Does Jared Kushner know anything relevant to his White House role at all? Have any comprehension of the role of a public servant? See a purpose in his life other than elevating himself into ever-higher echelons of wealth and influence?

If you were going by his remarks in a recent interview with Axios, the answer would have to be no.

Kushner sputtered and spun, looking like a little boy dressed up in his father's suit, unable to give a definitive or direct answer to nearly every question asked of him. From abortion rights to Israel, Palestinians to the presidential campaign, Kushner served word salad. It was a rare and jarring look inside the mind of a cipher made suddenly and undeservedly powerful. What we saw:  A whole lot of nothing.

The urgent takeaway: voters cannot squander the nation's upcoming opportunity to restore competence, stature and sanity to the White House.

Kushner’s interview would have been comical if this under qualified senior adviser didn’t have the ear of the leader of the free world, and didn't, absurdly, believe himself the right guy to advise on any number of matters -- including taking over the Middle East peace process.   Holder: T-RUMP knew what he was doing with birtherism claim.


Just when you were wondering whatever happened to Jared Kushner, the White House adviser who got his job because his father-in-law is President, he popped up on an Israeli TV station on Monday to jab at the Democrat who may be on the ballot opposing President Donald Trump in 2020. He said he's been busy cleaning up "the messes" that former Vice President Joe Biden was supposedly responsible for creating related to the Middle East and criminal justice.

Kushner's simplistic take sheds little light on the two issues he named, but illumination was not the point. No soundbite could ever help anyone understand the problems he pointed to. Instead, Kushner was obviously trying to distract us from the worsening impeachment crisis that has enveloped the administration, and to impress the Oval Office occupant.

President Trump, who claims to cherish both family and fighting, should take some comfort in the fact that Kushner snarled. The Trumps have made politics, the presidency, and therefore impeachment, into a family affair and so Jared may feel a duty to perform. However, his comments also remind us that the stickiest aspect of the impeachment crisis involves Biden in a way that reflects very negatively on the Trump side.

Jared Kushner, who was less qualified than anyone except perhaps his wife on the day he was named to a White House post. This is a man who was born into enormous wealth, got into Harvard after his family pledged a $2.5 million donation, and only entered politics when his father-in-law declared he was running for President. 

Kushner's born-on-third-base story of personal success may make him sensitive to any suggestion he has gotten more than he deserves. Biden said as much in an interview aired by the CBS News program 60 Minutes last Sunday. This poke likely inspired Kushner to strike back when he should have passed on the opportunity to draw more attention to the former Vice President. In doing so he may have pleased his father-in-law, but he gave more evidence to those who observe that he lacks the experience and wisdom for the job he holds.

Before that, Kushner had achieved little beyond a mediocre academic career, a massive real estate failure via his criminal dad’s company, and the decision to purchase a newspaper — The New York Observer — as a vanity project that he promptly ran into the ground.

This White House is such a pulsating example of unearned privilege (see here, here, here, here and here), that in a nation that prides itself on meritocracy and swears that those who work hard are rewarded, we see that it's also possible to be a rich dolt and still occupy one of the most powerful positions on earth. (In the case of Kushner's father-in-law, whose trajectory of failure and mediocrity landed him in the Oval Office, to occupy what may be the most powerful position on earth.)

Just how ignorant, middling and amoral is Kushner? The Axios interview offers some startling clues. Among them is that he manages to spin his utter incompetence as a good thing.

Asked by Axios' Jonathan Swan to name the thing Trump will be known for in 50 or 100 years, he replied, in part: "What this President did is he represented an outsider who came in, brought in a ton of people who never would've been in Washington before who were not 'qualified' by conventional standards," Kushner said, thus absolving himself of his own pretender status. "And he's brought in a ton of people that have brought great results to this country both economically and from a national security point of view."

TRUTH:  It is true that T-RUMP brought in a great many “Outsiders” who were not qualified for their administration jobs by conventional standards (or any standards, really). His cabinet members and other appointments have been often inept, many of them just seriously inexperienced. Even his ambassadors are the least qualified in living memory.

As a result, America's reputation worldwide has been sullied, we are facing unprecedented attacks on freedom of the press, election interference from a hostile foreign power has gone largely ignored by the administration, and we may be facing a constitutional crisis. Those are not "great results." They are disastrous to our living democracy.

In the Axios interview, Kushner also defended Trump from accusations of racism, saying, "You can't not be a racist for 69 years and then run for president and be a racist." This would be relevant if Trump hadn't been a racist for 69 years, but in fact he has spent significant time and money over the past several decades pushing his racist views.

Recall, for one consequential example (among many), the Justice Department's 1973 crackdown on Trump's real estate organization for screening rental applicants by race (Trump settled the case without admitting wrongdoing). Or Trump’s decision in 1989 to take out a newspaper ad pushing the death penalty after five African American teenagers were accused of rape in Central Park; they were later exonerated, but T-RUMP refused to accept it.

Kushner, of course, knows all about this.  T-RUMP wanted Jared and Ivanka fired, new book claims.   Asked specifically about Trump's promotion of the birther canard about President Obama, Kushner repeatedly refused to answer -- concluding with: "Uh, like I said I was not involved in that. That was a long time ago."

This was par for the course in the interview. When confronted with inconvenient information -- like the fact that Kushner's friend Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman ordered, the CIA has concluded, the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was living in the United States -- Kushner similarly hedged. (What is the administration waiting for to hold Mohammed Bin Salman accountable, he was asked? "I believe that there's a report that they're working on.")

He did the same on the question of whether he supports abortion rights: "I'm here to enforce his (Trump's) positions. His position is the one that as a staffer in the White House will work to push.")

There's an ongoing fiction that those around Trump are keeping this rig afloat, and that even if the President is small-minded and spends his days yelling at the television and tweeting, those around him are ably steering the ship.

The Kushner interview lays bare how false that is. Trump has put sycophants and loyal family members in influential positions over people who actually know what they're doing. The T-RUMP family idiots are the ones at the wheel.

We can't lose our ability to be shocked by how low this floor keeps dropping. And the influence of someone who is simultaneously profoundly clueless and ill-equipped for his job, and yet also self-admiring of his "outsider" status, is dangerous. Experience matters. Knowledge matters. Without it, we simply have a government of know-nothings — advising a President desperately in need of better angels whispering in his ear.

Add to the mix multiple power centers and an insecure, defensive son-in-law whose father was indicted by some of T-RUMPS legal Beagles now.  “Two people close to the transition also said a number of Trump’s most loyal campaign aides have been alarmed by Jared Kushner’s efforts to elbow aside anyone he perceives as a possible threat to his role as Trump’s chief consigliere.”

The picture DRAWN suggests an unhinged president, too many weak aides and an administration that cannot control itself, let alone coverage of its breakdowns. To repeat, nothing much of substance, certainly no major policy defeat, has yet occurred. One shudders to think what will happen when setbacks do occur.

Trump’s inability to acknowledge his own lack of support prompts him to seek refuge in “alternative facts” — to lie to himself and others. The Post reports, “Days after being sworn in, President Trump insisted to congressional leaders invited to a reception at the White House that he would have won the popular vote had it not been for millions of illegal votes … 

Two people familiar with the meeting said Trump spent about 10 minutes at the start of the bipartisan gathering rehashing the campaign. He also told them that between 3 million and 5 million illegal votes caused him to lose the popular vote.” The obsession with replaying the election and concocting a phony excuse for losing the popular vote reminds us that despite mockery for constant lying, Trump cannot help himself. He lies because reality won’t conform to his narcissistic view of the world.

President Trump believes in Kushner’s talents so fiercely and unequivocally that he imagines him capable of out-maneuvering every foreign service officer at the State Department today and every bona-fide diplomat that has come before him.  he will screw up, he did and now talk of lying to Congress...

The second explanation is that the POTUS is thinking about the matter more realistically, and after considering the historical trajectory of America’s quest for a viable Mideast peace deal, has come to the sensible conclusion that his own prospects for success during the next four to eight years range from slim to none. Because he has no real expectation of resolving the conflict during the course of his tenure, he’s decided to get strategic.  Send the son in law.

It now an established fact that Jared Kushner has a problem following instructions and producing documents as requested by Congress.  Another Trump humpless individual, can’t even pass a security test with good reason...

Claiming his book contains many “juicy tidbits” about the White House, Kessler also said that Trump understands that Ivanka Trump and Kushner are “problems." 

In his book, Kessler writes: "In the end, Jared and Ivanka would push the most disastrous and foolish decisions of Trump's presidency ... they had no understanding of the basic fundamentals of how government works, how a campaign works, how politics works. Most of all, they had no understanding of the political consequences of their actions." 

Kessler told Tapper that the pair "pushed the firing of Comey, which was disastrous," and were instrumental in the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci, the White House's former communications director, which Kessler called "the most absurd hire in the history of the White House." 

But Kessler said that although the President sees the two as "problems," it's unlikely that they, too, will leave the White House because firing family members would be an unusual move for T-RUMP.


CNN) First son-in-law, White House senior adviser, 

Certified Ass-clown sat down with Axios in a contentious 

interview that ran Sunday night on HBO

1. "The first couple of years, politics was a newer thing for me. We got involved in the campaign. The President asked me to get involved."
There are two interesting things here. One, Kushner is talking in the papal plural about himself (unless the "we" refers to he and his wife Ivanka Trump.) Two, Trump asked him to be involved in the presidential campaign -- not the other way around.

2. “He respects people who are willing to be honest with him."
This is a patently false statement about Trump by Kushner. Time and time again over his first few years in office, we've seen Trump move advisers and Cabinet officials out who disagree with him on almost anything. The more accurate way to express Trump's approach to truth and straight talk is this: He respects people who tell him what he wants to hear.

3. “ Again, I was not the person who was elected.”
Axios's Jonathan Swan asks Kushner here whether he agrees with Trump on abortion. And Kushner's answer, in case you are dense, is that he does not.

4. “ Things turned in a, in a direction that was unfortunate, and I have a lot of respect for how my father handled himself after."
Charles Kushner was jailed for tax fraud -- and for a revenge plot against his brother-in-law.  Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who prosecuted the elder Kushner during his time as a US attorney, called it "one of the most loathsome, disgusting crimes that I prosecuted."

5. “ The President wouldn’t have been able to get me to work on his campaign had it not been for familial relations and I guess because I'm related to him, people will make that accusation one way or the other." 
Oh, so Trump had to "get" Kushner to work on his campaign, eh? Is the President aware of this fact?

6. “ I think, look, the world right now is in, uh, we inherited a, a crazy world.”
Kushner had just told Swan the powerful story of his parents coming to the United States as refugees. Swan noted that the Trump White House had drastically reduced the number of refugees coming into the US. "Crazy world," indeed!

7. “ I think that we’re doing our best to try to make as much impact to allow refugees to be able to go back to their places, end conflicts in places like Syria and find ways to make sure that you're funding these situations."
This answer is Kushner's spin on why the Trump administration's refugee policy isn't as bad as it looks -- because they are working to end conflicts around the world that produce refugees. No more conflicts, no more refugees. Or something.

8. “ No, it’s not something that, that I would ever think about doing."
Kushner won't be running for office in his own right. Of course, this is not a Sherman-esque denial, so....

9. “  All human beings have the right to live in a way that gives them the opportunity to live in peace and to live harmoniously with each other.”
This is Kushner's answer to this question from Swan: "Do you believe the Jewish people have a God-given right to what the Israeli government calls Judea and Samaria and what others call the West Bank?" If you look up "bland non-statement" in a dictionary, what Kushner said is what you get.

10. “ You can blame all different types of things, but I do think that they should have self-determination.” 
This seems to me to be an important assertion about the Palestinians from the man in the Trump White House charged with bringing (or trying to bring) peace to the Middle East.

11. “ One thing about the way I’ve conducted myself is not a lot of people know who I've been talking to and what I've been talking about and that protects people."
Shorter Kushner: I talk to people. Lots of people. You don't know them. But I talk to them.

12. “ h when there are things that they don’t do that we do not approve of, we we talk about that with them privately, but we feel like we're in a position now where there's a lot of interest that we have that are shared with them."
Swan repeatedly asked Kushner about his relationship with Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, given that we now know MBS directed the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Kushner's answer here is instructive: He doesn't get into any specifics about MBS's role in the Khashoggi murder and then suggests this sort of thing is best handled privately. Which, I -- and many journalists (and human beings) -- would disagree with.

13. “ The people who need to know about them in our government um that are, that it’s related to the jobs that they're doing, they know about those discussions, but again, those discussions stay private..."
Shorter Kushner on conversations he has had with MBS about the Khashoggi killing: That information is given out on a need-to-know basis, and right now you don't need to know.

14. “It's a horrific thing that happened, and what we've done is we've called for full transparency."
This is Kushner's reply on whether the Saudis should return Khashoggi's body for a proper burial. And, no, this isn't a "yes."

15. “ Look, I would not have come into government had there been anything salacious and nefarious that I was worried about."
Headline: "Background check chief has 'never seen' mistakes and omissions at level of Jared Kushner forms"

16. “At this point I have been fully vetted and I think people see this way."
Headline: "Trump Ordered Officials to Give Jared Kushner a Security Clearance"

17. “ Jonathan, we're in a place now where people are playing Monday morning quarterback and they're being so self-righteous."
Oh, Jared, we've been in that place for a long time. I'd like to introduce you to my Twitter replies.

18. "Let me put you in my shoes at that time. OK, I'm running three companies, I'm helping run the campaign."

19. “It's a, it's a clown show."
That's Kushner's take on the famous/infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the Russians. Relatedly: “ That's a clown question, bro." -- Bryce Harper.

20. "The email that I got on my iPhone at the time basically said show up at 4. I didn’t scroll down, I never would've thought about that email."
Same, my dude, same

21. “When I came into government I gave my extensive financial holdings."
Headline: "Background check chief has 'never seen' mistakes and omissions at level of Jared Kushner forms"

22. “Look, I was successful as a businessperson."
"The beauty of me is that I'm very rich." -- Donald J. Trump

23. "Then I got an ethics agreement. I followed everything to the ’ ', OK, and there's been no complaints anywhere internally that I haven't done that."
Headline: "Background check chief has 'never seen' mistakes and omissions at level of Jared Kushner forms"

24. “Um look, I wasn't really involved in that."
Swan asked Kushner whether Trump's promotion of a disproven conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States was racist. Jared, uh, wasn't "involved in that," so ...

25. “Like I said, I wasn't involved in that."
The birtherism ... that wasn't, like, really a "Jared thing"...

26. "Uh, like I said, I was not involved in that. That was a long time ago.”
So, two things on that whole birtherism thing that Jared wasn't involved in: 1) He wasn't really involved in it 2) 2016 was a "long time ago."

27. “Look, I think that the President did his campaign the way he did his campaign.”  

28. “  That this President did is he represented an outsider who came in, brought in a ton of people who never would’ve been in Washington before who were not 'qualified' by conventional standards, and he's brought in a ton of people that have brought great results to this country both economically and from a national security point of view."
The crown jewel of Trump's much-touted (by himself) ability to attract people who wouldn't otherwise serve in Washington was Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. Yes, the same Rex Tillerson that Trump said was "dumb as a rock" and "totally ill prepared and ill equipped to be Secretary of State" in a tweet last month. Good times!

29. "You may not like the way he says it, and you may not like his solution for it, but these things are broken and they need debate and they need people trying to solve these problems. And this President is working every day to try and solve these problems."

If Trump is looking for his best possible campaign message, this is it.  Seriously.







(Born October 30, 1981) is an American businesswoman, Daddy helped a lot, and former fashion model, Daddy helped a lot, who is currently assistant to President Donald Trump, Daddy made her.

She is the daughter of the president and his first wife, former model Ivana Trump, Mommy gave her the looks.  Daddy gave her balls.  She is recognized for her business savvy, intelligence, and good looks following in her fathers footsteps using a mine detector eventually winding up as a fraud and lier herself mainly involving overseas businesses her father detests unless they are his. 

And who would dare say different. Lest us not forget the lying scumbag she is married to… Jared, it’s an entire flock of scumbirds.

She is Daddy’s little girl and has inherited some of his mild mannerisms much to his delight. On one occasion Donald wished she wasn’t his daughter and he would have gone after her.  Thanks to that other shock jock, Howard Stern that all leaked out…another piece of work from that community of deviates Howard Stern, when he interviewed:


Financially perfected, with the TRUMP fortune in hand she like her dad lends her name to any business and calls this a bigly and wonderful, awesome and perfect using the T-RUMP family name and money. Her deals are failing, and she used slave labor.

She talks about human rights and has a shoe factory in China literally run as a slave labor camp. And we haven’t even checked out Indonesia, Malaysia and Southeast Asia.  WE DID AND IT WASN’T PRETTY...

Ivanka Trump has been an executive vice president of her father’s company – The Trump Organization – as well as serving as a boardroom advisor on her father's TV show The Apprentice.  She moved to Washington, D.C in January 2017 as her husband, Jared Kushner, was appointed as a Senior Advisor to the President of the United States by her father.

Starting in late March 2017, Trump began serving in her father's administration as assistant to the president. She assumed this official, unpaid federal government position after multiple ethics concerns were raised about her access to sensitive material while not being held to the same ethics restrictions as a federal employee.  She is considered part of her father’s inner circle.

It’s good to be rich and have a Daddy as President otherwise the T-RUMP family would have been stoned by now…


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