Truth - The Birth Of Trumpism

How T-Rump Is Destroying The Civil Service And 

Bending The Government To His Will…

When Donald Trump came into office, there was a sense that he would be outmatched by the vast government he had just inherited.

The new president was impetuous, bottomlessly ignorant, almost chemically inattentive, while the bureaucrats were seasoned, shrewd, protective of themselves and their institutions. 

They knew where the levers of power lay and how to use them or prevent the president from doing so. Trump’s White House was chaotic and vicious, unlike anything in American history, but it didn’t really matter as long as “the adults” were there to wait out the president’s impulses and deflect his worst ideas and discreetly pocket destructive orders lying around on his desk.

After three years, the adults have all left the room—saying just about nothing on their way out to alert the country to the peril—while Trump is still there.

James Baker, the former general counsel of the FBI, and a target of Trump’s rage against the state, acknowledges that many government officials, not excluding himself, went into the administration convinced “that they are either smarter than the president, or that they can hold their own against the president, or that they can protect the institution against the president because they understand the rules and regulations and how it’s supposed to work, and that they will be able to defend the institution that they love or served in previously against what they perceive to be, I will say neutrally, the inappropriate actions of the president. 

And I think they are fooling themselves. They’re fooling themselves. He’s light-years ahead of them.”

The adults were too sophisticated to see Trump’s special political talents—his instinct for every adversary’s weakness, his fanatical devotion to himself, his knack for imposing his will, his sheer staying power. They also failed to appreciate the advanced decay of the Republican Party, which by 2016 was far gone in a nihilistic pursuit of power at all costs. They didn’t grasp the readiness of large numbers of Americans to accept, even relish, Trump’s contempt for democratic norms and basic decency. 

It took the arrival of such a leader to reveal how many things that had always seemed engraved in monumental stone turned out to depend on those flimsy norms, and how much the norms depended on public opinion. Their vanishing exposed the real power of the presidency. Legal precedent could be deleted with a keystroke; law enforcement’s independence from the White House was optional; the separation of powers turned out to be a gentleman’s agreement; transparent lies were more potent than solid facts. None of this was clear to the political class until Trump became president.

But the adults’ greatest miscalculation was to overestimate themselves—particularly in believing that other Americans saw them as selfless public servants, their stature derived from a high-minded commitment to the good of the nation.

From October 2018: Anne Applebaum on polarization and the eternal appeal of authoritarianism

When Trump came to power, he believed that the regime was his, property he’d rightfully acquired, and that the 2 million civilians working under him, most of them in obscurity, owed him their total loyalty. He harbored a deep suspicion that some of them were plotting in secret to destroy him. 

He had to bring them to heel before he could be secure in his power. This wouldn’t be easy—the permanent government had defied other leaders and outlasted them. In his inexperience and rashness—the very qualities his supporters loved—he made early mistakes. He placed unreliable or inept commissars in charge of the bureaucracy, and it kept running on its own.

But a simple intuition had propelled Trump throughout his life: Human beings are weak. They have their illusions, appetites, vanities, fears. They can be cowed, corrupted, or crushed. A government is composed of human beings. This was the flaw in the brilliant design of the Framers, and Trump learned how to exploit it. The wreckage began to pile up. He needed only a few years to warp his administration into a tool for his own benefit. If he’s given a few more years, the damage to American democracy will be irreversible.

Blame Yourself For Believing A Great Con Man

👺Well, first you voted for T-RUMP out of vengeance for a corrupt government that was overspending and not paying attention to the middle and lower classes.  

Many of those bills like clean water and pollution controls by the Obama Administration were to protect you, your health, your family, and the environment.

Six hundred bills in Congress that never made it were for you but because of Mitch McConnell, the money got side tracked for the rich.  Basically the best way to explain it is you got the big “ F word”, he needed that money for their President and his friends personal ambitions, and the GOP Senate Wehrmacht.  

👺 Now, in those self adoration huge photo-ops, mostly self praise and bullsh*t… T-RUMP killed those bills and rivers and creeks are being polluted again.  And critical federal agencies like the CDC were cut.   But tax breaks for the rich go through fast like drinking a bottle of EX-LAX. You get a virus instead with no protection, cure, or vaccine and a load of sh*t and thousands die because of a liar.

👺  How well did that tax break work out for you.  More of a Brake then a Break… The rich got richer, the middle class tax break never happened. You got screwed, by promises and bullsh*t  T-RUMP took all that away and created immigration problems as his mantra.  And once again the simpletons embraced it and hatred of all minorities went up a thousand percent.  
That was the FAKE TAX break and the millionaires doubled their money and you got nothing. Donald, Barr and McConnell made it Olympic sized.  And you got screwed as the real problem is those who are doing the overspending are the guilty ones who cannot fix the problem because they will not speak out against each other. 

👺  Again, No one in Congress will do anything against another Congress person.  Its just Washington and they all dance to the DC drummer and it’s called the Washington Two-Step.   You lie for my ass and I’ll lie for yours.  We have to get rid of all of them Leaving no scumbirds around to regrow.  When it crashed last month, more of a warning, be cautious the bad is about to come but the Senator holding stocks got insider news and make a killing on the down swing.

👺  And T-RUMP told you he would fix it.   He lied again.  He has wasted more money than any previous President. He killed the “ Fake swamp, a term he invented ” and you went for it hook line and 4 Ounce sinkers.   He replaced it with a shithouse, a CESSPOOL OF HUMANITY  of former crooks, liars, incompetents and idiots. 

The so-called “ Fake swamp” was not corrupt by T-RUMP standards, it was the do-nothing GOP Senate under McConnell, where more money went for his cronies and the people suffered.  And the good old boys are still there as corrupt as ever.  Our Senators ( GOP Majority) should be eligible for Academy awards and other recognition for their insincere acting, majordomo stupidity and incredible hairstyles… trying to look like a class act. Nothing but crooks.

They just pretend to be concerned, they lie to our faces and steal the money anyway.   Their constituents are all in the bar stool next to them at 3:30 and in their mind.  How come real people when interviewed from their states don’t believe what their Senators portray.  Never names of constituents, only what the Senator tells you he “ Heard”  like the T-RUMP invisible friends who tell him things… but never a name attached to the lie.

18,219 Lies To Date  - May 2020
The Washington Post  Fact Checker’s database of every suspect statement by T-RUMP of  false or misleading claims since inauguration day.  The new data came out on Monday.  Most repeated claim… and the winner is:  “The economy is the best it’s ever been in — we have never had an economy like this in history.”  Short lived story and a wreck

🏦  That Is Old News - Here Is The Truth

👺  We are headed for a severe time period and recession because of the mishandling and lack of leadership by the guy renting the WhiteHouse.   In a tweet, the President boasted that the economy was setting records “ And has a long way up to go…” typically augmenting reality in leveraging his best argument for re-election. The stock market.  

Oh, have you checked the market recently and estimated what will happen in three months when businesses cannot come back or twenty percent joblessness.  We are at 14.7, 4.0 trillion out of working trillions added to the national debt which he has added his own three trillion in mistakes.

👺  The current US GDP growth rate is -4.8%. 1 That means the United States economy contracted at a rate of 4.8% in the first quarter of 2020. It’s worse now.

👺  The Employment Situation — April 2020  —  Total non farm payroll employment fell by 20.5 million in April, and the unemployment rate rose to 14.7 percent, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.  It has risen in may with millions added.

👺    We have heard lots of talk from  Pomp(ass) Pompeo about the virus which is a conspiracy with lab talk.  It comes from any animal, mostly bats but we are also at a financial war with China.  T-RUMP thinks he can push Xi around…Fools talk and used Pompeo as the messenger. Another sycophant schmuck with earflaps…

TRUTH ABOUT CHINA  — Since its economic reforms began in the late 1970s, China has had one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Between 1979 and 2000 real gross domestic product (GDP) increased more than six-fold. 
Although per capita income remains low, China’s huge population means that in aggregate terms it is already among the larger economies in the world, much larger for example than Russia or India, or even the two combined.During the same period, the growth of China’s international trade has been even more impressive, such that the country’s share of world trade has more than quintupled, to about 4 percent at present. 
No other country has ever increased its share of world trade so rapidly. Since 1995 China has been one of the world’s top 10 trading countries.

👺 He exacerbated the weaknesses in our workforce. In the US, the skill levels of workers needed rose but the uneducated could not re-educate or develop.  Jobs went overseas because labor rates were lower and owners /stockholders could profit higher and they did.  The rich got richer, the middle class got burnt, lost jobs and screwed and they are doing it again with the stimulus money, it’s not being used as stimulus, it most likely buying food and a roof over your head.

👺  T-RUMP told them lots of things.  He told them he would re-open coal plants, but the world is not buying coal.  Most third world countries burn down their trees for coal. They have no money to buy coal. And Germany, the last major country is on a two year plan for “NO COAL Burning”

👺  He told them all sorts of lies, so many ( the count is at 18,500) lies validated by the WP and Politico which he claims is “ Fake News”.  The only fake news is when his lips are moving. Not only did T-RUMP never stop running after his staggering the immagination 2016 election win, he has devoted almost every day since to defending the legitimacy of his presidency and positioning for re-election even during the Medical Reports on the COVID-19 he dumped which is disgusting.  He pisses ice water, he is as cold as a Black Mamba snake.  

And Ninety Percent Of The Problems He Created That Have Destroyed

 Our Country Will Possibly,  And We Hope To God They Can, 

 Be Correctable When We Cut Off The Head Of The Snake… 

And The Remains, The Body

His Cabinet, Crackhead, Family, Cronies, Acolytes, Sycophants, 

White Nationalists, Dumbasses, And Morons Will Be Gone Too

Some Deserve Jail Time…

👺  T-Rumps Threat To America
T-rump said,  ” If anyone but me takes over in 2020 as I know the competition very well there will be a market crash the likes of which has not been seen before!  “ Keep America Great”.  

Spoken like a true scumbag…Eventually what goes up based on hot air will cool and come crashing down… The market did go up once, came down 5000 points and has remained very stagnant.  Unfortunately the hot air did not kill the virus and the market will crash down and recovery will be a further disaster.  He needs to be  terminated and if that don’t work exterminated.  

For the ignorant T-RUMP supporters and degenerates in the GOP base, these big words are as follows:  “ to terminate is to end, especially in an incomplete state while exterminate is to permanent remove all of a specific population, like T-RUMP and his cabinet so it cannot function anymore.  Exterminate is usually deliberate and especially applied to pests.( Extermination of the current WhiteHouse is essential unless they all have to go, they are tainted ) and the use of jail, work gangs, chain gang, gulags, poisons, bullets, and assassins as suggested by some.

Incumbent fascist presidents — especially those steering their campaign with claims of a strong economy like T-RUMP into failure — have historically had a clear advantage when seeking a second term in office. But when thats his only real claim, which no longer exits because the market is going nowhere, its not bullish, nor bearish,  its boarish.   He’s got the blood of 90,000 innocents and never a word to those families. Growing every day, and with openings that many agree are premature the estimated number by August to be 147,000 needing mortician services.  Everything else has failed.  

Nothing new, his T-RUMP towers were a scam, his sales college was a scam, his steaks were a scam, his clothing line was a scam, and all failed

Just so you know…Mr. Putin and the Russian National Bank VRB guaranteed T-RUMPS loans for Golf Courses and Hotels when NO US banks would factor him…due to the bankruptcies he caused and that he laughed at them after six banrupsies and 3500 lawsuits.

VRB is a joint venture between the two leading banks in Vietnam and Russia, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), accounts for 50% and Bank for Foreign Trade of Russia (VTB) with 50% of chartered capital.

This is the collusion and the main reason T-RUMP befriends Putin so willingly.   Sort of a scumbag to Scumbag love affair. In return Putin can launder any money he wishes that he robbed from the Soviet allies when Russia was a confederation.  Most of the T-RUMP tower in NY is owned by the Russians who live there, and serve as an escape if they have to leave Russia due to assassination, killing, bombs or anything else Putin dreams up.  VRB is a partnership with Vietnam being most of their weaponry is furnished by them and China.


🗣 Trump’s tweets offer a nutshell introduction to his re-election strategy that will likely be flushed out. We simply call it Nazi-ism 2.0  Heil T-RUMP!  These are the processes used by the NAZI ’s brought forth by T-RUMPS Nationalist writers like Stephen Miller, and others.  He makes  exaggerated claims for his own success… and sprout hatred at cultural and social fault lines that he whips up into anger against those he defines as political enemies.  He lies today and denies he said it tomorrow.

🗣 Basically he has not accomplished anything except the corrupt tax break for the rich he helped Paul Ryan with.   Unfortunately those who received about twenty dollars were excited about it.  T-RUMP himself saved 300 million taxable.  But his voters, figuring simpleton people of IQ over 37 could figure out they got screwed failed.  That stupid !

🗣 He will highlight the lowest unemployment rate in half a century (McDonalds and Burger King were are fully staffed) But with the COVID-19 that he did not account for it will be the worst in history and attributed to his failing and lack of knowledge and leadership.  And unemployment will hit close to 20% of the workforce.  What falsely went up now crashes and burns.

🗣 By elimination of a key Obamacare mandates and Obama measures for global warming and protection of the environment. In addition his destruction of the FBI, the CDC, Education, Infrastructure, Housing  and the Environment have already come back to harm us and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

🗣 Increased defense spending by NATO members…He’s already raised nearly $100 million for the “ Keep America Great” campaign and has crushed dissent within the GOP to ensure the best possible chance at a unified party in the re-election effort.  

🗣 He got that money for the fake Paul Ryan tax plan he gave to the rich and screwed the middle class.  And those out of work and companies can’t get that money back…double screwed and I told you so. Serves you right it takes schmucks to elect schmucks and a lot of people will suffer from this virus.  three more problems have arisen from this virus.  Bankrupting the Treasury in handouts that will not make it to small business but T-RUMPS friends  just milked the cash cow.  

🗣 He has now exceeded 18,419 lies in three years in office and I suppose thats acceptable to you if you are one of the GOP base or Evangelical nit-twits.  If all of this means nothing, you are really a graciously foolish imbecile….

🗣 We swapped a swamp for a cesspool of corrupt humanity.  He has now come full circle, emulating the rise to power of Hitler and the NAZI campaign.  You could almost refer to T-RUMP as “ Herr T-RUMP the Fuehrer” and the Press Corps answered with…                              “ Da Fewer Da Better!” 


1—  The news that comes out of T-RUMPS mouth is the fake news.  And when it does break, he denies it as fake news.  We went to, and now it is standard procedure to have it on tape recorders and TV.  All of the reporters I know tape him,  just good safe true backup coverage because tomorrow is another day and he will deny it. Thats what scumbags do. 

2— The real news stations, not Fox which is a GOP political station are formulating a FACT_CHECK pause that when the golden haired phony lies and instant fact check will popup.

3— He is the true enemy of America and needs to be removed.  How doesn’t matter, when you have garbage you just remove it.  Start watching the History channel and all about World War II and you’ll see the similarities between TRUMP and HITLER, same tactics and objectives, almost word for word.  It’s an incredible mind blowing match. 

4— This is not a total character assignation, the man is acutely and verifiably crazy-nuts by hundreds of Dr’s of Psychiatry and is a plea for getting him Baker Acted and some mental health help. 

5— But he is also personally and emotionally depraved,  a raciest and a very sick man when it comes to women, immigrants and people who don’t look and act like him which is 99.9% of the world.  

And well displayed at the UN, at Conferences, at Coalitions and on Twitter. The entire world laughed right in his face.  We should not challenge him, we should seek mental aid for him before someone takes things into their own hands.  People forget there were seven attempts on Hitlers life.  One was close.  And many of us said better luck next time

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