( Part One - The Scam  - The Prosperity Gospel )

Dear Evangelical Friends:
Don’t hate me for telling you the truth.  You are being had big time and thought of as quite ignorant.  Unfortunately there is a certain amount of brainwashing that goes along with most religious thinking, the conversion from reality to your program, and you may not like what I have to say till you read it all and open your mind.

I am a researcher, a believer in my spirit helped by GOD, who defines truth as the only path, I am one who delves into things that effect and affect the human spirit, I investigate politics as they set the laws we live by, I investigate food because it’s our sustenance,  I am an enemy to the religious themes and circuses created that have become scams, and the people who promulgate the attacks on our lives, whether it be military, religious or forms of financial terrorism.  I research human frailty when it is religious driven. 

Billions upon billions of dollars get scammed each year under the guise of salvation.  I take stand against these frauds because those that need that compassion and funding for the essential things in life like food and shelter never get to see it.   It winds up in Caddilac’s, Mercedes, Gulfstream Jets and multi-million dollar homes.

T-RUMP is mentioned here not as a preacher but a crook…  he reminds me of ROBBING IN THE HOOD…Only he takes from the poor and middle class and gives it to the rich… and he is backed by the Evangelicals…in office.  Because  their cult is an affront to American Democracy and racism, they should abstain from voting.

The Political Pastor-Ization Of Donald T-Rump For Votes 

The Evangelical False Prophet Donald J. T-RUMP and False Con Friends

⛪️  Politics and Pastoring share a lot in common.  Strange, weird characters, weird acts, voodoo, some, most have  bad hair days and lots and lots of lies being a prevalent combo.  

It’s really simple,  if you are a believer in God don’t make a fool of yourself by paying homage to a fake, a fraud, a liar, draft-dodging false prophet by supporting this one particular man in the former White House who never went to church.

He never read the Bible, his claim is a just that,  a lie, literally proved he doesn’t know one end from another and certainly with 3500 lawsuits, impeachment trials and the Dogs Of War in the Fifth, Ninth Circuit courts and three states chomping at the bit when he get thrown out of office. 

Prosperity Gospel and the My Book of Jacob…Psalm One

The Bible:  Proverbs 13:11 Dishonest Money Dwindles Away, But Whoever Gathers Money Little By Little Makes It Grow…

Proverbs 22:16 Whoever Oppresses The Poor For His Own Increase And Whoever Gives To The Rich, Both Come To Poverty…

My Book Of Jacob:  God Is Not A Bank, He Is Not Into Lending, Rewarding, Bribing, Paying Interest, Sustaining, Exchanging And Has Nothing To Do With Money… God Does Not Need Your Money,  He Does Not Charge For Giving You A Heart, Compassion, Love, Helping Others, Being A Good Friend And A Worthy Citizen…Thats All Free… This All You Need To Know… He Lives In Your Heart, Not Your Wallet…

Prosperity Theology
Prosperity theology is a mis-interpreted religious scam belief among some really dumb Protestant Christians that financial blessing and physical well-being are always the will of God for them, and that faith, positive speech, and donations to religious causes will increase one’s material wealth.  The scammers are those money collectors who claim they work for God.  No, they work for their prosperity, not yours stupid…  

Less than ten percent winds up for the poor.  Read on,  just another fraud against simple minds to take your money and it’s a good one netting billions…  I always ask one question, can you tell me where Gods Bank is, the address those billions go to?  the money is not for Gods paycheck but theirs

Money is a tool of man, in the bible Mammon is mentioned not as a God gift but Mammon /ˈmæmən/ in the new testament of the bible is commonly thought to mean money, material wealth, or any entity that promises wealth, and is associated with the greedy pursuit of gain…

And when you fall for this crap you have blown the truth… you are a false idolator, and you violate the love of Jesus if you so believe…Jesus never said take from the middle class and give to the rich…  Politics and preachers, not exactly noble blend when the entire constitution is based on something that starts with “ We The People”  and separates the Church from the Government”.  The separation is the basis of our country, anything else is anarchism.

The Inventor Of The Money Grubbers, Donate To Gods Cache Was…
The landscape of money, God and the Church is filled with landmines.   Unethical televangelists and prosperity preachers have left a bad taste in many mouths.   But how we handle our finances doesn’t need to be a negative experience.  You have food banks and ministries that directly help people and thus cut out the 90% that goes to the fraud and money changers, from the bible, they change the money from your wallet into theirs.

Property Gospel, the bullsh*t that says God pays you hundred of percent interest on you tithes is a scam, probably the largest scam in the world.  And the two prominent names that promoted this evil was:

1 — Oral Roberts, and his Son Richard

2 -- Billy Graham and his Son Franklin

It was originated and made up by Oral Roberts… He threatened to die and be called by the Lord if he did not receive ten million dollars by the next day…  Ten million came in from suckers but he died soon after.   His son took over when he died, lots of scandals on the college properties and questions of improprieties and was thrown out of Oral Roberts University where he lived like a king amongst a few indiscretions.  Christians are very forgiving.  When you are in public office or position of trust and you betray that trust, the answer is hanging, not forgiving…

A follow-up letter signed by Roberts’s son, Richard, affirms that without the money needed to send out missionary healing teams, “God will not extend Dad’s life.” ( personally that phone bastard got what he deserved) Oral and Richard Roberts made similar statements on their weekly television program. A public outcry led several television stations to drop programs containing the controversial appeal as bullsh*t.

Good riddance and his son and kin were as big a bullshitter and crook as he is.  It’s important for these fakes to gain support from their constituents because Mercedes Benz’s, Cadillacs, and Gulfstream Jets cost a lot of money.  You dumb jerks pay for their wealth, not yours, stupid.  Thats why T-RUMP is there, he like the crew shown is a CON, only bigger.

“ Tithe for Better Seats Near the Throne”

Billy Graham also went with the Prosperity Gospel program with titheing, but kept it a little quiet after he died.  Franklin the son exploited and exploded it.   Samaritan’s Purse reported gross receipts of $414,031,085 during the 2010 federal tax year. According to 2014 data, Graham is the highest paid Samaritan’s Purse employee at $622,252 annually and leads other charities in compensation.

Sit down for this one.    If you support T-RUMP you are lieing to your friends and lieing to God.  Worse you are lieing to yourself.  And he is not alone, the ones that challenge you for their religious bidding, which is to the God Mammon are just as guilty.  Mammon is the Hindu God of money.  Jesus had similar names for crooks with money.  

Most of these TV religious celebrities professing a knowledge of God’s personal cell phone number do not have real credentials in Academia. They have honorary degrees given by cohorts printed on cheap paper.  If you believe in this false gospel, or any false prophet then you are as imbedded in and blasphemy and guilty as much as he is in the problem.  

Like the Pastors always asking for money, beating the tax code, living opulently, they are like joined at the hip by greed and lies.  They also speak of patriotism yet none have served, none have fought for this country.   

If you support someone who fakes his belief by his actions, pretending, like T-RUMP him you are no better than dirt, an individual who goes against all the good things and true beliefs an Evangelical should have or believe in… not his rhetoric of hared and debauchery.  

Shame on him, he is not fit to be in office and shame on you for being so naive or simply that stupid as to believe and support him. Fifty-eight thousand Americans lost their lives in the war, he draft dodged by collusion of his father and a doctor.  And he claims he didn’t believe in the war, -  

The First Commandment  — False Prophets
T-RUMP is the false prophet God warned and spoke of as a test, and you are failing miserably as both being a fool and your morale character is in question.  If you support him, you are supporting what he does.  No excuses, no sorry answers, his track record is out there, and if you are too in agreement just a guilty. 

By the way, the pic at the right is our winner for the most naive couple in America.  Obviously they beat out everybody else and actually may have embarrassed Jesus  who would one day like to have a chat with Donald and straighten a few thousand things out.  

But the BASE have numbers, and like the German people who were lied to in World War II, they follow the misdirected plan and they think it works for them but in the end it will destroy them just as it did the NAZI’s.  It is an attack and an affront on the core values and beliefs in the United States.  Weak minds take the easier path and T-RUMP promised an easy path but lied about it.

We know there are many amongst them corrupt enough to take advantage big time of their beliefs and these Evangelical believers for what ever reason, mostly their own fears and beliefs make them susceptible.  They are weak and look for easy solutions.

Your position in life is very simple:  

1️⃣  It is decreed in Gods Law for your morality…how you live your life, with truth , honesty , compassion and love… 
2️⃣  Abiding by the laws of State, Country, County, Planet, Universe, Garage Apartment, Loft, Luxury Condo or sheltered in a tent, cardboard boxes or under a bridge.  It is called the Law of the Land and it is for all, equal and no one not even the President is above it though he thinks he is… and it is spelled out in the Constitution…

Fake Religionist Con Meets The Supreme Con  

⛪️  Other than Jared and Ivanka who are now Jewish, in practice, not their morality, they are T-RUMPS  ears and crooks, the T-RUMPS were agnostic.

His LORD and Savior was his Dad’s money, almost 400 million dollars.

He never found the Lord, rumor has it, the Lord went on vacation when T-RUMP announced his intentions to meet with him.  

He never attended Church claims he did are his usual lies and bullsh*t , more lies, and gain, they are not formal Church attendees. 

The only time T-RUMP went to church was to see what land it was on and how to get it.   That did make the papers when he threw an elderly woman off her land for his golf course.

Suddenly, voting time for 2020 and he found religion when he met Paula White after her divorce,  while she was still banging Benny Hinn after he dumped his wife for her,  and she converted T-RUMP to Christianity even though Jesus threatened to quit and become a Muslim if Donald joined the Christian Club.   Let me hear an Amen! AMEN AND AMEN!


⛪️  The miracle took place in the WhiteHouse.  Probably in one of the bedrooms… And judging their expressions which are everything, Donald and Paula either had a good time or he accidentally got kicked in the balls.  Or the best party Jesus had to offer, he ever had…too much fun with Jesus.

And is his right hand on the secret recording devices from the Nixon era?  They both look incredibly satisfied with the results, possibly more WhiteHouse movie making.  We call it the Stormy Daniels smile.

The important thing was she brought him to Christ, but he left Jesus standing there less than ten minutes later with a series of Twitts.  

He thought she had a nice rack, so he signed his next executive decree on her ass as the picture shows his devout concentration on her sacred buttocks.

He didn’t stay too long.   He was lying, devoid of truth and in his demonic mode expressing scumbagism with every tweet.

It’s apparent from the photo, the relationship of  T-RUMP and Paula meets the criteria for scumbirds of a feather “ Award of Continuity”.  Ouch!   They both will continue to screw things up... On her Facebook page she blew the whole scene by asking for money from the masses...for her ministry.   She’s no frickin angel.   
And one commenter wrote:   If she needs money she should take up pole dancing, three husbands later... and most commentaries on the web about her religionism calls her a fake, but the commentary agreed she does have a nice rack.  (Tough audience)   Paula White has suggested ( Try Threatened) that her followers and lay people send her money in order to transform their lives, or Face Divine Consequences.  

My Book Of Jacob
“ Who in the name of heaven or hell are you to tell or threaten anyone with Bible Babble and Divine Consequence for money”.  Typical TRUMP Scumbird brings this kind of rhetoric to the WhiteHouse cesspool.   People like this surround       T-RUMP.  Theres an old expression which really sums it up...  When covered or surrounded by sh*t, don’t ask anyone to smell your roses!  That why these ass clowns are in a political column.

She heads up the president’s Evangelical advisory committee and thats a frickin joke by itself.   She then demanded her flock make a donation to her ministries to honor the religious principle of “first fruit”.  She said is the idea that all firsts belong to God, including the first harvest and, apparently, the first month of your salary to be sent to her.  

Hello dumbbells  that fruit is rotten… In that case she can be the first woman to be hanged for fraud in the US except Evangelicals are really stupid and believe her sh*t.  In that case the first assassination attempt should bear fruit…

1️⃣  President Donald J. Trump’s spiritual advisor and non-denominational televangelist Paula White officially stepped down as senior pastor of her Apopka, Florida megachurch, New Destiny Christian Center (NDCC). She has pastored NDCC since 2012 and made the unexpected announcement to her 10,000-member church on Sunday, May10th saying.

2️⃣  About Her new role is now “oversight pastor,” which will allow her to expand New Destiny Christian Center under the new banner “City of Destiny.” She aims to plant 3,000 church plants, be a “pastor to pastors,” launch a university, and, of course, continue Paula White ministries.  

3️⃣   As fake a tub of sh*t as can be possible, she sounds more and more as phony as Donald and White is a very controversial Christian figure.  She has been called a Prosperity Preacher and criticized for her unquestioning public support of President T-RUMP  which cost her church between 200 and 300 in members and $10,000 in weekly giving, as reported by The Christian Post

4️⃣  Critics have also questioned her personal life, including the purchase of a private jet, a condominium in T-RUMP Tower, and three marriages and for assorted and sordid relationships…. including Benny Hinn while he was having marital problems.

👺 The Devil’s Scam — A Play In One Act By Benny Hinn
You have seen, The famous “ Made for TV Touch and Cure Miracle”.  When one of the Evangelical TV ministers preaches and get the crowd going, there is a component of adrenalin that flows from group or mob mentality which excites the Endorphins in the body creating pain killing internal feelings and suddenly someone is cured as the Endorphins are the bodies pain killers.  A combination of both mental and physiological components at work.  We call them the Bible Babblers

The Babbler is one who can talk the talk,  but doesn’t walk the walk nor live his life that way, his goal is your money, he just babbles and plays the righteous game.  And can they babble, the bullsh*t gets so thick with acting lessons and fake emotion, Jesus doesn’t need water to walk on, their words could support elephants.

Dress for success, drive for pleasure, fly like a king...  He even is seen, like Benny Hinn usually wearing some expensive cloak like this cute 500 dollar number featured here available in multiple colors at  

The BBC Investigation
This is known and is used by these charlatans when you see someone throw the crutches away and start to dance on stage.  After they donate ( the real name of the game) and the show is over, most interviewed were looking for their crutches. Some needed first responders.

In other words, the Endorphins, the bodies natural pain killer wore off.   The BBC did a whole story on this and other stunts these crooks play.  Some went to the hospital, others wanted their crutches back which mysteriously vanished. Secret microphones, pre-interviews and ear receivers with information made these crooks look like they were performing miracles.   And the fools went for it lock stock and barrel.  It was Benny Hinn’s crew the BBC tore apart.

✝️  How people supported that Charlatan I do not know, but when desperate needs are not met they seek aid from the unreal, the scammers, and fall prey with life savings, like shooting fish in a barrel.  It’s called taking a path of least resistance, the easy way out and is the main reason these folks attend these free meetings which produce millions from those least affording it.

✝️  Now here is the dangerous part.  It can work in more ways than one.  Mainly at rallies held by the lying comedienne and his rhetoric creating an air of hysteria.  That same Mass psychogenic illness (MPI), also called mass sociogenic illness, mass psychogenic disorder, epidemic hysteria, or mass hysteria, is “ the rapid spread of illness signs and symptoms affecting members of a cohesive group, originating from a nervous system disturbance involving excitation, loss, or alteration of function, whereby physical complaints that are exhibited unconsciously have no corresponding organic etiology”.  English: A reaction to mob mentality.  Several  had to go to the hospital. 

✝️  Thus mob rallies, groupings, etc stem from the vigilante days, the inquisitions,  are just a result of what is produced when a mob gets out of hand.  There within is the blind danger to the rest of us.  Just look at Charlottesville.  And an innocent healthy blessed young woman and two policemen were killed.  Endorphins and mob mentality

✝️  In many cultures of the world, the Money God, (in the Hindu world it is called “Mammon”) is not a good GOD.  Mammon in the New Testament of the Bible is commonly thought to mean money or material wealth and is associated with the greedy pursuit of gain.  Jesus used the term Mammon, “You cannot serve both God and Mammon,” ...

✝️  This is old scamming, and has been around for ages.  Upsmanship, one who can out babel the others, out dress the others, dressing denotes a certain godly level, make ridiculous promises like being an agent of God.  

✝️  I leave room for those who claim a gigantic spiritual upheaval took place in their life transforming them overnight as significant, possibly by the wet dream they had.  And the lying gaul they exhibit, paid shills who were going to be evicted from their subsidized apartment, poured the sacred water they got from Peter Popoff in a fake vial he got caught filling it himself from a faucet behind his house…  

✝️  Praise Jesus! The next day she received a check in the mail for $26,000 dollars.  Praise God, The Jehovah’s Miracles First National Bank of Hades is handing out Monopoly cash again.  Only the weak minded believe these lies, the perpetrators know how to play the audience and they are good at it.

✝️  Of course no one mentioned who sent it,  proof if it even exists, or is that much money in Monopoly games.  “ Praise Jesus who gets the credit.  When did Jesus become God’s banker?

Are people that stupid to believe this crap?  
I don’t want to believe they are but the proof is there, it’s called ignorance.  The word stem from a lack or ignoring truth.  When we research the story, we usually find out that, imagination and guilt eradication to some are real.  Churches are full of redemption, thats why people go there.  Confession is good, apology to the person or thing you harmed is better.  Except when it comes to law and eventually the laws of society show up.     Jail is an excellent recruiter of faith based criminals, crooks, perverts and violators.  For some,  then the others mumble the words, and get out and off to the next bank

Religion is a big deal, both financially and population wise. There are some 4,300-4800 religions of the world. Nearly 75 per cent of the world’s population practices one of the five most influential religions of the world: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. 

But whereas other religions are cut and dry Christianity is not.  It is the one religion man has changed, interpreted, doesn’t agree on, fabricates, altered, begetted, begotten, begetted, f*cked with, screwed with, modified, vandalized, rectified and sodomized, Christianity takes a bullet at times and altered it sometime affects those who are squeamish, afraid of the bogeyman, hell, fire, brimstone, and other man made fear derivatives…

This might not be the place for you.  You may leave now and stay mortally weak.  Because you will be getting truth and many people who profess to be people of faith can’t handle too much truth because of the BS they have planted amongst their friends and relations.  The truth surfaces and they cannot just cast it off, they go into denial defending poor positions. 


👺  Donkeys And Ass’s to Mercedes Benz’s And Cadillacs

When you think of these mega-wealthy prosperity teachers who rake in millions each year and live ridiculously lavish lifestyles, you probably don’t think about them as preachers in brown harsh fabric robes, walking for days, in the desert sands wearing sandals spreading the gospels. 

Instead, they are driving around town in their Caddilac’s, Mercedes Benz’s and Rolls Royces, even a Bentley.  One had two Bentleys at $350,000 each which he could not explain to the IRS.  And flying in private jets raising money ( the last one a Gulfstream 650 went for 6.5 million dollars…) for more private jets, that money is not going where they tell you it was for and they even have fake accountants playing the books and stealing even more.

But as you’re about to find out, spreading the gospel has become a very profitable business for several well-known televangelists.  The personal trips in them, relax in hotel rooms that cost thousands per night, and even own second and third homes and in one case much more just two or three and driven in Roll-Royces.  

Its all legal, the only ones to blame are the idiots ( and it just might be you, look in the mirror ) who gave him their money.  And you supported a crook.  Is that what God needed you for?   Is that what you needed God for?


🤔 The Shameless Cons and The Abrahamic Covenant

These are the “Prosperity Evangelists” who have no shame in getting paid for their spiels and routines, fake savings and miracles, gizmos, holy water from the tap and special prayer cloth’s and powders, herbs, and vitamins.  They are fakes and charlatans, taking advantage of anyone they can who is weak enough to believe them and stupid enough to send them money.  

They are good at what they do and many fall prey.  Their average personal wealth is somewhere between thirty to forty million dollars.  They are the false prophets God spoke about and you ignore his words.   It will send you to hell more so than heaven ... as the money they raised in god’s name was for the poor, the aged, the weak, the disenfranchised, starving, lost, homeless people, they just took more than their share.  In some cases all of it…  

🤔 The Abrahamic Covenant is a means to material entitlement.  FALSE:  Prosperity teachers ( eg. crooks)  look to God’s covenant with Abraham and see its fulfillment as providing material prosperity to Christians today.   Kenneth Copeland says, “Since God’s Covenant has been established and prosperity is a provision of this covenant, you need to realize that prosperity belongs to you now!”   Unless his expensive airplanes come first, quite a few million dollars worth and his own airport built on his land.  He is the Trump of the prosperity Gospel crooks.

Jesus’ atonement extends to the “sin” of material poverty.  They hold that Jesus’ atoning death provided not only for our spiritual needs but they added also for our financial prosperity. Thus it is only sin that keeps us trapped in poverty or anything less than abundant wealth.

🤔 Christians Give In Order To Gain Material Compensation 
Gospel liars teach that giving to the Lord’s work is primarily a means of gaining further compensation from God.  Faith is a self-generated spiritual force that leads to prosperity.  Many prosperity gospel preachers, teach that we, like God, have the ability to speak reality into existence when we speak in faith. Thus faith becomes a force that allows us to speak prosperity into our lives.  

Prayer is a tool to force god to grant prosperity. MORE FALSE PROPHESY:  Are you frickin kidding me?  The crooked  writes when we pray, believing that we have already received what we are praying, God has no choice but to make our prayers come to pass. Really ?

Thus prayer is little more than a means through which we bring about our desires for wealth.  And Prosperity theology is a False Gospel.   Its message is not biblical and its promises failure.  God never assures his people of material abundance or physical health. 

The gospel of Jesus christ offers salvation from sin, not a platform for earthly prosperity  while we should seek to understand what drives so many into this movement, we must never for a moment fail to see its message for what it is — a false and failed gospel.  

Instead, Christians are promised the riches of Christ, the gift of eternal life, and the assurance of glory in the eternal presence of the living God.   In the end, the biggest problem with prosperity theology is not that it promises too much, but that it promises far too little. 

🤔 T-Rumps Gospel Is So Thin IT Leaks  —  I guess the separation of Church and State is missing in the Evangelicals DNA. Evangelicalism, evangelical Christianity, or Evangelical Protestantism, is a worldwide, trans-denominational movement within Protestant Christianity that maintains the belief that the essence of the Gospel consists of the doctrine of salvation by grace alone, solely through faith in Jesus’s atonement.  And that the destruction of the world so all can be reborn into the faith.  Sorry I’m not getting on that train. And we should start regarding these people as imbeciles and export them to another country such as Klingon or Romulan.  

Anywhere from 6 percent to 35 percent of the United States population is Evangelical, depending on definition.  A 2014 Pew Research Center survey of religious life in the United States identified the evangelical percentage of the population at 25.4 percent while Roman Catholics were 20.8 percent and mainline Protestants were 14.7 percent.  A 2008 study showed that in the year 2000 about 9 percent of Americans attended an Evangelical service on any given Sunday and listened to the fire and brimstone bullsh*t.. 

🤔 The EVANGELICAL Crock of Sh*t Test  — Best Answers From a Large Group   
The Barna Group reported that 8 percent of Americans were born-again Evangelicals, defined as those who answered yes to these nine questions:  Basically I see it as a cult, there is no redeeming social real benefit to beliefs that are untrue.

  • “Have you made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is still important in your life today?” Err, don’t know, every day is a new day and situations change. Will he pay my rent? Make my car payment? Get me a job? Why do I have to pay him through you?

  • “Do you believe that when you die you will go to Heaven because you have confessed your sins and have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior?”  I’ll let you know when I die, by email… hopefully and he washed all my sins except sleeping with my sister and that money I took from Grandpa

  • “Is your faith very important in your life today?”  Yes , when I’m in trouble… especially when I’m in trouble, like now since thats the Police at the door…  Better stop cooking methaphetamine…

  • “Do you have a personal responsibility to share your religious beliefs about Christ with non-Christians?”  My friends are all different and are happy with who they are… It’s their business… I might lose them… they have mentioned I needed help, I thought they meant allergies

  • “Does Satan exist?”  He must, T-RUMP is living proof… and then Barr, Pence, DeVos, Carson

  • “Is eternal salvation possible only through grace, not works?”  Sounds like Bullsh*t to me, I keep doing what I do… helping people, being a good person, that should work… just pretending is useless, it’s what you do for others…

  • “Did Jesus Christ live a sinless life on earth?”   Don’t know , wasn’t there, neither were you…it’s a story and stories change… and people lie a lot…

  • “Is the Bible accurate in all that it teaches?” Which of the twenty versions and four major gospels plus the ten other unknown gospels and hieroglyphics are you referring to and why are you referring to them if they are just stories… How can something be accurate if it was written 200 years after things happened ?

  • “Is God the all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect deity who created the universe and still rules it today?”   If he is, it’s time again for an ARK because T-RUMP really has it fucked up…  I have already started stocking wood… build a boat if you are smart

🤔 How In Gods Name Can You Support Donald J. T-Rump 
Evangelical political influence in America was first evident in the 1830s with movements such as the prohibition movement, which closed saloons and taverns in state after state until it succeeded nationally in 1919. The Christian right is a coalition of numerous groups of traditionalist and observant church-goers of every kind:  especially Catholics on issues such as birth control and abortion, Southern Baptists, Missouri Synod Lutherans, and others.  

Since the early 1980s, the Christian right has been associated with several nonprofit political and issue-oriented organizations including the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.  In the 2016 presidential election, 81% of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump according to exit polls.

Evangelical political activists are not all on the right. There is a small group of liberal white Evangelicals.  Most African Americans belong to Baptist, Methodist or other denominations that share evangelical beliefs; they are firmly in the Democratic coalition and (with the possible exception of issues involving abortion and homosexuality) are generally liberal in politics.

🤔 Church, State and Prayer

1-In the United States, Supreme Court decisions that outlawed organized prayer in school and restricted church-related schools (for example, preventing them from engaging in racial discrimination while also receiving a tax exemption) also played a role in mobilizing the Religious Right.

2-Opponents criticize the Evangelicals, who they say actually want a Christian America—in other words, for America to be a nation in which Christianity is given a privileged position. Survey data shows that “between 64 and 75 percent do not favor a 'Christian Nation' amendment", though between 60 and 75 percent also believe that Christianity and Political Liberalism are incompatible.  

3-Evangelical leaders, in turn, counter that they merely seek freedom from the imposition by national elites of an equally subjective secular worldview, and feel that it is their opponents who are violating their rights.

4-According to recent reports in the New York Times, some evangelicals have sought to expand their movement's social agenda to include poverty, combating AIDS in the Third World, and protecting the environment. This is highly contentious within the evangelical community, since more conservative evangelicals believe that this trend is compromising important issues and prioritizing popularity and consensus too highly.  Amazing that those that should talk the talk and help those in need argue if it’s right.  Just a bunch of fakes…

5-Personifying this division were the evangelical leaders James Dobson and Rick Warren, the former who warned of the dangers of a Barack Obama victory in 2008 from his point of view,  in contrast with the latter who declined to endorse either major candidate on the grounds that he wanted the church to be less politically divisive and that he agreed substantially with both men.   Moral of this issue is stay the hell out of politics, both loved to be seen in the WhiteHouse with the President especially Donald who loves having his ass kissed.

Good Books - Banned ByThe Texas School Board  — Bigger & Stupider

🤔 Religion tries to alter learning.  Ignore the books banned by the Texas Library School Board, also known as the Burn in Hell Fundamentalists... the extremely ignorant church ladies and a man or two who are fundamentally so incorrect.  And all on the board from one church were bused in volume to an unannounced meeting to determine the books in school libraries that are allowed in Texas.  The worst part of this stupidity are the states who also do not have School Library Boards who said, “ What’s good for Texas is good for us”.  And they adopted Texas rules.  Deducting the 17 million dollars Trump cut from education, we are killing our children with more ignorance from ignorant people.   

Native Son   *  Of Mice and Men  *   The Pentagon Papers  *   Sophie’s Choice  *   Slaughterhouse - Five *  Ulysses   *   To Kill a Mockingbird    *   The Color Purple   *  Death of a Salesman Howl  *   The Catcher in the Rye…   *   Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire    *   The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn   *  James and the Giant Peach   *   Brave New World   *  Lord of the Flies  *   Gone With the Wind  *   and others...

This Is A Crime Against The First Amendment, The Freedom Of Speech…  

Potter did other strange stuff. Thats called fantasy.  I find that pretty amazing since the loyal readers of the Texas Taliban often call the Potter books blasphemy and out of the box.  But the Bible has a lot of of stories of begetting, beheading, all kinds of sex, incest, murder, wars, and plagues... brothers killing brothers, weird sacrifices, nothing as nice as you might think.  Dump the Texan Statute in your state school system.   Hitler Banned And Burnt A Lot Of Books Too…


Their pledge is Jesus or God, Family, then the State and Bingo in that order.  In our United States we swear an oath to the Constitution, “  It starts with I pledge allegiance to the Flag ” and if you do not put that first, the flag is the Constitution then leave, you don’t belong here.  I prefer the honesty of an atheist or an agnostic over an Evangelical.

Why…because they are being honest… Atheists VS Agnostic…  There is a key distinction. An atheist doesn't believe in a God or divine being. ... Agnostics assert that it’s impossible for human beings to know anything about how the universe was created and if divine beings even exist.  Both actually are more accurate and pragmatic than what Evangelical Christians on the other hand believe.  All stemming from a book 200 years after what had occurred, revised and changed, altered and regurgitated in a book of stories handed down in a zillion versions, textures, print size, talking books, slide shows digital media and lots of ink.  

( And The Most Colossal Lie Of All Time, Endorsement Of Donald T-Rump)   

And today we have a zillion believers of all kinds of bullsh*t and no real proof. The crooks in politics are not different than the fake prophets on TV sprouting their bullsh*t, their upsmanship and lying.  The Catholic Bible has been rebuilt thirteen times with revisions by a bunch of crooks ( known as Popes making changes as needed to bolster the financial times of the Vatican) all claiming to have the Lords phone number… 

Once again a massive T-RUMP  F*CK-UP on his hands now bloodied by more than One Hundred Ten Thousand Deaths.  Just listening to his ignorant words of wisdom… what a brilliant mind and if you pay attention you are just as frickin stupid as he is…and he has blamed just about everyone else but himself… He is sick and needs to be removed before more die… And for his seventy years of lies, deceptions and the work of the devil in him, he is backed by the Evangelicals and their false prophesies.   He has brought out the worst in kind, liars who believe in lies and back him up…

Not all or even most evangelicals believe in the literal truth of these sorts of prophecies, though nearly 60 percent of white Evangelicals, according to one 2010 poll, believe Jesus is definitely or probably going to return by the year 2050. Talk about a stretch, we will be lucky if we have a planet left by 2050 at threat of global warning.

But those who do subscribe to this apocalyptic world view seem to be overrepresented among Trump’s religious supporters and advisers. In October, a host of influential evangelical pastors came to the White House to pray with T-RUMP to protect him from impeachment.  STUPID FAKE BASTARDS…they should pray he croaks and that might save the world…

Among those who laid hands on the president as he stood, head bowed, in the Oval Office, was repeat visitor Greg Laurie, pastor of a California megachurch. A few days after the killing of Soleimani, Laurie made a YouTube video with Don Stewart, author of 25 Signs We Are Near the End, to discuss Iran and the End Times. “The scenario that the Bible predicted, seemingly so impossible,” Stewart promised, “is now falling into place.”  Happy news from a TV preacher scholar bullshitter throwing more gasoline of stupidity on the fire…

🤔 The Magic Of T-Rump And He Knows How To Use It
From the outset, T-RUMP has surrounded himself with people who hail from the fringes of the Evangelical community that is steeped in the language of biblical prophecy, and his administration regularly reflects that language back to them in it’s messaging. Hmm, another technique hitler used quite frequently. 

Evangelicals knew that Trump speaks their language. Many of them believe T-RUMP is like Cyrus, a flawed nonbeliever who nonetheless is chosen by God to work his miracles on Earth.  We believe he is more like Hitler and just flawed really biggly, ugly and stupidly. 

His acolyte and senior liar ( 5th Degree) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was reportedly instrumental in pushing for the killing of Soleimani, is also a master of such messaging. In March, during an interview in Jerusalem with the Christian Broadcasting Network (founded by another apocalyptic preacher, Pat Robertson), Pompeo showed his familiarity with another Iran-centric Bible story popular with End Times evangelicals.  But he f*cked up, got the story wrong…

In the story, a Persian king is urged to slaughter the Jews in his kingdom at the urging of the evil adviser Haman. But his Jewish Queen Esther persuades him not to and saves her people. Asked whether he thought Trump could be a modern-day Esther, saving the Jews from Iran, Pompeo replied, “As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s possible.”  He also affirmed he believes in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy…

The secretary of state’s End Times beliefs made headlines again after the Soleimani killing, as meme-makers circulated a quote from a speech he made in a Kansas church in 2015. A few days after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, Pompeo said: “We will continue to fight these battles. It is a never-ending struggle. … until the Rapture.”
This is the idiot we call the secretary of State?

Have you noticed that some of these people T-RUMP hires are just as sick as he is and just as incompetent. And they realize without the sick Evangelical vote Trumps chances of re-election for four more years of this nightmare get better?  The day tRump is out these people will be liable for some of their actions lies and misinformation and no chance of pardon..



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