Being an investigative reporter, I made it known I did not care for the explanations of the Malaysian appointed government spokespersons.  Call it instinct, I still have my brains and my thought processes at my age.   At the bottom line, someone did something wrong, and it led to a chain of events and concluded when things went horribly bad.  I suspect and submit the following in theory and steps.

  1. The trigger possibly was the Lithium Cargo, 500 lbs. of laptop batteries or cells
  2. The mysterious 5000 pounds, of unknown or disclosed electronic assemblies, possibly Lithium being shipped at a lower rate.  Lithium does not take well to shorting, temp changes, or pressure changes. And airlines charge higher rates for dangerous cargo.  It requires specific packing and shipping regulations to the letter.
  3. The possibility exists of someone in collusion with the designation of the 5000 lbs. of unknown as components, a lithium battery with two wire tails on it is a component.  Basically: Lithium is an unexploded bomb.
  4. If something triggered a loose package in the Unexplained 5000 pounds of cargo, the whole place might have gone off.
  5. Halon leaking upward from the fire extinguisher in the front cargo bay killed the two-man crew.  Halon kills in ten seconds if makes are not on.
  6. Theory:  The aircraft turned to a heading taking it to the nearest land and repair facility, Penang.   That's the theory the conspiracy theorist are using against the captain, that the Captain wanted to see his last view of his town or head for the nearest base or repair station he could land at.
  7.  Might have been the last action of the crew.  The Halon could have gotten into the passenger cabin after eliminating the two-man crew in seconds.
  8. The FMS brought the aircraft to 12,000 feet and maintained a heading.  It flew till it exhausted its fuel.  If the fire spread to the Instrument Service bay, just aft


New insights into the search for missing flight MH370, and what happens the moment the jet is found, were explained at a briefing for members of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute in Perth recently.

Paul Kennedy, MH370 Search Project Director, Fugro Survey, took the audience through the same induction video shown to recruits before they joined the three vessels that are sonar scanning the priority zones in the southern Indian Ocean that are believed most likely to contain the sunk wreckage of the jet.

At the outset he reminds the audience that the so called seventh arc along which the priority zones are located is different from the earlier arcs which represented places MH370 could have been when it sent automated pings to an engine performance monitoring site at Rolls-Royce in Derby via an Inmarsat satellite and ground stations.

This last and unexpected transmission from the jet was initiated by the failure of its engine generated electrical supply and the automated deployment of a ram air turbine that popped out of the fuselage to generate emergency power as the jet fell toward the sea.

With the help of audience members Mr Kennedy unrolled a large scroll of the seabed in the seventh arc priority zone that stretched across the room and out one door which had mapped its features and their depths with sufficient accuracy to prevent deep sea ‘tow fish’ or sonar scanning platforms being towed into the side of underwater obstacles like volcanic craters while surveying the terrain from a height of around 100 meters.

On that map MH370 would only have been a small dot, and it is of course covered in dots, and often convoluted terrain, with deep fissures and troughs and sea mounts and cliffs.

Mr Kennedy said the Boeing 777 would only have subtended half a millimeter in size on the waist high scroll unfolded across the room.

Malaysia Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014. After leaving Kuala Lumpur, it was supposed to be headed to its destination in Beijing, China. Unfortunately, the plane and its 277 passengers and 14 crew members have never been seen again. While it has been thought that the plane ended up in the southern portion of the Indian Ocean, every one of the numerous search operations have totally failed to find anything related to the lost aircraft. The Malaysian Insider has reported that the search for the lost Boeing 777 jetliner over the past three-quarters of a year has not only been the most expansive aviation search in history, but it has been the most costly aviation investigation ever, as well. 

Malaysia Airlines FlightMH17 was also met with ill fate on July 17, 2014. On that date, the aircraft was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. That incident, 298 people were onboard the flight that was over eastern Ukraine. On the flight were 27 Australians, 43 Malaysians, and 193 persons from the Netherlands. 

In the first weeks of the disappearance of Flight MH-370, I stood the course.  As a pilot I know the first information about disasters is not always accurate and you have to let the authorities play out their role in the investigation to find the truth.

Something stood out to me that may have been the game changer.   I made a few statements about the disappearance of MH370 as soon as I had learned about the cargo manifest.  I had mentioned it to friends, relatives, fellow pilots, strangers and a few conspiratorialists who were claiming the usual:  

•  Human error
•  Terrorists
•  Deranged pilots
•  Alien lifeforms and abductions
•  Malaysia’s enemies
•  The Communists
•  Al Qaeda,  ISIS, 
•  Klingon tractor beams from a Bird of Prey and Other Idiots
•  Recently fired employees.  



The countries close to the Malaysia Airlines MH370, the passenger jetliner that disappeared with 239 persons aboard last March 8, are being accused of a cover-up. The accusation comes from Des Ross, an aviation advisor in South Sudan, who claims that there must have been recordings that would tell more of the mysterious story of the flight that went missing, but Australia and Malaysia officials are not providing the public with all the information they must have had.   

According to the International Business Times on Sunday, there should have been various audio recordings contained in records and hard disks that would detail what transpired during the first four hours that the Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane went missing. 

However, alleged recordings from that crucial period of time have not been released to the public. Des Ross who has 35 years of aviation industry experience is now asking what was on those recordings – and blatantly and accusatorially asking Malaysia and Austria why they have been so protective of the recordings which most likely exist. 

He asked, “What needed to be kept secret from the world even when 239 people were lost?” He stated that the Malaysian Air Force has the ability to intercept an unidentified aircraft, and he accuses the military of continuing to without such information. 

Ross insists that there has been absolutely no information made available to the public regarding the first four hours the plane went missing and further insists that such information is in existence - but still kept a secret. He asserts that a recording between Ho Chi Minh City and air traffic controllers in Kuala Lumpur, via a voice-data link, has information about that crucial time during the mysterious plane disappearance that has never been made public. He says that such data is kept for 30 days. 

Additionally, Ross asserts that if there is no recording of communications between the civil air traffic controller at the Kuala Lumpur control center and a military air defense officer, the non-existence of such a recording would result in an act of criminal negligence. He insists, however, “Nobody can tell us that the recordings do not exist.” He continued by saying that the two nations – Australia and Malaysia – could be accused of covering up vital information which would help the families and independent investigators work out what happened to the aircraft.

The reluctance of the Malaysians to disclose the cargo manifest until pressure built.  May 2014,  Just part of their total screw-up and handling of this event. Mistake, ignored or coverup.  All US Domestic and International airlines will not touch anything containing Lithium, in the cargo hold.  The FAA years ago had to remove Lithium powered ELTs from GA aircraft as they leaked and ate through control cables. I know, I had those batteries in my plane, they leaked and we responded to the advisories and instant removal.  What was all this Lithium doing on the plane?  

•  Was it possible the 5400 lbs of cargo (still unspecified and unknown) was intentionally soft-labelled to get the cargo to China instead of a week plus long trip onboard a ship? 

•   Was someone possibly paid to overlook the discrepancy in the manifest?  You want a conspiracy,  that one looms big in my mind.  Who in Malaysia knew about the mysterious cargo, from cargo handlers, ramp personnel and, inspectors (where and who certified the safety of the cargo).  

•  The tracking disclosed three things.  The almost 180 turn back to the nearest known land and airfield  which in some statements it literally passed over.  Why did they not draw a line which indicates the plane never did turn south.  A pilot decided to change the course back to familiar land, simple,  dial in the new heading on the FMS, activate let the AP make the heading change, and altitude change effected by the protocol for cargo fire and decompression.   

•  Again, the rapid decent to a safer breathable altitude and holding that altitude till the fuel expired is a distinct possibility. . If the oxygen systems were compromised or not enough supply to last a decent is initiated as per cargo fire procedures outlined below. Those are the procedures for a forward cargo hold fire.

•  The fire may have gotten or spreading to the  radio/instrument/guidance bay.   That might explain the transponder shut down.  The 777 is probably one of the most redundant aircraft in the history of aviation. My simulator keyed to model and type shows three FMS systems and computers for complete redundancy.  

•   Had the plane been blown apart, the fight tracks and ACARS would have stopped.  It continued on a straight track. Something was still working. For an in-depth article on the 777 electronics system    



Malaysian Airlines track record in adherence to recommended protocols and processes has been questioned by many and again we have data asking more questions and finding more rabbit holes than needed.   Radar and ACARS signals indicating the plane made procedural turns west, north west and some even have it turning south. 

Could the fire effectively made the control of the aircraft unstable and reporting unstable or was the planes direction changed and then the FMS reversed its commands possible being partially destroyed.  Remember there are three units on board for the FMS and fire does strange things to avionics. In addition the ACARS reporting was in question as to the level of compliance and financial constraints.