Steve Mnuchin, T-RUMP Sycophant And Head Of T-Rumps Treasury Put T-RUMPS Signature On The Relief Checks and Earned him the Golden Penis Award and a Bottle of Don Julio REAL Tequila…Which Looks Like A Penis, perfection…

Washington (CNN) Treasury Secretary “ Bigmouth Say Nothing”  Steve Mnuchin on Sunday said it was his idea — not President Donald Trump’s — to add the President’s name to COVID-19 stimulus checks that are being sent to millions of Americans, saying it’s “  terrific symbol” to Americans.  

"We did put the President's name on the check. That was my idea. He is the President and I think it’s a terrific symbol to the American public,” Mnuchin told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union."  

I have a problem with putting the Presidents name on those checks.  You should have stayed with making movies instead of being nicknamed the “ Mnuchin the Mammon” …  Mammon was a term for riches, often used to describe the debasing influence of material wealth and the term was used by Jesus in his famous Sermon on the Mount.

T-RUMP the Omnipotent Supreme Scumbag is the cause of all of the distortion, lies, conspiracies and fake news problems.  Had he not been in a cocoon, brain dead and lied, upon the origination of Corvid-9 half those people might still be alive.  Most important is that it is not his frickin money. That is money that comes from people who pay their taxes and our President is probably number one on the IRS hit parade for cheating the government of money due as he has been a crook all his life.

 Furthermore, if that schmuck’s name is on the checks, equally so his name should be on the eighty —six  thousand  AMERICAN DEATH CERTIFICATES…

Steve Now Carries The Rank Of Total Douchbag  ( 5th Degree Liar)

Hailed as a Movie Media genius, he was great in his former job in movie production with the hit “ American Sniper’  mainly because it was from a book about Chris Kyle, a true hero and Clint Eastwood, a great actor but a lousy judge of character, directed it.  

He is a part time WhiteHouse Financial Guru AKA “ Steve McDouchbag.   He called six of the nations bank chairmen to calm them down citing the 2600 point drop in the new “ Bear” market was nothing to worry about, which made things worse as the bankers know anything said by Trump or his stooges is a lie and the opposite is usually the truth.  Get out while you are still breathing and get a real job.  Before some other American Sniper practices on you.

Steven T. Mnuchin is a former investment banker who is serving as the 77th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury as part of the Cabinet of Donald Trump.  Previously, Mnuchin had been a film producer and hedge-fund manager.

Trumps unofficial budget which crashed the government is about 60% more than Obama spent in money being wasted on a 21 Trillion dollar debt.  It extrapolates and expected if he lasts two more years to go to 24 million.  And thats if we do not get into a nuclear war with someone, anyone like North Korea who is lieing thru KJU’s teeth. it will get a whole lot bigger.  On that subject... what was also apparent was the fact that T-RUMP now holds the record for more shutdowns than any other President. The latest is the biggest into the new year.

Where are all those Republican-nots who were protecting our money, making speeches and lies about the opposition and crazy spending like walls, parades, golf trips, secret service family needs and the list is endless in wasteful spending.  They are making a killing with TRUMPS trumped up Tax Bill and many will retire richer than ever before.   

And you can make America Great... Simple,  one good vigilante committee like they did in the old west.  Hang him, then we’ll have a proper trial after,  get the peoples business done first and then our politicians can make all the fake speeches at the funeral.  

Great time to grab some of them and we’ll have a Bonanza... ( clue the music theme)  Maybe... the importance is the more he is in office, the more damage he does. The vigilante concept makes sense and rope is sustainable and reusable.

Mnuchin The Douchin Has It In The Bag
Over at the House Financial Services Committee hearing,  Democrats blasted Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin ( AKA The Douch McNuch, only second to ass-kissing Champion Michael PenCe when it comes to Donald T-RUMP  after he said his agency’s lawyers talked to the White House about releasing President Trump’s tax returns. 

Mnuchin said that's not interference because the lawyers weren't being directed by Team Trump.   US Rep. Maxine Waters and others were very skeptical of that claim.   

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday said his agency’s lawyers consulted with but did not take direction from the White House on the issue of releasing President Donald Trump’s personal tax returns.  

"I don't see that as interference," Mnuchin said when asked by New York Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney at a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee. "They consulted with them before. It was not related to the President’s tax returns, only the expectation of getting the request.

House Democrats last week formally requested Trump's tax returns from the Treasury Department using an obscure statute of tax law.  Mnuchin, who has previously testified that he would comply with requests, added that he had not and would not ask the White House for permission.  "We would not ever ask for the White House's permission on this nor did they give us the permission. As I’ve said we consulted which I believe was appropriate of our legal department,” Mnuchin said.

Maloney called “any communication" with the White House as "troubling" and said it "violates the spirit of the law." But Mnuchin sought to portray himself as independent of the White House. 

 “I am not afraid of being fired at all,” Mnuchin said when pressed by Maxine Waters, the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, if anything would override his responsibility to the law. 

THAT WOULD BE A GOOD START ON REDEMPTION - Getting fired would be a start and a firing squad would be the followup step.  The alternative might be having a comedy roast, he’s such a dork, then a real roast using hi-temp canola oil.

ATCH 05-07-2020