Judd Deere

Spokesman For T-Rump  — Junior Scumbag — Token Gay  — Another Loser

On August 27, 2020, Deere, while acting as a spokesman for the T-RUMP Administration White House sent a threat letter to The Washington Post newspaper demanding that they cease reporting on the business dealings of the T-RUMP Organization, a private company.  This junior schmuck sending  “ Threat Letters”  to the WP…great career move my friend,
We heard Burger King is hiring… 

Known only as the true gay guy in the White House, this deputy press person has been described as a schmuck with ear laps.  Deere also advised that the White House had assembled a “dossier” on Post reporter David Fahrenthold for criticism of the Administration.  

Fahrenthold has reported on T-RUMP family's business interests for several years now, but perhaps his best-known article about the President was his 2016 scoop about Access Hollywood tapes, which showed the future President describing how he felt stardom gave him permission to assault women. 

Deere’s threatening comments were included in a response to a request for comment on an article that shows the US Secret Service has spent more than $900,000 at T-RUMP properties during Trump's presidency.

ED NOTE:   I could care less about what his leanings are as a gay man, thats his choice and doesn’t effect me. As long as no one is ever harmed I live and let live.  Like Dr. Ben Carson, a man whose achievements in pediatric surgery are well known but what exactly has he done in his position as Secretary of Housing and Urban Renewal…nothing, nada, nicht, zero… 

This is another piece time sycophants he pulled out of the city dump because he’ll lie for T-RUMP and no one else wants him… T-Rump  takes loyalty over talent, he certainly hired over 120 people who left the WH because of well… smarts they saw T-RUMP for who he was, or no talent.

JUDD DEERE  —  Meet Judd Deere  —  
 He’s Donald T-RUMP’s deputy press secretary. His job is to regularly promote the Trump administration’s anti-LGBTQ policies. Oh, and did we mention he’s gay?  “I’m completely open about who I am,” Deere tells Buzzfeed News. “These individuals that I work with in this building don’t treat me any differently because I’m gay.”

Deere, who is originally from Arkansas, believes the fact that he’s risen so high up in the ranks within the White House is proof that Donald T-RUMP doesn’t hate LGBTQ people, even if his policies suggest otherwise.


Asked about Trump’s stances on LGBTQ rights, and Deere says he doesn’t believe any of them are homophobic.  For instance, when confronted about Trump’s belief that a baker who identifies as Christian should allowed to refuse a gay couple, he replies:  “Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll just go find another cake shop.”

Asked about Trump’s disastrous trans military ban, Deere says trans people “erode military readiness” then falsely claims the ban “was developed through extensive studies within the military by senior military officials.”  And as for Trump’s opposition to the Equality Act, which would ban anti-LGBTQ discrimination nationwide, Deere says he believes it’s “filled with poison pills.”

“He’s been very clear that he’s going to protect the conscience rights of all Americans,” Deere says of Trump. “If the Democrats really want to work with us on passing the Equality Act, then they should actually work with the president.”

“The left tends to preach complete and total equality except for when you don’t agree 100% with them on every issue.”  Maybe that’s because, when it comes to “total equality,” it should be 100%.  Deere says he doesn’t really care what people, especially LGBTQ people, think of him working for the most homophobic president in modern history.

“They’re going to say that I’m helping the enemy,” he quips. “That’s because I don’t agree with them 100% on all issues–they think that I’m in the wrong because I’m a Republican who also happens to be gay.”

“They can get mad at me,” he continues. “I don’t go into a dark depression because somebody hates the person I work for, or wants to get upset at me because they think I’m crazy for working here, because it just doesn’t matter to me.”

Thats OK in sixty days you can climb back in your world and you probably won’t be missed.