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With death tolls exceeding 262,000 on his watch and with the nation focused on fighting COVID-19  President Donald T-RUMP has continued his attacks on internal government oversight — gutting his administration of independent government watchdogs he sees as disloyal to him, blaming former president Obama for everything he can make up, and the usual lies and stories, innuendos and plain old bullsh*t coming from his lips.

A new sheriff in town… President Elect Biden’s first move should be after hanging the T-RUMP cabinet, throwing them off the roof, imprisonment, boiling in oil or a firing squad…I’m not fussy but I’m thorough… It would be to restore those competent men to their positions to immediately stop any corruption  that has started in any of these agencies and get rid of the cancers from T-RUMP. Th ere will be many.  T-RUMP drained the swamp of anything goo d and left us with a cesspool of T-RUMP-pets. 

Over the past month, T-RUMP has replaced or removed four Inspectors General from his administration he sees as Obama-holdovers or as part of the so-called “deep state” he believes is working against him.  An IG for any given government agency conducts investigations and audits into any potential malfeasance, fraud, waste, or abuse by that agency or its personnel, and issues reports and recommendations on its findings. 

An IG office is intended to operate independently.  Here are the Inspectors General who have recently been booted out of office or removed from the top role.  And replaced by T-RUMP clones and sycophants.  All four refused to kiss Donald’s ring or ass and agreed.  Kiss ass, no way thats Mike Pence’s Job and he’s superglued in place…

😇  Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson 
Atkinson was ousted from the job after playing a role in the President's impeachment.  He had alerted lawmakers to the now-known whistleblower complaint, which alleged that T-RUMP had sought dirt on his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, from Ukraine's president while withholding US security aid from Kiev. 

😇  Acting Defense Department Inspector General Glenn Fine

Within a week of Atkinson's firing, Trump decided to remove Fine from his post as acting IG for the Defense Department. Trump’s decision meant that Fine would no longer chair the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee tasked with overseeing $2 trillion in emergency coronavirus funding.  Fine, a career official, was replaced as acting IG with Sean O'Donnell, who is also the Environmental Protection Agency IG. T-RUMP had announced his pick, Jason Abend, a policy adviser for Customs and Border Protection, to permanently fill the role and a T-RUMP supporter.

😇  Acting Dept. of Health & Human Services Inspector General Christi Grimm
Christi Grimm, who was filling the top role of IG in an acting capacity, became the target of the President's ire after she signed off on a March OIG report that described a dire situation for frontline doctors and medical staff. 

The report found that the nation's hospitals are dealing with "severe" and "widespread" shortages of needed testing supplies and personal protective equipment, hampering their ability to test and respond to the coronavirus pandemic adequately and protect medical staff.

😇  State Department Inspector General Steve Linick
In a letter sent on May 15, Trump announced he would be removing Linick from office because he "no longer" has the "fullest confidence" in him. The President's letter stated that the dismissal is effective in 30 days. Again, the firing came late on a Friday night.

Shortly after Linick's firing was announced, Rep. Eliot Engel, the Democratic chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said he had learned Linick's office had opened an investigation into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. But Engel did not go into further detail about the scope of the investigation. 

Manafort Worked with Russian Intel Officer 
Who was involved in the DNC hack, Senate panel says: Tuesday’s report, the product of a three-year bipartisan probe by the Senate intelligence committee, focuses on counterintelligence aspects of the US government’s Russia investigation, including allegations that T-RUMP campaign officials coordinated with Russian operatives.  Senate panel told Justice Dept. of suspicions over T-RUMP family members’ Russia testimony, bottom line they all lied and should be charged. Soon as he is out of office, look out…  The bastards were all guilty… and all waiting for pardons from Donald T-RUMP including his family…

Donald Excites His Base… The Law and Order President 

Civil meltdown, as scenes of peaceful protest and violence played out against the dystopian backdrop of a pandemic that has kept much of the nation at home for months. Curfews were imposed in some of America’s largest cities. And the Supreme Being, the Ultimate scumbag and loser came when Mr. T-RUMP implied that protesters in …  

NOTE: A group of more than 10 Twitter officials quickly gathered virtually to review Mr. Trump’s post and ultimately decided to hide it with a warning label that said the message violated its policy against glorifying violence.

It’s still unclear whether President Donald T-RUMP grasps the gravity of the COVID-19 crisis.  The man who said he knew more about ISIS than the Generals, now claiming, he knows more than the Scientists and Doctors and claimed to have stunned dumfounded aides with his scientific acuity prides himself on a mystical instinct to make right calls.  

He really is that stupid, working with a mental capacity and personality of three year old with name calling and other childish crap he pulls shows that.  He does have the tongue of the grifter, and worms his way through with misdirection, subject change and more lies.  Trump’s leadership in the worst domestic crisis since World War II has consistently featured wrong, ill-informed and dangerous decisions, omissions and politically fueled pivots. 

We quote him… “Many very good experts, very good people too, said this would never affect the United States,”  The experts got it wrong. A lot of people got it wrong and a lot of people didn’t know it would be this serious”.  

Unfortunately there is severe lieing and no truth here  T-RUMP, you are the only asshole who got it wrong, it was you and your claimed advice from some very important invisible quacks and queers hiding in the bushes…people no, imaginary fairies yes…

T-RUMP thinks in Violence, and the Rule of Law with Lies

  • President T-RUMP declared himself an ally of peaceful protesters when he appeared in the Rose Garden last Monday—quite a juxtaposition from Secret Service and military police, and troops clearing Lafayette Square with pepper balls, flash-bangs, horse soldiers, and rubber bullets and more at the very same moment.  The White House staff handed out vomit bags to those in the audience who did not believe a word of it.

  • The president has offered many indications over the years that he supports the rule of law even though he violates it on a daily basis. And that he misunderstands the concepts of justice and the rule of law.  

  • It started with Trump’s full-page newspaper ads calling for the execution of the (later-exonerated) Central Park Five in 1989;  In A 2017 speech in which he exhorted police, “don’t be too nice” when guiding arrestees into squad cars and police vans; 

  • His self-proclaimed affinity for activities that would qualify as war crimes;  like waterboarding and his pardoning of service members found guilty of murder and of posing with a casualty.

  • “The president sees the law as a thing of mere violence, a matter of who has enough guns to enforce their will. You can make people fear the law at gunpoint, but you cannot make them respect it,”.  “Trump has mistaken bloodlust for leadership. … He is incapable of understanding how further brutality fuels the unrest he has proven incompetent at confronting.  Donald Trump proclaimed himself the law-and-order candidate. This is what law and order without justice looks like: a nation without law, order, or justice.”

Another T-RUMP Pick… Steve Bannon And Three Others Charged With Fraud — Federal prosecutors on Thursday charged Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s former campaign adviser, and three others with defrauding donors of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a border wall fundraising campaign.  Bannon has been arrested, according to a spokesman for the US attorney's office. Bannon’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment. He was sent to jail

     Another Loser and BIGLY SCUMBAG Crawls Out Of the Dirt Upstage  

It was like reminders of crowd control during the Nazi birthing before WWII.  Which led to this weeks winner of the Golden Penis Award…If anyone is a Golden Penis , it is Barr, a true penis. I would call him a lying pr*ck but I can’t say that here. OK another acolyte scumbag for T-RUMP, a chicken-sh*t coward.

On that note AG Barr, Donald’s prime supporter and Winner of the Golden Penis Holder Attorney General side-tick and fellow NAZI was laughing at the attack on innocent protestors.  Caught on tape, he appeared very happy with the returns…    a real small man, a hero when he fights the innocents surrounded by armed troops  but has no balls to fight the true enemies of the Republic…in support, he is not for the people, he is the Presidents personal doormat scumbag…

Attorney General “ Scumbag” William P. Barr also issued a stern warning to protesters, saying,  “ Groups of LEFT WING outside radicals” were exploiting the situation for their own agenda.   In an analysis, our chief White House correspondent writes, “While other presidents seek to cool the situation in tinderbox moments like this, Mr. T-RUMP plays with matches.”  And they were not left wing radicals.  They were right wing…  White Nationalists posing as Antifa’s…  

He’s either a con or the dumbest asshole T-RUMP dragged into the fire… show us proof it was them and not the White Nazi’s posing as them as part of the T-RUMP Charade…THERE IS NONE

A photo-op depicting the Presidente Demente as some kind of King walking to the park in manner to be respected as the Messiah. T-RUMP holding a bible is the same as Hitler reciting the Torah or Putin selling vacations at the gulags as meditation.

T-RUMP has claimed many Evangelical faith persons praised him.  Does he think all the fake Prosperity Gospel Crooks in the fake religious business count in Gods eye’s.  They too will have a day of reckoning.

His photo opportunity sent ripples of disbelief through the faith community. In New York City, widespread looting in upscale neighborhoods amounted to what one CNN correspondent called a predecessor to “ Anarchy”  if the scumbags do not pay attention…

Both the Episcopal church of the Presidents Bishop and the Catholic Statue of St. Johns Officiate were not pleased with the hijacking of religion for political purpose and expressed it on many of the cable stations… A day later prayer vigils were held led by the Bishops.  Hopefully there was a cleanup after the church was desecrated by the T-RUMP fakes and Photo-op.

 12-07-2020 aljacobsladder.com