for telling the truth. He is a liar and bullshitter.  Maybe Hitler was better but we’ll never know.  He calls it FAKE NEWS and he is the one saying it.  He just in 600 days topped 5000, thats five thousand verifiable lies by POLITICO, THE WASHINGTON POST and most folks with common sense, except the GOP-E base.

√  Trump is for Trump and a few loyal others.  He should be in jail, not the Whitehouse or as some call it...”Kremlin East”.  

√  His dealings in the past with 3500 lawsuits and investigations should have clued even an idiot into the fact that there is something wrong with this man.  Unfortunately we are festooned with some lower classes tha idiots and they haven’t figured him out yet.

√  His tirades and Nit-Twits were indications of a destroyer not a builder and you fell for it.  Read the Leninist papers and you will see the real plan behind all this charade as President. 

√  Why has he really not come out against Putin because he admires him and wants the same controls Putin has.  And the Leninists did the same thing decades ago. Get rid of the press, the judiciary, and the media, and create the fourth part of the system we have.  

√  You ( Directed at his voters, the GOP base and the Evangelicals) promoted and aided a hatred of the establishment, just like the Brown Shirts did in the thirties, you chanted wore hats and applauded the leader.   Your medical relief you damned at every rally with chants of “ Down with Obamacare” will be gone and 12-24 million of you will have no medical care.  You will get what you asked for.  I wish you well, he doesn’t give a crap about you just like he did to the workers in NY.