When Melania got into the personnel business, having a dedicated Intelligence operative in the WhiteHouse removed for personal selfish reasons, she opened Pandora’s box.  First her ratings are down, her true self is coming through… and slight droop in her buns…age.

The important thing is she is the designated first true whistleblower, her job is to blow Donald’s whistle whenever she is called upon.  Somethings weird here, as it is noted she has her own bedroom.  Separate quarters, the possibility of an uneasiness in their relationship.   As it appears thats all she might be good for other than keeping Baron away from his demented father… and she should stick to it.  It’s hard for Donald to play anymore with all his attention and sneak his concubines and porn stars into the WhiteHouse….

It was a 24-word statement from the East Wing, where the first lady and her small staff work, ( work ?)  about a presidential adviser that revealed how the dysfunction inside the White House is deeper and more tangled than previously known. “It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that Mira Ricardel no longer deserves ”.  The Honor of serving a model whose husband was banging porn queens while she was pregnant.  

It is thought by many that Ricardel merely expressed the truth about these reality stars in the WhiteHouse.

Melania is the Diplomatic Corps Representative that serves the Fashion Police, the Paris Fashion Shows, Reality Appearances and the Pressed Pants Corps.  It was not known whether she will be invited to the Paris Fashion shows… ever again… mortifying...heart breaking.

POINT - Donald should not talk about immigrants,  after all his wives were immigrants, and Melania’s family got a free pass at becoming Americans.  They met the criteria under the program before he stopped it, other people in the world not so lucky.

POINT -  She seems to know her way around a cock-pit… see the photo, that gets the pilots attention.  That photo surely makes the “ Mile High Club MAGAZINE Pic of the Year”.  Great shot, even her nipples look great, every pilots fantasy.  “ They could make a movie...  Come Fly my Fly with Me”  

I liked the old Melania better….  As a photographer I thought she was a ten, I liked her, her work was sensual and incredible… she could make a car polishing rag look good enough to eat.  

DIRT RUBS OFF:   She is changing, supporting either by collusion or fear, threats from her dumbass dangerous husband. Her new attitude in the White House from Melania, she is not a recognized diplomat, nor an official representative, nor security advisor, she is the designated:  ( Cue the music )



POINT - Her official duties consist of looking good next to him, he looks like sh*t lately.  The only gal in the world who wears six-inch stiletto’s to her tennis lessons… No more, no less, another strut on stage, the Magnificent Melania the Dim-mi-grant, always destined to be seen in five or six inch stilettos.  And she is safe being that way.   Kinda of something like    “ Always on the runway”.

POINT - She’s smart, speaks five languages.  Not too unusual,  many border Europeans do.  Unlike her husband, she is smart enough to keep her mouth shut.  He’s not that smart.  He speaks incorrect English and misspelled Twitter lingo. Her clothing deficit might be added to the national debt and we don’t know that yet.

She is nothing but a placard or trophy standing next to an idiot for support and his cunning linguist qualities.  Poor Melania...  It must be tough putting up with all the hate he creates.  All that gorgeousness going to waste… protecting Baron from his father…something in that relationship is not normal.  And clues are scarce but something is not right…

I believe it’s based on fear of what Donald will do… On the bright side most male friends I speak with would love a tumble with her, even at her age now, little is slipping, those glands are real and all the parts are in proper order and still ample.  She truly is  at her age exotic looking and in fine condition.  Mentally, well… what we do know is anyone hanging around    T-RUMP eventually gets nothing out of it and dumped.  Hopefully he’ll drop dead first.