Soon-to-be-former White House communications director Hope Hicks has seen her personal life on every supermarket news stand in the US.   And her picks of suitors comes into question, can’t this beauty find a decent man.  I believe she left the WhiteHouse because there aren’t any decent men there. 

She was the secret lover in Porter’s departure as White House staff secretary after past domestic-abuse allegations came to light.

And she recently resigned her own position the day after giving nine hours of closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in the Russia investigation.  

Who is Hope Hicks dating? Really not important who was she lieing too was what they were interested in.  Hicks, a former model who has worked for the Trump family for three years (originally in PR for Ivanka Trump's fashion brand), was dating Rob Porter at the moment, according to CNN and the Daily Mail. 

Hicks was involved in crafting White House chief of staff John Kelly's response to allegations Porter abused two of his ex-wives, which called Porter "a man of true integrity and honor." She was rebuked for that by President Trump, and Porter resigned the afternoon the statement was released.

Before dating Porter, Hope Hicks reportedly dated Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, although he was still married to his wife at the time. Lewandowski has also been accused of violence against women, having been charged with battery by Florida police for roughly handling a female reporter during a Trump rally in March 2016.   Page Six reported Lewandowski and Hicks had a “ screaming match” on a New York City Street after Lewandowski was fired from the campaign and Hicks chose to stay on.  She knows when to get out… the supermarket rags had a field day…

Vegas odds on a collusion with Hicks by T-RUMP 26-2   Lewandowski being a true Scumbag  96-3




A former “Apprentice” star, Omarosa Manigault Newman joined the Trump administration as the director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison to work on outreach to various contingency groups.

White House press secretary Sanders said on Dec. 13 that Manigault Newman’s last day with the administration would be on Jan. 20 – exactly one year since Trump’s inauguration.

Manigault Newman reportedly drew scrutiny from White House chief of staff John Kelly. She also came under fire for bringing her 39-person bridal party to the White House for a photo shoot in 2017. 

Omarose Onee Manigault-Newman (born February 5, 1974), often referred to mononymously as Omarosa, is an American reality television show participant and former political aide who is best known for her appearances as a contestant on The Apprentice. 

And its sister programs The Celebrity Apprentice and All-Star Celebrity Apprentice as well as for serving as the Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison in the White House during the Trump administration.

It was short lived, as nothing really came out of her position.   Rumors of all sorts went on as it is with realty shows and stars and Donald as we have found out likes trophy’s.

After exiting the Trump administration, she competed on Celebrity Big Brother and made it to the final five of the season while also garnering headline news for her bombshell objections expressed against Donald Trump and his administration.



Anthony Scaramucci (born January 6, 1964), nicknamed “ The Mooch”,  and more recently the “ JOKER” is an American financier, entrepreneur and political consultant who briefly served as the White House Director of Communications from July 21 to July 31, 2017. 

Scaramucci worked at Goldman Sachs' investment banking, equities, and private wealth management divisions between 1989 and 1996. After leaving Goldman Sachs, he founded Oscar Capital Management, and in 2005, he founded the investment firm SkyBridge Capital.

On July 21, 2017, Scaramucci was appointed White House Communications Director. He began work on July 25, although he had not yet been sworn in. 

Days into the job, Scaramucci provoked controversy after an expletive-laden interview with The New Yorkers Ryan Lizza, in which he made obscene and strongly derogatory statements about several members of the T-RUMP administration. 

He simply told the truth

Ten days after the announcement of his appointment, he was fired by President Donald Trump on the recommendation of the new White House Chief of Staff, John F. Kelly. He is a recurring guest on the sports/comedy podcast Pardon My Take presented by Barstool Sports and was a “Fake HouseGuest” on Celebrity Big Brother 2.

He is still accomplished as a T-RUMP supporter since money is his loyalty, just like T-RUMP and he really supports himself more so than the dedication to cleaning up T-rumps act which no one can do…  he also changes sides depending on the weather and the next diaper change…

Scaramucci supported the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In 2008, Scaramucci also served as a fundraiser for President Barack Obama. In September 2010, however, Scaramucci asked Obama at a CNBC Town Hall meeting when he was going to “stop whacking Wall Street like a piñata."

Scaramucci has tweeted at various times that he has “  Always been for strong gun control laws”, and  "Republicans should support gay marriage".   He served as the national finance co-chair for Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign.

In 2015, on a Fox Business Network television appearance, Scaramucci called Trump a "hack politician" whose rhetoric is "anti-American and very, very divisive." He further warned Trump to "cut it out now", and "stop all this crazy rhetoric." In December 2015, Scaramucci criticized Trump's call for a border wall between Mexico and the U.S. He also criticized Trump for "making a fundamental mistake of trying to blame all of Islam and all Muslims for what is the ideology and the actions of a minority."

Ahead of the 2016 election, Scaramucci tweeted that he hoped Hillary Clinton would be the next president.  During the 2016 presidential election, Scaramucci first endorsed Scott Walker and later Jeb Bush. In May 2016, after both Walker and Bush had withdrawn from the race, Scaramucci signed on to Donald Trump's political campaign by joining the Trump Finance Committee. In November 2016, he was appointed to President-elect Trump's Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee.