Well, April Doomsday 5 will be a disaster for many and you have no one to blame.   Wear your MAGA hats proudly!  It was all a scam and how many of you lower and middle class really got screwed from it, other than the twenty dollars a week on the average. 

NOTE:  Please don’t cry when you find out this year you owe the IRS.  And you will owe that money to the IRS because the trade off was you lost critical deductions.  I warned you so many times, its pathetic you are that naive and believed in a man like T-RUMP.  

The tax bill written and submitted by Paul Ryan House Speaker was Paul Ryan’s bill,  he tried to pass for all the time he was in Congress.  It got turned down many times. I believe six or seven, Its nothing but a bill that Ronald Regan passed and it failed, we had a small recession, and Bush tried it and failed horribly.  We had a downed DOW to a 6000 point worst recession since 1929.  Screw with taxes and spend like it’s not yours and we will bankrupt.   It’s loaded for the rich at the expense of the lower and middle class and you were not included.

Do you really believe all those fake ads by PACS on TV?  Unfortunately the GOP base and Evangelicals do. They believe the fake ads when the media is used by the Russians, and financially able PAC groups paid for my the rich who benefit from the fake tax breaks.  T-RUMP paid them.  

T-RUMP paid the rich with, billions of dollars which went to the top 2% because they were for their corporations which made more profit and were supposed for profits and tax breaks to trickle it down to the employees.  Instead the big shots got raises, the shareholders got the money, and the workers got tinkled, not trickled on.

Then the second gift, the IRS breaks for the upper class and they got a double ice cream cone with sprinkles. The lower class if lucky got a cup of yogurt if they had a debit card.  It was called trickle down...

It never worked for Reagan, it was called “ Trickle down”, a failure and also never worked for Bush, so we had to change it to “ Tinkle down”.  Thats enough to p*ss a few off... especially when you were the one p*ssed on.  And Bush, not a financial genius dropped us into the worst recession we ever had besides the crash of 29.

T-RUMP gave you twenty dollars, but your kids will inherit an additional three trillion dollar deficit, double that if he gets reelected.  And a loss of respect and safety in world travel as we become the Ugly Americans all over because of him.  Loss of respect and leadership in the world, more enemies than friends, treaties and coalitions absolved and when the hostilities begin you won’t see our allies leaving their blood on the field for us anymore.