But, whats more important, his quest “ To end corruption and clean up the swamp”.  He did… He replaced the good Obama swamp with a bad cesspool of T-RUMP stooges, liars, crooks, imbeciles, and incompetents, losers… many of whom are in jail now, bad choices all around many based on their campaign contributions.  Pay T-RUMP for your job…What have we learned?  Simple you want to end corruption, look right in the mirror… if you voted for him you helped screw America.  That makes you as guilty as him

(Serious talk)

POINT - I believe in a serious note for a change, truly serious that T-RUMP is suffering from the beginnings of Dementia. I work as a volunteer with people who suffer from Dementia,  It’s all around you because we live longer, habits, life style and stress all contribute.  Diet is also a factor as simple as you need gas to run your car, you need good food and proteins to run your bodies engine.  There is no cure, only drugs that slow the progress.

POINT - Alzheimers is one of four or five types of Dementia.  Knowing little can be done but high hopes are for the Stem Cell programs who are making great inroads into cellular replication and change.

  • Lewy body dementia
  • Frontotemporal dementia
  • Vascular disorders
  • Mixed dementia, or a combination of types
  • Memory loss  -  Memory loss is a common symptom of dementia. 

POINT - His signs are apparent, but combined with other mental stabilization problems make this a very complex situation. Time for some research, At the top of my list: I research, then talk to friends who are psychologists and psychiatrists at USF about the state of Trump’s mental health.  The good thing is that it is apparent and obvious he is not well. 

POINT - His illnesses are not of a split personality, it’s mostly all bad indicators.  My opposition to him is based on apparently he is temperamentally unfit to be president.  I think he’s narcissistic, erratic  unprincipled, unstable, an insecure  personality disorder; and obsessive.  His unpredictable unhealthy patterns of thinking, functioning, and behaving asks one is this the defining characteristic of his presidency or part of a scam using disinformation as a tool.

It manifests itself in multiple ways: 

  • His extreme narcissism; 
  • His addiction to lying about things large and small, including his finances.
  • His bullying and silencing those who could expose them
  • His detachment from reality, including denying things he said even when there is video evidence to the contrary; 
  • His affinity for conspiracy theories; 
  • His demand for total loyalty from others while showing none to others; 
  • His self-aggrandizement and petty cheating
  • It manifests itself in Trump’s impulsiveness and vindictiveness; 
  • His craving for adulation; 
  • His misogyny, predatory sexual behavior, and sexualization of his daughters; 
  • His open admiration for brutal dictators; 
  • His remorselessness and his lack of empathy and sympathy
  • Attacking a Gold family whose son died while fighting for this country, 
  • Mocking a reporter with a disability
  • Ridiculing a former POW and Hero John McCain 
  • (When asked about Trump’s feelings for his fellow human beings, Trump’s mentor, the notorious lawyer Roy Cohn, reportedly said, “He pisses ice water.”)
  • The most recent example is the president’s bizarre fixation on falsely insisting that he was correct to warn that Alabama faced a major risk from Hurricane Dorian, to the point that he doctored a hurricane map with a black Sharpie to include the state as being in the path of the storm.  “He’s deteriorating in plain sight,” one Republican strategist who is in frequent contact with the White House told Business Insider on Friday.
  • We have repeatedly heard versions of that sentiment over the course of Trump’s presidency. It’s said that speculating on Trump’s mental health is inappropriate and unwise, especially for those who are not formally trained in the field of psychiatry or psychology. I agree, I am not a professional in the field but I can read and write and understand processes.
  • Yes, it is best to leave it to experts to determine whether T-RUMP satisfies the criteria for a clinical diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, some combination of both, or nothing at all.   On a daily basis we see the president’s chaotic, unstable mind on display. Are we supposed to ignore that?  NO, A STRONG NO and if we have to ignore the clinical evaluation, lets simplify this as he just a frickin nutcase who lied his way into the job.
  • Paid-off Doctors  both Civilian and Military Staff have covered up for him.  A doctor faked his medical reports by threats and later Recanted.  The other was the WhiteHouse Naval Admiral looking for a for a promotion with a truly laughable presentation to the press that stunk so high they needed to open the windows to let the bad air out.
  • I work with, unfortunate folks who suffer from dementia,  and also have one member of my own family who has Alzheimers after suffering a debilitating series of depressing events in his life.  Dementia is the disease,  Alzheimers is a sub category or type of Dementia.  It affects more people than previously thought.


  • Difficulty planning or solving problems  -  A person with dementia may find it difficult to follow a plan, such as a recipe when cooking, or directions when driving. 
  • Difficulty doing familiar tasks  -  A person with dementia may find it difficult to complete tasks they regularly do, such as changing settings on a television, operating a computer, making a cup of tea, or getting to a familiar location. 
  • Being confused about time or place  - Dementia can make it hard to judge the passing of time. People may also forget where they are at any time.
  • Challenges understanding visual information  -  Visual information can be challenging for a person with dementia. 
  • Problems speaking or writing  -  A person with dementia may find it hard to engage in conversations.
  • Misplacing things  -  A person with dementia may not be able to remember where they leave everyday objects, such as a remote control, important documents, cash, or their keys.
  • Poor judgment or decision-making  -  It can be hard for someone with Dementia to understand what is fair and reasonable. This may mean they pay too much for things, or become easily sure about buying things they do not need.
  • Withdrawal from socializing  -  A person with dementia may become uninterested in socializing with other people, whether in their home life or at work.
  • Changes in personality or mood  -  A person with dementia may experience mood swings or personality changes. For example, they may become irritable, depressed, fearful, or anxious.


He keeps going back to the past, the 2016 election, Hillary, Comey, Parades, phony audience counts and fake news about the people counted at the inauguration that he lied about and now believes his own lies.  And so forth.  Depressives dwell in the past and alternative realities. He thrives on blamesmanship.  He is so badly equipped mentally to handle current events, he repeats himself using the past.

He tells us of his great works, ( So far we can’t really find any)  whereas he knows nothing of current events or what really happening today because he does not read, he watches FOX news who speak of his glorification. They are liars too, so they get along and the scumbirds who work there get great paychecks for tabloid news reporting.

He lies and they swear to it.  He claims to be the Chosen One.  TRUE, this week he was voted the biggest asshole in the world, chosen well above all others.  It wasn’t even a fair sh*t flinging, he diarhetically out-sh*t the competition…

He does not get good security briefings and really hasn’t got a clue about whats really happening. 

He relies on Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs both of whom should have been boiled in oil long time ago, as both are just about anything bad I can think of but true T-RUMP-E-TERS, liars and scumbirders.

He talks about his great business epics.  Whereas when scrutinized were failures and bailouts to the tune of a billion dollars and he survived by bankruptcy, screwing all his partners and Daddy’s money he received 410 million, nice start for a “ self made man”.  

HIS LOSSES WERE CLOSE TO A BILLION OVER TEN YEARS - That’s how much money Donald Trump’s businesses lost from 1985 to 1994, according to The New York Times. The newspaper learned the details about a decade’s worth of Trump’s tax records, which indicate that he lost more money than nearly any other individual US taxpayer during that time period.  Thats why he wanted them hidden.

His remarks are Junior or Middle school equivalent, he repeats a lot of simple words like great, bigly, terrific wonderful, really good job, and so forth when he is in a complimentary mode which is usually some ignorant cabinet flunky or staffer who got lucky that day.  

All unfit for the position they are in.  We call them placemats.   All supporting the fallacies and corrupt money-making modes Donald operates in.  The others don’t say much, and do nothing or pretend and screw things up.

Then his remarks are usually a lie which he denies the next day and calls it Fake Media, thats why he can’t have  a real press conference since his short time statement ad hoc shooting from the hip, he can’t remember.  His mind in not on the subject it is on some form of hate or retaliation. 

Note:    All press folks carry small tape recorders to justify his absurd, hilarious and totally frickin stupid remarks so they cannot be questioned…

The President of the United States doesn’t tell the truth — at all.  That’s just a fact and an indication of his mental incapacity to lie, a real sickness.  And so, while the fact that President Donald T-RUMP has now said more than 16,419 false or misleading things in his first three years, plus another year running for office,  according to The Washington Post Fact Checker, it is both galling and appalling,  but it is not at all that surprising. Liars lie…and lie to cover up their lies.

It took a while to figure it out, “ Doubling down”  is one reason for it accelerating, more lies need more lies to cover it up.   Dr. Goebbels, Hitlers Minister of Propoganda was a master of it, “ Tell a big lie, tell it often, tell it loud”.  But I also see it more of short term memory lapses and not remembering what he said minutes or days before. 

Over the last seven months, again according to Fact Checker calculations, T-RUMP is not telling the truth at a rate THREE times higher than he did in his first 600 days in office — and even then he was averaging eight and more false or misleading statements a day.

What’s clear here is that as Trump’s presidency rolls along, he retreats more and more into a world of his own creation, a world that is increasingly devoid of any objectively accepted facts and normalcy of thoughts or actions.

What’s also clear is that as Trump turns more and more to his 2020 reelection race, his exaggerations, distortions and outright lies grow more and more common.

All of which means that if it took 827 days to say 10,000 false things, it could well take half that time for him to get to 20,000. (In case you are wondering, 413 days from today is June 15, 2020 — which is right in the heart of the campaign season.  We feel he will reach his goal.

A STUNNING MOUNTAIN OF LIES, DISTORTIONS and worse…Lots of bullsh*t!  

  • It will make very little difference as to whether T-RUMP is reelected in 2020 as it is the defining trait of his presidency and will be his lasting legacy on politics.  
  • On the first point, it's important to remember that Trump didn't win in 2016 because people thought he was honest and trustworthy.  Just 33% of voters said they believed him to be honest and trustworthy, according to exit polling, while 64% said he was not.
  • Most remarkably, 1 in 5 people who said T-RUMP wasn’t honest or trustworthy voted for him anyway.  They voted out of hate for the incompetency of the Federal Government and so-called corruption which was nothing more than greed , money, power, caused by a systemic methodology of doing business by corrupt politicians like McConnell and others. 
  • Generally that fits in the category of blooming idiot syndrome. Instead of eliminating a few scumbags, you replaced the government with T-RUMPS scumbags who are really, really from any planet in our solar systemURANUS

  • That will be the T-RUMP legacy — no matter whether he loses in 2020 or wins a second term. A legacy that not telling the truth is OK — as long as you get away with it.   Four Presidents lied to us about Viet  Nam.  Even today my intel tells me we are not getting the real story about Afghanistan.  That facts are fun things to play with.  That reality is in the eye of the beholder.  

  • It’s sad that there are no more Harry Truman’s.  He was strong, determined and honest. It took guts to use the bomb, it takes guts to be honest with the people, these are traits  Donald “Bone Spurs” T-RUMP is missing.  Bully’s act like that, most like T-RUMP are armchair warriors, cowards, not leaders.