T-RUMP suggests ‘ Flying water tankers’ against Notre Dame fire...
OUR IDIOT President Donald T-rump ( Captain Bone Spurs) suggestion for fighting the massive Notre Dame fire did not get good reviews.   
( Opinion:  Stupidity, dumb, worthless, useless, dangerous, bad thinking, soft brain-chiles ?)
Tweeting that it was "so horrible to watch the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris," Trump added:
"Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out.   Must act quickly!"

Professional firefighters called Trump's proposal impractical at best. Deploying the kinds of airplanes used to fight forest fires would be dangerous in an urban area, they said, noting that force of the water could knock the building down and threaten firefighters on the ground.

"The drop of water by air on this type of building could indeed result in the collapse of the entire structure," the French government civil defense agency tweeted.

It later tweeted out a statement in English, in an apparent response to T-RUMP  saying that "hundreds of firemen of the Paris Fire Brigade are doing everything they can to bring the terrible Notre Dame fire under control.   All means are being used, except for water-bombing aircrafts which, if used, could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the cathedral."

The French newspaper Le Monde derided Trump’s plan as "impossible."  Critics on Twitter called Trump’s comment the epitome of second-guessing in the middle of a disaster.  “Thanks Fire Chief Bill,” tweeted Michael Cohen, a Boston Globe columnist.

The fire has been extinguished at Notre Dame, but its left behind a smoldering hole in the heart of Paris. 

The beloved, nearly 900-year-old cathedral -- which survived plagues, a revolution and the Nazis -- caught fire yesterday in a blaze that stunned the world. Parisians and tourists watched helplessly from the streets, while the rest of us watched the destruction unfold on our TV screens and smartphones.

The cathedral’s iconic spire toppled as the roof -- known as the "forest" because it was made from 12th- and 13th-century oaks -- collapsed into the church's interior. 

But firefighters, after nine hours of battle, managed to save Notre Dame’s famed facade and towers, and a host of the cathedral's invaluable works of art and artifacts also survived the flames. 

French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to rebuild and said an international donation plan would be started today to raise the funds.  Notre Dame is more than just a Catholic church. It's also a major tourist attraction that's one of the first things visitors want to see when they step into the City of Lights. Travelers the world over have filled up social media with their stories, pictures and memories of visits to the cathedral. 


When Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, all the Kings horses and all the Kings men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  How Sad...  The wall on which the cannon was positioned was fired upon during the siege, and Humpty Dumpty went tumbling down. It was severely damaged in the fall and, as the rhyme says, “  All the king’s horses, and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”  ANS: No super-glue.

After much discourse on the subject discussing our relationship today with our foreign allies I realize we are in a severely injured position because of President Trump’s diplomatic free for all screw-ups involving walls, immigration, extreme prejudice and the spreading of hatred.

He is the modern version of the Egg Head who sat on a wall during a battle. yes he was a draft dodger, with fake letters from doctors.  According to acceptable rules we’ll just rename T-RUMP as Hump-Me Dumpy due to his braggadocio attitude with women and his roving hands.


Humpty T-rump-ty wants to build a fake wall,
But his stupidity and lies caused him a great fall
All of the Senate old gray heads and bosses...
Will find out in 2020 when they lose in great loses..

Sooner or later his base will wake up, they were screwed by his lies 
And Jesus will wake up the Evangelicals who drop the fake tithes.... 
He is a human driftwood, a lepers pariah
Suicide the end game for those who follow the fake messiah...

His disruptions, being kind also known as three years of insults,
Bigly lies embarrassments,  false promises, threats and a lots of fake impulse...
His bullshit will not be easy to undo, even with all those dumb minds that write
Stephen Miller,  Kelly Conway, and worthless Sara Sanders create his fake smite...


  • The to-do list will include an apology tour of American allies,
  • Re-engaging with multilateral institutions like the UN,
  • The Paris Climate Accord,
  • Apologize to Mexico, and Canada for his insults
  • Apologize to NATO
  • Apologize to the African Countries he called “shitholes" 
  • Rebalancing Middle East alliances away from Saudi Arabia and Israel - Stop supplying the Saudi war in Yemen
  • Taking Jarad Kushner’s Security Clearance and Passport away,  Investigate leaks to Saudi’s
  • Do not give F-35 technology to Turkey, the Chinese stole the plans by hacking, why make it easy for the Russians
  • Mapping out a comprehensive strategy on China, identifying points of agreement and conflict
  • Arrest half his appointments and offer them asylum in some third world country for the damage they have done
  • Bring up the 22 women who filed charges for his lascivious behavior and genital grabbing he brags about
  • Investigate the 17 major actions he took advantage of in Tax cheating and lieing on bank loans
  • Russian and Saudi Money laundering...   the list goes on
  • Removal of the entire T-RUMP family to the Ukraine Border so they can be right in the middle of Russia’s next war. 
  • Offer free airline tickets to anyone who was an evangelical T-RUMP supporter to go with the him to the Ukraine if things were so bad here. 
  • Make America great again, throw fakes and liars out, start with his family, his fake cabinet, his appointees
  • Fix the environmental issues he signed off on ruining our parks and resources
  • Take all those executive orders he signed and burn them as they hurt the environment
  • Make Naziesm and Hate crimes a death penalty automatically if it harms another American like what occurred in Charlottesville.
  • Put lawyers on trial who play for pay with the wealthy.  Winning a case by defeating truth is not acceptable.


For the first time in seven years, Julian Assange woke up somewhere other than the Ecuadorian Embassy. The WikiLeaks founder is in jail after his dramatic arrest yesterday. The US Justice Department indicted him on a charge of conspiring to steal military secrets with Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst who supplied thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks. 

Assange denies wrongdoing and will fight extradition to the US, meaning a long and tortured legal battle awaits. Most US politicians celebrated the news of his arrest. President T-RUMP  when asked about it, said he knew “  Nothing about WikiLeaks,” though he’d said in 2016 he loved the organization.  Typical scumbag T-RUMP reply when he knows he’s wrong.

Police entered the Ecuadorian embassy in London Thursday morning, arresting Julian Assange and bringing the Wikileaks founder’s seven-year stint there to a dramatic close.   Metropolitan Police said in a statement that he was "further arrested" on his arrival at a London police station on behalf of United States authorities, who have issued an extradition warrant.

Officers made the move after Ecuador withdrew Assange's asylum and invited authorities into the embassy, citing the Australian's bad behavior.  Assange was initially detained for "failing to surrender to the court" over a warrant issued in 2012 and was in custody at a central London police station, police said.   He will appear before Westminster Magistrates' Court in London as soon as is possible, police added. 

The whistleblower has been holed up at the embassy, yards from the Harrods department store in Knightsbridge, since 2012, when he was granted asylum as part of a bid to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he was facing allegations of sexual assault.

The Swedish case has since been dropped, but Assange feared US extradition due to his work with WikiLeaks and remained in the embassy. He has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno said in a video statement Thursday that his country withdrew Assange's asylum due to his "discourteous and aggressive behaviour," "the hostile and threatening declarations of his allied organisation against Ecuador" and "the transgression of international treaties."

Assange "violated the norm of not intervening in internal affairs of other states," Moreno said. "The most recent incident occurred in January 2019, when Wikileaks leaked Vatican documents. Key members of that organisation visited Mr Assange before and after such illegal acts," he added.

In July 2016, WikiLeaks published nearly 20,000 emails from Democratic National Committee staffers that appeared to show the committee favoring presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the US presidential primary.   Assange then told CNN's Anderson Cooper that the email release was timed to coincide with the start of the Democratic National Convention.

A US court filing in November 2018 inadvertently revealed US government efforts to criminally charge Assange.  Alan Duncan, the British Foreign Office's Minister of State for Europe and the Americas, thanked Ecuador for lifting Assange's asylum.   "It is absolutely right that Assange will face justice in the proper way in the UK. It is for the courts to decide what happens next," Duncan said in a statement.

"We are very grateful to the Government of Ecuador under President Moreno for the action they have taken," the statement continued. "Today's events follow extensive dialogue between our two countries."

Assange expulsion from Ecuador embassy would be ‘illegal,’ his legal team says.   On April 4, WikiLeaks tweeted from its verified account, “ A high level source within the Ecuadorian State has told @WikiLeaks that Julian Assange will be expelled within “ hours to days” using the offshore scandal as a pretext--and that it already has an agreement with the UK for his arrest."   In a statement released Friday, Assange's own legal team said that expelling him from the embassy would "violate international refugee law." 

"It will be a sad day for democracy if the UK and Ecuadorean governments are willing to act as accomplices to the Trump administration's determination to prosecute a publisher for publishing truthful information," the statement read.

The Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry denied the rumors in a statement, calling them “ Fake news” and adding that the allegation of a deal with the UK “misrepresents reality.”



A suspect has been arrested in the fires that destroyed three historically black churches. The suspect is a 21-year-old man from St. Landry Parish, two sources tell CNN. It's believed he'll be identified during a news conference later this morning. The congregants of these churches have dealt with the torching of their places of worship in different ways. One group linked arms and prayed as their church burned. A pastor at a church near two that burned slept in his house of worship to protect it from possible arsonists.

SIMPLE SOLUTION:   Lets bring back the Joan of Arc treatment for arsonists and televise it.



Democrats are feeling some kind of way about Attorney General William Barr -- and that feeling would be anger. Barr outraged congressional Democrats after he suggested Donald Trump's 2016 campaign was spied on and said he'll investigate the FBI's actions that led to the Russia probe. Barr didn't offer any evidence to back up his shocking statement. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fumed that Barr was "going off the rails," and other Dems accused Barr of floating the spying claim just to make Trump happy. Republicans were thrilled at the news, defending Barr as "an honorable man" and saying it was about time someone looked into how the whole Russia investigation began.

Democrats on the House Judiciary committee were livid at Attorney General William Barr after he said he'd release a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report within a week. Chairman Jerry Nadler promised a subpoena demanding more. The Dems also didn’t like that Barr wouldn’t say whether the White House had been briefed on the Mueller report.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is preparing to “ ery quickly” subpoena the Justice Department and go to court seeking to obtain grand jury information, while House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff says he's made a formal request to obtain the counterintelligence information from Mueller's investigation to learn whether the President is "compromised" in any way.

"I think that's a betrayal to what he promised during his confirmation," Schiff told CNN, referring to Barr's refusal so far to not provide Congress with the full report and underlying evidence. "But it's what he was hired to do, which is to protect the President. The President wanted his own Roy Cohn and apparently he got one. But it is deeply concerning.

Over at the House Financial Services Committee hearing,  Democrats blasted Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin ( AKA The Douch McNuch, only second to ass-kissing Champion Michael PenCe when it comes to Donald T-RUMP  after he said his agency’s lawyers talked to the White House about releasing President Trump’s tax returns.
Mnuchin said that's not interference because the lawyers weren't being directed by Team Trump.   
US Rep. Maxine Waters and others were very skeptical of that claim.   

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday said his agency’s lawyers consulted with but did not take direction from the White House on the issue of releasing President Donald Trump’s personal tax returns.  

"I don't see that as interference," Mnuchin said when asked by New York Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney at a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee. "They consulted with them before. It was not related to the President’s tax returns, only the expectation of getting the request.

House Democrats last week formally requested Trump's tax returns from the Treasury Department using an obscure statute of tax law.  Mnuchin, who has previously testified that he would comply with requests, added that he had not and would not ask the White House for permission.  "We would not ever ask for the White House's permission on this nor did they give us the permission. As I’ve said we consulted which I believe was appropriate of our legal department,” Mnuchin said.

Maloney called “any communication" with the White House as "troubling" and said it "violates the spirit of the law." But Mnuchin sought to portray himself as independent of the White House. 

 “I am not afraid of being fired at all,” Mnuchin said when pressed by Maxine Waters, the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, if anything would override his responsibility to the law. 



Meanwhile, at a House Judiciary hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism on social media, all hell broke loose. YouTube had to disable the comments on the live stream of the hearing because they were filled with anti-Semitic and racist remarks. And Democratic US Rep. Ted Lieu ticked off conservatives by playing a clip of conservative activist Candace Owens  saying Adolf Hitler's motive "to make Germany great" was "fine." Owens said Lieu took her remarks out of context.

YouTube was forced to disable comments on a live stream of a House Judiciary hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism on social media Tuesday morning after it was flooded with racist and anti-Semitic comments. 

The comments were an illustration of one of the issues at hand: Silicon Valley's ongoing struggle to stop the spread of hate across its platforms. Lawmakers are exploring possible legislative options on the issue. “Due to the presence of hateful comments, we disabled comments on the live stream of today's House Judiciary Committee hearing," a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement. “Hate speech has no place on YouTube," they added. 

Even here, the divide between Democrats and Republicans on the prevalence of racist material online could be seen. Rep. Jerry Nadler, a Democrat who chairs the committee, read during the hearing from a  Washington Post story  that referenced the hateful comments. 

As one of the biggest schmucks the Congress has ever seen, Louie opened the session with more stupid remarks like he is known for.  We sincerely doubt his sanity,  thinking he’s showing more symptoms of Crainial-Rectal Unlimited Dyslexia have appeared (CRUD) Sh*t for Brains.

It is said.  He has not only fell off of his rocker, he did fall off, he slid off the porch and almost drowned in the river cesspool.  It used to be a swamp which he helped make a cesspool. Texas will be proud when he leaves as the IQ of the state will go up dramatically. 

Gohmert (SS code GO SCHMUCK)  quickly responded, “ Could that be another hate hoax? Just keep an open mind.”  ED: The only open mind I would like to see with your lies and fabrications would be the sight of a wood axe cracking your skull  open... alas I fear it would be empty...

The hearing included representatives from Facebook and Google, who were appearing on a panel with six other witnesses, including civil rights activists, the father of two victims of an Islamophobic attack, invited by Democrats, and a prominent right-wing activist, Candace Owens of the conservative group Turning Point USA, invited by Republicans. 

Candace Owens is an American conservative commentator and political activist. She is known for her pro-Trump stance and her criticism of Black Lives Matter and of the Democratic Party. She is the Director of Communications at the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA which is one step short of insanity in thinking.  She is so far fake right her car has no left operable turn signal. 

The hearing was held in an effort to inform lawmakers about possible legislative steps that could be taken to tackle online hate. But the event was highly partisan, with the Democratic and Republican members of the committee spending a good deal of time going after the opposing party’s witnesses and in some instances defending their own. 

Even the witnesses themselves challenged each others' positions at times.

For the most part the representatives from Facebook and Google didn't say anything their companies hadn't said publicly before, with both maintaining they were committed to tackling challenges on their platforms. The hearing was instead dominated by partisan sniping, including exchanges over past comments made by Owens.

Rep. Ted Lieu, a Democrat, played audio of Owens appearing to defend Adolf Hitler. Owens had previously distanced herself from the comments and criticized Hitler.  Lieu did not give Owens the opportunity to respond at the hearing, but Republican Rep. Greg Steube later did. Owens claimed that Lieu had purposely only played a short segment of the tape and said that in doing so, Lieu had been “unbelievably dishonest."  

The hearing came just a few weeks after a terror attack in New Zealand that was streamed live on Facebook. Fifty people at two mosques were killed in the attack.

Social media networks have been criticized for the role their platforms can play in spreading extremist ideologies and radicalizing people, and for the lack of action they've taken on the problem of white supremacists and nationalists on their sites. Among those under fire are Facebook and Google, which owns the video sharing site YouTube, which has been blasted for hosting such content and for algorithms that can create a "rabbit hole" that takes users into more extreme videos.

Another witness, Anti-Defamation League senior vice president of policy Eileen Hershenov, talked about the dangers of smaller platforms, which white supremacists have also been known to use.  “These platforms are like round-the-clock digital white supremacist rallies, creating online communities that amplify their vitriolic fantasies,” Hershenov said.

Mark Zuckerberg’s new Facebook plan could make it harder to stop spread of violent videos.  Two weeks after the New Zealand massacre, Facebook announced that it would ban all "praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism" on Facebook and Instagram. 

Previously, the company had banned white supremacy, but had viewed white nationalism differently. The company said it had decided to ban white nationalism after months of consultation with civil rights groups.Neither Google-owned YouTube nor Twitter have enacted similar blanket bans of white nationalism but both companies say they have policies to fight hate and the incitement of violence on their platforms.

Also See Education Secretary Betsy DeVos...   Special Olympics are not a Federal Program