Donald J. T-rump in real life is nothing but a snake oil salesman who pretends he is intelligent and gifted with a superior leadership and greatness.  

On a scale of one to one thousand, he scored a fifteen hundred forty-nine and the tester verifying it died of a heart attack.

In a recent survey, we asked 1000 people if he is gifted almost Messiah like? We received one positive vote from a Michael Pence who wrote I have a deep relationship with him. 

Loosely like diarrhea, Mike’s person relationship as VP translated as        “ Head up his ass syndrome” or Crainial Rectal Dyslexia…

He and some dumbass cohorts  went and promoted, pushed, claimed, advertised, advocated,  bolstered,  boosted, built up, developed,  encouraged, endorsed, pushed for, sold, stimulated, supported, urged, aided, assist, contributed, patronized, plug, propagandized, a common drug but never tested or used for the treatment of COVID-19.

What great fortune the brilliant exhalted one proclaimed, a totally unknown virus now has a possible, no a positive cure, and suddenly as the liar could get airtime “ He proclaimed It was a miracle” and the bell should be ringing in Notre Dame Cathedral, a cure with outstanding results and backed up by the biggest liars in town at FOX news starring Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity.  When we hang T-RUMP, add Laura and Sean next to him.  He lies and they swear to it, accomplises


👺  Its eight syllable name is Hydroxychloroquine… If you have malaria or Lupus you are familiar with it but in the case of COVID-19 it could kill you.  The entire T-RUMP empire sang and danced ehrn they heard about the drug…except the doctors and scientists. The Trumpeteers benefitted from the 29,000 doses T-RUMP ordered draining the entire supply of those who critically needed it.   The malarial version and Lupus version use much smaller less significant dosages than for COVID-19 experiments. 

👺  It has been used in other scenarios but never trialled for COVID-19, some doctors tried anything with the dying and when some patients are at the end of their life cycle you try anything and its called  “ Off Market Medicine”.   That drug is on the market since 1955 is Hydroxychloroquine, usually given to Malaria and Lupus victims.   It’s really a modern quinine.   The info based that was sent to T-RUMP from a doctor said it had worked for him but he was on a three other drug regimens after a few treatments in Korea.  Not exactly a trial basis approved by the FDA. Maybe it was one of the other two drugs that did it.  T-RUMP takes one persons words and endangers the entire country.

👺  Possibly and we don’t know exactly what issue of the National Enquirer or The NCF,  T-RUMP gained such beneficial information as to this miracle drug.  We think its his advisors at the National Conspiracy Foundation or NCF.  Doctors tell us they keep the Enquirer in their office because patient spills are easily soaked up by it.   Some tell us they cut it in strips and roll it so it can be used in their bathrooms though some complained their ass was more colorful with all that ink. keep listening to Doctor T-RUMP and you may get to read your own obituary on the throne.

👺  Probably again,  he might have been was turned on to it,  by Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham or Stephen Miller according to themselves very astute in the medical field.  ( Especially Drugs ) Had to be someone like them because all the scientists told T-RUMP not to push it.   

👺  So he listens to other scumbags and since he is the great know it all, he  lied and pushed this drug to all governors and made a big deal promoting the super wonder-drug and the biggest blow-job ass-kissing Governor was Ron DeSantis of Florida.  Already on hot coals as a lousy governor and a Trumpifile. And like T-RUMP DeSantis suffers from Crainial-Rectal Dyslexia.  (Street Slang: Sh*t for Brains)

👺  But then the VA who used the drug for the Malaria and Lupus issued a warning when their death rate went fro 11.4 to 27.7 percent, in weak system it can be a killer.  Thats doubled and a half the death ratio.

👺  Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) and its sister drug chloroquine (Aralen) are under investigation for treatment of the COVID-19 COVID-19 disease.  Korean doctors used these anti-malaria drugs to treat COVID-19 with some success, according to a paper filed with Elsevier in March 2020, but effectiveness is unproven.  No trials so if one person lived it was a success.

👺  Hydroxychloroquine is classified as an anti-malarial drug. It is similar to chloroquine (Aralen) and is useful in treating several forms of malaria as well as lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. Its mechanism of action is unknown. 

👺  Malarial parasites invade human red blood cells. Hydroxychloroquine may prevent malarial parasites from breaking down (metabolizing) hemoglobin in human red blood cells. Hydroxychloroquine is effective against the malarial parasites Plasmodium vivax, P. malariae, P. ovale, and susceptible strains of P. falciparum. Hydroxychloroquine prevents inflammation caused by lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. The FDA approved hydroxychloroquine in April, 1955.

👺  Side effects include:  
irritability,  headache, weakness, hair lightening or loss, stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, muscle pain, rash and itching.  Rarely, hydroxychloroquine can affect the bone marrow leading to reduced white blood cells (leukopenia) or platelets (thrombocytopenia) and abnormal red blood cells (anemia).

👺  Rare but potentially serious eye toxicity can occur. This toxicity affects a part of the eye called the retina and can lead to color blindness and even loss of vision. An ophthalmologist (eye specialist) often can detect changes in the retina that suggest toxicity before serious damage occurs. Therefore, regular eye examinations, even when there are no symptoms, are mandatory.

👺  Patients who are genetically deficient in a certain enzyme, called G6PD, can develop a severe anemia resulting from the rupture of red blood cells. This enzyme deficiency is more common in persons of African descent and can be evaluated by blood testing. Hydroxychloroquine may worsen psoriasis.UE

  • Administration of hydroxychloroquine with penicillamine  ( Cuprimine ,  Depen ) may increase penicillamine levels, increasing the risk of penicillamine side effects. The mechanism is unknown.
  • Combining telbivudine (Tyzeka) and hydroxychloroquine may increase the risk of unexplained muscle pain, , tenderness, or weakness because both drugs cause such side effects.
  • Hydroxychloroquine suppresses the immune system and should not be combined with drugs that also suppress the immune system or live vaccines
  • Used cautiously for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Psoriatic Arthritis,  Malaria Lupus, (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or SLE) Still’s Disease, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Sarcoidosis, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA)

ATCH 05-07-2020