Summary:  The Number One T-Rump Liar For Injustice,  Hatred, And

Incompetence, During The T-Rump Administration He Is An 

Evangelical Fraud Who Is Not Righteous With God…  And  

You Can’t Lie And Be On God’s Team…

He Made Ass-Kissing An Art Form
If T-RUMP is impeached, resigns, quits, or run out of town by vigilantes, meaning hanged then tried… the successor would be VP Mike Pence who couldn’t run a coin laundry with self-service coin changers.

Code named “ Sycophantically Weak ”  by the Secret Service, he is a T-RUMP follower with accolades of praise and talk of T-RUMPS leadership. The only thing T-RUMP and Pence have in common is when both speak I have to take a nausea pill to prevent throwing up.

✞ He Made Boredom A Skill
Always standing on T-RUMPS right shoulder and with a death stare looking for words of wisdom from his mentor.

He is the one man audience that reminds me of those mindless cloned souls who sit in the North Korean audience rants on when Kim Jong Un makes a speech.  Just like Donald’s speeches, long, boring, useless and full of lies…

✞ I Understand Him
It had occurred to me…Oh my god…what a thought, we’re finished, the greatest atonement excuser, is an Evangelical Christian proving every day his faith in redemption by standing by his man. If his faith is that strong he should stand in front of his man so when the fatal bullet arrives he’ll as they say,  “  Take one for the grifter”.  A .338 Lapua would get them both.

✞ His Faith Is So Fake,  Jesus Turns Off The TV
His faith allows him to bullsh*t the world by saying wonderful things about the dumbest, ignorant unfit, prejudiced scumbag on the earth and he is his secondary liar,  ass-kisser and backup pure bullsh*t distributor with a devout Christian Evangelical Nutcase Aura surrounding him that stinks like gas passing in a small elevator.  

And even the greatest gas passers in the world think highly of him…PREPARATION H  Americas premier rectal formula voted Pence ‘ Man of The Year”. When you are up to your neck in sh*t, do what Mike Pence does he takes his right hand the one he swore to tell the truth in his oath, and reaches for PREPARATION H. 

✞ Pence Is In Trouble  —  Doesn’t know it  — A Fool on the Hill —

But the Trump era is unprecedented too, and Pence signaled, when he agreed that he would be Trump’s running mate, that he’s willing to do the unexpected.   But different vibes and predictions are showing up.  And T-Rump who is known for stabbing his allies in the back when threatened…   

At this point, as President Trump’s support weakens, Pence should weigh the merits of declaring he won’t be Vice President for a possible second term if it appears T-RUMP will lose.   Claim “ Bone spurs, severe hemorrhoids, a sore throat, bad bowel movements, anything but save your ass.  Please get out before you are asked to do the dirty.

T-RUMP might plan to resign a few days before the end around January 18 th or so and you'll be president for a day. Then you could pardon T-RUMP.  A judge cannot pardon himself.  And T-RUMP doesn’t care. His world and the test of his life might depend on what jail cell he’ll wind up in…

Pence it worked for T-RUMP to lie and avoid the draft or in this case a hanging…you’re certainly good at it too,  but its not working anymore and you have by the election time the possibility of the blood of more than half a million Americans dead on your hands.   Thats why he put you in charge, you will take the fall… for the COVID massacre …    

✞ Oh How We Duck The News
Last week, as the country erupted in protests following the death of George Floyd, Pence was not present when federal officers brutally cleared away demonstrators and the President walked to St. John’s Church and wordlessly hoisted a Bible to signify something about his leadership. 

Pence also absent when, on the next day, T-RUMP performed a similar display at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine.  It wasn’t a Baptist Church, might have a little to do about it…

But Pence is a Born A-gainer in the spirit EVANGELICAL loser, anti-abortion and spent time August 6, 2021  in Baptist Land Pinellas County Florida telling small crowds of how he was fighting very hard against abortion.  I’ve learned a lot about these Evangelicals and the people who tell you how much they are a person of Faith.  I have learned several things about him and it meets the criteria for Devout Moron.  He will pray his way out of the Corona Virus…  and a half a million Americans will die because he and T-RUMP lied…This is called Negligible Homocide…

✞ How To Spot A Devout Moron
One:   They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk…  their words talk of action, great acting…never happen…
Two:   The more they profess,  the more likely that they were guilty of something horrendous and had to find a salvation for their sins.
Three:   He kisses T-RUMPS ego almost daily ad nauseam, he could tell you what T-RUMP had for breakfast yesterday… Four:   This man has to be the biggest frickin idiot since T-RUMP and only his boring demeanor and lack of anything substantial other than he is a composite of Excrement and Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer used on farmland…someone tell him spread the fertilizer on soil, not concrete…
Five:   He is against abortion but also against immigrants as he obviously took thousands of children away from their parents on the borders, some of whom never got back together again. They were like what you see at the dog pound with mats and covers, some died.

Six:  Why is he touting anti-abortion when it’s not a severe problems and thousands are dying…

✞ Observation   If Jesus Rode In On A Jackass…
Then Pence Is T-Rump’s Jackass…  He says with a straight face his adoration for the lowest scumbag ever elected to a high office by cheating and lieing.  Donald lies and Pence supports it… just as guilty.  As incredible as it sounds both the Tribal Indians of the great Sioux Nation and the ancient Laotion peoples (Centuries ago) spoke of “ He who carries the tales of the liar is just as guilty”.

T-RUMP called in the heavy gun, the Vice President for the talks on ending with Grace the Federal Governments shut down.  He blew it.  Unfortunately he forgot the important part, the ammunition, he was as usual shooting blanks…just accolades…

The part that bothers me, and I work on another project as big as this site on the Frauds, Liars, Cons and Crooks who are fake religious people, concerns a problem with those who wear their God on their sleeve.  It failed as he is so super devout he should have it tattooed on his forehead, not his sleeve, born-againer, ultra-gainer, the worst… of the worst hypocrite.

The Mantra of Religious Truth

The more they tell you how faithful and godly acting they are, 

the more you do not trust them… the good do not sell themselves,

their silent deeds do… from a 2000 year old text…    Al Jacobs


SIDEBAR:  INVESTIGATION NOTES:  After a local phone call to God,  (We the Chosen People dialed direct) others need to use long distance, we asked for guidance.  

ONE:  “ Has Donald J. T-RUMPS application from those fake preachers in the pictures actually made it to heaven for your approval ?”

TWO:  “ Can the self-proclaimed chosen one, Donald T-RUMP offer salvation to Mike Pence, he being the bigliest sycophant in history for extolling Donald’s lies and false promises”.

THREE:  “ Was Donald’s claim to be the next chosen one or messiah legitimate” and can he walk on water ?”

THE LORD REPLIED VIA A BURNING BUSH # 43 -11.26.2020 - 10.00 A.M
Saith the Lord …“ Mark my words on a tablet… We are using Apple tablets, the rock tablets were getting too heavy.  We had fifteen commandments, Moses dropped one and now there are only ten….

Question ONE:  The application for Donald…no,  it never got here. Big fire, the FAX machine burnt up trying to receive it…  The answer is NO.   Send it Fedex next time….

Question TWO:  I don’t think he really fits in here, but we have to first stick Donald on a cross, and then set it on fire and I’ll call the Mestopheles Fire Department to clean up the mess since they do fire so well…   Then if he lives,  we’ll talk about it…  but I doubt he will…

Question Three:   Actually I should defer this to Jesus to handle as T-RUMP is using his fake apostate love as an excuse for his sins… and that troubles me also with Pence, I’ll let Jesus handle Pence.   As far as walking on water, Moses never told him where the rocks were…

JESUS REPLIED:  Boss, Do I have to?  I want a piece of Pence’s butt more than since he’s been using my name for  lot of things that aren’t true but Lucifer thinks he can use him, he likes liars… but if you insist,  I’ll call Lucifer Mestopheles and ask a favor to take these two…

LUCIFER REPLIED:  More than happy to oblige you Jesus… Hell is going to be a very busy place soon… if you find any other T-RUMP-pets make your reservations early as air conditioning is very hard to come by here. We are limited in scope when it does work, which is rare… last time was right after the Dinosaurs… Maybe with Donald and Mikes help we could build more hotels here.  I have plenty go Gargoyles sitting around looking for work…  as long as T-RUMP doesn’t call them immigrant workers…

Ask Yourself A Simple Question, If Truth Is,  Or Is Not,  Important To You…


Ans: If You Voted For T-Rump In 2016 Or Support Him Today Your’e A Liar…

Thanks to Idiots_Galore.Com

Once A F*Ck Up Always F*Cked-Up…
Time and time again, Pence dutifully implemented Trump’s disastrous COVID-19 agenda.  “The American people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country,” Kamala Harris said, referring to T-RUMP and Pence’s approach to Covid-19.

Starting in February, Pence was made the head of the White House’s coronavirus task force, which was charged with coordinating the federal response to the pandemic on a day-to-day basis. This put Pence in a leadership position for everything dealing with the coronavirus: testing, scaling up production and distribution of protective equipment, creating public health guidelines, spurring production of a vaccine, and so on — none of which, save the potential future success of a vaccine, went well.

Pence And The Task Force Still Answered To President Donald T-Rump… 
As Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, said upon Pence’s appointment: “He is uniquely qualified for this because of his close relationship to the president. Basically there’s no confusion that the president’s in charge.”   Just like Hitler and Himmler

It was an admission that Pence would be a yes-man, spearheading and implementing Trump’s Covid-19 agenda — an agenda that has focused on downplaying the pandemic and urging the country to reopen rather than containing a disease that’s so far killed more than 210,000 Americans.

Pence is “basically just a parrot for the president,” Céline Gounder, an epidemiologist at New York University and CNN medical analyst, told me. “He just comes across as a more sane adult.”

At first, Pence’s position put him at the forefront of the Trump administration’s botched rollout of coronavirus tests. The White House effectively punted the issue down to the states and private sector, calling the federal government merely “a supplier of last resort” — which the New York Times described as “perhaps one of the greatest failures of presidential leadership in generations.”

Pence claimed “any American could be tested” in March only to acknowledge days later that “we don’t have enough tests today to meet what we anticipate will be the demand going forward.” The US struggled for months to build up testing — it still doesn’t have enough, many experts argue — and Pence was often the public face of that failure, like when he had to call governors to talk them down from fiercely criticizing the administration.

Reopening Schools…
As the epidemic continued, Pence’s positions were often an echo of Trump’s. When Trump pushed for places to reopen quickly, Pence called on states to implement phased reopening plans. When Trump denied coronavirus cases were spiking over the summer, Pence said the rise was a result of more testing and wrote an op-ed titled “There Isn’t a Coronavirus ‘Second Wave’” — an argument that was proven wrong within weeks. As T-RUMP attempted to bend public health agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to do his political bidding,  Pence’s staff led the push to get the CDC to loosen its guidelines for reopening schools.

The Bottom Line…
The results speak for themselves. More than 254,000 people have died from Covid-19 so far in the US — the highest death toll in the world. Among developed countries, the US has the fourth-highest death rate relative to its population, with America recently surpassing everyone,  Americans continue dying of the COVID-19 each day.

But Pence closely tied himself to Trump’s response, as the chair of the White House task force and a constant advocate for the president. So far, Pence hasn’t publicly criticized the administration’s response to Covid-19 once — but he has defended it plenty as one of the administration’s leaders on this issue.

He is as close to this mess as anyone but T-RUMP can get. This is true as many feel he kisses T-RUMPS fat ass twice daily as a sign of  devotion and his remarks like “ under the leadership of our great and wonderful compassionate leader  Donald T-RUMP we are winning the war”.   In forty nine of the fifty states this caused severe vomiting and diarrhea.

Wrong Turns  —  Trump’s failures on Covid-19 are now well-known. 

  • He’s called for states to reopen quickly despite experts’ warnings. 
  • He’s pushed for less testing. 
  • He’s mocked masks and often refused to wear one — even after falling sick with the virus himself. 
  • And even as he deals with his own case of Covid-19, he’s continued to downplay the virus.
  • Doing everything in his power to push a message that America is back to normal in order to boost his reelection chances.
  • The White House’s task force — led by the vice president. T-RUMP summarized the setup at the time of Pence’s appointment: “Mike is going to be in charge, and Mike will report back to me.”
  • As the COVID-19 became a more prominent threat in the US over February, and as the country struggled to build up testing in what experts now call a “lost month,” the T-RUMP administration scrambled to right its response. 

T-RUMP Had Help…  Pence is an Accomplice not a Vice President…

  • The White House put Pence in charge of fixing the mess. So the President had someone to blame.
  • SIDEBAR:  It’s not clear why, given Pence’s bad record on public health issues. 
    • When he was governor of Indiana, parts of the state saw spikes in HIV cases, largely because Pence refused to allow needle exchanges — a public health intervention with decades of evidence behind it — in the state. 
    • The epidemic only subsided once Pence, under public and expert pressure, eventually gave in and allowed needle exchanges.
    • Before that, in 2001, Pence wrote an op-ed claiming that, “ Smoking doesn’t kill” — flouting the decades of scientific evidence proving otherwise.
    • One of Pence’s first tasks on the coronavirus task force was to muzzle officials that contradicted Trump’s positive spin. For much of February, T-RUMP claimed that the US had kept the COVID-19 under control and even said at one point that it would soon disappear “like a miracle.”

  • But a CDC official, Nancy Messonnier, on February 25 contradicted Trump’s magical thinking, telling reporters that Americans should prepare for community spread of the COVID-19  social distancing, and the possibility that “disruption to everyday life might be severe.”
  • “It’s not a question of if this will happen but when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illnesses,” Nancy Messonnier, the director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said on Feb. 25. 
  • According to the Journal, Trump was angry with Messonnier after her statement resulted in a dip in the stock market. The same day, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said the virus was “contained” in the US.
  • The next day T-RUMP repeatedly said he did not think an outbreak was “inevitable” and appointed Vice President Pence as the head of the administration’s coronavirus task force.
  • Democrats have speculated that Trump was unhappy with Messonnier, who has not appeared at White House briefings since February. Ron Klain, a former aide for former Vice President Joe Biden who served as former President Obama’s Ebola czar in 2014, said Messonnier faced “ mmediate blowback" for sounding the alarm about the coronavirus. 
  •  It was the right call, as we now know, but the negative outlook reportedly angered Trump.

Bullsh*t  Plus an Ass-kissing Sycophant  Equals Death

  • Two days later, the New York Times reported, the White House moved to take control of public messaging on the COVID-19  requiring federal public health officials and scientists to “coordinate all statements and public appearances with the office of Vice President Mike Pence.” 
  • From then on, the bulk of federal communication came from the White House press conferences, which spanned from genuinely helpful advice by officials like Anthony Fauci to T-RUMP musing about injecting bleach as a Covid-19 treatment.
  • The dynamic — T-RUMP pushing for something and Pence or his task force making it happen — has continued throughout the pandemic.
  • As the summer’s coronavirus surge began, Trump and his administration pushed back on the possibility of a spike, arguing that any increase was an artifact of more tests picking up more cases. Pence put that into writing in his op-ed denying a “second wave,” boasting that Covid-19 cases and deaths were in decline across the US in “a testament to the leadership of President T-RUMP.”  Unfortunately more vomiting and diarrhea…
  • Within days, it was clear that Covid-19 cases were rising. Within weeks, the US hit records for daily new COVID-19 cases as new outbreaks popped up in Southern and Western states, particularly, Arizona, Florida, and Texas, and eventually the rest of the country.
  • Even with these outbreaks in the background, Trump continued his demands that states reopen quickly. That included schools, with T-RUMP publicly criticizing the CDC’s guidance on schools as “very tough” and “expensive.” 
  • Once again, Pence dutifully implemented what Trump asked for: As the Times reported, Pence’s staff, including his chief of staff, pressured the CDC to relax its guidelines. The agency eventually gave in.
  • In a similar scenario, Trump said he told his people to “slow the testing down, please,” because, in his view, more tests made the US look bad. It’s unclear how personally involved Pence was in this, but, at least under his watch, the White House task force pushed the CDC to in effect recommend less testing: 
  • The agency no longer said people without symptoms should get tested if they come into close contact with someone known to have Covid-19. The CDC later reversed course — once again recommending testing for people without symptoms — after experts nearly universally condemned the politically motivated change.
  • On masks, Pence has similarly imitated T-RUMP  refusing to wear masks at meetings and campaign events, including those in states where masks are supposed to be mandatory under the law.

America’s coronavirus epidemic could still get worse

  • The result of Trump and Pence’s leadership: The US leads the world in Covid-19 deaths. If you control for population, the country is still among the worst: The US is now in the top 15 percent for Covid-19 deaths per capita among developed nations, with seven times the death rate as the median wealthy country. If the US had the same Covid-19 death rate as Canada, more than 125,000 more Americans would likely be alive today.
  • To make matters worse, the US is still extremely vulnerable to the coronavirus — something underlined by Trump’s infection, confirmed last week. (Pence has so far avoided the same fate, testing negative multiple times.)
  • Experts also warn that the US should brace itself for a potential surge of the virus this fall and winter. School reopenings are already leading to some large outbreaks, particularly in colleges and universities. 
  • The cold in northern parts of the country will push people inside, where the virus has an easier time spreading than it does outdoors. Friends and family will likely come together for holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. On top of all that, another flu season may be around the corner.
  • Despite this, the Trump administration hasn’t shown a willingness to change its approach. Even after Trump got sick with Covid-19, he and his staff have continued pushing the idea that everything is fine — with Trump tweeting, “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.” 
  • Pence has also downplayed the need for stricter measures, down to plexiglass at the vice presidential debate, as the White House does everything it can to avoid reminding people that the COVID-19 is still very much around.
  • It’s this record, one in which Pence consistently stuck with Trump’s botched response, that followed the vice president and also to be charged eventually with Negligent Homocide….✞
-``***ATCH 10-27-2020 aljacobsladder.com