Who did not listen or follow up…and quit…like the coward he is…
costing American lives by Feb-Mar,  Est. 562,000 by model

Who did nothing but praise his leader… and suck up… ad nauseam
helping cost us 562,000 lives and “Being Called Donald’s Sphincter” 

None whatsoever, science made the vaccines Not T-RUMP
And a half a million predicted dead By March 1st… 

If you do nothing, no harm… it will all go away… Thus I have the same approach 
switching to visuals till the new task force comes into being after
the 21st 
of January and much of his will be archived for evidence.

All Hands On Deck  _ Warning About The Holiday Surge

√  By contrast, legitimate top government health experts warned and people obviously did not listen and people will die in greater numbers.

√  Exhausted health workers pleaded with a country beset by pandemic fatigue to mitigate the pain and death for a few more months.  

√  Thanksgiving weekend reflected a juxtaposition between an incoming President who is not geared up to tackle a staggering national crisis because of a  brain dead casualty Commander-in-chief who retains his authority but is pursuing baseless claims over election fraud that is dying and will complicate the task of his successor.  Since Biden has little capacity to limit the explosion in COVID-19 CASES,   his most critical initial task will be to preside over the distribution of a vaccine developed by private companies in coordination with the current White House.

√  Patients were at capacity in US hospitals on Sunday, according to the Covid Tracking Project, underscoring the immense pressure on the nation’s hospitals and health care workers.  "Our hospitals are already at the brink," said CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen, a former Baltimore City health commissioner. "And they are just at the brink of becoming so overwhelmed that patients are going to get less than ideal care."

√  “The horrible death count that we saw yesterday in the United States … over 3000 for days  reflects the number of people who were being infected three weeks ago — two to three weeks ago, because that’s the lag,” Reiner said Wednesday.  Thanksgiving results not posted as yet. They are worried about 4000 a day dying.

√  A Full Complete Investigation —  As to who is responsible for the delays, criminal acts, and complete acts of negligent homocide for what will become a half million dead people is necessary and those that profiteered  by advanced information and medical supplies should be charged and arrested like whats going on in Georgia…

Perdue from Georgia who spends more time insider trading than he does helping those from Georgia. And that Senator Loeffler an idiot, how stupid are Georgia Republican People who are dying like flies to have elected that imbecile party gal with no brain of her own, a tacky party line Republican-not loser…and they elected her…

√  And something else bothered me, a statement by T-RUMP back in August of 2019, I am Jewish and I live by our oath of the Holocaust to “ Never Forget” and I have a message for the Nazi in the White House…

√   To the Frickin Idiot Nazi In the WhiteHouse… Real Hero’s Of The Vaccines…

T-RUMP says “ Any Jewish people who vote for Democrats are showing ‘great disloyalty’ or ‘ lack of knowledge’, coming from T-RUMP, it’s expected, scumbags are known for saying stupid things… fortunately they are listened to by other stupid scumbags…and ignored by intelligent ones 

Covid Science Hero’s And Many Are Jewish  —  Mikael Dolton  Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer, is Jewish.  He grew up in Halmstad, Sweden, the son of a Jewish father with prewar roots in Sweden and a Jewish mother who escaped Austria in the early days of WWII. He visited Israel several times as a youngster and did a year of his doctoral work at the Weizmann Institute.  There he learned cutting edge immunology which led him to pharmaceutical science.  Dolsten has referred in interviews to rising anti-Semitism in Sweden.

Pfizer CEO Albert Borla is a Sephardic Jew from Thessalonika, Greece, a city whose Jewish population was almost completely wiped out during WWII. The Borla family's history in Thessalonika goes back 5 centuries, and Borla visits his remaining family members there yearly. He now lives in New York City.

The Chief Medical Officer for Moderna, a Cambridge, Mass.- based company, is an Israeli immigrant named Tal Zaks. Previously, he served as head of Global Oncology at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals. Zaks received his M.D. and PhD. degrees at Ben Gurion University and conducted post-doc research at the NIH.  

University of Pennsylvania’s Drew Weissman  —  The scientist responsible, with a colleague, for the pioneering breakthroughs that allowed the development of an mRNA vaccine (the novel approach used by Moderna and Pfizer for dealing with COVID-19)  A Professor of Medicine at Penn, he received his BA and MA degrees at Brandeis and MD/Microbiology and PhD at Boston U  Weissman once worked with a fellowship at the NIH under Dr. Fauci.  

Dr  Rochelle Walensky, Professor Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Chief of Infectious Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital  —  President-Elect Joe Biden this week named his new head for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”):   She works as a physician at a Jewish camp for a week each summer.  clan is 

Jeff Zients  —  Will be Biden’s overseer for the entire federal COVID-19 response.  Zients led the successful effort to fix the government's website when it became damaged during the launch of the Affordable Care Act.

And remember that we Jews are less than 2% of the US population.

COVID-9 News Updated 12/23/2020

The Death Count Climbs Every Day


The Mobile Army Surgical Hospital  (MASH) Refrigeration Trucks, And Convicts
Thanks to the attendees at the Sturgis Macho Man Motorcycle Rally and then the T-RUMP Rallies and who went home to their cities and towns in the Midwest and now we have an epidemic epicenter there that did not exist before encompassing the country and people are dying, the part we seem to forget, this spore kills people.

Blame no one but yourself if you were a spreader.  Estimated  by scientific sources and tracing , there were 30,000 contaminated patients, went home and using the formula of 3.3 further contagion and extrapolated data, simply means the 30,000 infected 99,000 which then they will infect 326,000 leading to 1,078,110 cases and that what we hit… over one million, five hundred thousand in less than ten days.  

Some states have MASH tent hospitals now… and doctors are thinking they willed be called into treating this as triage, who will live and who won’t.

If they do have to go to extremes.  Ignorance, plus T-RUMPS  oblivion to the pain and suffering, plus herd mentality, equals death 

The Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) refers to a United States Army medical unit serving as a fully functional hospital in a combat area of operations. We are at war with a bug and no leadership except lies, corruption and, distortions and more acolyte lies from the WhiteHouse asshole gallery.  So many bodies, many states rely on refrigerated trailer units and convicted ( volunteer good records) prisoners doing the more hands on placement work.  SIDEBAR:  BOTTOM LINE - MORE PEOPLE WILL DIE

👺        The Task Farce Was Just That  — The Disney Land of Epidemics 

Another T-Rump Reality Show That Did Nothing, 

344,000 — 562,000 +
Those Marked With An X,  Should Leave,  If Not We Are Screwed, Any Way

FAKE FARCE Press Meetings…

Methanol,  T-Rump’s Other Ideas Kill Too
👺  People are getting sick and even dying after swallowing hand sanitizer, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday.  Four died and others have suffered impaired vision or seizures, the CDC says.  

👺  A CDC team described the cases of 15 adults in Arizona and New Mexico hospitalized for methanol poisoning. The FDA’s list of dangerous hand sanitizers has now grown to more than 100.   

👺  The miracle drug HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE is sponsored by Dr. Donald T-RUMP, and a group of off the wall quack doctors certified in Crainial-Rectal Endorsement. SH*T FOR BRAINS.COM on the web, TV and in the news technically has been re-named by FDA certification and now known as, 


👺 Upon  T-RUMPS recommendation, the latest scam thought  up by relationship with the other con Mr. Pillow Lindell, former Crackhead, Evangelical nutcase, and T-RUMP best bud declaring a new miracle drug should be fast tested by the FDA. Lindell brought Oleander formulation to the WhiteHouse, Oleander is second to Curare, another deadly plant.  If used on COVID-19 patients, four grams would kill them.     SEE THE WHOLE ARTICLE






The facts and fake fraudulent science about vaccination by some people with no medical nor scientific experience promoting ANTI-VACCINE PROTOCOLS as described in the following text and caused severe harm including death because their comments and stupid thinking deterred others from vaccinations. 

This will be a critical subject when the most important vaccines will be offered against COVID-19.  World wide we broke one and half million who have died. Estimate in the US will be close to 480-560,000 dead.

I fear our great nation is unfortunately composed of a share of some people who follow idiots, religious nutcases, morons, sooth sayers, snake oil salesmen and anything their weak and naive minds can fathom.  It is the fall and with winter approaching, the levels of contamination and exposure will rise due to more people gathering indoors and air circulation by heaters and or air conditioning reversals.

Anti-Vaccine Body Count  — We Live in Quack Land
The United States Anti-Vaccination Movement is composed of a variety of individuals ranging from mis-informed mentally stupid former doctors who should know better, to semi-celebrities who have no medical training, to anti-government conspiracy theorists who distrust anything that the government says. 

Best Case Example:  They all hold onto the mistaken belief that autism is caused by receiving childhood vaccines.  Most anti-vaccination believers claim that the compound Thimerosal led to an increase in autism cases. The Measles, Mumps,  Rubella vaccine is their usual target. 

However, Thimerosal was never used as a preservative in the Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine.  No vaccine licensed since 1999 has contained Thimerosal as a preservative, except a few multi-dose container vaccines such as some (but not all) HIB and Influenza vaccines and usage is scarce.  Just lies and falsehoods by rumor not fact and the stupid believe it. We also face vexers with measles , Hep-A, etc,but the idiots believed in Hydroquinone by T-RUMP…

Basics From Dr’s Fauci Medical Texts

😷  The World Health Organization ( WHO)  and US Centers for Disease Control ( CDC) and Prevention advise the public be watchful for fever, dry cough and shortness of breath, symptoms that follow contraction of the new COVID-19 known as SARS-CoV-2.  

😷  From infection, it takes approximately five to 12 days for symptoms to appear. According to the CDCthe virus can spread person-to-person within 6 feet through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.  It’s also possible for the virus to remain on a surface or object, be transferred by touch and enter the body through the mouth, nose or eyes.

“It’s a respiratory virus and thus it enters through the respiratory tract, we think primarily through the nose,” he said. “But it might be able to get in through the eyes and mouth because that’s how other respiratory viruses behave.” 

😷  Once inside the body, it begins infecting epithelial cells in the lining of the lung. A protein on the receptors of the virus can attach to a host cell's receptors and penetrate the cell. Inside the host cell, the virus begins to replicate until it kills the cell.  This first takes place in the upper respiratory tract, which includes the nose, mouth, larynx and bronchi.

😷  Younger people respond better to the ventilators but critical care ICU patients of age are having a rough go, they are not making it. It is estimated we will hit the 480 - 540,000 mark by January. 

😷  While the best defenses include basic precautions like hand washing, staying calm, and protecting medical workers, we face more difficulties.   The disease is transmitted with relative ease (evidently between people, through the air, like influenza and unlike Ebola, SARS, and MERS), and the timing seems to be bad. 

😷  Fauci said some states “ Went too fast” in reopening, while others followed the guidelines, “  But the people in the state didn’t listen and just threw caution to the wind.”   The nation’s top infectious disease expert said simple public health measures such as closing bars, spacing out seating at restaurants, avoiding crowds and wearing masks will curb the increase in cases. 

😷   “Guarantee you’re going to see that curve come down,”.   Sitting in a bar or restaurant, elevators and confined packed areas with no mask is dangerous.  Yet people are not paying attention.  

😷  The government’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who T-RUMP has repeatedly been attacked in recent days, by T-RUMP said Wednesday that although he was glad the President had recovered, his case should not be seen as indicative of everyone who gets infected.  Many had hoped to save the country the President should have croaked…

😷  Who warned us about the dark winter COVID-19 approaching,  T-RUMP ignored them in some cases embarrased, insulted them and lost a chance to make America alive again.  He as usual did not listen and created the worst ever new cases of COVID-19.   His negligence and mis-information is direct lies and murder… Negligent Homocide… Its being looked at…

😷  At a time when T-RUMP was downplaying the rising cases in the vast majority of states, dangerously holding huge rallies with few masks and no social distancing, and lodging the false and outlandish claim that doctors are exaggerating the number of COVID-19 deaths for profit,  Fauci fought back and told the Post that the nation is “in for a whole lot of hurt.” 

😷  “All the stars are aligned in the wrong place” as the country heads indoors in colder weather, Fauci told the newspaper in an interview late Friday — in two days when the US set a global record for the most daily cases and the nation surpassed 300,000 deaths. "You could not possibly be positioned more poorly."

😷  Fauci, who is widely trusted by the public after a lengthy career serving under six presidents from both parties, has adopted the polar opposite strategy by repeatedly telling Americans that they can change the trajectory of the virus and save lives if they adhere to mask use, social distancing protocols and other safety precautions. 

😇 World Health Organization

The World Health Organization reported last month about 80% of patients have a mild to moderate disease from infection. A case of “ Mild” COVID-19 includes a fever and cough more severe than the seasonal flu but does not require hospitalization.  

Those milder cases are because the body’s immune response is able to contain the virus in the upper respiratory tract and . Younger patients have a more vigorous immune response compared to older patients.

The 13.8% of severe cases and 6.1% critical cases are due to the virus trekking down the windpipe and entering the lower respiratory tract, where it seems to prefer growing.  “The lungs are the major target,” Hirsch said.   As the virus continues to replicate and journeys further down the windpipe and into the lung, it can cause more respiratory problems like bronchitis and pneumonia. 

Restricting oxygen to the bloodstream deprives other major organs of oxygen including the liver, kidney and brain. In a small number of severe cases that can develop into acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which requires a patient be placed on a ventilator to supply oxygen. 

However, if too much of the lung is damaged and not enough oxygen is supplied to the rest of the body, respiratory failure could lead to organ failure and death.  Dr. Vidcidi stresses that outcome is uncommon for the majority of patients infected with COVID-19  
Those most at risk to severe developments are older than 70 and have weak immune responses. Others at risk include people with pulmonary abnormalities, chronic disease or compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients who have gone through chemotherapy treatment. 

But Whats The Status Of Dr. Birx…Not Good

  • A top public health official on the White House COVID-19 task force has said she will retire after it emerged she hosted a holiday gathering.    Dr Deborah Birx, who is 64, cited the criticism she has faced for a family get-together over Thanksgiving in Delaware in her decision to step aside.  "This experience has been a bit overwhelming," she said. "It's been very difficult on my family."   Dr Birx had reportedly been seeking a job from US President-elect Joe Biden.

  • In a briefing in March Dr Birx talked about how she had isolated when she had a fever and a world-renowned Aids researcher, she has worked in the US government since the Reagan administration.  In an interview with US news network Newsy aired on Tuesday, a masked Dr Birx did not specify when she would stand down, but said she would help the incoming Biden administration and “ and then I will retire”.

  • Dr Birx had insisted she went to the property in Delaware to prepare it for a potential sale, though she acknowledged sharing a meal with her family during the visit.  Explaining her decision to gather with her husband, daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren, she told Newsy: "My daughter hasn't left that house in 10 months, my parents have been isolated for 10 months.  "They've become deeply depressed as I'm sure many elderly have as they've not been able to see their sons, their granddaughters.   "My parents have not been able to see their surviving son for over a year. These are all very difficult things.”

  • Despite the challenges of a foreboding winter season, and what promises to be a complicated presidential transition, Birx has indicated to friends she has no desire to give up her career as a public servant and enter the corporate world, which could certainly be an option. 

  • The White House did not immediately responded to CNN's request for comment. The Biden team declined to comment.  The Biden transition team announces COVID-19 advisers, including whistleblower Rick Bright.   “To every American, this is the moment to protect yourself and your family,” Birx said, and there are questions as to whether she joins the new team… she cannot till January 20, by law…if they want her.