1st Place Winner Photo-Op Contest

Creative Category — “ Rectal-Mental Constipation

The Winner
It sure looked good for the Evangelical press, but Mestopheles takes many forms, this looks like a convention of those celebrity Evangelicals involved in Rectal Exorcism… strain,  brothers, strain…out damn Devil…fart, belch, barroom, burp, there we go….

The problem with Politicians like Donald T-RUMP and the Pastors many in the photo, is they are “ constitpationalists “.
Those who turn the constitution into constipation and bind it up with lies and who claim a presence and great communication skills with GOD more so than us mere mortals.  

Both fake pastors and fake politicians ( T-RUMPS years with fake reality shows make him a poor actor  about as poor as his presidency)  have the same Evangelicals supporting them, but they are Fake Evangelicals, who talk the talk a lot but don’t exactly trade their two hundred fifty dollar shoes and thousand dollar suits for sandals and a robe. So, how do the fakes survive… how can they be fakes?  

It’s really simple… they support false prophets, processes and programs that God warned about in the Commandments. So really quite simple, Chapter 4, Psalm 23… He who watches and listens to jerk-offs will become a jerk-off… thats the Holy Grail of Fox news… and Donald’s writers like Stephen Miller.

When you have stupid incompetent thieving politicians of dubious quality, they were voted in by people who are of like similar stupid incompetent selective qualities, only a fake can truly bullsh*t  another fake…  A truth seeker with intelligence will walk away… 

How may fakes can you stuff in a room with an associate of Mr. Mestopheles at the helm?  Check out the picture… A great photo opportunity Donald… A master of deception, a quality of the devil well played.  Faking life is easy if your greatest  achievement and failure was a reality show…full of lies and deceit.

Ask Yourself - Are You Stupid - Do You Not Smell A Scam…
Are you really dumb enough to give hard earned money to a TV set to get a better seat in heaven?  Scientifically you just proved rocks are defiantly smarter than some humans.  Follow the money, TV Religion is all about money.  According to the respected academic journal International Bulletin of Missionary Research, An estimated $63 billion in financial fraud in 2018 — constantly outpacing the billions spent by Christians on global missions — estimated at $56 billion this year.   Hmm, where did seven Billion dollars go?

Mercedes Benz, Caddilac, Lexus, BMW, Porsche, Gulfstream, Challenger, Lear, Canadair, Expensive Houses on both coasts, Servants and expensive road trips and cruises.  All on your back, you deserve being called stupid, you really could have received better points with GOD helping the poor…

They belong to a sect promoting “  Prosperity Gospel “.   It has two levels, givers and takers, you are the sucker, the giver they are the only ones taking for themselves, their charitable donations are pennies on the dollar, they are also the keepers.  They keep and spend your money on themselves.

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity (record keepers from 2011) says Christian religious leaders committed $90 million in financial crimes, and the fraud is growing at a rate of 5.97% each year. The International Bulletin also estimated, ecclesiastical crime among Christians will hit approximately $80 billion annually by 2025. One bit of truth, world wide 62 billion dollars came in religious donation and the poor never saw 90% of it.   Yes just like politicians.

The Naiveness, Real Stupidity And Believability Of The Evangelicals, And 

Starts With Jesus Says…  Err… If It came From Donald, Jesus Never Said It…

He Never Met the Man… 

T-RUMPS Biggest Lie… His Lies And Assaults on Hillary Clinton…

It paints a rich and exhaustive portrait of multiple organizations involved in a multifaceted investigative attempt at destruction of Hillary Clinton by T-RUMP and McConnell undertaking over a protracted period of time amid intense political pressure.   It reveals a lot that is unflattering about both the organizations and many people within them—

  • The GOP, about individual decisions by people of different stripes throughout the Justice Department
  • FBI hierarchies
  • The high-level choices of leaders
  • Simple errors and miscommunications
  • About the bad behavior of some individuals 
  • Details will continue to emerge as people pore through the document over the coming days.  The lies and innuendos of the GOP rEpresentatives who targeted by assassination Hillary Clinton at the bequest of Donald T-RUMP and Mitch McConnell
  • Five times they dragged her in and five times proved nothing except expose her to lies and set-ups.

And the Ignorant Evangelicals Believed Him

Don’t hate me for speaking the truth, blessed are those who speak the truth, it’s about time you admit you made a really stupid choice when you voted, and backed the False Prophet, especially if you are one of those who are our franchised Evangelicals, those lock-stepped misinformed ignorant Soldiers of God on a mission of denial, the easy way out,  cowardice and responsibility.  

Back to basics and not fairy tales, read the first and eighth commandments.  Seems the GOP talks a lot but doesn’t follow any of these rules…. Those being the ones GOD sent down…not the ones the phony ministers and politicians like Mitch McConnell create and Donald T-RUMP endorses.  If Donald T-RUMP professes, confesses and meant his allegiance to GODS word…

  • He would be dead by now for lying to the Lord, truthfully after the fit thousand sins, he would just ask Mestopheles to get him the hell out to hell where he belongs
  • And I would be made the Holy Rabbi of Jerusalem because it truly would be a miracle
  • And almost any college player would beat him at Golf if he didn’t cheat.  He kicks more balls than Pele, If a man cheats at Golf, the game of self honesty he’ll next be playing in hell, no sand traps,  just fire pits… and he deserves to burn
  • The first and eight commandments should send him to hell with no argument, unfortunately a slight delay as the other eight he has violated will have to be also counted

  😇   I Am The Lord Thy God, Thou Shalt Not Have Any Strange Gods Before Me

Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain

Remember To Keep Holy The Sabbath Day

Honor Thy Father And Mother

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

Thou Shalt Not Steal

  😇   Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods



Donald T-RUMP,  the Supreme Ruler, today was accidentally clobbered beyond recognition at the tenth tee in a horrific golf cart crash at Mar-a-lago.  He made a right turn, didn’t signal and got rammed by a city garbage truck.  

The accident not fully investigated yet, still under investigation.  The driver Ezra M. Clinton said he didn’t see him when the cart cut in front of him.   Mitch McConnell is convinced the truck was driven by an immigrant illegal employee who was not documented.  This in violation of federal guidelines pertaining to immigration and work permits and would be forwarded to William Barr, Head of the DOJ and investigated.        

Outside the gate in Florida 258,000 Americans who lived locally, close to Mar-a-lago and had to put up with the, noise, the closings the bullsh*t, too many people and press, traffic and sensory overload at Mar-a-lago, when he played golf more times than the last six presidents and staff combined were cheering…  “ Go to Hell,  Go to Hell”, they sounded very sincere. They had enough T-RUMP.

Judgement Day
So T-RUMPS soul appears in Heaven in the holding area and he asks the Gatekeeper for a pass. The Gate keeper tells him politicians and nobility of his stature are treated differently. Strict rules in a directive from the big Kahuna.  He gets a choice, the Lord offered a special trial basis for T-RUMP  “ You can try Hell for one day and try Heaven for one day” .  Then we’ll honor your wishes and carry them out.

The gate keeper leads him to an elevator and pumps the button down 666 floors, and sure enough he is greeted by LUCIFER who takes him on a tour of Hell.  He is absolutely blown away...

  • Incredible Championship Golf courses just like he created
  • Incredible Hotels and Towers, Clubhouses, Pools, Bigly Saunas and Hot Tubs filled with Hot gals
  • A Royal Magnificent Clubhouse, on a par with Mar-a-lago
  • He sees all his associates and friends dressed to the nines
  • They are even wearing his brand ties who greet him with great succulation and adoration.  
  • They reminisced about so much money they made off the middle class and the poor.   
  • The incredible nine course dinner was Maine Lobster, Cordon Blu and Ribeye Steak, ( He chose a Porterhouse, well done of course, with catsup, he likes it that way) and the finest wines ever. 
  • Some of those wines even stolen from the last supper and brought out from long time storage, quite a celebration for him.  He chose Diet Coke instead.
  • Next morning he played eighteen holes and basically played scratch golf, several birdies, best game he ever played to the seventeenth.  Then he went three under par for the course with great shots when he birdied seventeen and eagled the eighteenth with an incredible forty-nine foot putt. 
  • He spent the night in the palatial hotel and was visited by two of the local Russian showgirls and they showed him everything including how the shower worked with him.  “ He said they surely know how to relieve tension”  
  • By noon the day was over and Lucifer took him to the elevator, shook his hand and told him, President T-RUMP “ Let me know”.

             He Thanked Lucifer And Told Him He Had A Great Time… 

Thank You Again “ And He Would Be Back”… 

Upon his arrival in Heaven, the Gatekeeper directed him to the Heaven blessed clouds where all those in Heaven were singing, dancing, eating magnificent healthy Vegan Gluten-Free meals, no meat, happy-happy fruit soft drinks and exotic teas, good vibes and lots of harps. Truly a pleasant place, restful and lots of good easy listening peaceful music and love.

After the day was over the Gatekeeper then asked TRUMP to make a decision.  Trump replied, “ It’s very nice here but there are many great bigly things I liked in hell, so I’ll go to hell”.  OK, then the Gatekeeper took him to the elevator, wished him luck, and pushed the X-final down 666 button.

👺Back At Hell  —  The door opened and Lucifer was not dressed as before, he looked different, he had on this funky looking outfit, like red pajamas, and there was fire and garbage, lots of garbage, carnage and waste, and all his friends were blackened by the smoke.  Broiling, it was hot as hell, no air-conditioning and he was given a bag to fill with garbage so he can take it to the fires, and burn it like the others, it all looked the same clear to the horizon.

He Screamed,   “ Lucifer My Friend, What Happened To All Those Nice Things I Saw Yesterday”
Lucifer Replied... Mr. President,  I’m Sure You Were Aware Yesterday Like You, We Were 
Campaigning, Today You Voted…

ATCH 05-07-2020