Florida is a great state to live in.  It has sun, beaches, attractions, unique food, great entertainment, no state tax, slower in style than the north, flip flops and dirty feet  the official state footwear, a casual nature, great parks, recreation, boating, fishing and camping, music, culture, museums and yes, we have NASCAR. 

NASCAR, a circuitous mass traffic jam of up to 43 vehicles generally screaming and crashing around on an oval track sometimes exceeding 200 miles an hour, some 45 miles an hour faster than my last airplane. 

Piloted by celebrity excitable nomex suited warriors who occasionally lose their cool and throw things like helmets and punches at each other when ramming doesn’t work.


here are many issues they don’t tell you about. My mission is to clue you in about people things in Florida. I love it here in-spite of everything thats wrong.  Nature you live with, people problems you try to work out.  Occasionally they get swapped.

It has problems like all states do with the economy, crime, one of the most corrupt bought sold and paid for political structures in the US.  

Add poor infrastructure growth, some indigent people, a huge drug problem and so forth.  Everybody in Tallahassee is on the NRA payroll ( Bribes) and mass killings of our children mean nothing.  The NRA money runs the show distributed by Margaret Hammer their representative and thought to be a devout NRA mouthpiece.  

We are a state with lots of quotes like older white guys as it was explained in the press who by a small margin re-elected a Governor who was charged in Federal court as GUILTY because as the President of his company HCA they had embezzled 1.7 billion dollars from Medicare and still gets elected in probably the largest Medicare state.  

He should of gone to jail for the claims people did not get cared for but were billed.  If this was China he would be dead now.  It was hit the hardest during the Bush Recession, thats my name for it, telling it what it really was.

And now they went back and made him our Senator, corruption works and two things irk me, stupid uninformed voters and common criminals who get elected by those same stupid people of the GOP BASE.

Even NASCAR, one of our favorite adorations was struggling. It’s doing well now.  Is there anything else we should know.  Yes, on the financial side of things only the highest national Hurricane Damage insurance and Property Taxes in the nation.  This leads to a high rate of foreclosure and personal bankruptcy's are on the rise. Many folks have lost their homes.  


High risks from falling drug traffickers. You are more likely to get hit with a 74-100 lb. bag of weed tossed from an airplane than a Gator bite. Especially, just north west or south west of the glades.  Thank goodness for the real incredible hero’s of the Coast Guard and the combined FEDERAL, STATE and LOCAL Florida Drug enforcement agencies who battle this scourge on a daily basis.  Less than twenty miles from where I live they made a two million dollar Heroin bust a few days ago. (2013) But we had a unique drug problem, a quasi legal looking real drug problem called pill mills.

The pill mill epidemic was a nationwide problem in 2010, driven by doctors who would write prescriptions and sell drugs out of clinics they owned themselves. Florida’s lax laws gave the Sunshine State a reputation for easy access to the drug, so much so that billboards advertised to "narco tourists"  buyers from out of state who would come to Florida to buy the drug. With more than 1,000 pain clinics in operation across the state, Florida became known as the "Oxy Express.”  

IN 2011 law that increased penalties for doctors who abused prescription privileges, banned them from prescribing drugs like oxycodone and strengthened state regulatory power over prescription pill trafficking. "In 2010, 98 of the top 100 oxycodone pill dispensing physicians nationally resided in Florida," the report read. "In 2011, after the passage of HB 7095, only 13 of the top 100 resided in Florida, and by the end of 2012, not one Florida doctor appeared on the top 100 list.”  The report, which used figures that also were widely reported by the media, cited U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration data accessed January 2013.

When the Florida law changed, it prevented physicians from dispensing pills out of their clinics.  Some physicians are still allowed to buy hydrocodone in large quantities, emergency room personnel,  but private doctors could no longer buy the drug and sell it on their own.  That’s not to say pill mills weren’t a problem, or that the 2011 law didn’t make a difference.  By the time HB 7095 was enacted, it was estimated as many as 11 people per day were dying from prescription drug abuse. From 2010 to 2012, overdose deaths from prescription drugs, illicit drugs and alcohol dropped nearly 17 percent  Overall prescription drug fatalities fell 23%, and about 52 %t of that decrease was in deaths from oxycodone.

What is the worst predator in our state?  Liberal sex offender laws. In abundance in our beloved state is the two legged kind, like Mr. John Evander Couey, 46, a convicted sex offender who kidnapped, raped, and then buried alive a wonderful nine year old Jessica Lunsford. Which became the Lunsford Amendment in Congress

This occurred  in Citrus County.  In 2005, the slaying of Sarah Lunde in Hillsborough County is one of a tragic series of crimes that have involved the deaths of young girls and the arrest of felons with histories of violence or sexual offenses.   In a little more than a year, 11-year-old Carlie Brucia in Sarasota was kidnapped and killed followed by the death of 9-year-old Jessica and 13-year old Sarah.  While making update corrections to this article, a little 7 year old girl in Floral Park Florida showed missing. 

•   The predator address scan for that area indicated no less than 87 former child molesters residing within a ten mile area.  She too did not make it.  
•   Couey was guilty as charged:  Murder in the first degree, rape of a minor under 12, Kidnapping and so forth.
•   Couey died at Jacksonville Memorial Hospital after complications from Anal Cancer before the sentence of the court could be carried out.  
•  The Jessica Lunsford Act;  revises sexual predator criteria; requires twice yearly reregistration by sexual predators; provides criminal offenses for failing to reregister, failing to respond to address verification, failing to report or providing false information about sexual predator, and harboring or concealing sexual predator; requires electronic monitoring for certain offenders placed on conditional release supervision, etc.

NOTE:  Soon after while checking on backgrounds for those living in my Condominium apartments. It turned up that an owner had sub-leased their home to a woman and she had her father living there.  Ok since he was living there, not the gal who leased it,  we got his drivers license number and ran his background check.  Less than 100 feet from my front door

Bingo, Non-registered pedophile, wanted in the state of New Jersey for not reporting, and failure to register a move to Florida, and not registering in Florida.  The Largo police arrived in under five minutes and removed the individual.  They take it seriously here which is OK with me. I don’t want grandkids anywhere near these folks.


Like all the help in comment.  A massive foo-pah in straightening the St. Johns River years back now calls for a massive un-straightening of the St. John's River to restore the ecology it has ruined. 

Namely the river, the water, the sedentary ability for water purification and wholesale massive environmental  destruction.  The waste alone from the Orlando area is a matter of concern.  Millions of people in a congested area, congested all the year round produce a lot of effluent.  Thats a lot of poop to process and look what it has done to the hat business!

Just another project with no looking forward and it created an ecological nightmare.  Another feather in the cap of our government only no one noticed the feathers were on fire.




We also have a unique situation as much of our state has been used as a bombing range so every once in a while, a nice hand Grenade winds up at a garage sale or a WWII 500 LB bomb, probably the same vintage as used in IRAQ washes up on a our beaches. Just recently fishermen found an air to air test missile in their nets.  

A 106,034-acre site in rural central Florida is routinely bombed, blasted and shot to pieces. Naturally resplendent, it’s a unique asset for both the military and environmentalists.

On a silent central Florida airfield miles from the nearest town, a black U.S. Special Operations Chinook helicopter fires up its engines for an undisclosed training mission. Across the airstrip, on separate business, U.S. Air Force combat search and rescue Black Hawk helicopters from Moody Air Force Base in Georgia gear up for a short hop to a nearby area where door gunners will pummel ground targets with .50-caliber machine guns.

Meanwhile, as the first clouds begin to build toward a June afternoon thunderstorm, a group of men who could pass for engineering grad students position themselves down the 8,000-foot concrete runway. They follow with tracking gear as one releases a drone. It shoots up vertically a hundred feet, rotates and scurries off across the sky on a project related to Special Operations Command.

It’s another day at the Avon Park Air Force Range, at 106,034 acres the largest bomb and gunnery range east of the Mississippi.

Beyond the concrete runway lie mock villages, a mock airfield, laser-guided weapons practice fields, helicopter landing zones and airborne drop zones. The range averages a visiting unit training about every third day. Depending on the day, you might find local law enforcement practicing emergency driving skills on the runway or helicopters training to shoot a moving target riding along a rail. Airborne troops might float down by parachute and call in an airstrike, or Army choppers may be firing Hellfire missiles. Air Reserve fighters from Homestead might be practicing taking out enemy armor, or the Florida National Guard may conduct target practice with their 105mm Howitzers.


Medical care at one of our hospitals can be just as dangerous. Some of our doctors cut off more wrong limbs than all the Gator attacks this year. The solution: Use an indelible magic marker and the DR's sign off on the part removed. Phrases like “DO NOT REMOVE", "DO NOT CUT BELOW THIS LINE" and "NOT THE MIDDLE ONE" are very common.  

On the other hand there are cases of Doctors not being Doctors practicing here. Many cases... including a witch or two practicing Voodoo. Must be popular, Sara Palin had her Voodoo doctor protect her against curses and spells.  Thus we know they are there.


Read on, and we'll talk about FOOD in paradise. So big we had to make it a separate piece. Our chain restaurants should be called “ Chain gang restaurants” and some of the operators thrown in jail.   Illegal Immigrant labor working in the restaurant industry swelled till Florida and a few police departments got involved and uncovered literally slave labor.

That article and list of many restaurants has grown large enough to warrant its own space and places are broken down under the good the bad and the what are they still doing in business.  Go to


🎆💥 FIREWORKS   🚒  
By the way, fireworks are illegal in Florida.  So how come during Holidays there are tents every mile selling pyrotechnics.  Under Florida Agricultural law it is permissible to buy fireworks to scare bird flocks away from your farmland.  What tourist has farmland in Florida?  Our Tallahassee bought off legislature  hasn’t the balls to repeal that stupid law or issue an amendment to show proof of farmland since the fireworks folks donate money to their lobbyists.

Two of our tourist laden pristine beaches exploded under a hail of spent Chinese defective fireworks.  Blew one motels windows out and sent 12 to the hospital. Why do I tell you this?   Because each year covering for the paper we get two or three really serious injuries out there and sooner or later someone loses their sight. Working for the paper, I always made a beeline for the local hospital after 10Pm, about the time the injuries come in, and always got a story about fingers and eyes.

It was incredibly scary seeing all those fireworks designed to explode 500 feet up bursting on the ground and the idiots screaming get a good shot, get closer.  Sometimes I wonder.  Any one of the flying rockets could have gone horizontal as many did and crisped someone.  

They are trying to pass ordinances that allow for larger safety zones or move the fireworks shows to a barge off shore.   The two shows cost $15,000 dollars for 15 minutes of flash and the resulting lawsuits will easily surpass that. PLEASE BE CAREFUL......

Not sunburn, SUN WORSHIPPING because after you cook yourself raw, all we'll hear is  "Oh God, it hurts".  Get the Aloe, get the Coconut Butter, get me a Vicodin, a Joint, anything.  When I was a kid I suffered some severe burns on my ankles to above my knees, enough to put me in the hospital with second and almost third degree burns, I will tell you 40 years later from that day at the beach I still feel the pain from that burn, as a reminder and it doesn’t let me forget.