(CNN)  Sarah Sanders said last December that when her role as White House press secretary ends, she hopes to be remembered as “ Honest and transparent.”  Who the F*ck is she kidding?  I’m afraid she’s going to be remembered quite differently because of her actions as well as the actions of her boss, President Donald T-RUMP, his lies and the carrier of his lies and her own failures to live up to the obligations of the office.

With Thursday’s announcement that Sanders is leaving the White House at the end of June — and looking back at the two years that she has spent there - it’s safe to say that her hopes were misplaced.  She will be remembered as a mouthy lieing somewhat very ignorant bitch.


Lord, I thank thee for the grace shown to Sara Not-A-Wara Sanders and the mercy you showed that fat-ass with the big garbage fed mouth by not throwing her in the 666 elevator.  You were most generous.   She should take the frickin staircase for her sins.

Please forgive me. No one in the history of real news has been hated as much and they are glad to see her gone, but the damages she did will remain.

I had prayed she would burst into flames because of the shame and pain she caused my fellow compatriots who had to endure that overdose of frickin lies and stupid answers in the press room.  Let her go back to her demented father Mike Huckabee and his bullsh*t  fake Religious Commentary lies and they can sing KuBaYa together.

You know most of his words are not those of a man of God but a man who thinks he is GOD.

She will be remembered as a dirty diaper smear on the minds of those who had to attend the normally hallowed ground, and sacred to the truth, the Press Room where facts and truth were brought forth to the real news people (FOX not included) to relay and advise the public.  

Under T-RUMP  she has completely decimated the entire news world with lies, fake news and a demeanor befitting knuckle dragging apes.  ( I apologize to the apes,  most troglodytes have more brains than Sarah and behave nicer).  





The more important job is to keep the American public, the same public who fund her salary, informed through the traditional daily White House Briefing. For more than half a century, reporters, acting as proxy for the American public, would meet with the White House press secretary for a briefing almost every day. That came to a screeching halt under Sanders’ watch.  As the press put it Miss Piggy was not in


  • Press secretary Sarah Sanders was caught lying several times in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, and now she’s defending herself with more misdirections. 

  • She is rated in her job at 100%.  That means 100% of the time she is lying.  So bad that the press corp meetings were discontinued because not only was she not on the same page with T-RUMP, they weren’t even in the same friggen book

  • During a string of media appearances following the release of the Mueller report on Thursday, Sanders has faced questions about a claim she made during a May 2017 press briefing that she later admitted was false during testimony to Mueller’s team. 

  • In an attempt to justify President Donald Trump’s decision to fire then FBI director James Comey, Sanders told reporters that  “ countless members of the FBI” had contacted her to say they had lost confidence in Comey, when in fact that was not the case. On Thursday evening and Friday morning, Sanders repeatedly downplayed that lie as a mere “slip of the tongue.” 

  • The star of bullshit and mistruths in the Trump camp now precedes to tell us about divine guidance.  Daddy was a          “ Bible Babbling Preacher of the Holy Bullsh*t Clan “  Gov. Mike Huckabee and  Sarah Sanders said she believes God wanted President Donald T-RUMP to win the 2016 election, the Christian Broadcasting Network  reported on Wednesday. More Bullsh*t … thats the Jesus freak version of FOX news who always want money to do God’s work.  I thought God had a job?   Spoken as a true graduate of Ouachita Baptist University with a bachelor of Arts degree in lieing and facial farting. 

  • If there is a true GOD, I expect T-RUMP  were to drop dead tomorrow, then I would believe God got it right and cleaned up the mess he made.   I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times and I think that he wanted Donald T-RUMP to become President so he could be assassinated for the sixty years of his corruption in business and social issues.

  • Sanders said: “I think he has done a tremendous job in supporting a lot of the things that people of faith really care about,” Sanders added.  Yes, except we must correct her faith which consists of lies and falsehoods.  The liar doth protest too much.  No one can lie like that and be a child of GOD, many times Mr. Mestopheles pretended to be the milkman…

  •  She did a wonderful job as covering for the bombastic idiot in the WhiteHouse by simply explaining his really stupid comments with her stupider ones so they forget his.   In a recent WhiteHouse Press Conference when asked questions she replied, “ I didn’t ask him that”, “ We have no record of that “ “ I was not aware”,  ” the President doesn’t recollect”, and other babbled answers , 44 times, with only 38 questions.  She lied about questions she wasn’t even asked!

  • She is as useless as  “ Teats on a boar hog”.  About the size of one, she comes across as arrogant and is not enamored by the White House Press Corp who waste all day getting no answers.   With her non-cooperative demeanor, is rude and cuts people off,  and a sense of looking down at the reporters. 

  • Sanders tweeted she would “walk out the gates of the White House” with “my head held high.” Good, someone grab a rope and hang her “ very high for all to see”  “ Today I’ll walk out the gates of the White House for the last time as Press Secretary with my head held high.



In an interview with CNN’s John Berman, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said that President Donald Trump's presidency gets worse every day, and the top of the 2020 Republican presidential ticket may need to be replaced.

(CNN)Anthony Scaramucci is done with Donald T-RUMP. In a variety of interviews and tweets -- including on Monday morning on CNN -- the former White House communications director (all 11 days' worth!) has insisted that the President is, in Mooch's mind, a nuclear reactor on the verge of a meltdown and therefore he no longer supports Trump. 

"The guy's actually dissembling a little bit, and he's sounding more and more nonsensical," Scaramucci said on "New Day." “And, you know, we're sort anesthetized to it."

In a tweet shortly after that CNN interview, Scaramucci wrote this: 

"To those asking, 'what took so long?' You're right. I tried to see best in @realDonaldTrump based on private interactions and select policy alignment. But his increasingly divisive rhetoric - and damage it's doing to fabric of our society - outweighs any short-term economic gain."

Scaramucci is entitled to his own opinion. But not his own facts. And the facts simply do not line up with the idea that Trump's rhetoric is getting worse or more divisive -- particularly of late. The facts suggest that Trump has always been exactly the person he is today. There's no meaningful change -- for the better or the worse -- in his behavior. Trump is, quite simply, just being Trump.

Consider this: Two years ago today, white nationalist marchers in Charlottesville, Virginia, created a riot that left a woman -- Heather Heyer -- dead. In the wake of that incident, T-RUMP blamed "both sides" -- the white supremacists and those who organized a counter-protest to them -- for Heyer's death. 

"You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say it, but I will say it right now," Trump said at the time.

Not enough for you? How about these:

* Trump attacked a Gold Star family that spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2016

* Trump mocked and impersonated a disabled New York Times reporter

* Trump said Mexico was purposely sending rapists and criminals to the United States

* In an audio recording of an "Access Hollywood" interview, Trump made a series of misogynistic comments about women

* Trump said the late Sen. John McCain wasn't a war hero because he had been captured by the North Vietnamese

* Trump said that there was "blood coming out of her wherever" in reference to then-Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly's treatment of him in a 2015 debate

* Trump said an American-born judge of Mexican descent had a conflict of interest in a case related to Trump University because the President had pushed for a wall to be built on our southern border.

* Trump alleged, without proof, that 3 to 5 million illegal votes had been cast in the 2016 election

There's more. So much more. But you get the idea.  What Scaramucci is doing is trying to soothe his own conscience. Trump wasn't always this bad! Therefore, supporting him for as long as I did was OK!  Something has changed now!  Something big!  The cold reality, of course, is that nothing has changed. Trump is who he has always been. There is no meltdown. There is no "he's getting worse."   Scaramucci knows that. He also should know better.

Anthony Scaramucci (born January 6, 1964), nicknamed “ The Mooch”,  and more recently the “ JOKER” is an American financier, entrepreneur and political consultant who briefly served as the White House Director of Communications from July 21 to July 31, 2017. 

Scaramucci worked at Goldman Sachs' investment banking, equities, and private wealth management divisions between 1989 and 1996. After leaving Goldman Sachs, he founded Oscar Capital Management, and in 2005, he founded the investment firm SkyBridge Capital.

On July 21, 2017, Scaramucci was appointed White House Communications Director. He began work on July 25, although he had not yet been sworn in. 

Days into the job, Scaramucci provoked controversy after an expletive-laden interview with The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza, in which he made obscene and strongly derogatory statements about several members of the T-RUMP administration. 

He simply told the truth…

Ten days after the announcement of his appointment, he was fired by President Donald Trump on the recommendation of the new White House Chief of Staff, John F. Kelly. He is a recurring guest on the sports/comedy podcast Pardon My Take presented by Barstool Sports and was a “Fake HouseGuest” on Celebrity Big Brother 2.


He is still accomplished as a T-RUMP supporter since money is his loyalty, just like T-RUMP and he really supports himself more so than the dedication to cleaning up T-rumps act which no one can do…  he also changes sides depending on the weather and the next diaper change…

Scaramucci supported the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In 2008, Scaramucci also served as a fundraiser for President Barack Obama. In September 2010, however, Scaramucci asked Obama at a CNBC Town Hall meeting when he was going to “stop whacking Wall Street like a piñata."

Scaramucci has tweeted at various times that he has “  Always been for strong gun control laws”, and  "Republicans should support gay marriage".   He served as the national finance co-chair for Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign.

In 2015, on a Fox Business Network television appearance, Scaramucci called Trump a "hack politician" whose rhetoric is "anti-American and very, very divisive." He further warned Trump to "cut it out now", and "stop all this crazy rhetoric." In December 2015, Scaramucci criticized Trump's call for a border wall between Mexico and the U.S. He also criticized Trump for "making a fundamental mistake of trying to blame all of Islam and all Muslims for what is the ideology and the actions of a minority."

Ahead of the 2016 election, Scaramucci tweeted that he hoped Hillary Clinton would be the next president.  During the 2016 presidential election, Scaramucci first endorsed Scott Walker and later Jeb Bush. In May 2016, after both Walker and Bush had withdrawn from the race, Scaramucci signed on to Donald Trump's political campaign by joining the Trump Finance Committee. In November 2016, he was appointed to President-elect Trump’s Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee.


Paul John Manafort Jr. is an American lobbyist, political consultant, former lawyer, LIAR and PROFESSIONAL convicted felon.  A long time Republican Party campaign consultant, he joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team in March 2016, and was campaign chairman from June to August 2016. Wikipedia

Born:   April 1, 1949 (age 70 years), New Britain, CT


SpouseKathleen Manafort (m. 1978)

ChildrenJess BondAndrea Manafort

EducationGeorgetown University Law Center (1974), Georgetown University (1971), St. Thomas Aquinas High School

ParentsPaul J. Manafort Sr.Antoinette Marie Manafort

When Paul Manafort was first charged by prosecutors last year, court documents read like the opening scene of lives of the rich and famous:

From multiple properties complete with gardens manicured in the form of an “ " for the GOP operative’s name to high-priced shopping sprees to custom-made suits.  The former Trump campaign chairman enjoyed what special counsel Robert Mueller's team called a "lavish lifestyle."

But the veteran political strategist has been held in jail for the last several months after prosecutors accused of him witness tampering, and the government has tentatively seized his accounts at three different banks.

And now, in his deal announced last Friday with Mueller, Manafort's high priced life just experienced a major rollback. Manafort will forfeit approximately $21.7 million in property and other assets as part of his plea deal with the government.


To avoid a second trial in a Washington, D.C., court, he pleaded guilty to two federal counts as part of that deal, which also requires his cooperation with the special counsel. The deal comes after Manafort was found guilty last month in his first trial in Virginia of evading taxes on more than $60 million of income earned working for Ukrainian politicians.

Manafort will give up three different bank accounts, a life insurance policy and five properties scattered about New York, including three condos in Manhattan. Market values of these properties in documents presented to the court were redacted, but estimates can be found on property listing website Zillow.com.

Among the three condos to be forfeited is Manafort’s Trump Tower apartment on Fifth Avenue, which is estimated to be worth $3 million in market value, according to Zillow. The two other Manhattan condos in Soho and in Chinatown are valued at $3.2 million and $4.1 million, respectively.

The most expensive of his properties: a 10-bedroom mansion south of Bridgehampton, in Long Island, New York, worth $7.3 million, according to Zillow. Manafort’s seven-bedroom home in Brooklyn, also to be forfeited, is listed as $4.1 million on Zillow.


Roger Jason Stone Jr. (born August 27, 1952) is an American political consultant, lobbyist and strategist noted for his use of opposition research, usually for candidates of the Republican Party.  Since the 1970s, Stone has worked on the campaigns of key Republican politicians such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Bob Dole and Donald Trump.

In addition to serving as a frequent campaign advisor, Stone was previously a political lobbyist. In 1980, he co-founded the Washington, D.C.-based lobbying firm Black, Manafort, Stone with principals Paul Manafort and Charles R. Black Jr.  The firm recruited Peter G. Kelly and was renamed Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly in 1984.   

During the 1980s, BMSK became a top lobbying firm by leveraging its White House connections to attract high-paying clients including U.S. corporations, trade associations, and foreign governments. By 1990, it was one of the leading lobbyists for American companies and foreign organizations.

Stone is a self-described "dirty trickster" and has variously been referred to in media as a "renowned infighter", a "seasoned practitioner of hard-edged politics", a "mendacious windbag" and a "veteran Republican strategist".  We left out "lying prick and scumbag".

Over the course of the Trump presidential campaign, Stone promoted a number of falsehoods and conspiracy theories. He has described his political modus operandi as "Attack, attack, attack—never defend" and "Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack." 

Stone is the subject of a Netflix documentary film, titled Get Me Roger Stone, which focuses on his past and on his role in the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump.  Stone first suggested Trump run for President in the spring of 1998 while Stone was Trump's casino business lobbyist in Washington.

Stone officially left the Trump campaign on August 8, 2015; however, it has been reported that, as part of the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States election, two associates of Stone have claimed he collaborated with WikiLeaks owner Julian Assange in the spring of 2016 to discredit Hillary Clinton's campaign. Stone has denied this.

A defiant effort to exonerate himself in the Trump-Russia saga also looks like a campaign to raise money and sell books.  Defying the advice of pretty much every defense lawyer in America, Roger Stone won’t stop talking. 

The longtime political adviser to President Donald Trump gives lengthy interviews about his role in the 2016 presidential election. He writes combative op-eds about Robert Mueller, who is investigating him. He invites reporters into his home for open-ended hangout sessions.

It’s all part of a pre-emptive counterattack against the special counsel’s Russia investigation, which many legal experts believe is inexorably closing in on Stone.



For me this story is bigger than it played as a retired respected Lt. General MICHAEL FLYNN who served his country went rogue, violated  Federal Laws, lied to Congress and Congressional Committees, served in secrecy as a foreign agent never registering as a diplomat representative lobbying for Turkey.  Turkey a NATO country plays both sides of the fence, and helped them buy Russian anti-aircraft rocket systems the SAS400, latest and greatest from Putin.

He accepted funds on behalf of foreign nations.  The other charges were for lying on several occasions to the FBI,  about claims like never claiming his association to Putin.  But he sat at a table with him and accepted a 45,000 dollar check for a speech. He is a convicted criminal awaiting sentence.

This is the man doofus T-RUMP selected as the next Secretary of Defense.   His biggest act of sheer stupidity was to create the slogan to be used against Hillary.  It simply said  “ Lock Her Up”.   The bottom line is:   Hillary was innocent of charges and it is Flynn that will be reading the NY times in Federal Prison.

TRUTH:  Donald T-Rump took the slogan “ Lock Her Up”  by Flynn to embarrass Hillary Clinton during the election.  Donald’s little childish ignorant twitter snips calling people names is immature, stupid, unfit for a President, and frowned upon in most third grade classes, which brings up the poignant question, and I ask, could Donald T-RUMP have failed the third grade?  This one backfired on him, badly...

UPDATE:   5/19 

A federal judge on Thursday ordered that prosecutors make public a transcript of a phone call that former national security adviser Michael Flynn tried hard to hide with a lie: his conversation with a Russian ambassador in late 2016.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan in Washington ordered the government also to provide a public transcript of a November 2017 voice mail involving Flynn. In that sensitive call, President Trump’s attorney left a message for Flynn’s attorney reminding him of the president’s fondness for Flynn at a time when Flynn was considering cooperating with federal investigators.

The transcripts, which the judge ordered be posted on a court website by May 31, would reveal conversations at the center of two major avenues of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. So far they have been disclosed to the public only in fragments in court filings and the Mueller report.

Sullivan also ordered that still-redacted portions of the Mueller report that relate to Flynn be given to the court and made public.

Sullivan’s orders came very shortly after government prosecutors agreed to release some sealed records in Flynn’s case. The release was in response to a motion filed with the court earlier this year by The Washington Post, which argued that the public deserved to know more about Flynn’s role in key events and cooperation with investigators.

Flynn pleaded guilty in December 2017 to one felony count of making a false statement to FBI investigators about his contact with the ambassador and awaits sentencing.

( How do you like your goose cooked, medium or well-done?)





• HOLDER OF 14 Congressional Investigations ( A Record )

•  Most Dangerous to the Environment Winner  2015 to 2018
• “Best Verbal Ass-Kissing Speech” Contender 2017

• “Best Bull-shitter about Conservation” 2017
•  Killer of the Environment” 2017,  a useless hero for the Coal Industry 
•  Most controversial abuser of position in the history of cabinet officials and should be buried alive in one of those polluted coal mines or drowned in the polluted rivers he created.


(CNN)Scott Pruitt's resignation as Environmental Protection Agency administrator thwarted multiple investigations into his conduct in office, according to an inspector general report obtained by CNN. 

The investigations included: the "Administrator renting a room in a townhouse owned by a lobbyist's wife"; that Pruitt "had subordinates at the EPA assist him in finding personal housing; that he used his official position and EPA staff to seek a 'business opportunity' for his wife with Chick-fil-A, a fast-food restaurant chain; that he enlisted subordinates at the EPA to secure a mattress for his personal use; and that he had his security detail run errands for him." 

In each of those cases, "Mr. Pruitt resigned prior to being interviewed by investigators. For that reason, the (EPA Office of the Inspector General) deemed that the result of the investigation was inconclusive. The case will be closed."

In an additional case, investigators found "nothing of investigative merit supporting the allegation" that EPA ethics officials had been pressured into approving Pruitt's lease. 

"Investigators interviewed potential victims, who stated that they did not feel pressured into rendering opinions pertaining to the lodging agreement," the report said. 

A spokesman for the inspector general's office declined to comment prior to the document's public release on Friday. The Washington Post first revealed the findings of the report late Thursday. 

Pruitt resigned from the agency in early July under a cloud of ethics scandals. The office of Inspector General Arthur Elkins indicated soon afterward that several of the probes involving Pruitt would continue. Several involved potential misuse of agency funds or agency staff.   Elkins has since retired. The report is signed by his successor, acting Inspector General Charles Sheehan. 

In a message to Congress within the report, Sheehan notes that the agency had additional work involving allegations against Pruitt that "was not initiated ... due to Administrator Pruitt's resignation." 

It did note that two audits involving Pruitt had been completed: one involving large raises given to his aides, and another involving his security detail. 

During his time at EPA, Pruitt has worked to carry out key elements of President Donald Trump’s agenda, overseeing a rollback of Obama-era environmental regulations.  He has destroyed and endangered more than he did good.  But he has also been caught up in a series of unfolding controversies over everything from first-class travel, security expenses, and a decision to rent a room in Washington, DC, tied to an energy lobbyist. Just like his boss and Savior, the other Scumbag T-RUMP.

When Pruitt took up his post at EPA, he was already a controversial figure. As Oklahoma attorney general, he sued the agency he now leads over environmental regulations and suggested that the debate over global warming is "far from settled." 

• The $43,000 the EPA spent to purchase and install a soundproof booth in Pruitt's office violated federal spending law, according to the Government Accountability Office. The EPA was required to notify Congress before spending more than $5,000 on office improvements, GAO found, although EPA disputed that requirement applies to the privacy booth. 

• The EPA chief of staff, Ryan Jackson, signed on Pruitt's behalf the authorization of large raises to two close aides, internal documents show. Pruitt has maintained he was unaware of the raises and planned to reverse them, although the agency's Inspector General found no evidence the raises have been rescinded. The Atlantic has reported that Pruitt defied the White House to grant the raises. 

• The EPA Inspector General is probing Pruitt's travel practices. The review began following reports Pruitt would frequently travel home to Oklahoma on the taxpayers' dime. The IG twice expanded the probe, first as the agency acknowledged Pruitt used both a private plane and military jet to travel four times instead of flying commercial -- at a price of $60,000 -- and again to include all of Pruitt's travel from 2017. 

• Multiple senior EPA officials, including a career official and political appointees, were sidelined or demoted after they raised concerns or pushed back on the amount of money Pruitt has spent as EPA chief on expenses such as travel as well as his management of the agency, two sources confirmed to CNN.  An EPA spokesman has disputed the claims, calling the employees in question "disgruntled." 

• Pruitt lived for about six months in a Capitol Hill condo owned by a health care lobbyist whose husband has lobbied the EPA and payed below the market rate, according to reports by ABC News and Bloomberg. A former deputy chief of staff told congressional investigators the energy lobbyist, J. Steven Hart, called Pruitt's chief of staff to complain that Pruitt was behind on rent, and a separate source told CNN the couple eventually evicted Pruitt by changing the condo lock code. 

CNN has reported that White House officials are exasperated by the housing controversy. 

• Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse sent a letter to the inspector general of the EPA that said Pruitt's constant security included even personal trips to Disneyland and the Rose Bowl.

• The Environmental Integrity Project obtained heavily redacted documents from the EPA that showed the agency spent more than $30,000 on security for Pruitt's 2017 trip to Italy. 

• A report from The Washington Post in mid-March said documents the EPA provided to Congress outlined further travel expenses from Pruitt, totaling about $68,000 and including a nearly $20,000, four-day trip to Morocco and a series of first class flights.

• CNN reported in early March that Pruitt was one of four Cabinet-level officials the White House scolded in February over stories about questionable ethics at their agencies. 

• In February, questions over Pruitt’s travel prompted House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, a Republican, to announce an inquiry into Pruitt’s practices, and in response to the committee's request for documents, the EPA did not appear to turn over travel waivers granted to Pruitt for first-class travel. 





Michael Dean Cohen is an American former attorney who was a lawyer for Donald Trump from 2006 until May 2018. Cohen was a vice-president of The Trump Organization, and the personal counsel to Trump, and was often described by media as Trump's "fixer". 

BornAugust 25, 1966 (age 52 years), Lawrence, NY
Laura Shusterman (m. 1995)
Samantha Blake Cohen, Jake Ross Cohen

EducationWestern Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law SchoolAmerican UniversityLawrence Woodmere Academy
Maurice CohenSondra Cohen
Bryan Cohen

NEW YORK (AP)  Michael Cohen took a last swipe at President Donald Trump while reporting to federal prison Monday to start a three-year sentence for crimes including tax evasion and campaign finance violations related to hush-money payments made to protect his former boss.

Cohen, who turned on Trump last summer after a decade as his personal lawyer, fixer and “take a bullet” loyalist, didn’t mention the president by name, but he left little doubt about whom he blamed for his incarceration.

“I hope that when I rejoin my family and friends that the country will be in a place without xenophobia, injustice and lies at the helm of our country,” Cohen told reporters outside his Manhattan apartment. “There still remains much to be told, and I look forward to the day where I can share the truth.”

Cohen, 52, then stumbled through a crush of media, ignoring shouted questions, and got into a waiting Cadillac Escalade, which drove him to jail 70 miles (115 kilometers) northwest of New York City.

He got a slight jump on his prison sentence, arriving at the Federal Correctional Institution, Otisville, at around 11:45 a.m., more than two hours before a court-imposed deadline.

The prison has a minimum-security camp that’s become known for the white collar criminals it houses and the amenities — including tennis courts, bocce ball and rugelach in the commissary — that it affords them.


  • 5 counts of tax evasion
  • 1 count of making false statements to a financial institution
  • 1 count of willfully causing an unlawful corporate contribution
  • 1 count of making an excessive campaign contribution at the request of a candidate or campaign
  • 1 count of making false statements to a congressional committee



Michael Dean Cohen (born August 25, 1966)  is an American attorney who works as a lawyer and spokesperson for US President Donald Trump.  Prior to this appointment, he was Executive Vice-President of the Trump Organization and special counsel to Trump.

Cohen also previously served as co-president of Trump Entertainment and a member of the board of the Eric Trump Foundation, a children’s health charity.  He joined the Trump Organization after having been a partner at Phillips Nizer.

April 2018, he is under investigation by federal prosecutors into multiple matters, including bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign finance violations, relating in part to payments made to Stormy Daniels.  

He truly meets the Scumbag image and fits well into the T-RUMP circle.  He has answers and knows what went on, it’s a question of does he fall on a sword provided by Donald or does he fall on his own and work with the investigators to save his own body from being impaled. 

Actually it’s not a circle, it’s an oval.  And there are plenty of seats. And the social director seems to be VLAD the impaler.



Excerpts:  Federal investigators raided the offices of Michael Cohen, the man who has been closer than anybody to Trump’s most problematic business and personal relationships. This week, we learned that Cohen has been under criminal investigation for months—his e-mails have been read, presumably his phones have been tapped, and his meetings have been monitored.  ( Big Brother at work hunting Big Crooks) 

Trump has long declared a red line: Robert Mueller must not investigate his businesses, and must only look at any possible collusion with Russia. That red line is now crossed and, for Trump, in the most troubling of ways. Even if he were to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and then have Mueller and his investigation put on ice, and even if—as is disturbingly possible—Congress did nothing, the Cohen prosecution would continue.

Even if Trump pardons Cohen, the information the Feds have on him can become the basis for charges against others in the Trump Organization.  This is the week we know, with increasing certainty, that we are entering the last phase of the Trump Presidency. This doesn’t feel like a prophecy; it feels like a simple statement of the apparent truth. I know dozens of reporters and other investigators who have studied Donald Trump and his business and political ties. 

Some have been skeptical of the idea that President Trump himself knowingly colluded with Russian officials. It seems not at all Trumpian to participate in a complex plan with a long-term, uncertain payoff.  Collusion is an imprecise word, but it does seem close to certain that his son Donald, Jr., and several people who worked for him colluded with people close to the Kremlin; it is up to prosecutors and then the courts to figure out if this was illegal or merely deceitful.  We may have a hard time finding out what President Trump himself knew and approved.



Cohen, Donald, Jr., and Ivanka monetized their willingness to sign contracts with people rejected by all sensible partners. Even in this, the Trump Organization left money on the table, taking a million dollars here, five million there, even though the service they provided—giving branding legitimacy to blatantly sketchy projects—was worth far more. It was not a company that built value over decades, accumulating assets and leveraging wealth. It burned through whatever good will and brand value it established as quickly as possible, then moved on to the next scheme.

There are important legal questions that remain. How much did Donald Trump and his children know about the criminality of their partners? How explicit were they in agreeing to put a shiny gold brand on top of corrupt deals? The answers to these questions will play a role in determining whether they go to jail and, if so, for how long.

There is no longer one major investigation into Donald Trump, focussed solely on collusion with Russia. There are now at least two, including a thorough review of Cohen’s correspondence. The information in his office and hotel room will likely make clear precisely how much the Trump family knew. What we already know is disturbing, and it is hard to imagine that the information prosecutors will soon learn will do anything but worsen the picture.


Of course Trump is raging and furious and terrified. Prosecutors are now looking at his core. Cohen was the key intermediary between the Trump family and its partners around the world; he was chief consigliere and dealmaker throughout its period of expansion into global partnerships with sketchy oligarchs. He wasn’t a slick politico who showed up for a few months. He knows everything, he recorded much of it, and now prosecutors will know it, too. It seems inevitable that much will be made public. We don’t know when. We don’t know the precise path the next few months will take. There will be resistance and denial and counterattacks. But it seems likely that, when we look back on this week, we will see it as a turning point. 

However, I am unaware of anybody who has taken a serious look at Trump’s business who doesn’t believe that there is a high likelihood of rampant criminality. CNN - Michael D. Cohen’s office, hotel where he was staying, and home were raided by the FBI after prosecutors received a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller. 

The longtime personal lawyer of President Donald Trump has been in and out of the spotlight ever since Trump became President. The raid was in connection to several topics, including information related to Stormy Daniels. Cohen turned over thousands of documents, but his lawyer Stephen Ryan called the search “completely inappropriate and unnecessary,” Fox host Sean Hannity just helped the government's case against President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, tremendously. 

Courtroom drama peaked Monday at a hearing in lower Manhattan when Michael Cohen's lawyer, Stephen Ryan, reluctantly revealed to Judge Kimba Wood -- a judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York -- that Cohen's mystery third client was Hannity, the bombastic, unconditional champion of citizen-turned-candidate-turned-President, Donald Trump.       AKA Hannity = CODE NAME “SCUMBAG ONE"     But the shock of that third-client revelation paled in comparison to Hannity’s 

 In fact, while responding on his radio show to news that he had been identified as one of Cohen's three clients, Hannity explicitly stated that he was never represented by nor had he ever retained Cohen. 

He bent over backwards to deny the relationship, claiming nothing more than a few harmless chit-chats over real estate.  In an effort to distinguish his interactions with Cohen from those of Trump and Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy  (the other two clients), Hannity implied that his own exchanges with Cohen did not entail the silencing of any alleged sexual partner, as these exchanges did not involve any third party.

Said Hannity, on his radio show Monday: "Not one of any issue I ever dealt with Michael Cohen on ever -- ever -- involved a matter between me and any third party."

Although he later clarified his comments to suggest that he expected that some of his conversations with Cohen would be confidential, his earlier denial that a relationship ever existed renders that expectation unpersuasive. It is gratuitous doublespeak.

Interestingly enough, this is precisely what the government argued in favor of the disclosure of Cohen's communications with other purported clients. To get the search warrant in the first place, the government had to have convinced the court that Cohen and his so-called clients were not actually in an attorney-client relationship, and therefore their conversations were not privileged.

Hannity just confirmed that to be true, at least with respect to himself. That certainly undermined the credibility of Cohen and perhaps explains why Cohen wanted to keep their relationship confidential.

But even if an attorney-client relationship between Cohen and Hannity did actually exist, it is the client, not the attorney, who controls the disclosure of communication. Even if Cohen wanted to disclose the discussions, he would only be allowed to do so if Hannity agreed to it.

But in this case, Hannity isn't asserting the privilege, so Cohen lacks any basis not to disclose the information or to prevent the government from looking at any communications between himself and Hannity.

The accidental client is a legal possibility. It is an attorney's responsibility to confirm the existence of an attorney-client relationship or clarify someone's confusion as to whether one exists. But the notion of an accidental attorney is a legal absurdity. And yet, that is the very absurdity on which Cohen rests his claim.

In a political world of legal semantics and lawyerly answers that hedge more than they clarify, some things are unmistakably clear: if a client doesn't think you are his attorney, you're not.



The New York Times reported. During this intense investigation, his wife Laura Cohen has mostly stayed out of the spotlight. 
Laura Cohen is from Ukraine, Newsweek reported. In a statement to the Senate in 2017, Michael Cohen said that he and Laura had been married for 23 years and were enjoying watching their children become adults themselves.

Michael’s younger brother, Bryan, also married to a Ukrainian. In the past, Michael Cohen came under scrutiny for a failed attempt to negotiate peace between Russia and the Ukraine, The New York Times reported.

Michael and Laura Cohen made significant money from New York City taxicab medallions, Newsweek reported. But now they owe $37,434 in unpaid taxes to the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority), related to that business, New York Daily News reported. 

Medallions allow taxi drivers to legally pick up passengers who are flagging on the streets of New York City and they are limited in number, so people used to consider them a good investment. But ride-sharing companies decreased their value.


Had participated in some of the tax businesses with Michael and Laura, according to Talking Points Memo. They also co-own property with the Cohens in Trump Tower in New York on United Nations Plaza. Back in 2013,  Fima Shusterman had to take Jocelyn Wildenstein to court in order to get $73,500 in back rent from a home Jocelyn was renting from Fima in Trump Tower.

Michael and Laura Cohen have two children, daughter Samantha and son Jake.  According to Jake Ross’ Instagram, he will be graduating from the University of Miami in 2022.  Samantha is attending the University of Pennsylvania.

In January 2017, Michael visited the University of Southern California with his son to meet the university’s baseball coach. This trip was at the same time that an uncorroborated report had claimed that Michael Cohen had been in Prague to meet with Russian officials. 

Cohen said this was a false report. In a statement to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 2017, he wrote: “I was in Los Angeles with my son who dreams of playing division 1 baseball next year at a prestigious university like USC. We were visiting the campus, meeting with various coaches, and discussing his future. Media sources have been able to confirm these facts and I can provide you with proof.” He tweeted this photo during that same time:

In a statement to the Senate in 2017, Michael said that Laura and his daughter had both been subjected to horrific sexual harassment. He said: “My daughter, who is at an Ivy League school, and my wife, who is of Ukrainian descent, have especially been subjected to harassment, insults and threats … some so severe I cannot share them in mixed company.”

At least some of this harassment happened in May 2017, when he tweeted a photo of Samantha from a modeling photoshoot. Hundreds of people told him on Twitter that it was creepy to share a sexy photo of his daughter. He responded: “Beauty and brains you a-hole! It’s a modeling shot remake from an old Edie Sedgwick photo.”



CNN)  Michael Avenatti was right: The “Trump-tapes” do exist. Michael Cohen, the man who once said he'd be willing to take a bullet for Donald Trump, has now provided perhaps the strongest evidence against him.

As first reported by New York Times, the FBI is now in possession of at least one recorded conversation between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump regarding payment to Karen McDougal, 1998 Playmate of the Year, and now the second-most-famous-alleged-Trump-mistress.

You may remember McDougal from her tearful and heartfelt interview with CNN in which she detailed the months long love affair she said she had with Trump in 2006. She was allegedly paid $150,000 by American Media, Inc. ("AMI") -- publisher of the tabloid magazine, The National Enquirer -- for the rights to her story, which was never published, a practice known as "catch and kill" in the media industry.

There's nothing criminal about the practice of catch and kill. But if it turns out that there were multiple payments to women for the purpose of aiding the Trump presidential campaign, which was formally launched on June 16, 2015, and those payments were not disclosed as campaign contributions, both the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice could potentially pursue claims against Trump and Cohen.

The parallels between this case and 2008 presidential candidate John Edwards' payments to videographer Rielle Hunter, with whom he had a child, are hard to miss. The Edwards case fizzled, in part because prosecutors couldn't prove the requisite intent on the part of Edwards to secure a conviction. But this case may be different.

This recent bombshell is even more relevant when combined with what we already know about the hush money payment made to Stormy Daniels, which involved the now-infamously-bungled nondisclosure agreement between Daniels and Essential Consultants LLC, the Delaware limited liability company Cohen created which was used in both the $130,000 payment to Daniels and also implicated in the $1.6 million payment offer to a former Playboy model who allegedly had an affair with top Republican National Committee official Elliott Broidy (he has since resigned).

How many more women are involved in what now seems to be a coordinated pattern and practice on the part of Cohen and Trump to silence women for Trump's political gain?

Cohen, Donald Trump's longtime attorney and "fixer," secretly recorded a conversation he had with then-candidate Trump about the potential of an additional payment to McDougal, approximately two months prior to the election.

We’ve known for a while that Cohen had a propensity to tape his conversations.   

But we didn't know he had recorded his conversations specifically with Trump. 

This begs the question: If Cohen recorded this conversation, what else was swept up in that now infamous raid by the FBI of his home, office and hotel room on April 9, 2018? CNN reported Friday that the FBI also seized tapes of Cohen speaking with other "powerful" individuals.

This, of course, is all playing out against the backdrop of the looming possibility of a criminal indictment against Cohen by federal prosecutors in Manhattan.  It happened and he got three years.

Cohen's recent off-camera interview with George Stephanopoulos is the strongest indication I've seen thus far in Cohen's ongoing legal saga that he will likely cooperate with federal prosecutors.

He decided to "flip" on the President, the mere fact that he recorded conversations with his former boss may be both men's undoing, especially in the event a criminal case is brought. For any prosecutor, a key element of a criminal case is showing that someone violated the law and violated it knowingly. For the purposes of proving the latter, a tape-recorded conversation about a payment before it happens is some of the most damning information a prosecutor can wield.

We of course do not know what is on this tape or the others in possession of the FBI. But we know the FBI has them, and that should make Mr. Cohen and his former client very uneasy, and the promise of a long stay in the Federal Prison in Upstate New York in the beautiful Catskill Mountains.  Bocci Ball, horseshoes, good food, nice accommodations  

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