A gunman on the high floor of a Las Vegas hotel rained a rapid-fire barrage on an outdoor concert festival on Sunday night, leaving at least 59 people dead, injuring 527 others, and sending thousands of terrified survivors fleeing for cover, in one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history.

The evening had begun in celebration. Thousands gathered for another night of song at the long-anticipated country music festival. 

Some had driven or flown to Las Vegas for the three days of shows from faraway places — Tennessee, California, Alaska. And in the days and weeks before the festival, some had excitedly posted messages on social media, counting down until its start.

But when the gunfire — sudden and rapid — finally ceased on Sunday night, at least 59 people had been killed and hundreds more were injured. The attack at a music festival in Las Vegas was one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history.

The authorities have not yet identified all of the people who perished, but relatives, colleagues and friends have shared memories of some of them. 

Online video of the attack near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino showed the singer Jason Aldean’s performance at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, a three-day country music event, being interrupted by the sound of gunfire. The music stopped, and as victims fell bleeding, concertgoers screamed, ducked for cover, or ran. “Get down,” one shouted. “Stay down,” screamed another.

The police found the gunman, whom they identified as Stephen Paddock, 64, dead in his room at the hotel. Investigators were still combing through Mr. Paddock’s background and searching his home on Monday.



Douglas Haig, an Arizona man who says he sold tracer ammunition to the gunman in October’s Las Vegas massacre, was arrested Friday on a charge of conspiring to manufacture and sell another type of ammunition -- armor-piercing bullets -- in violation of federal law. 

A criminal complaint alleges two unfired .308-caliber (7.62mm) rounds found in gunman Stephen Paddock's hotel room had Haig's fingerprints on them as well as tool marks from his workshop. The bullets in the cartridges were armor-piercing, with an incendiary capsule in the nose, the complaint says. 

The FBI on October 19 searched Haig's Mesa home and seized ammunition the agency says is armor-piercing, the complaint said. Haig did not have a license to manufacture armor-piercing ammunition, documents said.

Police say Paddock, 64, opened fire on October 1 from his 32nd-floor room at Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay hotel onto a crowd attending a music festival, killing 58 people and shooting and injuring 422 others. More than 850 others suffered other injuries in the attack. Investigators say Paddock died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Douglas Haig’s name was revealed in the release of search warrant records.  Haig, 55, appeared in court Friday and was released on his own recognizance with specific conditions not spelled out in court proceedings. He is due in court again February 15 for a preliminary hearing.

Note:  Composed of Rifles w/scopes, SEMI and FULL AUTOMATIC M-15 Colt Sporter’s, Bushmaster, other clones.   The Colt Sporter and clones are easily modified by THE SLIDE FIRE DEVICE TO emulate and in some cases exceed cyclic capacity of a fully automatic weapon.

At least 23 firearms, including a handgun, were found in Mr. Paddock’s hotel suite, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Some were rifles equipped with scopes, said Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Police Department, adding that Mr. Paddock used multiple rifles during the attack. In his other two homes his arsenal totaled 49 weapons, 50 pounds of nitrates to make a bomb, surveillance cameras. And thousands of rounds of ammunition easily outfitting a small platoon.

A federal law enforcement official earlier said there were at least 20 rifles in the suite, along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, including two rifles outfitted with scopes and set up on tripods in front of two big windows.  Another official said that among the weapons were many AR-15-style assault rifles.  Later disclosed with bump stocks.  Both officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to divulge details of the investigation. 

The truth leaked out anyway, there are no secrets in Las Vegas.  What happens in Las Vegas usually winds up in your wife’s divorce lawyers office within 48 hours, sometimes sooner in the magazines in the check out lane at the grocery store.

Sheriff Lombardo said that Mr. Paddock brought at least 10 suitcases into his hotel room over a period of time.  Sheriff Lombardo said that Mr. Paddock fired through his hotel room door at security guards, striking one in the leg. The guard is still alive, he said. SWAT officers went in after the guard was shot.  In addition to the weapons at the hotel, the sheriff said the police retrieved 19 firearms, as well as explosives, several thousand rounds of ammunition and “electronic devices” from Mr. Paddock’s home in Mesquite, Nev.


SAN BERNARDINO -  The two weapons  AR-15’s that might have been modified were, retrieved from the deceased killers in San Bernardino were both (according to one source) illegally converted to full auto which basically is nothing more than a change of a few sear parts on older 2000 series, or reworking the sear and against the laws by the ATF.  If so, they were purchased in 2007/8 and possibly converted…

The hard installation requires a few parts , a Dremel tool and wonderful instructions that are all over the net.  This is social media at its finest. Hacking, construction of weapons of mass destruction, ISIS recruitment, Russian fake news and a monster of stupidity tweeting imbecilic remarks and nasty commentary.  Thank you social media for giving scumbags a voice.

They are keeping quiet about this, nothing confirmed but the straw purchase by the buyer make have implications.  Who sold them the sear parts or converted the parts.   A good practiced shooter can use the semi-auto mode with deadly results. Regardless it is a severe felony based on classification.  And the straw buyer was arrested and served. This is GOOD. But there is a faster way and it is legal.


Fully Automatic Weapons are class three. Class three requires certain checks and background info and approval by a local sheriff.  It is required by law and the penalties are severe. But this is yet to be confirmed buy the FBI and if so who did it,  was it a gunsmith, a hack job, and how much more was the buyer or the terrorists involved in the conversion.  

LAS VEGAS 10/01/2017
Thats the real question or Now all you need to become a certified mass murderer  is a ten year old who can purchase these fine devices made by a company called SLIDE FIRE.   Now we have Vegas. A company by the name of Slide Fire has a stock option a ten year old can fit to an AR-15, and AK-47s, Ruger’s and others which automatically converts the weapon to firepower equalling and possibly surpassing a  Fully  Automatic weapon with a  750 to 900 round cyclic rate.  A twenty round clip is empty in under three-seconds spewing uncontrolled death.

Very impressive and totally legal so far.  Actually they brag it is faster.  My thought this is the conversion or clones of this device he used [the shooter] as he did not have a class III weapon permit. Especially with the 100 round drum, this is lethality at its best especially when the scumbag coward fires on unarmed civilians.

Screw grandfathering, make the device, ownership requiring a 100,000 dollar bond and a 500 tax stamp, or alteration of a weapon to class three, a Class One Federal felony period with either a $20,000 dollar fine or ten years in Jail.  I’m harsh but between the Pulse and Vegas over a 100 folks are DEAD. My original thought was bring SLIDE FIRE up on charges of murder just like the driver of a bank robbery car is as guilty as the potential shooter in the bank.

Make the NRA pay one million dollars to every victim of shooters because they are the promulgators of sport shooting, unfortunately humans are considered fair game. Wayne La Pierre, the scumbag head of the NRA should be tried on treason and fraud. 

*At dinner the other night my friend said, “ If shooting a Congressman at baseball practice didn’t get the GOP to move on gun control, it’s just too bad it happened at a concert,  and not in the halls of Congress”.  It’s going to take a national effort to get these bribed officials out of Congress, It is called voting. The NRA owns them. 

Mr. Paddock, 64, was described as a high-flying gambler who lived in a quiet retirement community and played golf. Officials said he had no significant criminal history and drew little attention to himself.  Investigators are trying to piece together his financial history to search for clues that could help determine what set him off.  


Details about Mr. Paddock’s career and livelihood were sparse, aside from observations by neighbors and family members that he routinely gambled large amounts of money. “He was a wealthy guy, playing video poker, who went cruising all the time and lived in a hotel room,” a brother, Eric Paddock, said.  Mr. Paddock and his three brothers were raised by their mother, who told the children their father had died when in fact he was in prison, Eric Paddock said.


He was a high-stakes gambler recognized in the casinos of Nevada. He dabbled in real estate investments in Texas. His last known full-time employment was 30 years ago. He was twice divorced. He had a pilot’s license and had owned two single-engine planes.  While his motive for the mass shooting outside a Las Vegas casino on Sunday night is unknown, details of Stephen Paddock’s history pointed to an unmoored and highly unconventional life.  
From his neighbors in a quiet retirement community in Mesquite, Nev., he drew little attention, unless it was for his extreme propensity to keep to himself. He displayed no strong religious or political views, his relatives said, and was not known for angry outbursts.

Mr. Paddock’s father was convicted in 1961 of committing a series of bank robberies, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but escaped from La Tuna federal prison in Texas in 1968 and then became a used-car dealer and bingo parlor operator in Oregon.  
The family moved around the country, from Iowa to Tucson to Southern California, another brother, Patrick Paddock II, said in an interview with CBS, Eric Paddock said that his brother Stephen was “Not an avid gun guy at all.”
“The fact that he had those kind of weapons is just — where the hell did he get automatic weapons?” he asked.  

I might have explained it in the paragraphs above.

The gunman recently bought several weapons. Christopher Sullivan, general manager of Guns & Guitars, a gun shop in Mesquite, Nev., confirmed that Mr. Paddock had bought three guns at his shop — a handgun and two rifles — within the last year. All the purchases were legal and cleared routine federal screening, Mr. Sullivan said.
“The man does not have a criminal history,” Mr. Sullivan said of Mr. Paddock.

Mr. Sullivan, who said he had also been contacted by the F.B.I. and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, would not provide detailed descriptions of the guns. 

“We have cooperated with local and federal authorities,” he said.  He described Mr. Paddock as seeming like “a normal fellow, a normal guy — nothing out of the ordinary.”  “As for what goes on in a person’s mind, I couldn’t tell you,” Mr. Sullivan said. “I know nothing about him personally.”

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