Mr. George ( Kid Killer) Zimmerman 
George Zimmerman, the man acquitted in the 2012 shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, is now suing the family of the slain 17-year-old, among others, for $100 million. According to the lawsuit, Zimmerman accuses Martin's family, friends and their legal representatives of framing him and lying during the trial. Martin’s family has called the suit "unfounded and reckless." 

Since his acquittal, Zimmerman hasn't exactly kept a low profile. He has been arrested in several alleged domestic incidents, and in 2016 he put the gun used to kill Martin up for auction. 

Also of note, his lawyer in this new suit once filed a “ Birther” lawsuit falsely claiming former President Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States.  Scumbags stick with scumbags…

   Advocate To Adversary 

Those who fervently defended their right to bear arms and voted for the men to protect those rights were on a noble trip but driven by a fools errand.  Many important decisions are made by our Congressmen and Senators.  They, some of those bouffant  brained useless individuals are not supporting the publics wishes, ignoring the situation, bowing to the demands of the Gun Lobby and running like the cowards they really are.

Whom you elected did not abide by what you voted for.  This is wrong.  78% voted for more stringent gun control before all the mass shootings took place and it failed in Congress since the NRA bought them off a long time ago.  It’s now in the higher eighties and close to 90%.

And voting is the answer to gun control.  We vote hopefully to put those with our interests in place to make wrongs right.   We have serious issues in this country, and most of it being caused by whom we elect.  They have all been bought off, lock stock and barrel, from the local state representatives to Congress.  Its time to take the streets back from the bad guys and the men who are bought and sold by the NRA using the second amendment to justify, as they are as guilty as the shooters.

I would support a new NRA if they following ideas were adopted and enforced 

   Common Sense - Starters And A Few Not So Common

🔫  Charge Our Politicians With Bribery - Do We Still Allow Hanging?  NRA money is not acceptable

🔫  Charge Our Politicians With Aiding And or Abetting Crime By Not Allowing New Gun Laws

🔫  Prohibit Closed Door Sessions On Gun Control - Complete Transparency

🔫  Hang Or Electrocute The NRA Leaders As Traitors and Crooks

🔫  Fine The NRA One Million Dollars Per Victim On Mass Murders Using Military Weapons

🔫  Ban Bump Stocks  In Congress  COMPLETE

🔫  Three Day Wait On Military Style Weapons 

🔫  Ban Large Mags Regardless Of License And Recheck Once per Year Use Constitutes Arrest And Seizure, Deer Only Need One Shot

🔫  Ban . 223 For Hunting Large Game

🔫  Raise Minimum Age To 21 Years On All Weapons

🔫  Improve School Security, Lock-Downs, Electronic, Sniffers And Trained Dogs

🔫  Competency Tests For Gun Owners - Note From Your Doctor Of Your Stability

🔫  Competency Requirements For Owners Not Gun Show Rubber Stamps - No Two Questions And You Passed

🔫  Competency Test For The Caliber And Weapon You Will Be Using  --  Not A .38 With Training Loads At Seven Feet From A Full Size Target... I Shot A Perfect  Five Of Five Blindfolded And Used Isosceles Stance, With Toes On The Line

🔫  Revise Background Investigation With A Three Day Delay And Stricter Requirements

🔫  Rules And Or Restrictions On Those With Trespass Or Domestic Violence Records

🔫  Establish Corridors Of Computer Exchanges With Information,  Mental Records, Police Inquires

POINT  — The Largest Categories Of Loss Of Life In Our Teen-Agers Is…   1) Car Accidents  2) Gunfire and  Car Accidents Are Avoidable By Proper Training And Enforcement, No Texting…  Gunfire Is Simply Manslaughter, Murder Or Negligent Attempted Murder And Stupidity

POINT  — The Training At Gun Shows For Concealed Carry Permitting Is Four Hours,  And We Had Two Students Who Took The Class And Asked Them Questions A Day Later,  He And She Failed...

POINT  — The pistol firing qualification consisted of hitting a target with a revolver and soft loads at  about seven to fifteen feet and most could do more damage if they threw the gun at the paper target...  Basically this was a joke.  When you are getting a concealed carry and don’t know how a revolver functions, I might be more scared of the victim than the perp...

POINT  —  ARMING THE TEACHERS -   The bill, which would have allowed a principal to designate someone to carry firearms on public school campuses, bad idea,   Sen. Greg Steube, the committee chairman, issued the decision after several top senators said they were opposed to considering the bill.  

POINT  —  Local Groups opposed to the bill flooded legislators with phone calls the last two days.  "More guns is not the solution to gun violence," said Jan Neuberger, a member of the Moms Demand Action St. Petersburg Chapter…  Neuberger joined several hundred people at Williams Park in downtown St. Petersburg on Saturday evening rallying for increased gun control.  “ We support and honor the Second Amendment, but we don’t believe the Second Amendment and personal safety from gun violence should be mutually exclusive,” Neuberger said.  

POINT  —  Lisa Perry, a member of the local Women’s March chapter, said the rally was about demanding more than just “ thoughts and prayers” from elected officials.

POINT  —  "We’re watching children become victims while they’re just trying to go to school," Perry said. “We want to come together and have a place to heal, support the victims, but also we’re not just going to go home until we follow up with some meaningful action.”  Our lawmakers who were in attendance, Charlie Crist, D-St. Petersburg, called for a ban on assault rifles, bump stocks and for stricter background checks when purchasing a gun.  

POINT  —  Florida Carry, which advocates for the rights of gun owners statewide, backed the proposal to allow teachers to carry guns in classrooms. The group also wants the Florida Legislature to eliminate “ Gun-free zones" across the state, according to our reporting partners at the Tampa Bay Times.

POINT  —   Current state law bans guns from all Florida schools.  The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland has revived an ongoing legislative debate about how to respond to gun violence.  Democrats want the Legislature to take up gun control bills that have languished again this year, but Republican legislative leaders are talking about boosting mental health programs in Florida’s public schools as well considering measures that would bolster safety on school campuses.