FART news originates from the twitts and tweets of thoughts and news from the usual time consuming Fart mail from T-RUMP  his family, Cabinet members, fellow crooks and appointed booger lovers and scumbags ... which usually gets denied less than 24 hours later.  Or in the case of Rudi “ The Kazooti” Giuliani before the end of his last sentence.  ( Kazooti refers to him blowing his own horn).

Our distinguished mentor, from MAD, the greatest magazine ever printed by incredible minds who saw the humor and stupidity placed well in the front of the American public, and immortalized it so people can see how frickin stupid some of them are... hits the nail on the head. 

ALFRED E. NEUMANN:  When surrounded by ASSHOLES can you expect anything other than a SHITSTORM?

Brilliant and to the point.  In all fairness and defense, many, almost 100 personnel and a myriad of Cabinet members left the White House mainly to save themselves, I call that a good move, some were fired for bad deeds and some got fired for not properly placing their lips on Donald ass. 

When the Donald gets impeached, articled 25 or assassinated or because they were loyal to T-RUMP and there will be retaliations, new faces will be seen in Washington and being a Trumpeteer will be a career killer.







Here is a compilation of the funniest Donald Trump nicknames: There are many more but not enough room and these names were submitted because T-RUMP likes to call people names so fair is fair.

70-Year-Old Toddler  Adolf Twitler   Agent Orange   Alpha Molester    America’s Black Mole   America’s Burst Appendix

Amnesty Don   Angry Creamsicle   Art Deal and Mr. “Art of the Deal    Assaulter-in-Chief   Asshole Baby Fingers Trump

Barbarian at the Debate   Barbecued Brutus   Barrel-Shouting Meatball Donald Trump   Benedict Donald   Big Donald

Birther Maniac   Boiled Ham in a Wig   Boldfinger   Boss Tweet  Bratman   Bribe of Chucky Bully Boy Bumbledore

Bushman    Butternut Squash    Cancer in a Wig   Captain Chaos Captain Outrageous   Cheddar Boy   Cheeto Benito

Cheeto Führer    Cheeto Jesus   Cheeto-Dusted Bloviator   Cheeto-In-Chief    Cheez Doodle   Cheez Whiz 

Chicken Donald   Chickenhawk    Cinnamon Hitler    Comedy Entrapment   Comrade Cheetolino   Corn Husk Doll

Cursed by a Witch   Creep Throat   Crybaby Trump   Daddy Warbucks    Damn Turd Pol   Dangerous Donald

Darth taxeVader   Decomposing   Dehydrated Orange Peel   Demander-in-Chief   Diaper Donald  Dire Abby

Donald Dodo    Donald Drumpf   Donald the Deadbeat    Donny Draft Dodger   Dumbo  Dump Tump

Evil   Failed Mail-Order Meat Salesman   Fascist Carnival Barker   Fascist, Loofa-faced Shit-Gibbon  Feral Shouting Meatball

Fifth Avenue Freeze-Out   Financially Embattled Thousandaire   Flat Top   Fragile Soul   Fruit of the Loom 

Fuckface von Clownstick   Genghis Can’t   Gentle Donald   God    Godzilla, with Less Foreign Policy Experience

Golden Wrecking Ball    Gossamer-Skinned Bully   Government Expander    Grandpa Fucko   Groper-in-Chief

Hair Apparent   Hair Furor   Hair Hitler   Herr Lugenpress   Human-Toupee  Hybrid Service   Humble Cow Pie

Humble Trump   Hurricane Donald   Immigrant-Bashing Carnival Barker   In-Vet-Irate Liar   Job Security  John Baron 

John Boehner’s Tanning Partner in Crime  Kelly’s Zero   Killer Klown from Outer Space   King of the Oompa Loompas

King of the Whoppers    King Tut    Lady Fingers Trump   Liberal Wannabe Strongman   Liberals’ Best Friend  

Loosin’ Donald   Lord Dampnut   Lord Voldemort   Machado Meltdown   Maladroit Savage Spiraling Out of Control

Man-Baby Meathead   Mein Furor   Mogul   Moneydiaper McStupid  Mr. Brexit   Mr. Chickenhawk  Mr. Macho

Mr. Meticulous   Mr. Wiggy Piggy   Mussolini’s Taint   Narcissistic Human Airhorn   New York Pork Dork   No More Donald

Orange Anus   Orange Julius   Orange Manatee   Orange Slug   Orangeback Gorilla   Panda Hair  Pander Hair

Peripatetic Political Showman   Pile of Old Garbage Covered in Vodka Sauce  Political Gutterball   Poor Donald

Poster Child of American Decline  POTUS WRECKS   Putin’s Gambit  Queens’ Reich  Rabble-Rousing Demagogue

Riptide of Regression   Rome Burning in Man Form   Ronald McDonald Trump-Bozo  Sack of Gilded Lunchmeat

Screaming Carrot Demon   Scrooge Grinch McGrump   Serial Feeler   Short-fingered vulgarian  Silver Spoon Donald

Snake Oil Salesman   Sniffles   Sociopathic 70-Year-Old Toddler    Stubby Baby Fingers Trump   Stuporman

Tan Dump Lord    Tangello Fruit Roll-Up Stretched Over Cat Litter   Tangerine Tornado    Tangerine-Tinted Trash-Can Fire

TelePrompTer Trump   Terroristic Man-Toddler   The Big Cheeto   The Boychurian Candidate   The Chaos Candidate   

The Cowardly Lyin’   The Definer   The Donald   The Dumpster   The Emperor with no Balls   The Fomentor   

The Germinator   The GOP’s Unhinged Front-Runner   The Grand Wizard of Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

The Greatest Charlatan (of them all)   The Human Bullhorn   The Human Corncob   The Man of Steal (made in China)

The Michelangelo of BallyhooThe New Furor   The Only Plausible GOP Nominee  The Puerile Sophomoric Sniveler

The Predictable Endpoint of Republicanism   The Shambling Sasquatch   The Silver Spoon Scion   The Sophomoric Sniveler

The Spinster and The Sinister Spinster    The Teflon Don   The Tiny Fisted Emperor   The Trumpet   The Twitter Terror  

The uniquely Under-qualified and Over-blown King of Bragging and Whining   The Wedgie from West Palm   Tic-Tac-Dough

The White Kanye   The Winning Whiner   Tie-Coon   Tricky Don Trump    Trump of Doom  Trumparius  Trump-dozer

Trumpelthinskin   Trumpenstein   Trumpinator   Trumple-Doodle-Doo-Doo   Trumpocalypse  Trumptastrophe

Twitter-Drunk Donald  Two Pump Trump   Two-Bit Caesar  UNA -Unrepentant Narcissistic Asshole  Vanilla ISIS

Vet Evictor  Voldemort   Walking Talking Human Combover   Weak Donald   World’s Greatest Troll   

Xenophobic Sweet Potato Donald Trump   Agent of Deranged Change  The Angry Cheeto   Antichrist   

Bag of Toxic Sludge   Bald-faced Crier   The Bigoted Billionaire   The Bilious Billionaire   Blowhard

The Bouffant Buffoon   Bush Baby and Bush Baby Fingers   The Bush Basher   The Bush Beater   Bushmaster

Captain Bluster   Captain Crunch   Captain Tantastic  Chimp-PAN-Zee   Clown Prince of Politics   The Combover Con Artist

Commander-in-Grief   Conspiracy Commander-in-Chief  Con-Dike Gold Rush   Crown Prince of Politwits   

Crybaby Prima Donald   The Daft Draft Dodger   Dainty Donald    Damien Trump   Darth Hater   DDT   The Debate Hater   

Deeply Disturbed Fuzzy Orange Goofball   Der Groepenfuehrer   Der Trumpkopf   Dickhead   Dickhead Dongle   

Dingbat Donald   Dishonest Don   The Disruptor   The Dick Tater   DJT   Dodgy Donald   The Don   Don-the-Con   

Don Dementia   Donald Chump   Donald deGonad   Donald Dingbat   Donald Dipshit   The Donaldmeister

Donald Doom   The Donimator   Donald Douche and the Bags   Donald Duck   Donald Duck Doo-Doo  Donald Ducknuke

Donald Dump    Donald Gonad   Donald the Menace   Don Goner   Donnie Bratso   Donnie Darko   Donnie TicTac  

Donny-baby    Donny-boy   Donny-brook   Don of Orange   Dr. Strangelove   Duke Nuke ‘Em   Dumbelldore   Ego Maniac  

The Emperor with no Clothes   Itty Bitty Ball Trump   The Fanta Fascist  Field Marshall Trump   Flipper  Flip Flopper

The Fomentalist   Forrest Trump   The Fraud of Fifth Avenue    Frisker-in-Chief    Frisky Frisker   The Frontrunner

Golden Calf of Doom  God-Emperor Trump  Great Orange Hairball of Fear   The Great White Dope   Grope Dope

The Great White Dope on a Self-Hanging Rope   Halfwit Tweet Twit    Head Twit    Herr Führer Trump   Herr Trump

The Human Amplifier    The Human Combover    The Human Tanning Bed Warning Label    The IM-POTUS

The Inane Interjector   The Infuriator   The ISIS Candidate   Jack the Gripper    King of Debt    King Leer   King of Sleaze

King of Spin   King Trump   King Twit   K-Mart Caesar   Last of The Mango Mohawkans   Liberal Lip   Little Dutch Boy

Little Donnie Sissypants   The Lone DeRanger   Long Dong Trump   Lurch   The Lyin King   Macho McGrump  

The Mad Shambler    Mango Mussolini    Master Debater    MEGA-low-maniac    Mr. Firepants   Mr. Inappropriate

Mr. Boinker Oinker   New York Dork   Orange Bozo   Orange Caligula   Orange Clown    Orange-Hued Self-Immolator

Orange Man    The Orange Messiah  Orange Moron    Orange Omen of Doom   Orange-Tufted Asshole   OranguTAN

Orange Toilet Bowl    Crud Brought to Life as a Genital-Grabbing Golem    Party Pooper    President Gold Man Sucks

Orange-Tufted Imbecile Intent on Armageddon    President If-Urine-You’re-In    President Rancid Velveeta   Prima Donald

Pudgy McTrumpcake    Puffed Up Daddy    Pussy Posse    Putin’s Papaya-Flavored Pawn   Putin’s Pet   Queer Orangutan

Republican Rapture Inducer   Ryan’s Nope    Scrooge McTrump    Sexual-Predator-in-Chief   Shitler    Sir Sissypants   

The Spin King   The Suicide Bummer   The Swamp Draining Lizard-Man-Toddler   The Talking Yam   Tangerine Jesus

The Tanning Bed Warning Label     Tepid Trumpeter    Thin Skinned Orange Peel  Tic-Tacky Trump   Timid Trumpster   

Tiny Hands Trump    Tricky Trump    T-Rump    Trumpalump   Trumpamaniac    Trump the Grump    Trump Card

Trumpledore    Trumpletoes    Trumpling Dildo   Trumpmeister    Trumpster   Trump The Chump   Trumpty Dumpty   

The Tufted Taliban   Twat Twit   Twitter Flitter   Twitter Spitter    The UNA Bomber   Unreality King  Walking Punchline

Venom-Drenched Regurgitated Slimy Orange Hairball      Whiny Don    Whiny Donald   The White Pride Piper   HUGE

 Asshole   HUGE Liar    Zen Master of Hate

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