Certified Truth From Scientists Instead Of A Moron Reality Star

Unique and Different

  1. COVID-19 is caused by NOVEL VIRUS structure called SARS-CoV-2.  It is one member of a dangerous group.  Novel means in terms nothing is known about it, it is different.  
  2. It is especially dangerous to older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart, lung disease, or are on Cancer treatments like Chemo, Radiation  or diabetes are at a  higher risk for developing more serious complications from the COVID-19… 
  3. Now we understand younger people are more susceptible as well.  Over 500,000 children are affected after the President said in his fallacies, hunches and lies that children were safe,  thats should qualify him for a public hanging as the schmuck is not only stupid, so are those who advise him. 
  4. Again these rumors  spread by T-RUMP ARE NOT TRUE PERIOD, validated by many real institutions. And do not go by what he says. Go with the science.
  5. This spore has no favorites and has morphed to a higher exposure air wise droplets. It is thought to spread mainly from person to person, mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or in a closed space like a bar when drunk and screaming or yelling but now proven it can suspend in circulating air.  
  6. Example:  One loudmouth screaming drunk in a bar with the virus will contaminate the whole place.  In South Korea one person inebriated, delighting in his freedom restored to full stupidity,  got loud and one week later, the “King Bar”  crowd has caused 164 new cases, that means 164 new spreaders and using the algorithm establish spreaders average 3.2 other people contracting the disease or 524 new cases and they can now extrapolate to almost 1700 people.
  7. It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. This is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads, but we are still learning more about this virus. 
  8.  And the first DOG has died from contracting COVID-19.  Which means kissing your dog is not a good idea, it never was but people are emotionally weak and naive to think someone who has just kissed his balls … kisses you… Forget about it, do stupid if you are stupid.

That the coronavirus has no nationality should be obvious. It’s no more the fault of the Chinese people, or of their government.  The Chinese reporting was off by 50%, and not that it is that unusual or understandable ( China is not that transparent)  because no one wants to go door to door to find dead people while the spores are active. Nevertheless they screwed up.

  1. Many pandemics originate or are animal borne and have a name. They are called Zoonotic’s.  Animals provide many benefits to people. Many people interact with animals in their daily lives, both at home and away from home.  Animals provide food, fiber, livelihoods, travel, sport, companionship, and education for people across the globe. 
  2. However, animals can sometimes carry harmful germs that can spread to people and cause illness — these are known as zoonotic diseases or zoonoses. Zoonotic diseases are caused by harmful germs like viruses, bacterial, parasites, and fungi. These germs can cause many different types of illnesses in people and animals, ranging from mild to serious illness and even death. 
  3. Zoonotic diseases are very common, both in the United States and around the world. Scientists estimate that more than 6 out of every 10 known infectious diseases in people can be spread from animals, and 3 out of every 4 new or emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals. 
  4. Two things surfaced, a lot depends on how long you were in a contaminated area or state and air-conditioning spreads the contact area very nicely and even with regular filters might not kill the spores. Again estimated life on the spore is three hours and it can stay in suspension in the air. Some surfaces are or may be longer….  
  5. We know now that spores do have a coating.   Bacterial spores, the most resistant organisms on earth, carry an extra coating of protection previously undetected. The finding could shed light on why spores of the bacteria that cause botulism, tetanus, and anthrax might also and most likely COVID-19 might launch clues.
  6. The microbiologists examined the proteins that comprise spores’ protective layers.  Previous research has shown that 70 different proteins make up these layers. Less understood is how these proteins interact to form the spores’ protective coats.  
  7. We knew nothing about Corvid-19  when it arrived in La, But the bulk arrived from Europe in NYC.  Where was the CDC during this time….T-RUMP took their funding money and facility away for the building of his wall.  And might take a year for a real vaccine to come on the market and thats a gamble.  
  8. Some never get a vaccine…and many are scared of the push for a cure and shortcomings for political favor by someone who could care less about dead people… Donald J T-RUMP.  Simply call it “ Not me, do I look like a Guinea Pig”.
  9. Trillions of dollars of new spending, some processes are too late by negligence and a lack of leadership, interfering with wrong information and lies, actually causing most of the ongoing problems and additional deaths.  Scientists and doctors tell us many of these people did not have to die if proper procedures and leadership intervened.  
  10. T-RUMP refused to get going and went on hunches. With 201,000 dead so far I think his leadership and hunches suck and he should be tried for Criminal Homocidal Negligence.  Scientists are rapidly scaling up research into treatments for the virus and are seeking a vaccine that, within a year or two, could possibly vanquish the threat.  
  11. Over 60 vaccines are being tested world wide.  But not an easy task and worldwide almost a million have or will die.  And the nine Drug companies agreed science rules, not politics.
  12. All the opportunistic hoopla is political, not factual and get filed under Bullsh*t.   Frankly speaking, this will be no party, hunker down, and those optimistic views as our stupid leadership is showing it’s true colors of really knowing absolutely nothing.  Some of the announcements have been more like publicity releases for a company to drive the stock market and not factual at all. 
  13. Just T-RUMP  but he does nothing without getting his share.  Your rich friends ( 1-2%)  in the stock market netted Four Billion dollars during the pandemic and you had to fight for toilet paper…  When your elected leaders put out so much sh*t, I guess the toilet paper goes first…
  14. We Are Not Testing  — COVID-19 testing in the United States is disorganized and needs coordination at the national level, infectious disease experts said in a new report released Wednesday.  Right now, testing is not accurate enough to use alone to make most decisions, the team at the University of Minnesota said. 
  15. Mutations  — COVID-19, like all other viruses, can mutateor undergoes small changes in its genome. A recently published study suggested that the last coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, had already mutated into one more and one less aggressive strain. This might be different,  estimated 400,000 deaths in the US and no treatment is scary…Mutations are alterations to a DNA sequence. 
  16. If one thinks of the information in DNA as a series of sentences, mutations are errors in spelling the words that make up those sentences. Sometimes mutations are inconsequential, like a misspelled word whose meaning is still quite clear. At other times mutations have stronger ramifications, like a sentence whose meaning is completely changed.
  17. COVID-19 Illness - Possible Mutation - Target Children - PIMS - And now my biggest fear was mutation or shifts and now that has happened with 150 cases of a new strain effecting children with five deaths.  It is new and unknown, mostly in the NY epicenter.  
  18. Also latest news indicate young people thought of having immunity or less susceptibility is not true.  It was  rumor spread by Donald T-RUMP to get parents to relax their fears and  get their kids back to school to help him get re-elected.  
  19. He has no compassion as a human being, just an actor… and if your child got sick and or died to him it’s just collateral damage, if you voted for the bastard, now you can live with him till the election or die by him. Botton line your kids, they can get it and transmit it to everyone in your house.  There is also a pediatric version… 
  20. They are calling it Pediatric Inflammatory Multi-system Syndrome, or PIMS, is now being seen across the country and is striking newborns and teenagers alike.  Several children have already died and at least 135 have been diagnosed with the condition in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. 
  21. The condition occurs six weeks after a child is exposed to COVID-19; common symptoms include fever, inflammation and rash.  A complication of the COVID-19 not even acknowledged by many a week ago, the new condition is now being seen across the country and is striking newborns and teenagers alike. 
  22. After fighting off the virus, a child’s immune system is in overdrive and can cause an inflammatory syndrome — similar to toxic shock or what’s called Kawasaki disease — that affects the skin, eyes and blood vessels, and can be deadly.
  23. Health officials say symptoms include fever, and more than half of the cases reported having rashes, abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea. While it has been considered a direct symptom of COVID-19, less than half of the pediatric patients in New York City displayed any shortness of breath.  
  24. “Swelling of the hands or feet, eye redness, cracked lips, and this rash — all over rash — and you’ll very typically see it on the back,” said Dr. Tom Balcezak, chief clinical officer at Yale New Haven Health. “If you see those symptoms, call your medical professional, talk to your pediatrician and don’t delay your care.”

Short-Term Effects Of COVID-19

  1. "COVID-19’s early symptoms aren’t drastically different from what you might see in many other common respiratory infections. Patients often present with a fever, they are tired and cough often,” said Dr. Bime According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic, 15% result in moderate to severe symptoms (requiring oxygen) and about 5% are critical infections, which require ventilation. 
  2. During a severe or critical bout with COVID-19, the body has many reactions like Lung tissue swells with fluid, making lungs less elasticThe immune system goes into overdrive, sometimes at the expense of other organs, as your body fights one infection, it is more susceptible to additional infections.
  3. Dr. Bime added that he has seen a trend of blood clots becoming more common in COVID-19 patients. The cause of this is still uncertain.  Dr. Bime noted that as the infection worsens, there are unique attributes in the imaging that distinguish COVID-19 from other respiratory infections. 
  4. “CT scans of patients’ lungs show patches of swelling and fluid in the lung tissue. The fluid is less dense than in other infections, resulting in a ‘ground glass’ appearance which we have found to be a tell-tale sign of COVID-19.” This pattern is recognized as common in patients, however, the “ground glass” imaging is not requisite to a diagnosis of COVID-19
  5. The inflammation of the lung tissue causes the air sacs to fill up with fluid and makes the lung stiff and less elastic. Dr. Bime described the lungs ability to take in air as if it were a sponge. As the tissue fills with fluid, their ability to expand and contract is inhibited. Air capacity is diminished, and many patients work harder to breathe. Severe cases can require oxygen support and even respirators to keep the lungs functioning.

Long-Term Effects Of COVID-19

  1. With less than a year of cases, identifying the long-term effects of COVID-19 can feel a little bit like predicting the future. However, Dr. Bime emphasized that this coronavirus causes a well-known syndrome known as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). In ARDS fluid builds up in the tiny air sacs of the lung called alveoli, limiting the ability to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. Dr. Bime explained that people who have recovered from ARDS may deal with:
  2. Limited lung capacity compared to their peers.  Psychiatric issues such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, cognitive impairment, and anxiety, due to the trauma of the illness and treatment.   Kidney complications which could lead to a need for long-term dialysis.  Poor conditioning due to limited lung and/or organ function.
  3. The areas of “ground glass” in CT scans of COVID-19 patients show where damage may be accumulating. Damage to lung tissue often results in scarring, which can limit the elasticity of the lung and decrease its function even after the initial damage has passed. “The body has an amazing way of healing and each patient is unique,” said Dr. Bime. “In some cases, scarring can partially heal, returning functionality to damaged lungs.”
  4. While COVID-19-associated ARDS shares a lot with “traditional” ARDS, we are watching for unique long-term effects for victims of the pandemic. Dr. Bime reassured us that “while it is possible, there is no evidence that recovering from COVID-19 makes you more susceptible to lung cancer and other serious conditions.”  Yet a newer report has indicated long term damage amongst those who showed lesser effects, the so-called 99% by T-RUMP.  This could be the most dangerous lie he has told…

Dumb and Dumber  —  Two Very Stupid Ignorant Political Liars 

Further, "If you don’t test, you don’t have any cases. If we stopped testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any,” T-RUMP and Pence said, arguing the number of positive tests in the US is deceptive.  Donald is a moron and Pence agreed with him as most arse-kissers do but we knew also he was a Devout Evangelical moron himself

If we didn’t breath we would never get COVID-19…now thats true… but you would also die….

Pence changed religions three times like shoes, lies like a crook and claims divine guidance, we wish him well when that giant black Angel takes him to hell for false idolatry and lying, sycophant support of a false idol, he’s just an arse kissing sycophant afraid of Sir Donald. You are correct, I hate this lieing bastard just as much as I dislike T-RUMP and for the same reasons…  

The Arc Of A Failure and 217,000 Americans Have Died 
— 200,000 More Possible

  1. Donald’s lie’s and bullsh*t  as usual lacking truth, certification, and transparency did not properly put the country on medical alert.  He had removed some of the early CDC warning system and went on his hunches after all he is smarter than all of us, including Doctors, Scientists and remember the Generals and Admirals are not as smart as Donald.  
  2. The virus has posed a particular test for President T-RUMP. He has polarized American politics, leading a substantial portion of the country to tune him out, while his constant stream of false statements has undermined faith in what he says, a dangerous situation in a crisis. 
  3. He gets his info from all the fake make believe people at FOX news, Lou Dobbs, Hannity, Ingraham, and from noted boy wonder and cold-blooded pr*ck…  Jared Kushner,  White Nationalist Scumbag NAZI Racist Stephen Miller, and other slimeballs with an IQ not higher than pet rocks who advise the president.  And his COVID-19 
  4. Thats just truth  …  He blames everybody else and its time the people fought back… Free speech if not true or validated rumors and conspiracies should be investigated and surfaced and those spreading lies should be charged as conspirators, if we had a legitimate legal part of our government which T-RUMP killed with Barr getting the DOJ. 
  5. It’s free speech, I would defend with my life,  but has to be honest free speech.  Lies just don’t count and T-RUMP has spewed 20,000 of them. What you don’t believe that?  Check with Politico and the Washington post. When he lies people will die.
  6. The United States is paying the price today for decades of defunding government, politicizing independent agencies, fetishizing local control, and demeaning and disparaging government workers and bureaucrats,”   The federal government has added layers of inefficient bureaucracy, while a patchwork of 2,684 state, local, and tribal health systems is unwieldy. As a result, the weakness of US governance is being exposed,  all in the past 3.5 years, his legacy.
  7. The US health system has rated highly on the Johns Hopkins-led Global Health Security Index,  “Rich, strong, developed, America is supposed to be the readiest of nations,”  “ That illusion has been shattered”. Despite months of advance warning as the virus spread in other countries.  Thats what happens when a schmuck in the WhiteHouse denigrates all the world allies and associations that works toward the preservation of mankind.
  8. A US response hampered by President Trump’s reluctance to invoke emergency production powers and unwillingness to heed warnings. Disease experts have been predicting for years that an epidemic could challenge the American health system,  but the government’s failure has been worse than any of them had imagined possible. 
  9. If the most prudent strategies are followed, the country and the world are now in for a long haul—a “protracted game of whack-a-mole with the virus, stamping out outbreaks here and there until a vaccine can be produced”—and a future in which COVID could return seasonally in different forms, like the flu…
  10. We understand the inbred GOP base and Evangelicals lack common sense but the problem is they are believers, they believe any sh*t he makes up and tells them.    Such talk is not a slip of the tongue. It hurts real people in real ways to call COVID-19 THE CHINESE or KUNG FLU VIRUS,  as T-RUMP insists on doing.   Spoken like a true retard.  And innocent Chinese who are born and raised here also called AMERICANS have been attacked because of the idiot remarks by T-RUMP and cohorts.

-``***ATCH 10-27-2020