LOUIE  “The Schmuck”  GOHMER

As one of the biggest schmucks the Congress has ever seen, Louie opened the session with more stupid remarks like he is known for.  We sincerely doubt his sanity,  thinking he’s showing more symptoms of Crainial-Rectal Unlimited Dyslexia have appeared (CRUD) or ‘ Sh*t for Brains'.

It is said.  He has not only fell off of his rocker, he did fall off his rocker, slid off the porch and almost drowned in the river Cesspool.  It might explain CRUD swimming in a cesspool.  It used to be a swamp which he helped make a cesspool.  Texas will be proud when he leaves as the IQ of the state will go up dramatically. 

When Democratic committee chair Rep. Jerry Nadler noted during the hearing on White Nationalism that the company’s decision “just illustrates the problem we’re dealing with,” Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert—a man whose blatant anti-Semitism once forced Fox Business Channel to apologize on his behalf—quickly interrupted to ask if the comments could simply have been “another hate hoax?” 

Good LORD, this sucks. said Nadler

Gohmert (SS code GO SCHMUCK)  quickly responded, “ Could that be another hate hoax? Just keep an open mind.”  

ED: The only open mind I would like to see with your lies and fabrications would be the sight of a wood axe cracking your skull  open... alas I fear it would be empty...

Feel secure when Louie the Looser says something, it’s important, possibly only to Louie. No one else pays attention. He’s too stupid and when he says things that stupid people reply... with ( Blank )

“There are courts, dispute resolutions, and legislatures to resolve controversies — there is no place for cold blooded murder,” the Texas Republican said in his statement.

Rep. Louie Gohmert was skewered Friday for his statement after a white supremacist shot Muslims at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 49 people.  Using his gravely mottled intelligence and about as stupid as rock can be on a given day (364 - He takes off Christmas).

People promptly objected to Gohmert’s characterization of the shooting as a “controversy,” since the victims who were killed were worshiping at Friday prayers.    Multiple media outlets have reported that the shooter — a 28-year-old Australian man — left behind a manifesto saying he was a racist.  None have reported that the mosques or their regular attendants were involved in any sort of controversy.  By noon Friday, Gohmert’s tweet with a link to his statement had more than 1,200 replies — mostly condemning the congressman for his choice of words — and less than 70 retweets.

Apropos of nothing, Gohmert made the following completely false accusations during a Fox Business Network interview, "George Soros is supposed to be Jewish, but you wouldn't know it from the damage he's inflicted on Israel, and the fact that he turned on fellow Jews and helped take the property that they owned. It’s the same kind of thing." 

Gohmert's office doubled down on this slander by subsequently releasing this false statement, "Soros himself admitted in a 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft on December 20, 1998, that he had no regrets whatsoever about assisting the Nazis in confiscating property from the Jewish people during the Holocaust. That is a fact.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) is coming under criticism for falsely claiming in an interview that billionaire philanthropist George Soros, known for his funding of liberal and pro-democracy groups, “helped take the property” owned by fellow Jews.

Patrick Gaspard, president of Soros’s Open Society Foundations, sent a letter to Gohmert on Thursday afternoon asking him to apologize for the “disturbing and false anti-Semitic slur.”



Louis Buller “ Louie” Gohmert, Jr. (born 1953) is a Republican Representative from Texas (first elected in 2004) and an accomplished idiot.  He continues Texas' long, well-deserved reputation of electing eminently stupid people to federal office. He survives by hewing as far right as he can go in an already right-wing state, including jumping on the birther train in 2009 and the Tea Party movement in 2010.

Despite getting elected year after year, as a representative, nothing he says accomplishes anything beyond wasting time, his proposed bills go nowhere, and his role on every House committee is to be a big dumb waste of space.

However, he's tolerated by the Tea Party movement because he's a reliable supporter of whatever their political position du jour is, including opposing Obamacare, taxes, gun control, the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, and the American Jobs Act stimulus bill.

What makes Gohmert remarkable isn't his run-of-the-mill Tea Party positions, but rather, that he defends them with alarmist non-sequiturs:  Jesus hates taxes!   Gun control will lead to bestiality!   The American Jobs Act is an attack on marriage! Obama talking to BP about the 2010 oil spill is just like Hitler!Foreign aid to China will lead them to sell us food with cats and dogs in it!  Oil pipelines are good for wildlife! Hate crimes legislation leads to necrophilia! Etc. Etc.

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