The Wall That Mexico will Not Pay For - T-RUMPs Biggest lie… and recently 6/2020 the Supreme Court said no Military Assigned money by Congress may be used for it. 


Lots Of Promises, Love Letters Lots Of Photo-Ops, And Grand Standing Images Regardless It Turned Into A Magnum Sized Expensive Bullsh*T Session And No Treaty… Kim Jung Un Beat Three Presidents, T-Rump Was A Lapdog Layover Loser… And Kim Laughs At Him…

North Korea has blown up -- as in, completely destroyed -- an office used for talks between itself and South Korea. If ever there were a sign that the relationship between the adversaries is deteriorating, this is it. The building has been closed for months due to the coronavirus, but it was obviously a symbol of goodwill between the nations. North Korea says it decided to raze the office as yet another retaliatory measure against South Korea after defectors used balloons to send anti-North Korean leaflets  North of the DMZ. 

The country recently announced it is cutting all ties with South Korea over the incident and will remilitarize parts of the Korean border that have been dormant for years. It's illegal -- and extremely risky -- for average North Koreans to consume literature or entertainment that's not approved by the government. Experts also suspect North Korea’s recent actions may be its attempt to gin up a crisis.

Both The Economist and the World Politics Review’s Elliot Waldman float another theory: that the turn toward aggression has something to do with Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong. 
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been out of the spotlight for much of the year, as rumors have swirled about his health, and his sister Kim Yo Jong is a top contender to succeed him, they note; she has also grown more publicly vocal of late. 

As The Diplomat’s Ankit Panda writes, the diplomatic-facility explosion followed public threats against the South issued by Kim Yo Jong. Before that, Reuters’ Josh Smith wrote of her ascendance in the political scene, as she and another hardliner were cited as having backed the earlier move to cut lines of communication—a potential signal to the public of her status as a political player. 

Interviewed by Piers Morgan for Good Morning Britain about Kim Jong Un’s health, former NBA player, 2013 North Korea visitor—and self-proclaimed friend of Kim—Dennis Rodman said, “If you see his sister on TV running the country, now you know something is wrong.”)
The Economist notes that the North’s “regime may be seeking to raise Ms Kim’s profile by strengthening her hardline credentials, reckons Andray Abrahamian of George Mason University Korea,” while the World Politics Review’s Waldman entertains several theories, including that her growing presence could simply mean she is “serving as attack dog so that her brother can easily step back into the role of peacemaker should tensions subside in the future.”


Simple, No One Will Lend Him Money In New York … So He Sells All His Condos To Russians And Uses Their ( Now Laundered) Money To Support His Buildings… The Cash Is Handled Through Deutscher Bank And Co-Signed Or Backed By The Russian VDB Bank… Thats Why Putin Is Such A Good Fiend… Friend… Putin Owns the Pr*ck


Ed Note:   Donald’s Imaginary Love-Fest With Xi Jinping Is A Farce.  It’s All Bullsh*T , Because Donald Is No Match For The Chinese Industrial Giant And Donald’s Words Carry No Weight,  Just Like His Twitts.  The Chinese Are Not Just Into Egg Rolls And Roast Duckling, They Are In Everything That Can Be Stolen, Cloned Or Manufactured And Soon  Will Possibly Surpass Us…

Wake-Up America, T-Rumps Bragging About Relationships Is Falling Apart And The War Between What I Call The Occident And The Orient Is Resulting In A Factual Trade War.  Worse, The Collaborations, Allies Relationships And Simply Friends And Trade Partners Is Dwindling Whereas China Relationships Are Growing World Wide… The Great Relationship T-Rump Talks About Must Make For Great Laughs In The Chinese Capitol… And A New Round Of Fortune Cookies Should Be Hilarious…Especially Those Written By The Chinese Hacker Won Dum Fuk

China is using the global catastrophe to seize influence and advantage.  “In fact, a striking feature of the international landscape in recent months has been China’s strategic blunders that are proving deeply consequential,”  From its incursion into disputed territory on its border with India, to rising tensions with Australia, Fareed argues, China is alienating neighbors.

“Thanks to its actions over the last few years, under Xi Jinping,” Fareed says, “China today finds itself in the same strategic situation as the Soviet Union did during the Cold War—surrounded by countries that are growing increasingly hostile to it.”

The End of Hong Kong?  — After Beijing ratified its controversial security law for Hong Kong, commentators across the spectrum have voiced uncertainty and concern. In an editorial, the South China Morning Post cautions that it’s not yet clear how aggressively China will enforce it. Beijing “needs to show that it is targeted and can reinforce national security without inhibiting the city’s potential to further flourish from its special status,” the paper writes, adding that after a year of political unrest, and now amid the economic ravages of Covid-19, “ to win the hearts and minds of Hong-congers is a tough assignment and will take time.”

At the Hong Kong Free Press, Simon Shen predicts Beijing will dismantle Hong Kong’s institutions and encourage a “false sense of liberty following the death of an authentic Hong Kong.” But, he notes, this is the Chinese Communist Party’s first attempt at “social restructuring” in the Internet era, and he argues that “Hong Kong may not share the same fate as other Chinese cities” thanks to its global community of expats and supporters.

Noting that some pro-democracy activists have already closed shop—"Joshua Wong, a leading activist, and his young colleagues from Demosisto, a small pro-democracy party, announced it was disbanding”—The Economist writes that it’s uncertain whether any resistance will be viable, but “advocating independence for Hong Kong is certainly now proscribed.” It is likely that a new security body will name targets for arrest by police, the magazine predicts, with authorities likely hoping to make a few examples with harsh sentences. While protests may or may not unfold over the law’s passage, “[w]hatever happens on the streets … ‘one country, one system’ creeps ever closer.”


As The Us Standoff With Iran Hurtles Forward, It’s Revealing Some Truths About Us Power, Influence, And Alliances. Among Them, Is That America Can No Longer Ensure The Security Of Gulf Oil Shipping On Its Own, And Thanks To Domestic Us Oil Production, It Lacks The Incentive To Assume Such A Responsibility…

The Standoff Is Not Only A Test Of American Power, Or Of Trump’s Personal Handling Of A Crisis Situation, It’s Testing Trump’s Entire Foreign-Policy Doctrine Of Unilateralism… After T-Rump Has Alienated Us Allies, He Finds Himself In A Confrontation Where He Might Actually Need Them, Many Argue.


Donald T-Rump Made Friends With The New Dictator Of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro,  And Jair Followed Donald’s Advice Concerning How To Make Brazil Great…  He fell for T-Rumps Bullsh*t Lies And  T-RUMPS Medical Knowledge Destroyed Brazil And Made It Number Two In The World In One Month With Death by Covid-19, another great achievement for the exalted one…But results count  MORE Deaths:  59,954   COVID-19 Cases:  1.2 Million Citizens In City As Noted  But Total For Indigenous River People Unknown


Other Treaties, Agreements, Joint Ventures, and Military Co-operation, Cancelled or Failed

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