College Payola Scandal - Operation Varsity Blues

Going - Going - Almost Gone -  Death Of The Malls As Retail

 The  Crew of the Coral Princess - Rescue at SEA

Japanese Defense Force  - The Modern Japanese Navy

Nature - The Other Parts Of Life on This Planet

MH-370 - The SAGA of MH-370

The Real Florida - The Real Florida

We Will Miss -  Good People 

NRA, Guns and Funerals - The real NRA and Mass Murders

The Vaccination Wars - The Liars and Anti-vaxxers - AUTISM

The Vaccination Wars - Measles and False Information

The Vaccination Wars -   HEP-A (Hepatitus-A)

The Clinton Trials  - A Poorly Handled Gop Fake Investigation X Five

The Silent War in LAOS - Best Kept Secret The Whole world Knew About

The Real Story of Dinosaurs - And Their Demise, Mans Appearance and Stupid People