T-RUMP Hats  —  Special Gift Offer  — 
Send us your MAGA hat and ten dollars for return postage and we’ll put a huge Holographic bigly bullet hole in the cranial section and add the word ASSASSINATE  Blocking out “ AGAIN”.  

This is a limited time offer because if GOD is with us, he’ll be gone, hopefully for real… sooner the better.  But you’ll be on the right side of the world with millions wishing him an early horrific demise. 

And a s a special bonus we’ll include a custom clear poly liner that fits inside the hat so you can sh*t in it while waiting on the unemployment lines or if you get evicted…  wear it when you visit the wall, or a T-Rump Golf Course and show the colors, RED just like yahoo bank account you had and cheer the rich who got your money… thanks Donald…

If so,  we will give his funeral the biggest funeral parade in history, remember he wanted a parade for himself… starting with fifty filled, Brand new garbage trucks over flowing with Ragweed and Oleander flowers,s, one for each state, with flyovers by the Russian Air Force, North Korea and China will send high stepping soldiers and a spectacular fireworks show by the Palestinians, just like what they feature in Israel.

His eulogy will be delivered by Vladimir Putin.  Ivanka will speak about her Dad in a Black Topless dress designed by Olga Faduci.  Covering her beautiful breasts will be Black Chrome Chain Mail Matching earrings connected to Nipple rings by chain made by Fred’s Horse shoeing who got the job by proclaiming  “ What a rack she got”.   

Melania’s request to pave the entire landfill so she could walk on solid ground with six inch stilettos was denied.  In her place will be a life size stuffed doll of Melania standing by her man till the end… Concern was made if the doll is real, did he stuff the real Melania?

ED:  What a great idea… If he don’t get re-elected…   Others not so sympathetic to T-RUMP  starving, no jobs, evictions and other reasons had recommended moving him to the giant landfill thirty miles from Mar-A Lago.  Thats where we’ll build the T-RUMP Presidential Museam…

Instead of flying him there we will bring him there in a brand new Heil Super Front Loader.  On assignment I got to drive a dual steering model our city had just purchased.  Powerful, a lot more power and speed than I thought.  I love big trucks and these new Heil loaders are the bong.  I foresee a parade Donald always wanted followed by a Caravan of Garbage trucks, one from each state garnished and filled with Ragweed, Oleander and Poison Ivy… Death flowers reminding us of his role in the pandemic as the super-spreader…


This super model is cool, it picks up the can, tilts it into the container on the front and the when filled,  overheads it into the holding tank.  Faster and quieter than the older types.  And safer with a dangerous cargo like COVID-19.   And they have models that are hybrids and perform with greater mileage and sustainability.  Just what he needs…  Great Company…

His coffin before being dumped in the hole will sit sideways in the hopper fitting the black indentations shown…

FIRST:  Everything that ever came from Donald’s mouth was trash, lies and full of garbage.  These trucks are built strong to handle garbage, he has embarrassed us world wide, misinformed us and the world with lies and innuendos about the COVID-19 and justice would be if he were to have a long and unhealthy recovery as those who have suffered under his negligence. 

FACT:   There are 209,000 families suffering a lot more with a loss they had nothing to do with and those who died, had no chance when he ignored their needs. Over 1080 nurses and Doctors died so far in the process and you want me to show sympathy for this man.  

Wake up, this schmuck has killed people and takes no blame nor shows compassion.  He has been the Angel Of Death for too many, who did not deserve it, they were better people than him…

Breaking News !  The T-RUMP Legacy Museam Planned Ahead
Plans for the T-RUMP Legacy Library have already been formed.  He has declared himself the      “ President of Law and Order.”  We understand only a few books will be shown there because the President is a poor reader, combining it with poor judgment, poor ethics, poor intelligence, we see this as a simple request…  Oh, Hitler was a reader and a writer, he actually left notes to his ghost, T-RUMP is not.  

Only thing he reads are scripts written by  “ White Nationalist and Flowery NAZI  Stephen Miller”. Thats why, when he is on TV, live on TV, he cannot talk on his own unless he is denigrating someone.  He is a true bastard cliff note not, read aloud yes of the speaking circuit.  Most good speakers have notes, yes but he has to read everything written for him and has a look about him that says , “Who wrote this sh*t”… couldn’t they use shorter words and sentences …like bigly and greatly. Wonderful , strong, incredible… repeated time after time she gets the lie right…

Breaking News !  A Born Cheat From The Day His Egg Hatched
T-RUMP was born and raised in Queens, a borough of New York City.   He attended Fordham University for two years after a long search ( I guess he was not liked then and his sister had to help him find a school…who probably took a bribe…)   and received a bachelor’s degree in Wreck-O-Comics from the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania.   One of his teachers ( kept anonymous fearing retaliation, by T-RUMP as did his hair doctor who was threatened by large ugly men ) thought T-RUMP was the most arrogant stupid student he ever taught…  


Now Read This:  A professor at the University of Pennsylvania has renewed a request to investigate how President Donald T-RUMP was admitted to the school in 1966, citing what he called “ New evidence” on secretly recorded tapes in which Trump’s sister says a friend took his entrance exam.  That is an insult to anyone whoever attended Wharton and the schools integrity is threatened.  Large transfers called donations to the school by Daddy Wracks , T-RUMPS corrupt father  allowed T-RUMP to graduate  “ MAGNA CUMS LOUDMOUTH” .  The highest award any jerk off can get and it helped him beat the draft with his phony bone spurs.  Six or seven deferments for bone spurs and he played on seven teams in school.

The professor, Eric W. Orts, is one of six faculty members who asked Penn's provost earlier this summer to launch an investigation into how Trump transferred into the school. He noted that the president’s niece, Mary T-RUMP  wrote in her book published in July that the president paid someone to take his SATs.


In one tape, Barry said she did her brother's homework for him and that "I drove him around New York City to try to get him into college." She said Donald Trump "went to Fordham for one year [actually two years] and then he got into University of Pennsylvania because he had somebody take the exams."

In their initial letter, the six professors wrote that “failing to investigate an allegation of fraud at such a level broadcasts to prospective students and the world at large that the playing field is not equal, that our degrees can be bought, and that subsequent fame, wealth, and political status will excuse past misconduct.” The school’s rejection of the July request was reported by the Daily Pennsylvanian, a student-run publication.


Instead he will build a legacy of his great rallies on huge TV screens activated by remotes, supporting his claim as to being the greatest liar of all times and the most insulting denigrating ignorant President of all time… In Yiddish slang translated he would be…  “  Oy Vay, A Gonser Schmuck With Earflaps”

The question now is what state wants that library?  Not NY,  if they had a chance they would hang him for all the bankruptcies he took and the banks he put under, the  Sicilian Mafia guys would love to get Giuliani,  he was an $800,000 hit…no one canceled that bounty…3500 lawsuits and the Fifth districts investigations… 

So we look at Florida which has an affinity toward corrupted Governors, a lots of T-RUMP supporters. Scumbags friends we call Scumbirds, he has a Trumpeter close to Mar-a-lago in Florida… In journalistic terms Gov. DeSantis is nothing but a T-RUMP lap dog and just as stupid. But he’s not long for the job either.   

                        SEE RON DESANTIS

The Florida Plan 

👺 PLAN A:  Pardon my French,  NY can have him back …please… but if the T-RUMP Legacy Museam is in a Florida City, we’ll probably burn it down… when the Seniors who live in the Villages find they are going to get screwed, their Social Security and their kids insurance is gone… and now they are screwed into a bank plan.   

👺 PLAN B:   And a great suggestion came in from Alfred E. Neumann as to where to place the T-RUMP Legacy Museam.  On a mound or small island deep in the Florida Everglades… with Pythons and Gators keeping guard.  And appropriate to not bury him in a swamp, he got rid of the swamp and created a series of cesspools in all Federal Agencies, he built one in his cabinet.

👺 PLAN C:   No worry about being easily accessible, not that many will visit him…so the design of the building could be as a clone of the greater Miami sewer plant number seven.

👺 PLAN D:   Ivanka and Donny will guide the tour of the museam, it’s Florida and Ivanka can go summer bikini topless… thats going to bring in the business,  good girl use your ass-ets… Donny can be the caretaker removing graffiti off the walls covered with words like D*e You M*ther F*****, R*t in H*LL… and other tributes to the man who will kill 400,000 with sheer ignorance and stupidity…

The T-Rump Library Suggested Reading List

The ART of The DEAL by Herr Donald T-RUMP and the real author Tony Schwartz…
MEIN KAMPH By Herr Adolf Hitler ( In English)
MEIN KAMPH German for some of T-RUMPS NAZI friends… White Supremacists
The “ Farts In My Spiel” by This Author Soon March - April 2021 Right After The Hanging…
The Bible if it does not go up in flames
 Old Marvel Superman Comics With Pictures of Bizarro Land where T-RUMPS Secret Acolytes live…
The Art of Hot Tea Poisoning By Vladimir Putin…
Mussolini’s Biography  “ Just Hanging Around”
’s Bolsonaro -  His biography  “ Hydrochloiquine and Population Control” with an intro by Donald T-RUMP…


ED. Note: We now have 21,000 lies recorded at Politico

His Partner  —  McConnell’s Part Is Just As Bad…
It’s called obstructionism.  Mitch said the day Obama won.  “ He would make sure Obama was a one term President.  McConnell’s remark was distinctly racist, has been his entire life… Mitch in some worlds would have had his tongue removed. 

In the old days, a thief lost an arm, caught again,  the other arm, other offenses cost feet, adultery, lets not go there.  But T-RUMP, Pence and McConnell should of had their tongues removed.  Both have never embraced truth, humility or kindness.  The bills that T-RUMP removed are destructive in nature and will have to be repaired.

The GOP embraced with lies, twitts, hatred, incompetence and a lack of truth have to be commended as they collected the dumbest, biggest fools and brainless voters in history.  It was easy, the naive and ignorant are easily swayed because of their own failures.  T-RUMP comes along, follow me and we will get to Valhalla. Trouble is they will wind up deeper in their own quagmire.  Someone said to me,  “Thats what it Is”  Well then i guess “ Stupid is what stupid does”.

The GOP Base and Evangelicals who voted for T-RUMP, yes I’m calling you out, your ignorance is partially to blame for the worst ongoing tragedy in American history.   And a lot of Americans are getting pissed at you.  Yes, you because your support for someone who has no feelings for 200,000, who have died and a possibility of those numbers devastating some 400,000 thousand families by January.  

If T-RUMP cheats and pulls the crap he is known for in this election, he will not be the President, he will be Mr. Target if we want to save the nation… Four more years of T-RUMP will make the recession and poverty worse ten times over 1929. We cannot afford that.  One way or another he will leave the WhiteHouse head or feet first doesn’t matter to me, the Devil owns his soul and he can have him and take his family with him, they are infected too.

And The Debt He Will Leave Your Kids  — A Note For the Fake Evangelicals
Obama left office with 16. 4 trillion in NDP debt up only 1.5 trillion from when he took office from Bush. Today the T-RUMP administration is at almost 27 trillion and another five or six to be announced as soon as he goes on a rampage.  Thats money T-RUMP  borrowed for the Tax Cuts, someone had to pay for keeping it open. The Tax cut benefitted the rich to four billion dollars and we have people starving, being evicted, out of work.  But that money that went to the airlines and big business made the stock market great… but it did not buy a loaf of bread for those on food lines like the recession.


A special note for the election and Christmas and how do you of the GOP base and the Evangelicals celebrate Christ’s Birth with the blood of an estimated 318,000 dead Americans on your hands because of your cultist religious beliefs and ignorance of the changes T-RUMP brought to the party.  

I have nothing against Conservative thinking, except T-RUMPS interpretation.  He is about a classic bigot, a racist, the greatest bigly devout moron that ever was created and knows nothing about reasoning in Compassionate Humanity, the Constitution, the Core values Of America and Life itself, only money counts.  

He is the False Idol…spoken about in the Ten Commandments.  Those Commandments were give to us by God.  T-RUMP makes Mestopheles proud…  They will meet soon…  Vote for T-RUMP and you will destroy America…and if you support him you will meet him there.

If you condone his lies, threats and denigrations of good people and his killings by negligence you cannot call yourself a Christian, you are a false cult and God will hopefully change your heart as it is not pure of thought, you are just s much a fake as T-RUMP.

The GOP base elected a born again liar and failure, an incompetent,  a TV reality star and crook promoting his lies, to address their personal failures, of many industries like coal looking for the cheap way out.  T-RUMP promised, and delivered 21,000 recorded lies and twitts, but never delivered ninety percent of promises.  We got photo-ops and lies.  Bad ones, many times at that were failures and backfired.  And a bunch of poor choices bring his cabinet, the largest turnover in history of quacks, morons and jerks but they all gave money ( In Millions) to his campaign. Like a country club you pay to get in.         SEE THE HALL OF SHAME

As We Say When You Are Surrounded By Assholes How 

Can You Expect Anything Other Than Sh*t-Storms

You can’t run a nation based on lies, ignorance of the core liberties of the United States and who we are, and turn it from a democracy into a dictatorship.  You voted him in because of slogans that hurt, voting based on facial and name recognition instead of truth.  Then the collusion finally produced and TRUE.  The bastard cheated, his friends, cohorts and fellow scumbags and those he pardoned worked with the Russians.  This will be the beginning of legal actions as soon as he is out of office.

👑  Statement  From Sarah Mathews —  Real White House Press Fake News…

“ President T-RUMP is a world class negotiator who has consistently furthered America’s interests on the world stage.  From negotiating the phase one China deal (FAILURE LIE)   and defeating ISIS, ( STILL KILLING)  President T-RUMP has shown his ability to advance America’s strategic interests.

Note:  The only stage we want to see him on is the one going to Dodge City where the Vigilantes will be hanging him alongside William Barr and Mitch McConnell by the Vigilantes.  Later we’ll take the bodies on the 3:10 to Yuma so they may be properly given a trial and then buried alongside each other in the Yuma City landfill known for its ravenous coyotes, snakes, birds of prey, vultures, and other predators who will finish the job…

Now A Corrupt Postal Service By T-Rump — DeJoy Was a Conflict of Interest

Postal crisis ripples across nation as election looms: President Trump’s furious objection to mail-in balloting and the actions of a new Trump-allied postmaster general are raising fears of a crisis that could disenfranchise record numbers of Americans who will be casting ballots by mail in November because of the pandemic. 

DeJoy earned millions from company with financial ties to Postal Service: Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who has come under fire for his continuing financial ties to XPO Logistics, a company that does business with the Postal Service, received between $1.2 million and $7 million in income last year from XPO. 

He Is Already Supporting Lies And Corruption For The Election
What do we do when we have elected a fake President…  we vote him out and let the legal battles on corruption surface.  His legal beagles will be busy with all the charges against humanity just part of the program.  He left NYC with 3500 lawsuits over time, he has tons of suits challenging him just waiting for him to be dumped by states and Attorney Generals alike.

Now we are faced with more lies and cheating of the forthcoming elections and we ask are “Are the forthcoming elections going to be fair?”  We ask the four questions… and come up with a NO.

“Whether national elections are free and fair”;  Not with the GOP gerrymandering, postal shutdowns, denying voters enough time, the games being played at the post office, T-RUMPS latest target.…“The security of voters”;   harassment and insurrection, intimidation and lies…typical of a T-RUMP election just like 2016
“The influence of foreign powers on government”;  Russia, China and North Korea to name a few already in the mix and T-RUMP denials.   “The capability of the civil servants… his cronies in specific area such as electoral votes.  And last the good people replaced by his acolytes and sycophants.

Failure to Lead - Negligent Homocide  —  190,000 Dead American Citizens
The pandemic was his test amongst his other twenty-thousand faults and lies, and he failed horribly and continues to do so.  And you of the support GOP base and Evangelicals support him and his gang of acolytes and sycophants just as corrupt and inefficient as he is.   And people are dying and he does not care…he does not speak from the heart , he reads from a sheet provided by writers one who is a White Nationalist and full  time racist, Stephen Miller.

An estimated 178,000 passed due to COVID-19  as of today and estimated  309,000 Americans will be DEAD by December if a stop is not made to this madman.   Some sources are claiming with proof that the count disclosed is about 25 to 30 thousand lower than actually is due to improper reporting or being held back. 

T-RUMPS Latest Off The Wall Untried Killer Drugs - Scumbag to Scumbag

For months, Donald Trump promoted the off-label use of hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 therapy, even claiming to have taken a course of the anti-malarial drug as a prophylactic. But as the evidence against its effectiveness and potential dangers continues to mount—

Dr. Anthony Fauci last month emphasized that studies have “consistently” shown the drug to have “no efficacy” in treating coronavirus—the president may have begun to turn toward a new, unproven miracle cure, this one peddled by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and…MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell?

Dr. Ben Carson is the token Black person on the T-RUMP team noted for standing behind T-RUMP at these bullsh*t bedside talks at five PM.  He is one of only two blacks, the other Surgeon General in the Navy suit.  Mike Lindell seller of overpriced pillows and other fine products who came to us from the clouds of smoke surrounding Crack Cocaine is the other promoter of this new product the schmuck in the WhiteHouse might embrace and it will kill people just like those down in Brazil and in the VA nursing homes.  It did more damage than helped.

Protect Your Children —  Literally From School  —  Definitely From T-RUMP 

WARNING:  If you have children, anything Donald Dumb says about kids doing better against the Virus, “ Such as they are not receptive, or more immune, etc, don’t believe for a minute this is truth” .  All of his claims are and have been proven as his opinion, hunches and his LIES, with no scientific backup except for the quacks that hang around the WhiteHouse shunned by the medical and scientific community.

Kids are a viable COVID-19 target and communicable just like all the other age groups that are acceptable.  These are lies, to get kids back in school and it has blown up with more infections and shut downs in addition to causing great harm on the children, teachers and parents.

Lies he made up and told people, some will die… Again this is Negligent Homocide. In the last two weeks children COVID-19 is up 137% in kids in Florida alone and with the pressure on schools to open, this could be a disaster beyond belief.  And if one of those associated to me, those close kids I know because of a dumb school mandate get sick because of him…

Like Charlton Heston ( a great actor, who became a lousy NRA stooge) said they’ll have to take my flintlock from my cold dead hand… 


 12-07-2020 aljacobsladder.com