☑️  The Russian Government’s Election Attack: The special counsel moved aggressively to outline and charge the Russian government’s core attack on the 2016 election, which included both active cyber intrusions and data theft by the military intelligence unit GRU and the GRU’s attempted attacks on the US voting system, as well as online information influence operations by the Internet Research Agency, known by the moniker “Project Lakhta.” 

☑️  WikiLeaks: Whether WikiLeaks’ publishing of the emails stolen by Russian hackers connects from Moscow to Trump Tower itself remains an open question. But a leaked aborted plea agreement from conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi makes clear that Trump associates had at least some advance knowledge of what WikiLeaks was planning to publish. 

☑️  Middle Eastern Influence: Potentially the biggest unseen aspect of Mueller’s investigation is his year-long pursuit of Middle Eastern influence targeting the Trump campaign, which the Daily Beast reported last week might become public sometime early next year. As the Daily Beast wrote, “The ‘Russia investigation’ is set to go global.” The investigation appears to center on the role of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, which were eager to help the campaign and, in some cases, have business ties to Trump or presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner. 

☑️  Paul Manafort’s Activity: What began over a year ago with a sweeping money laundering indictment targeting Trump’s one-time campaign chair—and resulted in his conviction on eight felonies at trial before he accepted a plea agreement on other charges—continues to unfold. In court documents, Mueller has made clear that he’s investigating Manafort associate Konstantin Kilimnik, a Ukrainian tied to Russian intelligence. He may also have interest in Kilimnik’s interactions with another Trump associate, real estate investor Tom Barrack, who has also been interviewed by investigators.

☑️  The Trump Tower Moscow Project: Just days before Cohen was sentenced to three years in federal prison for the eight felonies he pleaded guilty to in August, Mueller surprised everyone with a ninth charge. Cohen admitted that he lied to Congress about the status of the Trump Organization’s pursuit of a Trump Tower Moscow, a proposed project that extended longer into the campaign and proceeded into more serious conversations than previously admitted. project.

☑️  Other Campaign and Transition Contacts With Russia: As journalists have pieced together, at least 14 Trump associates had contact with Russia during the campaign and transition, from foreign policy aide Carter Page to would-be attorney general Jeff Sessions. 

☑️  Obstruction of Justice: Robert Mueller’s appointment stemmed from Trump’s decision to fire FBI director James Comey and fears that the firing was an attempt to obstruct the initial stages of the Russia investigation. But recent court documents hint that Mueller might be assembling a broader obstruction-of-justice case against Trump, one that could potentially argue that the president’s public statements intentionally misled the public in an attempt to limit the scope of the Russia investigation. 


☑️  Campaign Conspiracy and the Trump Organization’s Finances: Despite the myriad cases unfolding from the special counsel, the White House’s most immediate legal jeopardy increasingly appears to stem from federal prosecutors in New York digging into Trump’s alleged financial shenanigans. 

☑️  Inauguration Funding: Late last week, The Wall Street Journal broke word that prosecutors were digging into the record $107 million raised and spent by the Trump inauguration committee, potentially with concerns about where that money came from and where it went, based in part on documents and evidence seized during the Michael Cohen investigation. 

☑️  Trump SuperPAC Funding: Related to the news about the inauguration inquiries was word that prosecutors are digging into the funding of a Trump SuperPAC, Rebuilding America Now, where Paul Manafort also played a role.

☑️  Foreign Lobbying: Robert Mueller also handed off information he uncovered during the Manafort money laundering probe to prosecutors in New York. According to news reports, he referred questions about at least a trio of other lobbyists—Tony Podesta, Vin Weber, and Greg Craig—and whether they allegedly failed to appropriately register as foreign agents for work related to Ukraine. 


☑️  Maria Butina and the NRA: The guilty plea last week by Russian agent and gun-rights enthusiast Butina came with an extensive cooperation agreement, including the possibility of her meeting with investigators without lawyers present. While the most immediate next target of the investigation appears to be Butina’s boyfriend, Republican operative Paul Erickson—he was sent a so-called “target” letter by prosecutors recently—questions have also swirled about 2016 campaign funding by the National Rifle Association and the reach of Russia into the US conservative movement. campaign, giving him an opportunity to praise Russia.

☑️  Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova: The alleged chief accountant of the Internet Research Agency was indicted separately earlier this fall by prosecutors in northern Virginia and the Justice Department’s unit that handles counterintelligence and espionage cases, not by Mueller’s special counsel office. Khusyaynova was charged with activity that went above and beyond the 2016 campaign, including efforts to meddle in this year’s midterms. Why she was prosecuted separately remains a puzzle.

☑️  Turkish Influence: According to court documents, Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn contributed to two investigations beyond the Russia probe. While both were redacted in his court case, there are strong hints, including reporting by The New York Times, that one of those two cases includes a grand jury in northern Virginia focused on illegal influence by the Turkish government. 


☑️  Tax Case: In the wake of a New York Times investigation that found Donald Trump had apparently benefited from upwards of $400 million in tax schemes, city officials said they were investigating Trump’s tax payments, as did the New York State Tax Department. Longtime lawyer and Trump fixer Cohen also reported in his own court filing that he met with investigators from the New York Attorney General’s Office, although the court filings didn’t explain what the investigation entailed.

☑️  The Trump Foundation: The New York Attorney General sued the Trump Foundation this summer, charging it with, as The New York Times summarized, “sweeping violations of campaign finance laws, self-dealing and illegal coordination with the presidential campaign.

 ☑️   Emoluments Lawsuit: The attorneys general for Maryland and DC sent out subpoenas earlier this month for Trump Organization and hotel financial records relating to their lawsuit alleging that the president is in breach of the so-called Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which appears to prohibit the president from accepting payments from foreign powers while in office. 


☑️  FAKE DONATIONS - HE STOLE THE MONEY FOR HIMSELF - The Feds closed Donald’s charities and are now under investigation for making false donations of 100,000 dollars to various charities and not really doing it.  They were photo-ops and he never delivered.  Trump has 16 going on 17 Federal and State Investigations concurrent.  Note: Al Capone beat the Feds at every turn and it was income tax that got him... put the puzzle together TRUMP refused to show his returns for the past ten years. It will get interesting.


☑️  CERTIFIED SCUMBAG DRAFT DODGER - The truth about our draft dodging president is out - Nothing lower than a draft dodger, a true scumbag.  Vietnam cost us 58,000 young Americans died and he pulled strings as a coward, not as a conscientious objector.

☑️  THE LAST GUARDRAIL -- The Secretary of Defense James Mattis the last of the Generals Trump spoke so highly about obviously had more integrity than fearless leader,  resigned today. This is a devastating blow to foreign policy and our collaboration with all our allies who do not trust T-RUMP.  

☑️  HARD TO FIND GOOD HELP -- Trump can’t really find a new Chief of staff as the good people are smart enough to stay away, the Trump regime is now considered toxic to careers.  ( This is a clue for the weak-minded ) 

☑️  THE YOUTH OF COLLUSION -- Jared Kushner (son-in-law) and Prince IBN SAUD are both friends and business potentials in their thirties and basically the reason TRUMP supports Saudi Arabia.  The daughter’s and Jared’s future money laundering because the personal gain of Jared and Ivanka’s banking is at stake as NY banks won’t do business with TRUMP.  

☑️  MONEY LAUNDERING - It is under investigation,  about 100% true...that the Saudis and the Russians have been laundering through TRUMP Enterprises.

☑️  YEMEN AN MURDER -- And backing SAUDI ARABIA that with support the war in Yemen thats killed unknown numbers of people and brought almost 60-80,000 people to starvation that is eminent. 

☑️  PAYOFFS -- 500 rooms rented at Trumps hotels is one of hundred of payoffs from the Saudis. It’s not chump change, try $500 a night x 500 rooms equals  $250,000.  Duh, you think there is an interest in money changing and collusion. 

☑️  ILLEGAL COACHING -- Jared, Trumps son in law, caught coaching the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia,  now a MbS,  young, belligerent, arrogant, dangerous murderer on how to handle and manipulate the Saudi position in the US for the killing of  Khashoggi, a journalist in a brutal ambush slaying. 

☑️  IMMIGRANTS OR PRISONERS - Fourteen thousand immigrants still in federal housing ( Like prison camps) while Trump plays politics over a wall no one wants.

☑️  BORDER FIASCO -- He spent 221 Million dollars to move troops to the border for an imagined invasion, guess who pays for that. Who cannot act under the laws of “Posse Commititus”.  And he gave them the power to use lethal force.  

☑️  CORRUPT TAX PLAN -- He is making millions off the tax cuts, exploiting the government and his whole family is corrupt and you just stand still like morons and idiots yelling “Lock her Up” against Hilary who has been accused of Trumped up charges by Nunes, Gowdy, McCarthy and others of the GOP.  

☑️  IRONY OVER A CHANT -- The “ Lock her up chant”, first spoken by General Michael Flynn was a GOP harassment quickly adapted by stupid people with no sense of value in truth,  just simple minded people.  The IRONY is that the man who started it [Flynn] is the one that probably will be going to jail, guilty and pleaded for what he did as a traitor to his country.  Words have meanings and his words now have become... the greatest backfire in politics... The new FLYNN chant is  “Hang Him High”.

☑️  CAPTAIN BULLSHIT -- He used the Thanksgiving message to the troops from the golf course and ranted politically to our best servicemen. 

☑️  RAKE CALIFORNIA -- He blamed the fires in California on the Forestry Department for not raking the leaves in California.  The President Claims California fires are caused by not raking leaves.  Idiotic

☑️  LYING IS GOOD -- He has made not telling the truth acceptable everyday and is now the norm, forget press meetings, doesn’t matter you either got no answer, I’ll get back with you, a fake answer, or a dumb look on Sara Sanders face.

☑️  TRUMP IS AS GUILTY -- Protects Saudi Prince, KILLER of JAMAL KHASHOGGI  

☑️  BEAT UP REPORTERS -- No one of faith condones reporters being beat up.

☑️  GENITAL GRABBER -- Nor Women grabbed by their genitals - “Quote, Donald Trump”

☑️  DISABLED REMARKS -- Making fun of a disabled writer by mimicking him - Donald Trump


☑️  NAZI LOVER -- A supporter of the NAZI’s - Charlottesville - Donald Trump

☑️  THE DIVIDER -- A divider, not a builder, Donald Trump in his tweets is a three year old with a toy.

☑️  DADDY BAILED HIM - A Draft-Dodger Liar (Five times with fake medicals, three with letter for a true American Coward

☑️  NEVER PAID THE HELP -  And a man who failed to pay for work done - Donald Trump has over 3500 lawsuits.

☑️  BANKRUPT KING IN NY - in NY and four bankruptcies, three on one project. Never paid the workers.

☑️  CONSTANT LIE TO COVER LIES --  Fact-checked by the best in the business Washington Post and Politico.  Donald Trump has been vetted by the best liar finders in the country who said he can’t help it as he is acknowledged to be a paranoiac narcissistic vicious actor bully, verified by over a hundred psychiatrists who looked at his record, temperament, actions and characteristics.

☑️  PROTECT ABUSERS - A protector of abusers - Donald Trump support some of the NAZI friends in their party. Claims he didn’t know who David Duke was.

☑️  BREAKS UP FAMILIES -- A disruptor of families, puts kids in immigrant prisons and forget’s about them.  The last count was 250 children not accounted for.

☑️  LOST CHILDREN IN PRISONS -- Now two have died. We have 14,000 children in camps like prisoners because ICS can’t process them.

☑️  DESTROYED AMERICA LEGAL SYTEMS - He has destroyed the reputation of the FBI - With lies, innuendoes, mis-statements and accusations - Donald Trump owns all that trash.

☑️  HE HAS MADE FALSE REMARKS --  The Press, calling them Enemies of the state, when they are the only defense we have against a madman, forget the GOP House and Senate, like the Gestapo they are in lock-step marching like the third Reich.  Adding the DOD, The Attorney Generals Office, NATO, Immigration, scumbags like Mitch McConnell.

☑️  HE WILL DESTROY -- With the help of the GOP will destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Obamacare

☑️  BACKED OUT OF TREATIES WITH ALLIES -- He has gone after every treaty and destroyed relationships with our allies and friends who do not consider us a good brokers any more.  Donald Trump

☑️  LOVER OF KILLERS AND POWER BROKERS -- He befriends the scumbags of the worlds and praises them for their strengths.  Dictators another word for killers, like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un and Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdelaziz Al Saud.  Donald Trump owns this.

☑️  HE TALKS OF LOVE --  He has a love affair with Kim Jung UN who shot his uncle with a 23mm anti-aircraft gun, used to shoot down aircraft, fed his other uncle alive to 50 starving dogs and poisoned his own brother in Hong Kong, and we don’t know whats next except he is goo at playing Trump.

☑️  TREATY BREAKER -- He destroyed relationships with our allies and friends who do not consider us a good brokers any more. Donald Trump

☑️  CONSTANTLY LIES -- He avoids truth, he is still as corrupt and unstable as the day his father gave him his first 60 million. He lied. He claims he’s so smart, he only got a million and his dad said, go forth and prosper.  So he avoided the IRS.  Donald Trump

☑️  HE CHEATS -- And he cheated people, and lied about it, cost people their homes and valuables and showed no empathy.  Donald Trump was the biggest scumbird in business in NY.  NY banks will not lend him money, so he had to go to Deutsche Bank, the Saudis, the Russians and anyone else looking for favors.  Thats where the collusion was and is going on for decades. His towers and Golf Course were paid for by laundering money for the Russians.

☑️  DADDY SPONSORED HIM -- “He is his own man”,  right his Dad and his son-in-law both cheated the IRS for years and millions upon millions, over the years.  200,000 a year from age three and a total of 413 million, thats why his tax returns are secret.

☑️  HATED IN NY AND NOW THE WORLD -- He is hated in New York and Mar-a-Lago alike, his weekend retreat which costs the fair people of Palm Beach $250,000 a weekend so he can play golf.



The following are the not so funny names President Trump has called his opponents:  When you have a mind of a fourth grader you resort to name calling.  We had a kid when I was young who was the bully and name harasser in my after school street community, kids of my age, my friends in middle school, stickball players, street football, hooky players and friends. 

One day it went too far and he started taunting the smallest guy in the group.  He got physical, Mxxxxx was half his size and pulled the kids pants down and thought it was funny.  I didn’t think it was funny... I had enough of this smart ass. My friends didn’t think it was funny and we handled it.  It took a beating, a nasty one and a stuffing in a garbage can.  He never tried it again.  Actions do a lot better than words sometimes.

This is the way TRUMP thinks, he has bullied everybody and he is a coward. Trump will never change, his dementia is in a time frame where he thinks like a kid and acts like one.  The clues are there.  He is about as Presidential as Hitler, and just as sick,  and Adolf hid his addictions and drugs, his dementia, tremors, palsy and narcissism well.  Trump the actor plays well to his base, the rest of us aren’t fooled, the man is mentally ill.


“Lock Her Up”:  Lt. GEN. Mike Flynns famous tag for Hillary adopted by TRUMP as a rally call.  The irony of it all was Hillary was innocent of all charges and investigations and the author of the chant is the one most likely to be in Federal prison for collusion with a foreign government,  not registering as a foreign representative and lying to the FBI and Congress.
Somehow, GOD, the redeemer does work in mysterious ways...

Crooked Hillary: This is Trump’s go-to nickname for his formal presidential campaign opponent in everything from speeches to Twitter.   We call it Pot-Kettle Mentality.

Sleepy Eyes: Trump’s nickname for NBC reporter Chuck Todd.  Trump just can’t handle truth and if anyone has weird eyes its TRUMP who wears eye makeup for the dark evil rings.

Lyin’ Ted: Donald Trump called opponent Ted Cruz this until the day he dropped out of the race. Now they kiss each others asses.

Little Marco: The nickname for Marco Rubio first debuted on Twitter, but it didn’t take long for Trump to use it in a debate. Another talk but do nothing of any courage against TRUMP.

Low-Energy Jeb: More of a description than a nickname, this moniker stuck with Jeb Bush through his campaign. Trump never liked his conservative ways. He thought Jeb should be more outspoken like himself.  Jeb declined and I said good, one pr*ck in this country is too many.

1 for 38 Kasich: This refers to John Kasich’s one win and thirty-eight losses.  John has more smarts than Trump and a better management record.

Goofy Elizabeth Warren:  Another Trump nickname that found its start on Twitter.  Spoken like someone very associated with goofy-ness, stupidity and third grade gamesmanship.  

Rocket Man: This nickname references North Korean dictator and nuclear threat Kim Jong Un.  SEE THE ROCKET MAN POEM

Pocahontas: Another nickname for Elizabeth Warren referencing her Native American heritage.

Crazy Bernie: Coined by The Donald for Bernie Sanders as the democratic primaries trudged on.

Cryin’ Chuck:   This name only comes into play when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Trump are in a disagreement.


Here is a compilation of the funniest Donald Trump nicknames: There are many more but not enough room

70-Year-Old Toddler  Adolf Twitler   Agent Orange   Alpha Molester    America’s Black Mole   America’s Burst Appendix

Amnesty Don   Angry Creamsicle   Art Deal and Mr. “Art of the Deal    Assaulter-in-Chief   Asshole Baby Fingers Trump

Barbarian at the Debate   Barbecued Brutus   Barrel-Shouting Meatball Donald Trump   Benedict Donald   Big Donald

Birther Maniac   Boiled Ham in a Wig   Boldfinger   Boss Tweet  Bratman   Bribe of Chucky Bully Boy Bumbledore

Bushman    Butternut Squash    Cancer in a Wig   Captain Chaos Captain Outrageous   Cheddar Boy   Cheeto Benito

Cheeto Führer    Cheeto Jesus   Cheeto-Dusted Bloviator   Cheeto-In-Chief    Cheez Doodle   Cheez Whiz 

Chicken Donald   Chickenhawk    Cinnamon Hitler    Comedy Entrapment   Comrade Cheetolino   Corn Husk Doll

Cursed by a Witch   Creep Throat   Crybaby Trump   Daddy Warbucks    Damn Turd Pol   Dangerous Donald

Darth taxeVader   Decomposing   Dehydrated Orange Peel   Demander-in-Chief   Diaper Donald  Dire Abby

Donald Dodo    Donald Drumpf   Donald the Deadbeat    Donny Draft Dodger   Dumbo  Dump Tump

Evil   Failed Mail-Order Meat Salesman   Fascist Carnival Barker   Fascist, Loofa-faced Shit-Gibbon  Feral Shouting Meatball

Fifth Avenue Freeze-Out   Financially Embattled Thousandaire   Flat Top   Fragile Soul   Fruit of the Loom 

Fuckface von Clownstick   Genghis Can’t   Gentle Donald   God    Godzilla, with Less Foreign Policy Experience

Golden Wrecking Ball    Gossamer-Skinned Bully   Government Expander    Grandpa Fucko   Groper-in-Chief

Hair Apparent   Hair Furor   Hair Hitler   Herr Lugenpress   Human-Toupee  Hybrid Service   Humble Cow Pie

Humble Trump   Hurricane Donald   Immigrant-Bashing Carnival Barker   In-Vet-Irate Liar   Job Security  John Baron 

John Boehner’s Tanning Partner in Crime  Kelly’s Zero   Killer Klown from Outer Space   King of the Oompa Loompas

King of the Whoppers    King Tut    Lady Fingers Trump   Liberal Wannabe Strongman   Liberals’ Best Friend  

Loosin’ Donald   Lord Dampnut   Lord Voldemort   Machado Meltdown   Maladroit Savage Spiraling Out of Control

Man-Baby Meathead   Mein Furor   Mogul   Moneydiaper McStupid  Mr. Brexit   Mr. Chickenhawk  Mr. Macho

Mr. Meticulous   Mr. Wiggy Piggy   Mussolini’s Taint   Narcissistic Human Airhorn   New York Pork Dork   No More Donald

Orange Anus   Orange Julius   Orange Manatee   Orange Slug   Orangeback Gorilla   Panda Hair  Pander Hair

Peripatetic Political Showman   Pile of Old Garbage Covered in Vodka Sauce  Political Gutterball   Poor Donald

Poster Child of American Decline  POTUS WRECKS   Putin’s Gambit  Queens’ Reich  Rabble-Rousing Demagogue

Riptide of Regression   Rome Burning in Man Form   Ronald McDonald Trump-Bozo  Sack of Gilded Lunchmeat

Screaming Carrot Demon   Scrooge Grinch McGrump   Serial Feeler   Short-fingered vulgarian  Silver Spoon Donald

Snake Oil Salesman   Sniffles   Sociopathic 70-Year-Old Toddler    Stubby Baby Fingers Trump   Stuporman

Tan Dump Lord    Tangello Fruit Roll-Up Stretched Over Cat Litter   Tangerine Tornado    Tangerine-Tinted Trash-Can Fire

TelePrompTer Trump   Terroristic Man-Toddler   The Big Cheeto   The Boychurian Candidate   The Chaos Candidate   

The Cowardly Lyin’   The Definer   The Donald   The Dumpster   The Emperor with no Balls   The Fomentor   

The Germinator   The GOP’s Unhinged Front-Runner   The Grand Wizard of Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

The Greatest Charlatan (of them all)   The Human Bullhorn   The Human Corncob   The Man of Steal (made in China)

The Michelangelo of BallyhooThe New Furor   The Only Plausible GOP Nominee  The Puerile Sophomoric Sniveler

The Predictable Endpoint of Republicanism   The Shambling Sasquatch   The Silver Spoon Scion   The Sophomoric Sniveler

The Spinster and The Sinister Spinster    The Teflon Don   The Tiny Fisted Emperor   The Trumpet   The Twitter Terror  

The uniquely Under-qualified and Over-blown King of Bragging and Whining   The Wedgie from West Palm   Tic-Tac-Dough

The White Kanye   The Winning Whiner   Tie-Coon   Tricky Don Trump    Trump of Doom  Trumparius  Trump-dozer

Trumpelthinskin   Trumpenstein   Trumpinator   Trumple-Doodle-Doo-Doo   Trumpocalypse  Trumptastrophe

Twitter-Drunk Donald  Two Pump Trump   Two-Bit Caesar  UNA -Unrepentant Narcissistic Asshole  Vanilla ISIS

Vet Evictor  Voldemort   Walking Talking Human Combover   Weak Donald   World’s Greatest Troll   

Xenophobic Sweet Potato Donald Trump   Agent of Deranged Change  The Angry Cheeto   Antichrist   

Bag of Toxic Sludge   Bald-faced Crier   The Bigoted Billionaire   The Bilious Billionaire   Blowhard

The Bouffant Buffoon   Bush Baby and Bush Baby Fingers   The Bush Basher   The Bush Beater   Bushmaster

Captain Bluster   Captain Crunch   Captain Tantastic  Chimp-PAN-Zee   Clown Prince of Politics   The Combover Con Artist

Commander-in-Grief   Conspiracy Commander-in-Chief  Con-Dike Gold Rush   Crown Prince of Politwits   

Crybaby Prima Donald   The Daft Draft Dodger   Dainty Donald    Damien Trump   Darth Hater   DDT   The Debate Hater   

Deeply Disturbed Fuzzy Orange Goofball   Der Groepenfuehrer   Der Trumpkopf   Dickhead   Dickhead Dongle   

Dingbat Donald   Dishonest Don   The Disruptor   The Dick Tater   DJT   Dodgy Donald   The Don   Don-the-Con   

Don Dementia   Donald Chump   Donald deGonad   Donald Dingbat   Donald Dipshit   The Donaldmeister

Donald Doom   The Donimator   Donald Douche and the Bags   Donald Duck   Donald Duck Doo-Doo  Donald Ducknuke

Donald Dump    Donald Gonad   Donald the Menace   Don Goner   Donnie Bratso   Donnie Darko   Donnie TicTac  

Donny-baby    Donny-boy   Donny-brook   Don of Orange   Dr. Strangelove   Duke Nuke ‘Em   Dumbelldore   Ego Maniac  

The Emperor with no Clothes   Itty Bitty Ball Trump   The Fanta Fascist  Field Marshall Trump   Flipper  Flip Flopper

The Fomentalist   Forrest Trump   The Fraud of Fifth Avenue    Frisker-in-Chief    Frisky Frisker   The Frontrunner

Golden Calf of Doom  God-Emperor Trump  Great Orange Hairball of Fear   The Great White Dope   Grope Dope

The Great White Dope on a Self-Hanging Rope   Halfwit Tweet Twit    Head Twit    Herr Führer Trump   Herr Trump

The Human Amplifier    The Human Combover    The Human Tanning Bed Warning Label    The IM-POTUS

The Inane Interjector   The Infuriator   The ISIS Candidate   Jack the Gripper    King of Debt    King Leer   King of Sleaze

King of Spin   King Trump   King Twit   K-Mart Caesar   Last of The Mango Mohawkans   Liberal Lip   Little Dutch Boy

Little Donnie Sissypants   The Lone DeRanger   Long Dong Trump   Lurch   The Lyin King   Macho McGrump  

The Mad Shambler    Mango Mussolini    Master Debater    MEGA-low-maniac    Mr. Firepants   Mr. Inappropriate

Mr. Boinker Oinker   New York Dork   Orange Bozo   Orange Caligula   Orange Clown    Orange-Hued Self-Immolator

Orange Man    The Orange Messiah  Orange Moron    Orange Omen of Doom   Orange-Tufted Asshole   OranguTAN

Orange Toilet Bowl Crud Brought to Life as a Genital-Grabbing Golem   Party Pooper   President Gold Man Sucks

Orange-Tufted Imbecile Intent on Armageddon    President If-Urine-You’re-In    President Rancid Velveeta   Prima Donald

Pudgy McTrumpcake    Puffed Up Daddy    Pussy Posse    Putin’s Papaya-Flavored Pawn   Putin’s Pet   Queer Orangutan

Republican Rapture Inducer   Ryan’s Nope    Scrooge McTrump    Sexual-Predator-in-Chief   Shitler    Sir Sissypants   

The Spin King   The Suicide Bummer   The Swamp Draining Lizard-Man-Toddler   The Talking Yam   Tangerine Jesus

The Tanning Bed Warning Label     Tepid Trumpeter    Thin Skinned Orange Peel  Tic-Tacky Trump   Timid Trumpster   

Tiny Hands Trump    Tricky Trump    T-Rump    Trumpalump   Trumpamaniac    Trump the Grump    Trump Card

Trumpledore    Trumpletoes    Trumpling Dildo   Trumpmeister    Trumpster   Trump The Chump   Trumpty Dumpty   

The Tufted Taliban   Twat Twit   Twitter Flitter   Twitter Spitter    The UNA Bomber   Unreality King  Walking Punchline

Venom-Drenched Regurgitated Slimy Orange Hairball      Whiny Don    Whiny Donald   The White Pride Piper   HUGE

 Asshole   HUGE Liar    Zen Master of Hate