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Who The F*ck  Does This Mini-Bitch Think She Is…

(CNN)  Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot doesn’t mince her words when it comes to Twitter.  After White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called Lightfoot "the derelict mayor of Chicago" in a press briefing, the mayor hit back, tweeting "Hey, Karen. Watch your mouth."

McEnany called Lightfoot a “ derelict” following a question about President Trump's response to the death of Black people at the hands of police.  On the internet, a "Karen" is a moniker for a stereotypically rude, middle aged White woman -- the type who demand to "speak to the manager" or call the police on Black people in innocent situations.

Lightfoot is no stranger to social media. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, she has used videos and memes to encourage residents to follow stay at home orders. Her brusque, no-nonsense approach to the pandemic has spawned the internet sensation of "Lori Lightfoot is watching you."

“Where's Lightfoot" memes showing the mayor watching over the city are a popular mainstay in Chicago -- on one Instagram page, the mayor pops up at park barricades, people's homes as they consider going outside, and even in iconic works of art.   Lightfoot, a former assistant US attorney, not only became Chicago’s first Black female mayor when she was elected, but also the city’s first to identify as lesbian.  You rock lightfoot and stomp that mini-bitch

Fox, Carlson, T-Rump And Kayleigh All  Frickin Liars…

No, a reporter didn’t call White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany a “lying b**ch” at Tuesday’s White House press briefing even though as facts and past statement would have it,  it’s true she really is a mini-lying bitch for the Donald and controversy sells for Donald and he loves it. 

Thus TRUTH does not exist in the white house which has turned out into a shithouse of lies and liars.  Vegas is betting she can out spin the famous Whirling Dervishes of Turkey, The religious Order of Mevlevi, as the Whirling Dervishes are officially known, is a Sufi movement founded in the 13th century after the death of poet and philosopher Mevlana Rumi.  

Kayleigh is her own order of spins and lies, and one glance at her bible,  her book of prepared lies and bullsh*t she carries with her to the fake news conferences which is not more tha a T-RUMP mini-rally.  

Fox Spins Lies - T-Fucker Carlson And Sworn Liar Hannity Ran With It…
This is a story that illustrates how quick some factions of the country are to jump to conclusions in order to vilify members of the press. 

On Tuesday, some Twitter users accused Al Jazeera's Kimberly Halkett of muttering on a hot mic that McEnany is a "lying b**ch." That simply wasn't true. As Halkett wrote in a tweet, she actually told McEnany, after an exchange, "Okay, you don't want to engage." 

If you listen to the audio, it's clear that is what she said. And the White House's official transcript of the press briefing later quoted her saying that.

The Twitter controversy, however, made its way to Fox News' highest-rated shows. Tucker Carlson ran with the story, saying, "Did she swear at the White House press secretary? We don't know." Uh, yes we do Tucker! She did not. That's according to *checks notes* the White House's own transcript. 

Nevertheless, Sean Hannity also covered the non-story. He opened his interview with McEnany by leading with the falsehood. Hannity said his staff was torn "50-50" on whether Halkett made the profane remark. Hannity himself said it wasn't "totally clear" what Halkett said and then asked McEnany for her comment. McEnany said her staff was also torn. But McEnany said she would give Halkett the benefit of the doubt, unlike the reporters covering the White House who she portrayed as dishonest.

One Month Verdict  - Littlest Lying Bitch On The Job…
One month on the job and we have formed an opinion.  The newest sacrifice to the Gods, and Supreme Asshole and Leader Donald T-rumps personal choice of liar lackey and press corps liar-upper is a winner.  She rates high, very high, 87% of words that come from those beautiful lips are T-RUMP spins and untruths.  Looks, thats where it all ends, integrity, non whatsoever.


  • She out-lied all the competition, by far representing T-RUMP, great stuff, 100% fine grade horsesh*t…
  • 100 voters declared her the best liar T-rump has had, well the prettiest, Sara not only stopped clocks they ran backwards
  • She’s polished, knows her lies inside and out, must practice in the toilet a lot
  • She’s great interrupter constantly dodging the question, because the truth is bad
  • Looks great, and you almost feel sorry for her because she could do much better with her looks and bubbly personality than to just be another prostitute in the T-RUMP brothel.   
  • She is the best liar as to confidence but not the most truthful, she truly is a self serving lying little snitch… but not up to Sara Sanders who rewrote the book on “ Ignorance Is The Best Answer” which won the “ Schlitzer Award” from the third grade in Lower Mostrovinia…

Acosta to McEnany: Doesn't sharing fake videos make you fake news? CNN's Jim Acosta presses White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany about a video posted by President Donald Trump on Twitter, which the social media site has since removed.

I welcomed her as a new bright face on the often troubled T-rump Press Corps …and I wished her well… with no malice…  and the little minute mouth went to work and in twenty minutes, so far during her first news briefing report she has exceeded all expectorations… much of what she said wasn’t worth a spit, not honest, her first and biggest lie was: “ I will never lie to you”  Except for lies, innuendos, untruths, and an entire bunch of opinionated sh*t.

But that all was bunch of rehash bullsh*t and lies.  She might eventually be the worst in a chain of press secretaries who have to imitate the lies of T-RUMP.  Her cuteness simply overseas a vicious little liar…

Words cannot describe her, it’s Rudi Ghouliani in a female version.  Wait… he wears dresses anyway… She’s perfect for T-RUMP,  he lies, she confirms it, and she’s can be nasty, lies as good as her boss, and is as mouthy as KellyAnn Conway and as distorted as Stephen Miller.  

I’m puzzled…  Thats the part that bothers me…  She’s beautiful, a Tampa bay girl, Harvard educated, an author, bright, a Cancer survivor ( I am a cancer stem-cell care-giver who assists those in need ) with a double mastectomy and proud of the courage she exhibited,  happily married, she has everything anyone could want in this world.  Why represent a liar like T-rump is my only question…?   The only answer is he is the biggest ticket in town…and she’s ambitious…looking for more by hook or crook in her case the latter.  But if T-RUMP dumps, she like the rest will not be looked at by the good people in the politically fake business.

👺A Bunch Of Things That Weren’t True…

Whether they were deliberate lies or inadvertent false claims,  ( False claims, you do believe in Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob don’t you and never tell lies )  CNN can’t be certain; since it was her first time at the podium after being hired in April, we’ll be generous in our choice of words. Regardless of her intentions, though, her comments were laden with inaccuracies, outright lies, mistakes and false accusations and completely earned the disrespect of the press corps within twenty minutes.   However she’s cute, dresses well, look great and a liar, what more does Donald need.

  • She mischaracterized a Friday twitt by President Donald T-RUMP about protesters in Michigan
  • She gave an inflated figure for the cost of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. 
  • And she said Mueller offered a “  Complete and total exoneration” of the President, something Mueller explicitly said he was not doing. 
  • McEnany also added confusion to an already-confusing situation surrounding the President’s statements about whether the COVID-19 originated in a Chinese laboratory. 

The KAYLEIGH McENANY Crock of Sh*t Report

👎 New White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany repeatedly downplayed the threat of the COVID-19 in comments made in February and March, a CNN KFile review has found.   ( Stupid bitch tell that to 130,000 American families) 

👎  In radio and television appearances, McEnany, in her role as spokeswoman for President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, said the administration had the rapidly spreading COVID-19 “  Under control” and said that because of travel restrictions enacted by the President, “ We will not see diseases like the COVID-19 come here.”   (Frickin Big Lie)

👎  She also said Democrats were “ Actively rooting against what’s in the best interest of America," including rooting for coronavirus to take hold. She said coronavirus, like the Russia and Ukraine scandals, was being used to take down Trump.
 (Big Lie from such a small little mouth)

 👍🏼  The T-RUMP administration is facing continued scrutiny over its preparations for the COVID-19 pandemic, its slow response to provide states and cities assistance in testing kits and personal protective equipment, and comments from the President and top White House officials downplaying the virus. ( Only truth on this section)

👎 "This President will always put America first," she said. "He will always protect American citizens. We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here. We will not see terrorism come here. And isn't that refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama?"

👎  McEnany defended her comments over the weekend in a series of tweets, saying, “ Context matters, I was asked about travel restrictions and stated the intent of those restrictions." Speaking on Fox Business a day later on February 26, McEnany “ Said the President had COVID-19 under control”.   
(Big Lie, the only thing under control might be his bladder and we doubt that since he pisses ice water)

👎 “The President’s in control, making sure we’re safe from the COVID-19,” she said,“And he’s doing everything right."      ( I simply ask what are they smoking in the WhiteHouse?)

👎  McEnany sharply criticized Democrats critical of the White House's response to coronavirus, saying they were rooting for coronavirus and the stock market to tank.   “What is so sick to me is that what is good for America, rather what is bad for America, is good for Democrats,”  McEnany told Fox News on February 28.  (Big Lie, just another trash talker, no substance)

👎 “It's incredible that they think this way," she said. “ hey root against the stock market.    ( Big Lie) They root for this to take hold.  (Big Lie) They have a demented dream of taking down President T-RUMP  It doesn’t matter how many Americans they destroy in order to get there.”   (Big Lie)  ( Wrong, think assassination, only one American is needed and we can save the country, simple bullet from a lapua .338 and you get rid of T-RUMP, his family and his cabinet)  

👎  In March, McEnany continued to defend the president as the outbreak spread. On local Michigan radio on March 10, she said it was incumbent on the public to take adequate political health measures but the situation was under control.  
( Really under control  70,000 additional deaths, thats control?)

👎 "This is something that is under control," she said on the Frank Beckmann Show. "We have a President who has taken unprecedented action and mandatory quarantines and travel restrictions, and he's taken every measure that he possibly could to protect the American people. I’m confident we have a great leader at the top, but its incumbent upon all of us just to take those precautions." ( I heard of smoked salmon, smoked ham but never smoked sh*t) 

👎  On March 11 on the Pat Miller Show, an Indiana local radio program, she accused Democrats and the media of rooting for a recession she said was not coming, adding the President kept the outbreak from being worse.  ( LIAR and 130,000 dead people so far to prove it)

👎 "They're trying to politicize it. At times it seems they're actively rooting against what's in the best interest of America," she said. "We've seen them how many times root against the stock market doing well. You had the media saying, 'There's an inverted yield curve.' This was a few months ago, therefore a recession. Oh, RV sales are down, therefore a recession. Oh, coronavirus -- we're heading toward a recession. It’s almost as if they’re rooting for this outcome, which is sick and would obviously economically devastate the lives of the American people.”   A TOAD LOAD OF BULLSH*T

👎  "They try to score cheap political points," she added. "We've seen this all along. The coronavirus is just one example. They tried it with Russia, with Ukraine. It's whatever they can come up with to try to take this President down. Which isn’t just about the President,  It’s about taking down the vote of the American people. That’s ultimately what this is."

( Is this frickin idiot kidding himself, herself or the Ghost of Herbert Hoover)

👎 "This President's taken unprecedented action to protect this country from the coronavirus," she continued. “He stopped it from being so much worse than it could have been, but leave it to the media and the left to score those cheap political points."  “The best authority on this”  ( He did nothing and Rome burned, he fiddled with his golf clubs)
Biggest Lie On The Planet Contender Contest,  From A Professional Liar, He’s Beating Goebbels )

👎  McEnany also defended the President from criticism he had come under for saying he'd continue to hold rallies, saying the President was the best authority on when to cancel events. Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden earlier had both announced the cancellation of planned rallies in Ohio. In one interview, McEnany said Biden was doing it just to get off the campaign trial.   ( Rallies are good, they’ll give more COVID-19 to his supporters)

👎 "As he said before in this business, in politics you're expected to shake hands and we do," she said on the Chris Stigall Show. 'So I bring Purell around with me. I just take precautions and lucky to be happy and healthy. And we have a president who's a commander in chief who's taken great, unprecedented action to keep this nation safe. It would be a whole lot worse had he not put in place those travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines.”    ( With your condition, I would be playing safe…)

👎  McEnany added that rallies were "proceeding as normal." Asked what she would say to critics who said that continuing to hold rallies was “highly irresponsible” McEnany said the president said it was safe.   ( He promised a million ticket holders at Tulsa 5217 showed up)

👎 “I’d say that the President says this is safe,” she said.  ( Now you really have to worry, everything he says is a lie )

👎 "Dr. Fauci has said it depends on the location," she continued, referring to National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci. "As long as you're not having it in a hot spot where there's a big outbreak like outside of New York for instance and its safe to proceed. So, you know, as long as the experts say it continues to be safe, then we follow that lead and we will proceed as normal. And you’ll take precautions as I said, but not panic because we have a president leading on this.”  ( Unfortunately he is leading from behind, also in Military stance, the Cowards way, sorry I didn’t mean to bring up he’s a frickin low life scumbag draft dodger, not thought of by the Military seniority )

👎  The same day, in a contentious interview on Fox Business with Stuart Varney, McEnany was confronted by the news of Fauci saying on Capitol Hill there should be no large crowds  Varney said,  “ Dr. Fauci, who is also testifying on Capitol Hill, he just said there should be no large crowds. He said it.”  ( I believe science and truth, neither you will learn from T-RUMP and the mini-bitch)

👎 "Look, we have the commander-in-chief, we have the best health experts, we're taking this day by day, we're currently proceeding as normal and look," she said. "Joe Biden, he's suspending his rallies. Well, he's been dying to get off the campaign trail. The man can only speak for seven minutes. ”  (She’s might be right but I doubt it, Donald can lie for hours and say nothing) 

👎 "Look, the President is the best authority on this issue," she added. "He takes into consult the words of everyone around him. That would include (Health and Human Services Secretary) Alex Azar, that would include Dr. Fauci, that would include others.  Like So I’ll leave it to the president. Right now we’re proceeding as normal.”  ( F*cked-up and Donald has not spoken with the scientists or mentioned COVID-19 in weeks because he’a frickin coward, a listless leader, a fake and a fraud.  And he relies on experts in lies like Sean Hannity, Laura Graham, Tucker Carlson and Lou Dobbs, experts in making fools of American listeners too stupid to believe truth.)

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