Another T-rump Evangelical appointee totally inept and totally unfit for the job hasn’t got a clue about improving education - she was just  window dressing but she did donate 2 million dollars to the T-RUMP election fund and the prestigious Gremky-Freebish psychiatric institute certified her a real prejudiced dumbass broad who knows nothing about education, never a teacher, no credentials in education and the poor, exempt, the rich were rewarded… she spent four years doing nothing but FUBAR things up for your kids.

Mrs. Betsy Devos - Edulakcator —Trumpet — Certified Fubarist

Elisabeth Dee DeVos is an American businesswoman and government official serving and destroying the United States Secretary of Education since 2017
Two Million Dollar Contributor to T-RUMP
Born: January 8, 1958 (age 60 years), Holland, Michigan
Accomplishments:   NONE, Married well for a frickin moron evangelical whacko
CHAOS Rating:  Substantial F*ck Up for four years…
Articles, Letters, Proposals:  NONE, Massive Destruction Observed
Legacy:  Get the bitch out of here…
Office: United States Secretary of Education since 2017
Education: Calvin College, Holland Christian Schools  ( Evangelical Nutcase Association)

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