Glued at the Hip

The problem with Politicians like Donald T-RUMP and the Pastors who claim a presence in the Religion arena is that the both have the Evangelicals supporting them, but they are Fake Evangelicals, Fakes, how can they be fakes?  Simple… when you have stupid incompetent thieving politicians of dubious quality,  they were voted in by people who are of like similar stupid incompetent qualities, only a fake can appreciate a fake. A truth seeker will walk away… 

An idiot in the WhiteHouse was voted there by idiots out of the WhiteHouse who believed his lies and are fiercely loyal because they sold all their friends on their judgement and unfounded stupidity and now can’t bow out and admit they were stupid and wrong…but they will when the fake tax cuts and other lies and tariffs fail and they fail…

He creates all the bad.  Then he blames others…  thats a false prophet and liar, Jewish people call a person who runs everyone else down the  Malekh-amo-ves  or the Angel of Death.

Then next clue is that he claims to be the Chosen one or Savior.  He claims he can fix it.  The self proclaimed hero liar, will fix it, really?  Are you that stupid?  He screws it up and then claims to be the hero. He is as crooked as the TV Pastors who take your money in Gods name and use it on themselves.

Follow the money, TV Religion is all about money.  According to the respected academic journal International Bulletin of Missionary Research, An estimated $63 billion in financial fraud in 2018 — constantly outpacing the billions spent by Christians on global missions — estimated at $56 billion this year.    

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity (from 2011) says Christian religious leaders committed $90 million in financial crimes daily, and the fraud is growing at a rate of 5.97% each year. The International Bulletin also estimated, ecclesiastical crime among Christians will hit approximately $80 billion annually by 2025. 

Of 80,000,000,000 (Billion) Only 10,000,000,000 (Billion)  will ever get to feed, water and clothe the poor. Your  TV Evangelicals and others will keep all the rest.

MAKE SURE YOU PAY FOR THE LORDS WORK     The Separation of Church and State.

Churches come in many flavors, and varieties.  Think,  if one value in a specific church was real, a true representation of God, and salvation would come from that specific church, the other 5998 are fakes or man’s interpretation and falsehoods.

Church, It is like an amusement park, you go on the rides you like.  Some wade through the water, some sprinkle water, the ever popular Baptismal water boarding, and the do-it-yourself bathtub drowning.  

Then we have community singing and weird really strange dancing,  snake handling, adoration of rats and mice, self-flagellation and whipping.

Then musical accompaniment, piano, drums, organs, tambourine banging, smoke and incense, beyond normalcy prayer sessions, group admonitions, screaming,  hands thrust to the heavens, all sorts of weird things...

For entertainment we have choral groups, junior choral groups, youth groups, senior singing group, responsive reading, bad choreography, foaming at the mouth, or glee clubbing.  The search for the perfect church led the pilgrims to this country for religious freedom. There are over 6000 currently doing Gods work.  Unfortunately many are pedophiles doing the nether Gods work. Never leave your kids alone with these nuts

Since most church doctrine comes from stories past down and altered throughout the ages, no one can claim they know or attended any of these Biblical stories and events, thus the truth remains a rumor no matter how you twist it.  The competition for the right to be first has caused more deaths in the history of the world than any other reason.  The most predominant are called Crusades.  

If you took the time to study the Crusades you would be surprised at what you would find.  Understand the two sides of  grunts or foot soldiers who basically killed and died for nothing.  Their motivation on both sides were based on the next world.  Death through a divine act was good.   

The Saracens got the seventy-two Vestal Virgins, and the large size Viagra.  The Christians got an E-Ticket to skip purgatory and go directly to Heaven with streets of gold and great wine. Enough Mogen David to turn the Holy Land purple.

Crusades were expeditions undertaken, for a 120 years by those who vowed to deliver the Holy Places from Mohammedan or Muslim tyranny.  During this period the bad guys were referred to as the “Saracens”. The good guys, the CRUSADERS gets it's name, from the cross made of cloth and blessed by the Pope and worn by the Christian combatants.

Basically the term “Crusades” extends  to include all wars against the Saracens, Muslims Mohammedans, Goths, Pagans, Heretics, Jews,  and those who had been excommunicated.  Also Spaniards against the Moors.  Other Crusades were  against the Prussians, Lithuanians, extermination of the Albigensian heresy.

he crusade corresponds to a political conception which was realized in Christianity only from the eleventh to the fifteenth century; Four hundred years. This proclamation sees all peoples and sovereigns under the direction of the Popes.  

The Crusader was also granted privileges, such as exemption from civil jurisdiction, inviolability of persons or lands, etc. Of all these skirmishes involving hundreds of thousands of troops in the name of Christendom,  the most important were the Eastern Crusades.  



We often think of Christianity as being the savior of mankind. This was not always true.  In fact more people, millions upon millions have died at the hands of the religious leaders in all times.  We have had inquisitions, crusades, and wars all in the name of religion.   And millions died, for a belief they never capitulated nor amounted in their favor, and knew little anything about.

We have killed some of the noblest and intelligent men of all time in the name of a Christian God.  We have fought Christian Catholics against Christian Protestants, Christians against Muslims,  Against Jews and the list goes on and on.
Here is simple sampling:  We left out the thousands tortured and dismembered or horrifically removed by those doing the Lords work…It was called the Inquisition… 

JAN HUS (1369 – 6 JULY 1415) 

Often referred to in English as John Hus or John Huss, was a Czech priest, philosopher, reformer, and master at Charles University in Prague. Hus is considered the first Church reformer, as he lived before Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli.  He was a key predecessor to the Protestant movement of the sixteenth century, and his teachings had a strong influence on the states of Europe, most immediately in the approval of a reformist Bohemian religious denomination, and, more than a century later, on Martin Luther.  Burnt at the stake.



The Italian religious and political reformer, entered the Dominican order at Bologna. In a convent at Brescia his zeal won attention, and in 1489 he was recalled to Florence. His second appearance in the pulpit of San Marco -- on the sinfulness and apostasy of the time -- was a great popular triumph, and by some he was hailed as an inspired prophet.

His gift of prophecy led to his being cited in 1495 to answer a charge of heresy at Rome and on his failing to appear he was forbidden to preach. In 1497 came a sentence of excommunication from Rome;  He was brought to trial for falsely claiming to have seen visions, and uttered prophecies, for religious error, and for sedition.  On May 23, 1498, this extraordinary man and two Dominican disciples were hanged and burned, still professing their adherence to the Church.


GALILEO GALILEI  15 FEB.1564 - 8 JAN.1642

Was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution. His achievements include improvements to the telescope, incredible astronomical observations and support for Copernican’s theory.  

That the sun is the center of the Universe and not the earth.  Galileo has been called the "father of modern observational astronomy, modern physics", and "the Father of Modern Science".

His contributions include the confirmation of the phases of Venus, the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter and the observation and analysis of sunspots. Galileo also worked in applied science and technology, inventing an improved military compass and other instruments.

Galileo later defended his views in Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, which appeared to attack Pope Urban VIII and thus alienated him and the Jesuits, who had both supported Galileo up until this point. He was tried by the Inquisition, found "vehemently suspect of heresy", forced to recant, and spent the rest of his life under house arrest

It was while Galileo was under house arrest that he wrote one of his finest works, Two New Sciences, in which he summarized the work he had done some forty years earlier, on the two sciences now called kinematics and strength of materials.

MICHAEL SERVETUS  29 SEPT 1509 OR 1511 – 27 OCT 1553
Was a Spanish theologian, physician, cartographer, and Renaissance humanist. He was the first European to correctly describe the function of pulmonary circulation. He was a polymath versed in many sciences: mathematics, astronomy and meteorology, geography, human anatomy, medicine and pharmacology, as well as jurisprudence, translation, poetry and the scholarly study of the Bible in its original languages. 

He is renowned in the history of several of these fields, particularly medicine and theology.  When Calvin requested that Servetus be executed by decapitation as a traitor rather than by fire as a heretic, The Geneva Council refused his request. On 27 October 1553 Servetus was burned at the stake just outside Geneva with what was believed to be the last copy of his book chained to his leg. Historians record his last words as: "Jesus, Son of the Eternal God, have mercy on me.

And lastley have you met the inquisitor…