MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Shelby County Commissioners unanimously voted to support the censure of Criminal Court Judge Jim Lammey on Monday.  Last week, commissioners in committee gave Judge Lammey the opportunity to address them in person or respond to them via letter.

He sent a letter which says in part that the criticism of him is quote “character assassination at best”   Commissioners in a 12-0 vote put their support behind a resolution encouraging the state’s Board of Judicial Conduct to censure Lammey.  A spokesperson for the board said multiple complaints were filed and an active investigation is open and ongoing.

The posts included a link to an article written by a man many critics have called a Holocaust denier and also included other claims critical of immigrants.

“Judge Lammey’s actions on social media puts a reasonable doubt in my mind that he’s kept that public trust, because the content he’s shared draws on racial stereotypes,” Commissioner Mick Wright said.

In his letter Lammey said he thinks the commission already reached a conclusion without his side of the story.   “I adamantly deny the characterization of me by the local media as being a Holocaust denier, anti-immigrant or racist. This is character assassination at its best,” the letter states.

At the meeting a handful of community letters spoke out against him.  “We’re not going to allow any hate here in Shelby County,” Nabil Bayakly with the Masjid Almuslimeen Mosque said.

“I wonder what kind of trust the public is supposed to have in a judge to manage such a criminal case when he has so clearly demonstrated a lack of judgment,” Reverend Lucy Webb said.

“We wholly reject Judge Lammey’s argument that he is not associating himself with a Holocaust denier,” 

Jewish community representative Katie Bowman said. “David Cole continues to deny historical facts surrounding the genocide of the Jewish people. 

Judge Lammey’s reliance on Cole’s words only reinforces any assessment in the Jewish community that Judge Lammey is unable to adequately interpret and understand fact.”

Lammey provided an email in his letter which he says is from the author of the article he shared - the author claims he is not a Holocaust denier.   Hitler said the same thing....

Note: there are two David Coles and diabolically apart but share the same name.  One is with the ACLU and the other is a born again excuser of sorts. This is the latter as explained by someone who purchased his book.

I had only heard of David Cole ( Formerly David Stein) from his days when he was questioning some aspects of the Holocaust. First of all, David Cole is not a Holocaust Denier. He does not support Nazism and he agrees that the Nazis murdered millions of Jews as well as millions of other people. His arguments have to do with challenging where and when genocide of the Jews were actually carried out.

Now that I have pointed that out, Republican Party Animal has virtually nothing to do with his arguments concerning the Holocaust. It is his extraordinary story about how he faked his own death, changed his name, and disappeared from public view after the JDL put a $25,000 dollar bounty on his head. 

He then describes the fascinating years from that point on until an angry bunny boiling model ex-girlfriend brutally "outed" him, essentially ruining everything he had built for himself up until that point. By turns hilariously funny, scathing towards his enemies, self-deprecating, and acerbic, this was one heck of a read that I would recommend to anyone and then burn...