It’s still with us and just hiding in the closet.  Most countries with severe COVID-19 outbreaks have come well down from their peak in new cases each day.  It’s happened in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Turkey and, if you believe the official numbers, China.

But it has not happened in the United States. Here, the number of both confirmed new cases and deaths has fallen in the last few weeks.  Now, with many states reopening  their economies, the toll is likely to start rising again, according to a private T-RUMP administration forecast obtained by The Times. It projected about 3,000 deaths per day on June 1 and estimates will hit 130,000 by June 20th.

Why has the United States failed to bring down its caseload as much as most other countries?  The answer isn’t completely clear, given the complexity of the virus. But the leading suspect, many experts say, is the uneven nature of the US response — like the shortage of tests so far and the mixed approach to social distancing, and the lies and backstops of false, weak and negligent leadership.

Executive Order To Meat Industry - No Closures

Donald T-Rump signed an executive order, meant to soften the blow of a chicken and pork shortage among other meat on American supermarket shelves…   Using the Defense Production Act, the president declared that, “  It is important that processors of beef, pork and poultry  in the food supply chain continue operating and fulfilling orders to ensure a continued supply of protein for Americans”.

The order essentially forces meat production plants to stay open as Trump and agricultural leaders say the coronavirus outbreak is threatening the country’s food supply. Industry experts warned it could be a matter of weeks before consumers see meat shortages.

The Defense Production Act or DPA was passed by Congress in 1950 and signed into law by President Harry Truman. Under the DPA, the president is empowered to direct private companies to act in the national interest during times of war, national emergency, or after terrorist attacks. President T-RUMP previously used the DPA to increase the production of health care supplies.  


ATCH 05-07-2020